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America: Freedom to Fascism / TerrorStorm
Georgia Straight, Canada - Jan 25, 2007

Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism and Alex Jones’s TerrorStorm are cut from the same anarchist cloth. In the first doc, the filmmaker pursues a ...

Kensington Market
Toronto Star, Canada - Jan 13, 2007

"People are crazy for these documentaries," says the tall young man in dreadlocks, surveying shelves full of such underground classics as Terrorstorm: A ...

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Movie Reviews

America: Freedom to Fascism / TerrorStorm

By Mark Harris
Publish Date: January 25, 2007

America: Freedom to Fascism

A documentary by Aaron Russo. Rated PG. Plays Sunday and Tuesday (January 28 and 30) at the Pacific Cinémathèque


A documentary by Alex Jones. Unrated. Plays next Sunday (February 4) at the Pacific Cinémathèque

The unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks make the assassination of John F. Kennedy look like a closed book. And if mainstream media has successfully managed to swallow the official White House version of what happened to the Twin Towers without projectile vomiting, “radical” documentarists have not. The film Loose Change 2nd Edition, for example, argues that Flight 93 couldn’t possibly have crashed where it was supposed to (no bodies, not even any blood) and might even be flying today. What’s more, it contends, whatever hit the Pentagon was almost certainly not a commercial airliner.

Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism and Alex Jones’s TerrorStorm are cut from the same anarchist cloth. In the first doc, the filmmaker pursues a number of government officials in search of the law that obliges people to pay income tax. No matter how hard he looks for the smoking gun, it remains absent while judge after judge bellows that “law” shall not be allowed in his courtroom and that the decisions of the Supreme Court offer no shelter to tax dissidents who refuse to tithe their incomes before being shown the statute that says they must.

Nevertheless, despite his Michael Moore–like persistence, because Russo is fairly neutral in terms of military matters and is seemingly indifferent to health care, old-age pensions, and the like, one can’t help wondering if his libertarianism isn’t of the right-wing variety that is primarily concerned with keeping as many dollars as possible in middle-class pockets. Sure, he slags the Federal Reserve Act and big bankers, but his constant references to The Communist Manifesto and the threat of “world government”, coupled with his uncritical adulation of his nation’s “Founding Fathers”, leave this frequently fascinating screen polemic open to a range of interpretations.

No such ambiguity arises from TerrorStorm. Radio journalist Alex Jones goes out of his way to let us know just how small the mathematical odds are of antiterrorist exercises taking place parallel to—and at the exact same time as—the London bombings that al-Qaeda is alleged to have carried out, just as his footage claims that the World Trade Center’s Building 7 almost certainly collapsed from the force of internal demolition charges, while the Twin Towers seem to have been helped along in a similar fashion. (That’s the substance of his central claim that the first blow in the so-called “war on terror” was self-inflicted with malice aforethought.) And of course, we would all like to know what happened to the $167- billion worth of gold allegedly stockpiled in the WTC’s basement.

Even if you don’t accept every claim made in these docs as holy writ—and you shouldn’t, since many are highly questionable—they do open up the debate. What’s more, their “wildest” charges are often the best documented. Overall, these films can’t help but remind us of Karl Kraus’s century-old comment on psychoanalysis: possibly only the craziest parts are true.

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Kensington Market

The Toronto Star
January 13, 2007

The undisputed champion of one-stop shopping neighbourhoods, the market spreads its charms across several scruffy blocks west of Spadina Ave. and south of College St.

Home to the venerable Augusta Egg Market, the area also has a bevy of fish markets, stamping their unmistakable scent along Baldwin St., as well as nut emporiums and cheese dens such as Global Cheese on Kensington Ave. Here are a couple of other specialty shops in the area:

Uprising (168 Baldwin St.)

Perhaps the most curious of specialty shops, this one peddles something entirely different.

"There is an information war," says store manager Tyson. "That is what we specialize in."

You won't find When Harry Met Sally on the DVD shelves here. More like When Che Met Chomsky.

The shop focuses on information, whether in books, DVDs or postcards, spanning history, politics, conspiracy, secret societies, as well as reggae and Rastafarian societies – "stuff you can't rent at Blockbuster," says Tyson.

"People are crazy for these documentaries," says the tall young man in dreadlocks, surveying shelves full of such underground classics as Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism and The Trials of Henry Kissinger.

"This demon should be in jail," Tyson adds, referring to the latter figure.

But the most popular video, by far, is The Illuminati, which focuses on secret governments around the world.

"I can't keep it on the shelf," Tyson says. "It deserves a shrine."

Step inside on any given day and you'll find reggae, and perhaps a trace of something else, is in the air. The vibe is friendly.

And prices? "Cheap," he says. "We're not a capitalist-oriented store."

Casa Acoreana (235 Augusta Ave.) It may take you a moment to sniff out the specialty at this shop.

Is it coffee? After all, there are 60 different kinds. Or is it tea, which comes in 100 flavours? But look in another direction, and the 300 types of candy on display might suggest this is a sugar mecca.

It's only when Victor Pavao, the store founder's son, locks you down in conversation that it becomes obvious.

Casa Acoreana specializes in customer relations.

That's why Pavao is often chatting with visitors, or smoking out front or suggesting new recipes with whole-glazed tangerines.

"In a lot of supermarkets, they have young students or whatever who can't tell you anything about their products.

"People like one-on-one," he adds. "You can't talk to a shelf."


