Friday, May 03, 2013

WYWTBI: New Factual or Fictional Additions to the Fact or Fiction


FYI, just some updates to my core WYWTBI (Why What Be I?) website. While I don't mind doing this stuff and can talk forever, or 15 hours a day if necessary, I'd rather keep things as simple as possible when I connect with individuals to give them their own customized manxperience. However, this little quick-thinking quick-sand is something that I'm just going to have to muscle through as usual, or if you don't say much they don't respect or believe you, but if you say too much they don't want to, so it's tricky.

This is also why I haven't committed anything to video yet and won't take this seriously unless I get some money save for the random girls I save. Or perhaps because they're in really rough shape right now and are forgetting what to do anymore and how when they get attention, so I'll do a bit of emergency broadcasting. Otherwise I have days of audio recorded just to prove I was interacting with hundreds of people successfully and lock some of the best speeches in Canadian history just in case. 

Either way, here are more clarifications recently added to the "You" section inspired by recent experiences. This is fascinating. Or fictional.

Regardless of their pretentions or programming, I know for a fact that most women want men they respect to protect and flirt with them anyway.  

That's good news ennit? 

Who knows? 

We'll see. 



You should understand that if you don't take this project seriously then "I" don't even exist, or the man or ghost who publicly figured out how to get past our communication problems and who should be the new Male Oprah disappears and whoever has to fit in to get in has to show up.

You should also know that being 5'10" and 165 lbs and surviving two years of fun, danger, isolation, being a celebrity with no bodyguards, bans, scrapes, cuffs and more among giant UFC-addicted big Canadian monster men who I wouldn't mess with unless they bug a woman was worth it.


While millions of women and girls keep me in a great mood by flirting with me or sharing their vulnerability which compels me to use my power to protect them, another key has been music, or to quote the great Bob Marley, "the one good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain." He and Tupac Shakur are my favourite solo artists while House of Pain and Guns'n'Roses are my favourite groups. While I can't relate directly to anyone's experience since I'm not them, I apply their meaning + feeling to whatever I'm working on and I'd like to teach people how to do this.

Another key was my last great love who I promised to love and protect forever, a perfectly petite, shiny, brilliant and beautiful woman who I still care for years later like all my ex-girlfriends. Our relationship both threw me off my path and set me on a better one, or that's where I started to build my alpha male prototype first by initially breaking her down to get rid of her past issues and negativity, then building her up after she could relax and feel confident again. Breaking up was hard to do, but as I told her, I had stuff to do, but still waited and gave her fixed to her husband.


Many Men: Here Are Three Quick Chick Tips:

  • When any women approaches, men can always fake shyness so they don't. 
  • With any woman, their potential to make you happy is incredible, so don't screw it up.
  • As long as you politely make them feel safe and then ignore them, they might get spitefully hot. 




If you don't want to talk about it, but still want me to fix it, no problem. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use this info and donate cash.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Just say I'm a performance artist you want to anonymously support. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.




FYI, just got this as an email forward from someone who still sends them, an antiquated practice in the Twitterverse, Facebookaneering and Social Media So On, but somehow still neat-o-keen in its' unique and personalized focus betwixt the fact that it's a stand-alone item and it's meant for a handful of people to enjoy.

Not that anything else is bad or anything, but that doesn't mean this isn't good, or whatever, you decide. Don't worry, nobody on earth agrees with everything that anyone else says, which is a good thing, or else we wouldn't be able to share and compare ideas and critiques to think of anything new. Just enjoy some laffs.




A married couple in their early 60s was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant.

Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table. She said, 'For being such an exemplary married couple and for being loving to each other for all this time, I will grant you each a wish.'

The wife answered, 'Oh, I want to travel around the world with my darling husband

The fairy waved her magic wand and - poof! - two tickets for the Queen Mary II appeared in her hands.

The husband thought for a moment: 'Well, this is all very romantic, but an opportunity like this will never come again. I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me.

The wife, and the fairy, were deeply disappointed, but a wish is a wish.

So the fairy waved her magic wand and poof!...the husband became 92 years old.

The moral of this story: Men who are ungrateful bastards should remember fairies are female.....



Thursday, May 02, 2013

BTW, Oblivion with Tommy Cruise is Awesome!


BTW, just a heads up, I saw "Oblivion" with a good buddy in 3D Ultra AVX yesterday and it's awesome. I don't want to give an actual review yet since we saw it cold knowing nothing and it blew our minds. Enjoy.

What's interesting is after we tried to find the graphic novel it was based on at the Toronto Eaton Centre Indigo book store and the guy searched his database, couldn't find it, then left for a while to figure it out.

He was a nice guy and found us later and we figured out why he took so long. The graphic novel is not published yet, or the author made the storyboards to have it done, but then the publisher said we gotta try to make a $150 million movie instead and we'll publish the graphic novel in 2014. Ain't that innerestingue? :)





Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Oh Beautiful, Powerful, Cute and Come-Uppity Women, Or Men, Where Art Thou?


