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Welcome 2 Detroit City


Eminem Ft. Trick Trick - Welcome 2 Detroit City


Detroit: The Post-Apocalyptic Future of American Cities?

Al Martin
July 22, 2009

Here’s a glimpse of a Turn Key Approach to Urban Wasteland Management ™. Last week I had a chance to talk to a friend who just got back from Detroit and boy did he get an eyeful of America’s Future. After listening to him describe Detroit , it’s obvious that it has all fallen apart. First of all, there’s very little civil authority or regular civil government remaining and in operation. Almost everything has been turned over to these so-called Private Management Companies. And this is how it’s being done. They block out areas, in which 80% or more of the houses have been foreclosed on, which happens to be almost the entire city and county. They have selectively begun to bulldoze the properties which have been foreclosed on. The rest have been boarded up. Then they have turned over management of these 100 block area to private companies which have become defacto governments. They have the literal authority of “governments” and they’re paid a flat fee from the city, county or state to “manage,” as they say, a square block of this urban wasteland.

These Private Management Companies sell themselves as residual property management firms. Most of these companies, as it turns out, are in fact off-shore subsidiaries of Private Military Contractors (PMCs). They provide a catchall service. In other words, they regulate how much electrical power and natural gas flows through these areas. They also act as police force, and they act as management for local civil government.

However this Urban Wasteland Management has been pretty efficient. They want to protect what remaining wealthy areas that still exist, like Bloomfield Hills. These companies come in and effectively build large barbed wire fences, around these mostly abandoned square block areas. Some people are still living in them, by the way, even though most of them are boarded up because they’re no longer bothering to serve process through the entire foreclosure procedure. Oftentimes once the house has been taken back and is ultimately owned by the city or county or some government, they let the people stay there until it’s abandoned and then taken over by squatters. Then they’re given a 72 hour notice to leave, by this private management company – before they come in and bulldoze the house. If you’re not out, that’s it. The bulldozers run. They can bulldoze the place with you in it – with legal impunity.

So here’s the scene. Imagine a 100-square blocks in a city on a hot summer night. Only one out of every twenty streetlamps is working, and even that is low-wattage. These lamps are broken and swinging back and forth in the wind. There’s rusted out steel drums lying here and there. Pyres of burning scrapwood. In the background there are shadowy figures darting in and out of buildings, trying to salvage anything or strip the remaining buildings of anything that’s worth anything.

Since no electricity is being provided to these residents anymore, what this private management cum security company does is they bring in old water trucks. Then these water trucks are placed at certain locations during certain times. The people then totter down with their old plastic buckets and bottles to get their water.

My friend said that what Detroit looks like now, particularly at night, is like a scene that you would see five or ten years after a Third World War. Everything is bulldozed, but it’s not all collected because there’s not much left after everyone has picked it apart. They just bulldoze it, chop it up and leave it in little piles. So imagine these little smoldering piles of rubble with these low wattage street lamps that are broken swinging back and forth. And don’t forget the rusted out water trucks bringing in water for the “survivors,” what else can you call them? They also bring in food from various charitable organizations and distribute free food like Spam and week old bread etc. The residents (survivors) in order to get anything have to register with the private security company and get a card which must be presented to the authorities if you want to get any water etc.

They also provide very rudimentary medical care, which is part of their contract service, to provide Band-Aids if the need arises.

It’s all very quiet and all you hear is the howling of feral dogs in this urban wasteland scene.

Is Detroit a precursor of times to come in other American cities? As foreclosures mount and despite what the Obama Regime and the Financial Media says, the economy isn’t improving, at least not in the respect that foreclosures are still rising.

Residential foreclosure rates won’t even peak for another year. And the foreclosure debacle that is coming in commercial and industrial properties hasn’t even really begun.

Last week Fannie Mae announced that they expect the coming debacle in commercial and industrial properties is going to increase the foreclosure rate forty-fold in the next 12-18 months.

In spite of that, the Wall Street Journal is promoting REITs, writing about how the REIT market is “Hot” once again. This is what I might call Triple-Reconstituted REITS. In other words, they got busted out, raised money, then bought the same property back for 50 cents on the dollar. Then they got busted out again, raised more money, and diluted shareholder equity even further. Later they bought back the same property for 25 cents on the dollar. Then they’re busted out a third time. Then it becomes a question of how many pennies on the dollar is it ultimately worth?

Residential areas that are on the periphery of industrial areas which are also all foreclosed, shut down or burned out. A lot of the train tracks that run through these areas have already been ripped up and sold for scrap metal.

They must have security guards in hand cars driving up and down with searchlights looking for train track scavengers.

These private management companies have been given more power than the underlying governments ever had. They have become, for lack of a better word, a defacto privatized post-apocalyptic government.