Dahr Jamail on the Slave Labor, War-Profiteering and Vacation Resorts in Iraq

::: 10 mins :::


Dahr Jamail's MidEast Dispatches

Independent News From the MidEast

In late 2003, Weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US soldiers, Dahr Jamail went to Iraq to report on the war himself.

His dispatches were quickly recognized as an important media resource. He is now writing for the Inter Press Service, The Asia Times and many other outlets. His reports have also been published with The Nation, The Sunday Herald, Islam Online, the Guardian, Foreign Policy in Focus, and the Independent to name just a few. Dahr's dispatches and hard news stories have been translated into French, Polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Turkish. On radio as well as television, Dahr reports for Democracy Now!, the BBC, and numerous other stations around the globe. Dahr is also special correspondent for Flashpoints.

Dahr has spent a total of 8 months in occupied Iraq as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country. In the MidEast, Dahr has also has reported from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Dahr uses the website and his popular mailing list to disseminate his dispatches.

©2004-2006 Dahr Jamail.


Friday, January 25, 2007


::: 3 hrs streaming 24/7 :::


Alex welcomes to the program Scott Ritter who served as a top U.N. Weapons Inspector in Iraq during much of the 1990s. Prior to that, he served in the United States Marines and as an adviser to General Norman Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf War. He will discuss his book Target Iran, the upcoming attack, and our duty as Americans to resist it.

Related Information:

Scott Ritter on Tavis Smiley: Read Transcript | Listen to Audio


Alex also welcomes Jerome Corsi, PhD. to discuss the growing tension over Middle East and the impending U.S. / Israeli strike on Iran.

Related Information:
Articles by Jerome Corsi


Later Alex speaks with independent journalist Dahr Jamail about the chaos in Lebanon and the impending U.S. war with Iran

Related Information:
Dahr Jamail's MidEast Dispatches


The Hanging of Saddam Hussein with Dahr Jamail, Mark Glenn and Andreas (interviews start at 9 mins)

::: 56 mins :::

All time views: 7,325

Current Issues TV
56 min 0 sec - Jan 5, 2007

Hesham Tillawi talks with Dahr Jamail, Mark Glenn, and Judy Andreas about Saddam hanging. Excellent information to help you understand what really happened and why Saddam had to die.


Dahr Jamail's Weblog

'Dahr Jamail's Weblog' contains Dahr's personal log, opinions and commentary from the Middle East.

December 14, 2006

Child Victims of Violence

Here is the text and photos I just received from a doctor friend in Baghdad:

"This is 20 month-old Iraqi baby girl, who was severely injured and mutilated, in a blast by a car bomb in Al-Sadr City 21 days ago,she lost her two eyes.

"Her name is Shams-means sun in Arabic-... well not anymore, her mother was killed during the accident. Shams lies now in a surgical specialty hospital in Baghdad, and as we live in these terrible conditions in Baghdad she has not much chance to get any proper medical care...

"She is an innocent element amid this turmoil. I have a kid almost the same age and I feel aching pain inside for her. Shams was sent for my consulatation for her but I could do nothing. If she could make it she would live with a broken soul forever. Who could bring back her cherubic childish smile again? I hope that the criminal who did this sees part of his accomplishment."

Posted by Dahr_Jamail at 11:14 PM


Peace by promoting the pain relievers...



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|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

::: 8 mins :::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

::: 11 mins :::


VIDEO: Dave Chappelle Presents... The Black Bush Administration (6 mins) + Brad and Angie bravely hit the Bayou (6 mins ago)

Dave Chappelle Presents... The Black Bush Administration

::: 6 mins :::


Katrina 1 Year Later: Greg Palast visits the trailer park

::: 1.40 mins :::


PHOTO: Brad Pitt (C) and Angelina Jolie attend the premiere of 'God Grew Tired of Us' at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles in this file photo taken January 8, 2007. Jolie and Pitt have moved to New Orleans and plan to send their three children to school there, Us Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Yahoo! News/Reuters

Jolie, Pitt move to New Orleans, report says

6 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Globe-trotting Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have moved to New Orleans and plan to send their three children to school there, Us Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday.

"We love it there," Jolie was quoted as saying in confirming the move at the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Monday night. "The kids are going to go to school there. We're really looking forward to it."

Representatives for Pitt, 43, and Jolie, 31, could not immediately be reached for comment.

But according to the story posted on the magazine's Web site, the couple's relocation to the flood-ravaged Louisiana city is at least partly in keeping with their off-screen devotion to various humanitarian causes around the world. They spent Christmas Day handing out presents to Colombian war refugees in Costa Rica.

According to Us Weekly, the movie star pair moved to the Big Easy on January 11 and have purchased a $3.5 million, six-bed mansion in the city's French Quarter -- the fourth house owned by the couple.

One diner at a Decatur Street restaurant told the magazine he saw Jolie quietly mixing with the locals the day after she and Pitt moved to town.

Us Weekly cites unnamed sources as saying Jolie plans on keeping a low profile in her newly adopted home town, where Pitt is currently on location shooting his latest film, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

"She's interested in befriending normal moms so she can do things with the kids," one source told the magazine, adding that the couple also hopes to raise awareness for the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast region.

"They think it is important to be there right now" and are already looking to get more involved in local charity work, the source said. According to Us Weekly, construction is set to start this month on 20 environment-friendly homes Pitt has jointly commissioned with the group Global Green USA.