Just a head's up at 8:25 am on May 1st, 2013 as I came back from my porch. It just never stops.

First, there's a guy emptying the porto-potty a couple of houses away who says hello by getting me to look at him while his back is turned. So, I yelled at him and said he can't say hello like some shy girl and said "say hello like a man and make eye contact or don't bother". He directed me towards his sheepish turned-away eyes for a sec, then kept pestering me to look at him just doing his stuff while I ignored him.

(FYI, some men get so pissed off when they want to girl away and I force them to make eye contact that it's crazy.  You can see them silently shocked, mad and disappointed that they couldn't get credit for girly stuff right in front of me, as if I screwed up hello instead of them, which may be true by current standards. Sorry.)

Meanwhile, a lady and some kids were walking past and I casually acknowledged them. As they were further away and got my attention I said "bye shy pretty girls!" and laughed. Then a beautiful, powerful women in a beautiful, powerful black Audi sports car drove by and got my attention with a slightly pissy look on her face, so I said "bye shiny pretty girl in your shiny pretty car!" and laughed as she passed.

Then, another middle-aged women in an orange-y Pontiac Sunfire drove by a little saucier, so I said "well come on beautiful, powerful women, talk to me and I'll get my cute come-uppance, otherwise you're just girlin' away." I mean it too, or if I keep seeing women try to get my attention while angrier and angrier, I'll be damned if I let it put me off and I'll have a good time anyway.

But, more importantly, call me to control me and have reasonable conversations instead of me worrying about your increasingly frustrated and pissy silence and how to figure out how calm you down every few seconds all day. I know it's not your fault, but you shouldn't let this happen to you anyway and you either know I can help you or you don't, or I don't know why get my attention all the time.

Your little "chick taser" is not no big g-ddamned secret anymore anyway if it ever was now that men are doing it, so let's talk. I've been publicly talking about it since the summer of 2011 in the Market in Ottawa and if you want any man on the planet to help you with this he'll have to act like one and say let's do this.

Then, a beautiful young blond girl walked by on her way to school and wanted some attention. So, I directed her to keep it at generally wholesome as opposed to her bum, then stopped her from scratching and running out of control while I kept an eye on the cars as she crossed the street and wished her best of luck in her future endeavours. I really feel bad for the kids, especially since they need more reassurance and flattery.

Then, the same man working on emptying a porto-potty kept bugging me to stare at him just doing his stuff, so I said "stop begging me to look at you, you know you are, or soon you won't be able to be out in public with each other because you constantly bug each other for and with bullshit and silently can't stand each other, will stay on the internet all the time instead, then take a chip in your head to make it better, then get trapped in there like the Matrix. Or maybe it's not possible. Either way I'll leave you my card."

That was 5 minutes on my porch for better or worse this morning and stuff like this has gone on for two years while I figured out how to deal with it. Not bad for a disarmed slave in communist Canada, eh?

You finally and verbally tell me whenever you are ready, otherwise I'll see you hater. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to be nice, but also say that after babying every damn Canadian adult here about this non-verbal harassment thingy for two years it's time to 'fess up and clean it up before it's simply not possible.

All quiet people need to do is figure out the best ways to be quiet, have many calm countervailing forces to socially battle the zombiefication and re-establish a more relaxed and relaxing normal that is more accepted.

No problem, just reaction and solution, so get in touch or hook me up cash-wise so I can finish this for you soon. If you think I'm doing this for the money you're crazy, but if you don't think I deserve any you're crazier. This is about the future of the species worldwide and it all starts with samples in Toronto, Canada.



Men's and Women's Lib: Master Your Domain in the Singularity or Die in the Matrix


Men's and Women's Lib: Master Your Domain in the Singularity or Die in the Matrix

FYI, while I officially retired on March 31st, 2013 from my "Ghost Protocol" activities and now want to be treated like a self-help guru who can solve people's similar problems since I've figured out much bigger ones and help save masculinity and femininity from being destroyed, the latter issue is now dangerously unstable.

Many men and women are now basically non-verbally acting the same with a desire to get attention for lazy scratching, wiping, picking, coughing and sneezing and then running at each other or running away like they just got away with something. Men and their compartmentalized "I'm a girl!" brainwashing may survive this big "joke" a little longer by continuing to "act" like boyfriends, husbands, fathers and so on. Or maybe not.

But, if women and girls go out like this, their very nature will be compromised forever. Or, spending $500 a month to look hot and barely getting real attention from anyone for it is killing them softly. I've seen plenty of gorgeous girls stalking less hot ones just because it's the thing to to do get attention. Now that 'ish cray.

Messed up girls are now trying to get attention like girls who are relaxed and not messed up more than ever by stalking them and then scratching, wiping, etc. when their victim is looked at. Just like many men do.

 In fact, nobody really likes looking at people do gross "The Croods in 3D" stuff. That's why it's so tricky.

This is also why it's the perfectly pointless gender-neutral harassment to destroy people with and it's usually the least sketchy people who command the most attention from the most. I know because I don't do any of this creepy crap and men and women pester me all day and night to watch them do stupid stuff whether they know me or not just because I don't, it's safe to and it's a challenge to get a busy man's attention with something compelling. Now they're just distracting me and wasting my and their time way too often.