This could be the template for the future of America’s cities. As the state and county governments continue to get squeezed and revenue continues to fall, they have to cut back the amount of money they’re paying these private companies. So what they’re doing instead is allowing these private companies to set up what are defacto private enterprise zones with complete governmental power. All of the aluminum and copper and other scarp metal that’s being stolen by the survivors is being bought by these outfits that are just beyond the fence and are actually owned by the privatized security/ government companies. They also act as pawnshops for anything that’s left. This is one way to subsidize what is a declining government co-payment.

As legitimate government funding for this diminishes, these outfits take on more and more power of government until they become virtual mini-dictatorships.

My friend told me that you go down the street and you see this barbed wire fence and right across the street is the border of a very wealthy area. You see all of the private security that the wealthy people have hired and the searchlights that are monitoring activity in the neighborhood. It’s similar to South America where you see the barrio or favela come right up next to a wealthy neighborhood. As foreclosures mount and government resources diminish, these Urban Wasteland Zones (UMZs) are expanding. Now these companies also hire themselves out to provide security for the remaining wealthy areas, so they have their own security patrols going up and down the street. In some cases it’s only one street that separates where the barbed wire fence stands and what they call “no man’s land” near the wealthy area.

This is evidently going on in cities all across the United States, just on a smaller and less organized scale. Now as foreclosures mount, this will become more prevalent in other cities. Detroit then is a template of what America’s future cities will look like.

Federal government has virtually given up doing anything because they don’t have the money. The states are right because all the money which was hundreds of billons that was promised them under the Bush Regime through Homeland Security grants etc. never came through and all they ever got was maybe 14 cents on the dollar. Under the Obama Regime, federal transfer payments have actually diminished because the regime doesn’t have any money.

You can point to these examples all over. Last week the State of California began paying tax refunds in promissory notes or I.O.U.’s. Many states and counties are now trying to settle obligations in promissory notes.

Looking at the bigger picture, we have entered this W-shaped economy and we are going to go into a second dip. When we are at the trough of that second dip, then it’s push-comes-to-shove time, which means that we’ll see about the Federal government’s ability to hold it all together. Why? Because state governments are in a defacto state of collapse and there’s not much that the federal government can do about it, other than to provide these financial guarantees, which allow the states to sell more bonds and municipal securities, the interest of which they don’t have the ability to service. They come with a federal guarantee, however, so if they go into default, the federal government has to assume the responsibility. What buyers of these notes don’t by and large understand about these federal guarantees is that these guarantees are only guaranteeing the principal of the bond and not the interest. In many cases, as Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have pointed out, all these guarantees the Obama Regime is making are part of what is a reconstituted Resolution Trust situation. Many of them are only partial guarantees, maybe 60 cents on the dollar. Now many of the people who are buying these securities don’t understand that.

So what has been government’s response to declining tax revenue at state levels? To continuously increase cigarette tax to a dollar a package every six months. As prices increase, sales go down faster than the additional tax revenue is collected. All states have sold tax anticipation revenue bonds, even though none of them have sufficient revenue from increased tobacco tax to service the bonds. Republicans are now solidly behind a smoke-free America which will impinge on the American people’s right to partake of tobacco. That is the new mindset. They won’t make it illegal, but eventually it will make tobacco a privilege of the wealthy.

What will happen to the $150 billion of tobacco tax anticipation bonds states have already sold? How will that debt be serviced? None of the states have the necessary cash flow to service these tobacco and alcohol tax revenue bonds (anticipation revenue notes) because most of the states, between federal and state tax hikes, are increasing the price of liquor $1 per every proof gallon every six months.

Tobacco and liquor will become the province of the wealthy. The hoi polloi sitting on top of those piles of smoldering rubble in Detroit, trying to scrounge aluminum gutters – no more tobacco for you. You’ll be getting the corn husks from your local paramilitary government association.

When cash goes to promissory notes – what’s the next step from there? Government issued chits. Maybe they’ll look like the German money/ chits from the 1920s. They were half the size of today’s currency issued in One Billion Mark and Ten Bullion Mark denominations. But these will be corporate-issued chits. You’ll get a chit for so many gallons of water or a chit for so many hours of electricity. You can get a bag of corn-husk “tobacco” or coffee, which will be 10% coffee and 90% chickory, just like the “old days.”

So maybe we should all go long scrap lumber. Imagine the amount of scrap wood necessary to print al these promissory notes, chits and coupons… Just kidding.




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STREET ACTION: Sat, July 25th, 1 - 6 pm, Dundas Square


Heya Toronto Truth Speakers! ;-)

Sorry for the earlier ranting, though I hope it helps.

Until more people actually do stuff nobody in this city is safe.