Pitt, currently starring in the globe-spanning drama "Babel," and Jolie, an Oscar winner for her role in "Girl, Interrupted," co-starred as married assassins hired to kill each other in the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." According to Jolie, they began a romantic relationship after Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston broke up in early 2005.

Jolie has said they have no plans to marry but are committed to raising their three children together.

Jolie adopted 5-year-old son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002 and 2-year-old daughter, Zahara, from Ethiopia, in 2005. She gave birth last year in Namibia to her first biological child, a daughter fathered by Pitt they named Shiloh. Pitt has also become the adoptive father of Maddox and Zahara.

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Uh, uh, uh...


Angelina Jolie,
Go on,
Holler at me,
Holler at me,
Holler at me,


I wanna shag,
A, celebrity,
I must confess,
It, just ain't me,


Reality TV,
Reality to me,
Just, ain't free,

In the boob-tube,
When I'm in a rude-mood,
Dumb enough-
To cop an attitude-

Fast food, for thought,
Fear Factor, bought,
Maggots for a meal,
I'd rather-
Be shot!

But caught-
In "Hot or Not"�,
Surreal Life, we got,
The Simple Life's the spot,
See: Paris Hilton say "Hot"!


My brain-rot,

I swore-
I'd take stock,

The brainy-hot,

By flippin'-
My spot,


If you in-
The T-Dot,
Lookin' for-
Ya G-Spot,

The weed-spot,
I'll chop-
What I got,

Stop, drop, and roll,
Go on,
Find me some hay,

Angelina Jolie,
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Angelina Jolie,
Go on,
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Lips, hips, and more,
Eye shadow's an eyesore,

She's a dollar-fourty-four,
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A dime-store,

Rhymes'll dap more,
She did-
A hunger tour,

I could say more,
But I don't-
Wanna bore,


Back to the mack,
But girl-
I ain't diss ya,

Like cooked-crack,
So, call me:
Crack Krishna!

Wishin' upon,
A Hollywood star,

Bollywood's far,
But it's on, the radar,

And since Jay-Z,
Be a-
I wan' say,
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Only two rappers I fear,


They' both dead!

Only two rappers I fear,


They' both dead...


Angelina Jolie,
Go on,
Holler at me,
Holler at me,
Holler at me...


- Black Krishna, "Angelina Jolie"


Peace is picking passion...



Google: Black Krishna


|||+> STEWART AND COLBERT... show us our leaders are lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the websites below and pass it on!


|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

::: 8 mins :::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

::: 11 mins :::


I was just a -

Bayou Boy,
Raised as soldier,
Had to get colder,
Dad was barely older,
Bolder than my brother,
So clever, joined the Guard,
Wasn't really that hard,
But it's that, or the yard,
Now a weekend's turned to weeks,
Now New Orlean's reeks,
Now normal people are lookin' like freaks,
Play hide and seek with the bodies,
Politicians, paparazzi,
Was a Superdome Nazi,
Tried to play it like it's Yahtzee,
They say we need peace,
But they fired the police,
Now soldiers say desist, and cease,
Or get deceased,
I'm on my knees,
Every night,
I wanna fight for what's right,
But I'm staring at my city,
Underwater every night,
And Blackwater rises,
When a crackhead in sight,
From over there,
He was puttin' up a fight,
I ain't shuttin' up tonite,
Gotta knuckle-up and fight,
But if I stick my neck out,
They'll pull a Tech out tonite,
I put my check out of sight,
Can't stand the Blood Money,
Can't stand to see my blood run from me,
A Bayou Boy, now a Bayou Man,

I need to take a stand,

And that's why I ran...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


I'm on the run now,,
Having fun now,,
Got a gun now,,
Let's see who run now...
But they' grabbin' guns,
Left, Right, and Center,
Homeowners and renters,
Store owners, dissenters,
My score only a slender,
Glock-9, all mine,
Feelin' fine,
If I gotta jack a bread line,
I gotta get mine,
Get food,
Get a home, get shelter,
The world's helter skelter,
The cards that were dealt were,
A four-leaf clover,
In a Range Rover,
Soldiers sayin': "Chill out man - the war is over!"
Hope I'm sober,
I'm on my own, and I'm scared,
'Cause Uncle Sam, really seems mad, when he stared,

I Dared to Dream, like Martin once said,

Now I'm scared to dream, or I'll wind up dead...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


Ah, found me a toolshed, a place to nap,
I guess this is where, I should check out my map,
Let's see, Checkpoint A, and Checkpoint B,
And I seem to recall, Checkpoints C and D,
Looks like nowhere's free, and I'm'a die in hell,
And New Orleans, is one big jail...


Prayer for New Orleans,
The fallen, the calling,
For the Chocolate City,
To start balling,

Prayer for the Devil's,
Dreamin' of the next date,
With fate, we relate,
Can we say police state?


Say a prayer for New Orleans...


- Black Krishna, "Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans"



VIDEO: Democracy NOW! vs. The POLICE STATE

::: 60 mins :::

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Our Mercenaries in Iraq: Blackwater Inc and Bush's Undeclared Surge

Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3
Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript

JEREMY SCAHILL: Blackwater is a company that began in 1996 as a private military training facility in -- it was built near the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina. And visionary executives, all of them former Navy Seals or other Elite Special Forces people, envisioned it as a project that would take advantage of the anticipated government outsourcing.