It's a big "girl-off" pissing contest and it always has been between men and women for two years. I've seen countless men stalking women getting angry and jealous and stomping off because I've helped the women relax. So, it seems men want some strong man to keep and eye on them to help them relax. This kind of leaves women up shit creek. This is also why I'm able to accomplish what I'm up to, if it's anything at all.

Sometimes I'll even say "Relax honey, it's a girl-off, it's always been a girl-off and it's been this way for two years, so relax." Then they relax, look down and get depressed and thoughtful while their silently feminized male stalker stomps past them in frustration. Once they're fine, I say "I'm sorry, I mean I'm happy to be sorry I'm happy about how hot you are -- sorry!" or something like it to make them feel safe and cheer them up again. Yep. And this goes on for years.

Unfortunately, I can easily see people bugging each other for and with scratchy bullshit until nobody can stand to be out in public around anyone else since everyone makes everyone paranoid. Then people spend all their time on the internet instead, decide to take a chip in their brain to be there more often with a better experience and get stuck there like the movie "The Matrix" which came out in 1999. While it sounds crazy, it's been discussed openly for decades by trans-humanists and futurists like Ray Kurzweil and others who think man merging with machines is inevitable and it would be ideal so we can live forever.

That sounds great until you think about "how" that would happen and then have second thoughts while you are still able to if you can. Then again, perhaps this is not even remotely possible, so don't worry about it.

Regardless, based on what I've done and proven here, I know that all the men, women and children here can exchange respect and validation with each other in quick and appropriate ways to master our domains in the singularity and feel out appropriate requests for unique or extra attention, or use this connectivity we all feel non-verbally to consistently and intelligently empower each other instead of bother and destroy each other.  

Women and girls are not in control of the attention they seek from men beer commercial style when they are moving faster and sketchier on purpose for the first time in history and it's not validating for anyone at all. The initial invitation from many is so jarring that nobody can relax after that. It's a hell of a way to fuck up "hello".

Many women are now also attacking me by running at or near me and then running away like the guys trying to trick or force me to treat them like girls, or making some sketchy mess near me and running away barely caring what they look like. I know it may seem like I'm complaining because I don't get to see them look hot, but I also know the only reason they flirt with me so damn much is because they want to. They show me and I tell them they're hot and they love it. Now I can't and many don't even care. This is a stunning development

Now, the same millions of women who loved and flirted with me for two years, whoever and wherever the hell they were, may now hate me because I don't like the latest lazy aggro-girly, zombie, pushy, tricky, nervous and gross garbage they pester me with, or attack each other to trick me into looking at. But that's fine. I need to stop them before they hate themselves. If they get used to doing this looking like that: they will.

So, I've been going off about this for the last few weeks because it's only a few weeks old and it's happening fast. I couldn't even conceive of saying stuff like this just two months ago. Now I say it most of the time.

Men are rugged individual assholes and pussies and generally resistant to change, so they took a long time to switch to sketchy zombie-girl weirdos. Meanwhile, women are sacred cows who'll herd each other off a cliff fast with their men's help, or whatever men want to call randomly harassing them to trick other men into look at them with their "bros acting like ho's before ho's" code or whatever. I know because I say stuff like this to or near hundreds of people a day and they understand, agree, try harder to be relaxed and relaxing and get their security and vanity needs validated. Or they don't care, make a pushy-sketchy mess and leave.

Men seem to understand and for the last couple of years most have been nice enough about watching and hearing me carry the balls and do the dirty laundry around here. While many routinely and silently harass women like jealous, bitchy and ugly girls, most don't mean as much harm as they're causing and even if there is some resentment towards women; or a lot. They don't like seeing women reduced to a sketchy shell of themselves, especially around a man they know is an expert at hooking them up with what they want and I mean whoever and wherever as long as they know what they're doing. The problem is they're forgetting.

Today, I've even been saying to the men with wives and girlfriends saying hello: "No sheepish or girly shit or your girl will look for some man who's not a pussy to flirt with. Don't ask me how I know. Don't insult me."  

While it may sound bad, I'm basically a celebrity with no bodyguards who's constantly trying to stop people from silently bothering me or someone else, so I tend to take a hard-ass line on these things to mitigate them.

Anyway, I'm sleepy and there's lots to say and do about this, but the bottom line is get to it, get in touch or get me some money to do it better before we're all screwed. My budget basically involves housing, feeding and transporting my big mouth and it's working alright. Hell, I did this in Ottawa and Toronto and can easily do it anywhere this stuff is happening where they also understand english, allegories and pop music:

"And I do it twice, ain't no sense in me,
Lyin' as if, I am a different man,
And I could blame my environment, 
But, there ain't no reason why I be buyin expensive chains,
Hope you don't think users are, the only abusers niggaz,
Getting high within the game,
And if you do, then how would you explain?
I'm ten years removed, still the vibe is in my veins..."