The only people who can figure out what to do are the people who know stuff.

Until more people who know stuff actually do stuff than we are clearly not doing enough.

Until more people who know stuff actually get other people to know stuff and do stuff... yeah.

Besides, we might all be screwed a lot sooner than we think if we don't finally choose to do stuff.

For example...

A conspirienced friend went for a regular check-up. His doctor had an un-solicited flu shot bottle ready for him with his name on it. He said "I'm not taking that -- there's mercury in it!" His doctor said no there isn't. Buddy said "Yes there is -- read the label!" The doctor did and saw the preservative "thimerasol" listed. He finally admitted there was mercury in it.

The point?

While there are a few, one oft-overlooked important one is the vaccine bottles with our "names" on them. This means they could target any "truther" with extra-special gunk that could retard us. Just like the PhD professor Dr. Moulden testified for whose I.Q. dropped from 190 to 85 after a hepatitis shot. Of course, then Big Bankstercide can just print up and give us a shiny-nickel for our troubles...

Public Health Official: Canada Needs “No Fault” Compensation for People Harmed by Vaccine

The point?

If you're scared, just imagine how scared you'll be if you didn't do stuff to stop this.

Imagine how you'll feel when you think you got bad "karma" because you didn't do stuff.

Figure out that's one way the NWO benefits from selling us the "new age" movement philosophy.

Anyway, it's here, we believe it's possible, and it probably is, so whatever, let's use it for our own ends.

On a secular or a "God's gonna break everything!" level, doing stuff now guarantees your terrestrial and/or post-terrestrial future happiness. Plus, it's a present (right now) pick-me-up, since if we don't do anything our constant learning can be a regular bring-me-down. I notice a lot of posts flying around that are probably forgotten by most within an hour of reading them. Little paper-cuts in our subconscious. Thousands of pointless info-straws that may soon break the truther-camel's back. An alternate reality that becomes too terrifying to incorporate into "normal" reality, rendering communicating about it nearly impossible.

Of course: we can fix it.

Propaganda plays to our laziness.

When "get informed" becomes what to say to do.

Instead of "find ways to do stuff about the information" as well.

Perhaps even "find ways to work with others to do stuff about it" too.

All while there is rarely a consistent push from truthers to enable the transition.

Then "get informed" or "i have to know everything first before i do something" are propaganda.

Both plus "i'm doing my own thing" are examples of how the NWO makes useless sentences cool.

We know the NWO controls the information we receive, including allowing the mass media to publish rare articles about how screwed we are for us to find and get excited about. Plus they screw around with how they write and publish them for maximum impact on the brains of the people who'd try to fight against the system.

So, instead of just scaring the crap out of each other, or stating the obvious about how the NWO is so big and scary each and every time just to prove we know it -- to people who know it -- and who know we know it -- which happens far too often, why not we all try posting a few more suggestions on what to do about it?

Why not break out of the pattern of depressing each other -- or -- informing each other with no practical value -- and switch to something more productive using what we have to work with, or our brains, plus the environment we live in, plus the people we live with? Why not take this whole thing offline to get stuff done?

This can run the gamut from ways to explain things, ways to understand things, ways to change things, things we have to work with -- and -- most importantly -- things that people can start doing right now to mitigate the soft-kill and other weapons the NWO is using on them right now as you read this.

Then people will see why we learned all this crap in the first place.

Heck, a few might even want to learn it themselves once they see the valuable information we give them is only a fraction of what they can choose to learn to improve their health, wealth and relationships, plus that of their families and friends. The best thing is to tell people stuff they want to repeat.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

Please RSVP if you can make it to Dundas Square this Saturday.


P.S. On a final note, I'll totally fall back if people want, or if people want to do street actions on Sundays and I can't make it, or whatever. Or if people say: "Piss off dood, the Toronto Truth Movement doesn't need ya, we've got 25 people on the streets in a city of 6 million and we're just getting started!" I'd say fine, thanks, good luck, I won't trouble you, I'm out. The only reason I'm coming so hard is I see a huge vacuum in productivity as things get crazy. I'm trying to fill it with ideas and a sense of urgency until I see others trying to do the same.

Just firing off online articles isn't going to cut it. In fact it just wastes time unless people take the time to figure out how to use it for something, including to understand something else clearer. We'll get buried in snooty e-litism as we scoff at the crazy stuff from intellectually superior but morally inferior positions, or people who constantly learn how their fellow citizens are being screwed but do nothing about it. This whole thing smells fishy to me. Of course more people are awake, but without more taking action it is a very suspicious statistic.

We're in the Masonic "revelation of the method" period, or where they reveal how they've been messing with us and how there's nothing we can do about it and have a good laugh, so just revealing how we're being screwed is part of their game plan to.