Well, here we are a decade later, and it’s the most powerful mercenary firm in the world. It has 20,000 soldiers on the ready, the world’s largest private military base, a fleet of twenty aircraft, including helicopter gunships. It’s become nothing short of the Praetorian Guard for the Bush administration's so-called global war on terror. And it’s headed by a very rightwing Christian activist, ex-Navy Seal named Erik Prince, whose family was one of the major bankrollers of the Republican Revolution of the 1990s. He, himself, is a significant funder of President Bush and his allies.

And what they’ve done is they have built a very frightening empire near the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina. They’ve got about 2,300 men actively deployed around the world. They provide the security for the US diplomats in Iraq. They’ve guarded everyone, from Paul Bremer and John Negroponte to the current US ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad. They’re training troops in Afghanistan. They have been active in the Caspian Sea, where they set up a Special Forces base miles from the Iranian border. They really are the frontline in what the Bush administration viewed as a necessary revolution in military affairs.
In fact, they represent the life's work of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you mean, the “life's work”?

JEREMY SCAHILL: Well, Dick Cheney, when he was Defense Secretary under George H.W. Bush during the Gulf War, one of the last things he did before leaving office was to create an unprecedented lucrative market for the firm that he would go on to head, Halliburton. He commissioned [a] Halliburton [division] to do a study on how to privatize the military bureaucracy. That effectively created the groundwork for the absolute war profiteer bonanza that we’ve seen unfold in the aftermath of 9/11. I mean, Clinton was totally on board with all of this, but it has exploded since 9/11. And so, Cheney, after he left office, when the first Bush was the president, went on to work at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, which really led the push for privatization of the government, not just the military.

And then, when these guys took office, Rumsfeld's first real major address, delivered on September 10, 2001, he literally declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy and said he had come to liberate the Pentagon. And what he meant by that -- and he wrote this in an article in Foreign Affairs -- was that governments, unlike companies, can't die. He literally said that. So you have to figure out new incentives for competition, and Rumsfeld said that it should be run more like a corporation than a bureaucracy. And so, the company that most embodies that vision -- and they call it a revolutionary in military affairs. It’s a total part of the Project for a New American Century and the neoconservative movement. The company that most embodies that is not Halliburton; it’s Blackwater.



Pentagon Unveils Heat-Inducing Ray-Gun: Non-Lethal Crowd Control or Dangerous Weapon?

The Pentagon unveils a new heat-ray gun that is designed to make targets feel like they are about to catch fire. It’s main goal: pain. Does it violate international law, and could it be used for torture? Retired Marine Col. Gary Anderson says: “Why would I want to use an $8 million weapon [when I can use] a 25-cent pen knife?” Human Rights Watch military expert Marc Garlasco says the weapon raises major concerns. They joins us for a discussion. [includes rush transcript]


Murder Charges Against Former Black Panthers Based on Confessions Extracted by Torture

Police in California, New York and Florida arrested eight former Black Panthers earlier this week on charges related to the 1971 killing of a San Francisco police officer. Charges were thrown out in 1974 after it was revealed police used torture to extract confessions in the case. We speak with two of the defendants’ attorneys. [includes rush transcript]


Friday, January 26, 2007

MSNBC/Associated Press: Media ownership study ordered destroyed +! ::: 4 mins :::

Media ownership study ordered destroyed

FCC draft suggested fewer owners would hurt local TV coverage

MNSBC/Associated Press
Updated: 12:08 p.m. PT Sept 14, 2006

WASHINGTON - The Federal Communications Commission ordered its staff to destroy all copies of a draft study that suggested greater concentration of media ownership would hurt local TV news coverage, a former lawyer at the agency says.

The report, written in 2004, came to light during the Senate confirmation hearing for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. received a copy of the report "indirectly from someone within the FCC who believed the information should be made public," according to Boxer spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz.

(Note: In June of 2006, the FCC announced the start of a new review of media ownership, including a "series of public hearings on media ownership issues at diverse locations across the nation". That review is still ongoing.)

'Every last piece' destroyed

Adam Candeub, now a law professor at Michigan State University, said senior managers at the agency ordered that "every last piece" of the report be destroyed. "The whole project was just stopped - end of discussion," he said. Candeub was a lawyer in the FCC's Media Bureau at the time the report was written and communicated frequently with its authors, he said.

In a letter sent to Martin Wednesday, Boxer said she was "dismayed that this report, which was done at taxpayer expense more than two years ago, and which concluded that localism is beneficial to the public, was shoved in a drawer."

Martin said he was not aware of the existence of the report, nor was his staff. His office indicated it had not received Boxer's letter as of midafternoon Thursday.

Local ownership benefits

In the letter, Boxer asked whether any other commissioners "past or present" knew of the report's existence and why it was never made public. She also asked whether it was "shelved because the outcome was not to the liking of some of the commissioners and/or any outside powerful interests?"

The report, written by two economists in the FCC's Media Bureau, analyzed a database of 4,078 individual news stories broadcast in 1998. The broadcasts were obtained from Danilo Yanich, a professor and researcher at the University of Delaware, and were originally gathered by the Pew Foundation's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The analysis showed local ownership of television stations adds almost five and one-half minutes of total news to broadcasts and more than three minutes of "on-location" news. The conclusion is at odds with FCC arguments made when it voted in 2003 to increase the number of television stations a company could own in a single market. It was part of a broader decision liberalizing ownership rules.

Community responsiveness

At that time, the agency pointed to evidence that "commonly owned television stations are more likely to carry local news than other stations."

When considering whether to loosen rules on media ownership, the agency is required to examine the impact on localism, competition and diversity. The FCC generally defines localism as the level of responsiveness of a station to the needs of its community.