- Jay-Z, "Public Service Announcement"

But, based on what's happening and people's response to my response, it's obviously not going well fast enough, so people are going to hook me up or hate me for not indulging in their lazy and bored harassment.

Who knows? Allow me to re-introduce myself and feel free to get in touch to find out sooner than later.





Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who's The Man?

Who's The Man? 

You may want to know a bit more about me, which only makes sense. I'd rather you focus more on what I can do for you right now about your most recent and pressing concerns to avoid any confusion and wrong conclusions, but it's only fair to share a few highlights so you relax.

I was born on April 28, 1974 in Scarborough, Ontario, a former suburb of Toronto before the mega-city amalgamation, so I'm a Canadian citizen of east Indian origin. I went to high school and then York University for film, did debating and public speaking and traveled the world competing and for fun for a few years while dating a bunch of girls, having some great girlfriends and being 0 for a few on getting married because after a couple of years they get mad when I don't want to yet. I'm in charge and yet constantly deferring to my girls' whims; they're happy with the stability.

I've worked mainly in sales and marketing and can talk to anyone, or even a mailbox. Recently, I worked as an executive conference producer where I learned about different corporate industries and roles, talked to Fortune 500 VPs on the phone, convinced them to advise or speak at small events and developed their speaking session outlines for their approval to deal with their latest collective concerns and figure out their problems. More recently I worked as a career strategist speaking with all different career-levels from students to millionaire oil executives and discussing resume writing, distribution and job search strategy services. I've also worked in healthcare, staffing, managing stores and more.

You may also know me from my other "save the world" interests over the last ten years, which isn't hard to explain when will can beat chill.

What happened is I was getting a bit bored and restless selling voicemail systems to clients like Telus for their wired and wireless customers at a great small company. I was always confident and connected and yet started wondering why so many young people, or people just a few years younger since I always considered myself an old wise guy, weren't as happy as they should be. I just didn't get why people couldn't be happier.

The turning point was really when I went with a good friend to see the documentary "Tupac: Resurrection" in November 2003. We weren't that excited and even showed up a few minutes late because, while I respected him, I wasn't the biggest fan before because I was on the east coast, was jealous because the girls I liked thought he was cute and didn't really understand what he was up to. However, the documentary by director Lauren Lazin put it all together in his own words brilliantly, changed my guilty mind completely and this quote at the end finally did it for me:

"I want, when they see me, they know that every day when I'm breathing is for us to go further. Every time I speak I want the truth to come out. Every time I speak I want a shiver. I don't want them to be like they know what I'm gonna say because it's polite. I'm not saying I'm gonna rule the world or I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world."

- Tupac Shakur, MTV Interview, 1994, Wikiquote,  

After that I was inspired and bouncing off the walls for a couple of days in Ottawa while visiting friends. It may seem strange, but I felt fantastic.

While I didn't know a lot yet, I'd been considering applying my intelligence and energy to solve the world's problems because I figured I'd obviously have something to add being ballsy and different and handling little stuff on a daily basis anyway. I started looking into activist organizations and realized many were resistant to change, or discussing new approaches for some reason, maybe because it made them feel bad or sad because they might feel wrong if they hadn't done them before or whatever. While I found this frustrating, I just kept looking into what was happening.

It was delivered, so I was a Toronto Star left-winger and fought for those causes until I realized the "left" and "right" are just a trap to fool people into not thinking about anything but defending their side and crapping on the other. I looked into "conspiracy theories" and while there's lots of speculative and practically useless crap, I also found a lot of valuable stuff since "conspiracy" just means people planning something illegal or immoral in secret and is the most common charge in any court in the world. Plus, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and it's no accident.

Since then I've hosted a radio show on CKLN at Ryerson University for 5 years where I discussed politics, culture, relationships and more. I've also been complaining about guys getting soft as baby poo for years, or the same ones who I could argue with about anything thinking they're cool for being scared and losing their ability to. I've been a talking head in documentaries up against powerful politicians, been interviewed by the CBC and others, worked with Toronto Truth Seekers to share info about politics, health risks and more, plus performed as a singer and rapper.

Over the last few years I've taken different but accepted positions on things, including using my radio show, posters and flyers to try to shut down the protests and G20 Martial Law in 2010 before it happened, or "if the government invites to you a fight with the cops to make you look stupid on TV, don't go!" After that I had to quit my radio show to run for Mayor of Toronto mostly by myself for a couple of months and came in 9th with 2,264 votes. Frankly, I was sick of all the supportive silence, left for a fresh start in Ottawa, saw women stalked and the rest is his and her story.

My initial strength was being a quick-thinker, understanding relationships and being able to handle any sad problems by thinking of solutions to be happy to be working on instead. After giving friends advice for years, then losing touch with many as I went deeper into trying to understand the big picture, I can now say that everything relates back to relationships as everyone else who's ever done anything like this knows. Or, to quote my man Pete, "I don't trust a man's love songs if I don't trust his fight songs, and I don't trust his fight songs if I don't trust his love songs."