We're able to understand this fairly easily and obviously from the information we receive, especially from mainstream news sources, so we can counter that by using it more effectively to empower each other instead of terrify each other.

Yes, today, this stuff sounds like a cliched mess.


Why is that the case with what's happening?




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


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StillmatiCanuck (2009)


fyi, sent to truthers across canada.


Heya Truther North Strong and Free!


I hope all are well and enjoying the summer.


If we're all going to die then we should have fun now.


If we're all going to do stuff to not die, then we should have fun now.


Who am I to say this stuff?


Who would I be if I could and chose not to?


Sorry for my e-bsence, I'm currently running for mayor in this city and feeling out what people want to hear as opposed to what I want to tell them. I'm sure we can speak in more helpful ways about normal stuff than people normally hear. We also get more credit for our discipline than we do for our passion. So I'm incorporating that.

(I'll start NLP'ing the conspirienced soon. Just don't say I didn't warn you.)

In our circles, most people are more interested in talking about how they're being punched in the face than in talking about how to stop it. I have no interest in "waking people up" if they're just going to babble conspira-trivia and sleeptalk into fascism. There's something wrong with how we woke up and how we wake people up. We need to fix it.

I have a perfect counter-PSYOP job and I'm noticing -- especially after I dropped thousands of flyers around the city with my face on them -- that the 10% of people who recognize me is climbing steadily. It's at about 15% right now. People can say and think what they want. I'm confident in my loud voice. They'll hear 'me' sooner or later.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or perhaps 140 characters on "Twitter". Since people want less to read, I'm chopping 8.5" x 11" pages into four flyers. It saves money too. It's getting easier to say less for people who want that anyway. People are respectful when they see "you" and leave the flyers in the windows of news-boxes and so on.

People who don't know what's going on need those of us who do to get better at explaining it. Most conspirienced folk spend years saying "Nobody wants to listen!" If they were singers they'd realize they have to get better to get an audience. We have to treat this the same way. Conspira-sheeple need to grow up and own up to their task fast.

Speaking of which...

Here's my latest musical project: a 28 minute re-working of rapper Nas classic 2001 "Stillmatic" album. I heard Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" right after it this morning and admit NIN is still better than me. But, this album is good, personal and exactly what both civilians and the conspirienced need to hear at this time. I'll keep making them better and better.



Please check it out and feel free to re-post the files somewhere. I was surprised when I saw no Canadians posted "Obamacide", the last mixtape I did, despite the fact that it can help us beat the New World Order. American sites list it, so please consider doing the same as an option for your audience. It's 24 minutes with a plus-plus that can help us win.



Incidentally, in Google searches of "black krishna obamacide" the above link doesn't pop-up.

Very strange considering it's easily the most popular link and it's the main link the others link to

Anyway, feel free to make vids of songs, use parts or do whatever since they're both public domain.

Regardless of what happens, for now I'm confident in the abilities of the people who learned a bunch of stuff to actually think of doing something productive with it. This may change soon due to our scientific indoctrination. But, as long as we don't allow that to happen by consistently thinking of ways to beat the New World Order, then we'll win this soon.

There's more to come until we're done. With $500 and 20 people I can end mandatory vaccinations in this city. That means you can in yours. There's lots more if we simply apply logic to logistics, or use our brains to use our time and money wisely now. Nobody wants to be lectured or scolded. But if we actually "do" stuff then we'll be praised instead.

Not-so incidentally, we have just 8 weeks until 9/11/09 to plan for it, so let's start the national conversation. Matthew "Canadian Dad" Buechler and his MOO crew did an incredible job of helping us "Take The Hill!" last year, so while we don't have the time to plan for it again, we can still do something good nationally that can reverberate internationally.

Anybody with half a pair and half a brain, or all males between the ages of 25 - 45 who saw what's been happening over the last 5 years are automatically conscripted, or they're on the hook for doing something about it. All others are welcome. We have a great country and we're in the twilight of its existence, so let's see how much we love it by keeping it.

Finally, we're actually in pretty good shape. Thanks to the New World Order we have a technologically rich playground to capture for the benefit of all. If they hadn't given us a happy-fun place to save we might not give a damn. But they did. Canadians and people worldwide should know that regardless of how we got here, we're here now and it's our 'here' to keep.

No worries, just stuff to do, so more to come until we're done... :-)




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


StillmatiCanuck (2009)





A re-working of the first half of rapper Nas' classic 2001 album "Stillmatic" where he was determined to prove he was still Illmatic. Nine tracks in total. If you love music and hate the New World Order, you'll enjoy it. If you love music and don't hate the New World Order, have a listen, you'll still enjoy it. You'll also learn about the New World Order, you can decide how you feel about them after that.

Enjoy being able to... :-)