The 2003 action sparked a backlash among the public and within Congress. In June 2004, a federal appeals court rejected the agency's reasoning on most of the rules and ordered it to try again. The debate has since been reopened, and the FCC has scheduled a public hearing on the matter in Los Angeles on Oct. 3.

The report was begun after then-Chairman Michael Powell ordered the creation of a task force to study localism in broadcasting in August of 2003. Powell stepped down from the commission and was replaced by Martin in March 2005. Powell did not return a call seeking comment.

The authors of the report, Keith Brown and Peter Alexander, both declined to comment. Brown has left public service while Alexander is still at the FCC. Yanich confirmed the two men were the authors. Both have written extensively on media and telecommunications policy.

Yanich said the report was "extremely well done. It should have helped to inform policy."

Boxer's office said if she does not receive adequate answers to her questions, she will push for an investigation by the FCC inspector general.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.



Save the Internet

YouTube | December 20, 2006

::: 4 mins :::


Peace by paying attention to pressing issues...



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|||+> STEWART AND COLBERT... show us they are lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily news at and - and pass this info on to everybody - NOW!

|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

::: 8 mins :::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

::: 11 mins :::


Thursday, January 25, 2007

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann with John Dean on a 50 Year Study of GOP Fascism (10 mins) + Meet Mussolini Motherf--ker...

This mainstream television interview shows how the Hitlerian GOPstapo is being built, and it doesn't matter if people know the media or the Bush Administration is lying or laugh it off, if enough don't do enough soon there will be millions of others willing to be angered, armed, trained and funded to attack the demonized rest, especially as the economy tanks.

The scientific estimate quoted by Mr. Dean suggests 23% of Americans have "authoritarian" (fascist!) personalities, including both leaders and loyal followers, which calculates into roughly 60 million people. With the unlimited budget of the private federal banking system and sophisticated propaganda, it's a hell of a fight winning the hearts and minds of a public driven insane enough to accept or endorse what's happening.

We've got to use 9/11 Truth to break the spell of the mythical "War on Terror" to stop endless wars abroad and police states at home worldwide, and the best chance to destroy the Karl Rovebots giving Bush (overestimated) political support is to destroy the whole lie. It's sad, but all the humanitarian arguments against bombing or torturing innocent men, women and children are disbelieved or dismissed by a variety of opportunists, racists, or good people simply confused and scared out of their minds who want to believe that the government on television will save them while the one in real life is attacking them.

The old money behind corporations have always wanted "fascism" to eliminate competition and enslave or eliminate most of the "undesirable" human race, including an attempted coup in the 1930's that President Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush was involved in. Clearly understanding what it is means we can see them implementing it right in front of us and stop it, perhaps in part by refusing to do business with the biggest company in a given industry to avoid it growing into a monopoly. Unfortunately politicians on the fake "left" and "right" of issues aren't going to help with real solutions because they are paid to spout that nonsense, and the relationships all make perfect sense, because as Mussolini acceptably defined it:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism, because it is the perfect merger of state and corporate power."

- Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator

He was right about that in ways he couldn't have even dreamed of, and would be so proud of what his fascist descendents have achieved. We are so controlled that we can see it happening and rationalize it, as "think tanks" and "lobbyists" dominate the public policy and airwaves while creatively teaching us what to say to fulfill their goals - and not ours. Lots of evil people are right about lots of things, far too many to ignore their influence especially on those who "want" to do evil, and their ability to manipulate others was a key to "evil" gaining "power". In a nutshell Mussolini defined the capitalist playbook, the final plays are being run now, and while I wouldn't say he was "right" about the following, I'd say we definitely have to watch out for anyone else acting like him who thinks he might be:

"The truth is that men are tired of liberty."

- Benito Mussolini

"The function of a citizen and a soldier are inseparable."

- Benito Mussolini

"War is to man what maternity is to a woman. From a philosophical and doctrinal viewpoint, I do not believe in perpetual peace."

- Benito Mussolini

"It is humiliating to remain with our hands folded while others write history. It matters little who wins. To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kick them in the pants. That is what I shall do."

- Benito Mussolini

The "West" of mythical global dominance is finally being completely destroyed and looted after decades of wars for empire and declining living standards. It's people are being enslaved or conscripted in a Communist model of Central Banks and regional production lines. The entire Third World has already been divided up this way, and the potential of billions of people has been robbed as they were denied any educational or career opportunities - except as slave labor to help corporations rip the resources out of their country.

All this is precipitated by the "War on Terror" in a "post 9/11 world", despite the fact that "peanuts" kill more Americans than "terrorists" (Paul Joseph Watson) and it's really supposed to be a simple police matter. It's also predicated on accepting the dystopic Orwellian notion of an endless war against a permanent enemy, and if we accept it in principle then it quickly breaks us spiritually, because we see no alternatives to the bleakest deteriorating future possible. When "9/11" or whatever finally "comes out" in the mainstream media, all the lies may be told as one big joke, with the final hi-tech police state cashless society control-grid keeping the population powerless while the elite laugh.

It's not "one" thing, it's the big picture, and the globalists are long-term players with inter-locking hidden agendas. As long as everyone makes money and groups of people are weakened to eliminate future competition, the monopoly men are happy to keep working harder on screwing humanity than on business, knowing once they're finished creating their "PrisonPlanet" they'll never have to worry again.