Hopefully that brings you up to speed and I'd be happy to answer any questions. The bottom line is I've been trying to think of more ways to solve everyone's problems and think I'm on to something based on the fact that I told a representative sample size about it for a couple of years, mainly in Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, and hundreds a day say hello to me in friendly ways. This should be worth something to you.

For now, I'll leave you with a few links to my blog, music, videos and more to check out if you'd like. Please be in touch with any questions. 



If you don't want to talk about it, but still want me to fix it, no problem. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use this info and donate cash.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Just say I'm a performance artist you want to anonymously support. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.



House of Pain - Who's the Man?


Enjoy Random Empowering Interactions: April 30th, 2013, 8:45 am


I was just on my porch now having a coffee and had a series of random and empowering interactions that I'd like to share with you.

I said hello briefly to people driving by in cars by making some semblance of quick eye contact and acknowledgment.

I said "Good morning" and nodded briefly to two old men walking and talking by and when one started rubbing his nose grossly I ignored him.

I'd moved on to a Philipino nanny walking a little 4 year old jewish girl across the street and helped them cross the street. While they were at first unsure of what to do with the attention they got, I just relaxed and casually said "there" or something as they relaxed and hit the other sidewalk.

Then a young and tall 12 year old black girl walked by on her way to school and looked at me, so I said "Good morning" and smiled. As she walked on, she started spazzing out a bit to try to flirt in a confused and nervous way and wasn't sure how she should do it. So, I said "No, no, just keep your chi somewhere wholesome and let it float around a bit you goof" like in the stomach they rub when they feel that way, or back or lower-back to reach it, instead of what a grown-ass women can choose to do by comfortably shaking her ass. Then I kept an eye on her more generally just for a bit as she relaxed and left for school hopefully not thinking I was upset with her in any way or that she'd made any mistakes.

After I said this, a man and woman drove by in a truck and she looked at me with a big smile as they passed.

Meanwhile, the Philipino nanny and the 4 year old jewish girl were now walking up the sidewalk towards me and past my house on the way up the street. So, I casually kept an eye on them relaxing and chatting and didn't do or say anything. Just as they were leaving my sight, to clarify I said "Have a good day, you both know you're very cute and I was happy to find out, bye!" and smiled and laughed as they relaxed and passed by, even getting my attention again for a sec from around the corner before they were out of sight.

Good old Grace and Oblivia, inherently special and relaxed and relaxing, it was very nice to meet you again as it always is, whoever and wherever you are.

Before I came inside the house again, I was surprised by how fast my somewhat worried and bad mood about whatever had completely disappeared thanks in particular to the Philipino nanny and 4 year old jewish girl having a nice and relaxing interaction with me that put all of us in a good mood.

Then I wrote this blog as a cathartic release of a good mood that will hopefully help others too. People may not understand how and why I persist with my latest "Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol" project, but I'll say point-blank it's because I get tons of positive energy from quiet people.

If you don't feel this way and want to, then feel free to get in touch so I can explain the some of the core philosophies behind the practical applications that I often show people every few seconds nearly every day. As long as people relax and empower each other more then we should feel and be fine.

Trust me, I've spend 10 years working on the math, just see the rest of this blog for more.


"Best believe somebody's paying the pied piper,
All the pain inside amplified by the, 
Fact that I can't get by with my 9 to, 
5 and I can't provide the right type of, 
Life for my family, 'cause man, 
These goddamn food stamps don't buy diapers,
And it's no movie, there's no Mekhi Phifer, 
This is my life..."

- "Lose Yourself", Eminem



Monday, April 29, 2013

The Singularity, Zombie Rights and You


The Singularity, Zombie Rights and You


I was just doing a search on "singularity", which is basically a variable term for a paradigm-shifting connection.

So, I went from Wikipedia research, to the 2012 Singularity Summit in Australia, to being surprised to find it but not watching Andrew Dun's hour-long video presentation there on "Zombie Rights", to Googling that term for pictures for this blog to finding a ton of "Zombie Rights" websites. I was kind of shocked and not.

So, I guess this helps explain our collective ease over the zombification and zombietition happening among men, women and children worldwide as they talk less and harass each other more to get stared doing stupid unfulfilling stuff at in silent, needy, creepy, tricky, bored, nervous and lazy ways. Or, try new "Zombie" stuff.

I suggest you look at the info below which I haven't looked at in detail, but its existence is affecting all of us.




From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Singularity or Singular points may refer to:

Literary studies

Temporal singularity, a concept in speculative fiction, usually an item or event triggered by an item that results in divergent narratives, in which the singularity alters the new timeline away from a prior "default" state, leaving behind a parallel universe in which the singularity didn't occur. Is the basis of much of the Alternate history genre. May involve technology in "hard" science fiction, or may involve anything up to or including magic as the basis of the "what if?" scenario.


Singularity Summit Australia 2012

Video of Andrew Dun’s presentation “Zombie Rights”:

A discussion of the rights of sentient entities. Drawing inspiration from quantum complementarity, defends a complementary notion of ontological dualism, countering zombie hypotheses. Sans zombie concerns, ethical discussions should therefore focus on assessing consciousness purely in terms of the physical-functional properties of any putatively conscious entity.