We need to use 9/11 Truth in creative and expansive ways to attack the "racist and war-mongering myth" (Webster Tarpley) of the "War on Terror" and avoid it being used on us and our children forever, and focus on the "global crime syndicate" (Alex Jones) controlling the useless "left/right" debates that make our ability to even make peace with each other in the same communities impossible.

It shouldn't be, and with free society's foundational principles stressing the universal right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", all of it and a framework for independently achieving all our dreams should instead be a matter of common sense.

There is an enemy, and they are building an army of hate.

Here is what they've been up to...

MSNBC: Keith Olbermann interviews John Dean

:: 10 mins ::


Paramilitary Assault Teams Terrorizing America

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan highlights disturbing use and abuse of SWAT teams that carry out over 40,000 raids a year on largely innocent and non-threatening people

Prison Planet | January 25, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones


Listen to Alex Jones' interview with Paul Craig Roberts

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts joined Alex Jones yesterday to talk about his latest article which highlights the militarization of American police and how SWAT teams are being used to terrorize recreational drug users and innocent people.

Roberts' article, The Empire Turns Its Guns on the Citizenry , cites a 2006 CATO report that warns against the out of control use and abuse of paramilitary police raids.

"There are now 17,000 local America police forces that are armed with rocket launchers, bazookas, heavy machine guns, all kinds of chemical sprays - in fact some of them have tanks, you have now local police departments that are equipped beyond the standard of American heavy infantry," said Roberts.

"In recent years there have been 40,000 or more callouts of SWAT teams annually - that would be 110 times a day - have you read about 110 hostage or terrorist events every day last year?"



Institute Says British People Ready To Forget Freedom

Alleges that vast majority will accept total erosion of civil liberties in face of "terrorist threat" | January 24, 2007
Steve Watson

The foremost social research institute in the United Kingdom has today revealed results of its annual 'Social Attitudes' survey that show an overwhelming majority of people in Britain are ready to accept ID cards, phone tapping, curfews, electronic tagging, the opening of private mail and extensions to detention without charge.

The Guardian reports the findings from the National Centre for Social Research, a not for profit organisation that conducts research for public bodies such as central government, universities and charitable organisations.

In a series of questions that ask whether certain measures are "a price worth paying" in order to to reduce the threat of terrorism, the survey (PDF) found the following:

• 81% think that following people suspected of involvement with terrorism, tapping their phones
and opening their mail is ‘a price worth paying'.

• 80% think that putting people suspected of involvement with terrorism under special rules –
which would mean that they could be electronically tagged, prevented from going to certain
places or prevented from leaving their homes at certain times – is ‘a price worth paying'.

• 79% think that allowing the police to detain people for more than a week or so without charge
if the police suspect them of involvement in terrorism is ‘a price worth paying'.

• 71% think that having compulsory identity cards for all adults is ‘a price worth paying'.

Conor Gearty, professor of human rights law at the London School of Economics and joint author of the report's civil rights chapter, said: "The very mention of something being a counter-terrorism measure makes people more willing to contemplate the giving up of their freedoms. It is as though society is in the process of forgetting why past generations thought these freedoms to be so very important."



Peace by partying with Paul Joseph and Steve...



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|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII :: 8 mins ::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines :: 11 mins ::


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert talks to Big Oil (6 mins)

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert talks to Big Oil

:: 6 mins ::



Bush Didn’t Bungle Iraq, You Fools

The Mission Was Indeed Accomplished

By Greg Palast
March 20th, 2006

The Guardian-— Get off it. All the carping, belly-aching and complaining about George Bush’s incompetence in Iraq, from both the Left and now the Right, is just dead wrong.

On the third anniversary of the tanks rolling over Iraq’s border, most of the 59 million Homer Simpsons who voted for Bush are beginning to doubt if his mission was accomplished.

But don’t kid yourself — Bush and his co-conspirator, Dick Cheney, accomplished exactly what they set out to do. In case you’ve forgotten what their real mission was, let me remind you of White House spokesman Ari Fleisher’s original announcement, three years ago, launching of what he called,




O.I.L. How droll of them, how cute. Then, Karl Rove made the giggling boys in the White House change it to “OIF” — Operation Iraqi Freedom. But the 101st Airborne wasn’t sent to Basra to get its hands on Iraq’s OIF.

“It’s about oil,” Robert Ebel told me. Who is Ebel? Formerly the CIA’s top oil analyst, he was sent by the Pentagon, about a month before the invasion, to a secret confab in London with Saddam’s former oil minister to finalize the plans for “liberating” Iraq’s oil industry. In London, Bush’s emissary Ebel also instructed Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, the man the Pentagon would choose as post-OIF oil minister for Iraq, on the correct method of disposing Iraq’s crude.

And what did the USA want Iraq to do with Iraq’s oil? The answer will surprise many of you: and it is uglier, more twisted, devilish and devious than anything imagined by the most conspiracy-addicted blogger. The answer can be found in a 323-page plan for Iraq’s oil secretly drafted by the State Department. Our team got a hold of a copy; how, doesn’t matter. The key thing is what’s inside this thick Bush diktat: a directive to Iraqis to maintain a state oil company that will “enhance its relationship with OPEC.”

Enhance its relationship with OPEC??? How strange: the government of the United States ordering Iraq to support the very OPEC oil cartel which is strangling our nation with outrageously high prices for crude.

Specifically, the system ordered up by the Bush cabal would keep a lid on Iraq’s oil production — limiting Iraq’s oil pumping to the tight quota set by Saudi Arabia and the OPEC cartel.

There you have it. Yes, Bush went in for the oil — not to get more of Iraq’s oil, but to prevent Iraq producing too much of it.

You must keep in mind who paid for George’s ranch and Dick’s bunker: Big Oil. And Big Oil — and their buck-buddies, the Saudis — don’t make money from pumping more oil, but from pumping less of it. The lower the supply, the higher the price.

It’s Economics 101. The oil industry is run by a cartel, OPEC, and what economists call an “oligopoly” — a tiny handful of operators who make more money when there’s less oil, not more of it. So, every time the “insurgents” blow up a pipeline in Basra, every time Mad Mahmoud in Tehran threatens to cut supply, the price of oil leaps. And Dick and George just love it.

Dick and George didn’t want more oil from Iraq, they wanted less. I know some of you, no matter what I write, insist that our President and his Veep are on the hunt for more crude so you can cheaply fill your family Hummer; that somehow, these two oil-patch babies are concerned that the price of gas in the USA is bumping up to $3 a gallon.

Not so, gentle souls. Three bucks a gallon in the States (and a quid a litre in Britain) means colossal profits for Big Oil, and that makes Dick’s ticker go pitty-pat with joy. The top oily-gopolists, the five largest oil companies, pulled in $113 billion in profit in 2005 — compared to a piddly $34 billion in 2002 before Operation Iraqi Liberation. In other words, it’s been a good war for Big Oil.

As per Plan Bush, Bahr Al-Ulum became Iraq’s occupation oil minister; the conquered nation “enhanced its relationship with OPEC;” and the price of oil, from Clinton peace-time to Bush war-time, shot up 317%.

In other words, on the third anniversary of invasion, we can say the attack and occupation is, indeed, a Mission Accomplished. However, it wasn’t America’s mission, nor the Iraqis’. It was a Mission Accomplished for OPEC and Big Oil.


Peace by pointing out paralleling prophets...



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|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII :: 8 mins ::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines :: 11 mins ::


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

VIDEO: Korey Rowe Interviewed by Alex Jones on 9/11, Fighting in Iraq, CNN/CIA Lies and more... (23 mins)

Korey Rowe Interviewed by Alex Jones

All time views: 15,968

louder than words/prisonplanet
22 min 56 sec - Jun 29, 2006


CNN`s Cooper reportedly inks $4M deal

Jan 23, 2007, 9:08 GMT

ATLANTA, GA, United States (UPI) -- Atlanta-based CNN anchor Anderson Cooper reportedly signed a new contract guaranteeing him at least $4 million annually.

The reported deal with Cooper, host of CNN`s 'Anderson Cooper 360,' would more than double his previous salary and would allow him to continue as a contributor to the CBS news magazine, '60 Minutes,' the Hollywood Reporter said Monday.

CNN declined to comment, but a spokeswoman for the network issued a statement that read, 'Anderson Cooper is an exceptional journalist, and his dedication in going after important stories wherever they occur makes him a natural fit for CNN. We look forward to more of his groundbreaking work in the years to come.'

He has been with CNN since 2001 after stints with ABC News and Channel One News.

Copyright 2007 by United Press International

SOURCE -$4M_deal

Radar Exclusive

Anderson Cooper's CIA Secret

Anderson Cooper has long traded on his biography, carving a niche for himself as the most human of news anchors. But there's one aspect of his past that the silver-haired CNN star has never made public: the months he spent training for a career with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Following his sophomore and junior years at Yale—a well-known recruiting ground for the CIA—Cooper spent his summers interning at the agency's monolithic headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in a program for students interested in intelligence work. His involvement with the agency ended there, and he chose not to pursue a job with the agency after graduation, according to a CNN spokeswoman, who confirmed details of Cooper's CIA involvement to Radar.

"Whatever summer jobs or internships our anchors had in college couldn't be less consequential," she added. He has kept the experience a secret, sources say, out of concern that, if widely known, it might compromise his ability to travel in foreign countries and even possibly put him at greater risk from terrorists.

"He doesn't want to be any more of a target than he already is," says one Anderson confidante. On the other hand, as Bob Woodruff and others have learned, American journalists are already prime targets in the world's conflict zones, and are typically accused of having CIA ties even where none exist. And by not disclosing his training before now, Cooper has arguably made it into a potential issue. "It creates the appearance of something smelly there," says a former CNN official who knows Cooper. (Particularly in light of the period Anderson spent studying Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi after college. Soon after, Cooper apparently gave up his Bond fantasy to pursue a career in journalism—except for a brief period when he starred as host of ABC's reality show, The Mole.)

According to the spokeswoman, Cooper told his bosses at CNN about his time with the agency. But even if he hadn't, says Walter Isaacson, who headed the network from 2001 to 2003 and is now president of the Aspen Institute, it's not the sort of thing that would automatically require disclosure, since the stint was brief and far in the past. "I think what he did was probably fine and cool, and I've got no problems with it," he added.

Jeff Bercovici 09/06/06 8:00 AM

File Under: Anderson Cooper, Aspen Institute, Bob Woodruff, C.I.A., Central Intelligence Agency, CNN, Walter Isaacson, Yale


Peace by protecting our soldiers from our propaganda...