Slides for presentation can be found on slide-share!

Andrew Dun spoke at the Singularity Summit. Talk title : “Zombie Rights”.

Andrew’s research interest relates to both the ontology and ethics of consciousness. Andrew is interested in the ethical significance of consciousness, including the way in which our understanding of consciousness impacts our treatment of other humans, non-human animals, and artifacts. Andrew defends the view that the relationship between physical and conscious properties is one of symmetrical representation, rather than supervenience. Andrew argues that on this basis we can confidently approach ethical questions about consciousness from the perspective of ‘common-sense’ materialism.


Google Search: zombie rights

About 143,000,000 results (0.22 seconds)

Search Results

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You have options when it comes to the attention you give and receive when we all feel this non-verbal connection.


You have options when it comes to the attention you give and receive when we all feel this non-verbal connection and signal each other to interact in the new singularity, or silent paradigm-shifting connectivity between people with tons of good, bad and ugly non-verbal communication going on.

You may want to avoid the new gender-neutral bored, nervous, lazy, tricky, harassing, distracting and unsatisfying sped-up female body language which many people now beg, bother and trick each other into looking at which isn't validating for anyone, or seeing "The Croods in 3D" in real 3D.

You see many men act sheepish and saying hello sideways instead of confident and straight, not looking each other in the eye to respect each other, feeling sorry for themselves and looking like fools in front of women and children who respect and listen to them less and get worried more.

You see many women, after two years of silently competing instead of being vulnerable with men, stuck in this "Not Itchy But Scratchy Show" nonsense, rushing, getting confused and no longer in control of the reassuring and flattering attention they can all seek beer-commercial style.

You even see men, women and children silently running at, crowding, stalking, distracting with scratching and attacking others to steal attention as standards for validation drop with men copying female body language, not expecting much and forgetting how to give women credit as well.  

You may have heard of songs like Frank Sinatra's "I Get A Kick Out Of You" or Drake's "The Real Her" that explain the feminine mystique well, or the ability of women to get a busy man's attention in creative, mysterious, mutually fulfilling and plausibly deniable ways and may want to save it.

You might guess that figuring out how men can do this was better than being stuck training in a pool for a couple of years like Michael Phelps to win 74 gold medals at the Olympics, or whatever, plus what has he done for you lately, not that he's not nice and all, or whatever. You know.

You have the option of anonymously funding my efforts to save our masculinity and femininity so men and women walk and talk with instead of against each other in compli/ementary ways. You can also get in touch to have YOUR questions answered for you to get only the info you want.

You know people sometimes feel bad when they're wrong, but they should know they'll soon feel good when they're right, especially when they pay someone like a lawyer or therapist to help them. You have the option of treating me like that or just saying hello in weirder ways every year.

You should know children are very perceptive and are being influenced by these issues or me commenting on them. You may be used to treating children like an authority figure, but since I don't have any, I'm just like a fun uncle who can talk to yours and bring out their confidence and fun.

You know people are having trouble communicating about these issues, so I suggest men and women separately up private discussions with me and people you trust to have the conversations you want. You should know I can think of ways to solve problems no matter what, even yours.

Talk to you soon,



Helping you figure out...



If you don't want to talk about it, but still want me to fix it, no problem. Just visit a TD Canada branch, use this info and donate cash.

Name: Vijay Sarma

TD Canada Trust Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Just say I'm a performance artist you want to anonymously support. If I get enough donations, I'll find new ways to finish this myself.



Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28 Birthday Horoscope 2013-2014

The Year Ahead

Forecast for April 2013 to April 2014

If You Were Born Today, April 28:

You are a practical, security-minded person who feels most comfortable in the world of the five senses. Gentle and intuitive, you form close relationships with others that last. Although you are considerate and concerned, you can also be quite stubborn and fixed in your ways. You are a very hard worker, often taking on more than your share. Famous people born today: Jay Leno, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Ann-Margaret, Jorge Garcia.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

Your birthday falls shortly after a Full Moon this year, suggesting a period of communication and teaching. You may be turned to for advice more frequently, and you are very willing to offer your help. This is a strong year for publicity and any other endeavors that involve spreading the word. As well, your ability to be objective--or to see the "big picture"--can be especially rewarding this year.

At times you can be quite assertive this year. You are especially interested in setting goals and challenges for yourself, and taking the necessary action to meet them. You may meet or interact with others who encourage or inspire you in some way to have more confidence in yourself. Your desire nature is strong, and increased physical activity is likely. Independent work is favored and competitive activities may also thrive this year. Even so, impulsiveness and rashness should be watched for. Your temper might easily be aroused during this period of your life.

You are particularly dynamic right now, sometimes impatient, and you often experience bursts of energy. You are courageous, but be careful to not go to such extremes that you are foolhardy, as this inclines you to mishaps.

However, until September, Saturn continues to transit opposite your Sun. During this time period, you may experience some form of disillusionment with regards to an important person in your life, with authority figures, with personal plans and achievements, or with aspects of your own personality. You may feel "left out", blocked from advancing in your chosen life path, or temporarily lacking in energy and confidence. Ego boosts don't seem to be forthcoming, or if they are, you don't see them in such a light. Some sort of buckling down is necessary at this time, and is often perceived as limitations coming from other people or from circumstances. A general feeling of "slowdown" is likely, and if regular tasks seem more overwhelming than usual, it is likely due to poor spirits and lack of motivation. Sometimes, this transit is associated with problems with the teeth, bones in general, and the skin. It is also associated with mechanical breakdowns in your life. However, these generally happen because you haven't been managing your life effectively, and Saturn calls upon you to identify the weaker areas of your life, and to fix or strengthen them. Take the time to sort out your life, improve your work, and to become more efficient. Taking a slow and steady approach to life is necessary now. Pushing too hard will likely lead to frustration and setbacks. Take it easy and work on self-improvement. Results are not immediate, but will eventually come and bring healthy rewards. This influence lifts rather quickly, lasting only approximately a month

You might renew and deepen love commitments or social connections this year. Strong and stimulating--even motivating--attractions to others are likely. Secret loves or attractions may develop and existing relationships tend to rise to a higher level of insight and understanding. As well, you can be quite successful at employing increased strategy when it comes to your finances.

Venus conjunct the South Node of the Moon in your Solar Return chart suggests a review of your love or social relationships in terms of whether they are truly contributing to your growth. Making changes may be difficult, but possibly quite necessary as well this year, when it comes to your love relationships.

You are more spontaneous, emotional, and reactive in the year ahead, and your personal magnetism runs high. However, if you push too hard, obstacles and blocks are likely to trip you up. Relationships are in high focus, and there may be a significant culmination in your life this year. Love requires inner changes. Finances benefit from increased strategy.

2013 is a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice - be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.

2014 will be a Number Three year for you. Ruled by Jupiter. This is a year of sociability. It is a friendly time, when it is easy to enjoy life and other people. Focus is on personal freedom, reaching out to others, making new friends, and exploration. You are more enthusiastic and ready for adventure. It is likely to be a rather lighthearted year, when opportunities for "play" time are greater than usual. It's also a good year for expressing your creativity. Advice - reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.


Signs of the Zodiac

TAURUS (April 21-May 20)

The Bull. Ruling planet: Venus. Element: Earth. Quality: Practical. Ability: Persistence.You are the most grounded members of the zodiac. Able to see the practical side of matters, you can be counted upon not only to do the job right, but to do it thoroughly as well. While it may sometimes take you a while to gain momentum, your gift is the determination and persistence that carries you along once you have begun. You have staying power.


April 28 Birthday Astrology

by Jill M. Phillips

You should avoid: Self-pity, laziness, disenchantment

A Taurus born on April 28 brings joy to their world. They have an amazing capacity for living life to the fullest and never failing to recognize an opportunity that comes their way. They have absolutely no cynicism and can find logic and reason in even the most difficult and trying circumstances.

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date have no problem making friends. They love people and derive a great deal of happiness from their friends' joys and successes. In love, they view marriage as a true partnership.
Children and Family

April 28 people have something of a Norman Rockwell view of family life. If they experience a difficult upbringing, they may "rewrite" the scenario to provide them with a more pleasant view of the past. With their own children, they are exceptionally understanding, indulgent, and sometimes overly involved.


A good mental attitude has a lot to do with the vitality of April 28 individuals. These people are models of positive thinking and good health habits. They understand the importance of keeping active, involved, and motivated.

Career and Finances

Because they enjoy sharing their philosophical views with others, April 28 natives excel in teaching, counseling, and the ministry. Although they may get off to a rocky start, they eventually become capable of parlaying a small amount of money into a healthy nest egg.

Dreams and Goals

April 28 people can be reticent about believing in their dreams. The major goals of April 28 men and women are likely to be career-oriented, although they may harbor a secret ambition.


Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.


Famous April 28 Birthdays  


Futuristic star of James Cameron's Dark Angel.

Standup comedian and host of NBC's Tonight Show.

Spanish actress who intrigued Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.
4 JAMES MONROE (1758-1831)

5th US president (1817-1825)

Professional cyclist, known for becoming the first British winner of the Tour De France in 2012.

Spanish attacking midfielder began playing for Chelsea F.C. in 2011.

Actor and singer who has appeared in many Disney productions such as Cheetah Girls and High School Musical.

Famous as attorney Alexis Davis on General Hospital.

Fireball actress with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas.

MLB third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals and a Babe Ruth Award winner.
11 OSCAR SCHINDLER (1908-1974)

German businessman who saved 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust.

Played the role of Tina On the music inspired TV show Glee alongside Chris Colfer.

Costa Rican actor and dancer, known to audiences as Mike Chang on Fox's Glee.

Influential West Coast rapper who released fifteen albums between 1987 and 2012.
15 SADDAM HUSSEIN (1937-2006)

Unyielding dictator of Iraq who came to power in 1979.


Sexual Astrology Birthday Horoscope for April 28th

If your birthday is April 28th your sun sign is Taurus. Since you're ruled by the planet of love and pleasure, Venus, no other sign can compare to the seductive, alluring ways behind your romantic style. You have amazing talents in the tactile stimulation department and will easily woo a lover just by the gentle touch of your hand. You crave security and are most attracted to a potential love match who can provide this for you, Taurus.

Safety comes in many forms and for the Taurus it needs to be the total package that includes emotional, physical and spiritual security. When you find one person to honor all these needs, you know you've found true love. ... more to come.


If your Birthday is April 28 and your Zodiac Sign is Taurus

Birthday Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 28th of April are imagined to be open minded and naturally caring but not as clingy emotionally as most bulls. The astrological planet ruling this particular day is the Sun gracing you with a temperament that has high practicality and big ambitions. If you have this birthday a placid nature is bestowed upon you and you will usually analyze things with logic and reason. You have an abundance of stamina and determination and tend to live life to the fullest with your eyes wide open. Your pioneering spirit can be restless and sometimes a little pessimistic with a need for roots and security. Individuals with an April the twenty eighth birthday crave diversity and excitement, prefer leading and usually have high expectations of others. You like to try new things, are good at recognizing opportunities and it is rare for you to leave anything unfinished. Although you can be rather opinionated you are also extremely tolerant.

Work and Finances

Work placements are important decisions to a person born on April the twenty eighth of April as you need to feel happy during working hours. You enjoy sharing your knowledge and views with others so occupations involving the imparting of information, like teaching are often a popular choice. You are fairly ambitious but more for recognition and satisfaction than monetary gain. In your youth you could have a rocky start with finances as you can be overly generous financially. As you mature your control of money and budgeting skills should improve allowing you to save a little nest egg for the future.

Personal Relationships

For a Taurus, the person born on the twenty eighth day of April is typical in romance situations with a fondness of comforts and a dislike of quarreling. Friendships are truly meaningful to you and you will ordinarily see marriage as the ultimate serious love commitment. Romantically you are likely to be impulsive, a lover of pleasures and easily swept of your feet. With a soul mate you are generally warm, passionate, sensual and considerate. You are relaxed and full of fun but you can also be possessive and demanding if your emotional stability is pressurized in any way. The perfect partner must satisfy your sexual appetite, tastes and energies and keenness on closeness and intimacy. They should in addition understand your mix of intellect and emotions. These may alternate between calm rationality and a proneness to be once in a while a bit temperamental.


Poor health experienced by those born on April 28th seems to be infrequent as you have a first-rate mental attitude to healthiness. You keep active, try to be optimistic in your outlook and are keen to adopt healthy eating habits. Things to watch out for potential issues are your blood pressure, glands and the tendency to overeat when stressed or upset. People born on this day are closely in touch with their earthy zodiac sign encouraging a real appreciation of the great outdoors. Spending plenty of time outside, at one with nature, can be especially beneficial to your overall body and mind well being.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably a result of your loyal, steady, kind and dependable disposition. You are forward looking with heightened awareness and this allows you to quickly grasp circumstances and naturally know what to say or do to alleviate problems. Another forte worth mentioning is your determination and dedication to finish anything that you begin. Perceptible personality weaknesses for those born on April 28th focus on your pessimism and likelihood to preanticipate things. This negative side can cause you to be inflexible, bossy and on occasion display uncharacteristic insensitivity.

Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 28th of April can sometimes make you a tad reserved and secretive about your planned personalized goals and dreams. You prefer to keep decided plans and targets to yourself and your aversion to rushing means you achieve milestones at your own pace. Your career-orientated goal setting is often less of a secret than other hopes and wishes for material possessions or a happy stable relationship. When dreaming in many instances you appear to envisage fond past memories and the chance to travel around the world and discover a few different interesting places and cultures.

Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty eighth day of the month the two and eight in your birth date total ten and give you a birthday Root number of One. This numerical reference has the attached keyword 'Drive' indicating your ambitiousness and fortitude. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 1st card the Magician is connected to your birthday. This highlights your substantial levels of intelligence, diplomacy and communicative ability. The lucky gem for April the twenty eighth birthdays is believed to be a Ruby. Wear this red precious stone for the possibility of generalized good luck, added courage and clear perception.


The probable individuality of a Taurus is assumed to be astrologically influenced by the planetary powers of Venus. The actual day you were born on, the twenty eighth of April is governed by another influence our Sun. As a consequence these are the two planets most responsible for your differences from other Taureans. Your practical receptive mind and leadership qualities help you fit lots into life and accomplish much. Your compassionate tolerance and logical analysis operate together to grant you a balanced perspective of everything and everyone. If you can regulate your tendencies for despondency and bullheadedness it should better your progress and possible happiness. A couple of ending relevant thoughts for people born on April the 28th are to take yourself less seriously and attempt to remain sensitive to the needs of others.