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|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

:: 8 mins ::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

:: 11 mins ::


Monday, January 22, 2007

GENERAL STRIKE APRIL 15TH? " Federal Workers Owe Billions in Unpaid Taxes" (AFTF Blog/WTOP Radio)

Federal Workers Owe Billions in Unpaid Taxes

Jan 17th - 10:26am
Mark Segraves, WTOP Radio

WASHINGTON - As the 2006 tax season approaches, the federal government is still trying to recover nearly $3 billion from its own employees who failed to file income tax returns for 2005.

More than 450,000 active and retired federal employees did not voluntarily comply with federal income tax requirements for the 2005 tax year, according to documents obtained by WTOP through the Freedom of Information Act. (See Excel spreadsheets in the Related Links below.)

The total balance owed is $2,799,950,165.

The documents show that every federal agency has employees who failed to comply with federal tax laws.

Seventy-one employees in the Executive Office of the President, which includes the White House, owe $664,527 in taxes for 2005. About 20 of those employees have entered into an IRS payment plan, bringing the EOP balance down to $455,881owed by 50 employees.

The White House did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

In fact, about one third of the delinquent employees, or 149,500, entered into a payment plan, but the total owed is still more than $2 billion.

At the IRS, employees can be fired for failure to pay federal income taxes. But an IRS spokesperson tells WTOP it's no easier to collect from federal employees than it is to collect from the general public.

In the past, IRS officials have been quick to compare the federal workers' rate of compliance with the general public's. But this year, the IRS is not able to track the compliance rate for the general public. The percentage of federal employees who still owe back taxes for the 2005 year is 3.3 percent of the workforce including retirees.

The federal agency with the highest number of delinquent taxpayers is the United States Postal Service, where 56,652 employees owe more than $320 million. So far, about 22,000 of those employees have agreed to a payment plan.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service says the agency hopes all of its employees follow the law, but will leave enforcement to the IRS.

The agency with the best compliance rate is the Department of Treasury, which includes the IRS. Fewer than 2 percent of Treasury employees failed to pay their taxes. About 3,000 Treasury employees owed $13,489,683 -- 1,437 of those feds also have made payment plans.

The IRS tracks the compliance rate of federal employees each year in an effort to increase compliance. Agency directors are made aware of their department's compliance rate and then memos are sent to staff encouraging them to file their taxes.

(Copyright 2007 by WTOP Radio. All Rights Reserved.)



We Need Commitments for Thousands of AFTF DVDs and Volunteers To Pass Them Out In New Hampshire!


Supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown throughout America are being asked to help out in what is going to be a nationwide grassroots effort to "Restore Our Republic!"

We have secured a special rate per DVD of "Aaron Russo's movie, America: Freedom To Fascism" (AFTF) in a special promotional effort to "get the truth out" about important issues facing our country today.

We have received commitments for 3000 AFTF DVDs which will be sent to Ed Brown's local supporters in New Hamsphire. We need thousands more to follow. We need individuals to mobilize and work together to pass these DVDS all across New Hampshire and New England in massive quantities - to every sheriff, police chief, mayor, city council member, teacher, barber, bus driver, trucker, mother, father and students all all major colleges and universities. We need you! The future of America and the world is at stake.

If you are interested in joining us in this effort please email us at

Please visit to order the original "Directors Cut" AFTF DVD which is of higher quality and contains interviews, commercials, trailers, etc.

Note: The final label of this DVD will read: "Copyright protected, All Your Freedoms, Inc. This DVD may copied, but cannot not be edited, altered or added onto in any way. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."


Chavez Blasts U.S. in Weekly Broadcast

AP | January 22, 2007

President Hugo Chavez told U.S. officials to "Go to hell!" on his weekly radio and TV show Sunday for what he called unacceptable meddling after Washington raised concerns about a measure to grant Venezuela's fiery leftist leader broad lawmaking powers.

The National Assembly, which is controlled by the president's political allies, is expected to give final approval this week to what it calls the "enabling law," which would give Chavez the authority to pass a series of laws by decree during an 18-month period.

On Friday, U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said Chavez's plans under the law "have caused us some concern."

Chavez rejected Casey's statement in his broadcast, saying: "Go to hell, gringos! Go home!"

Chavez, who was re-elected by a wide margin last month, has said he will enact sweeping reforms to remake Venezuela into a socialist state. Among his plans are nationalizing the main telecommunications company and the electricity and natural gas sectors.

The president's opponents accuse him of using his political strength to expand his powers.

Relations between Caracas and Washington have been tense since Chavez was briefly ousted in a 2002 coup that he claimed the U.S. played a role in. The Bush administration has repeatedly denied being involved, although it recognized an interim government established by coup leaders.

Since then, Chavez has consistently accused the U.S. of conspiring to oust him and often asserts the CIA is working to destabilize his government. U.S. officials have denied trying to overthrow Chavez, but they have labeled him a threat to democracy.

Criticizing excessive consumption and self-indulgence, Chavez also announced plans in his broadcast to raise domestic gasoline prices and approve a new tax on luxury goods such as private yachts, second homes and extravagant automobiles.

He did not give details on the gas price hike, which he said would not affect bus drivers who provide public transportation, or the luxury tax. He said revenue from the new measures would be put toward government social programs.

Venezuela is one of the world's leading petroleum exporters and gasoline now costs as little as 12 cents a gallon due to government subsidies.

In typical style, Chavez spoke for hours Sunday during his first appearance on the weekly program in five months. He sent his best wishes to the ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, his close ally and friend who has been sidelined since intestinal surgery last summer.

Chavez also remarked on the hanging of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein: "They took out Saddam Hussein and they hanged him, for good or worse. It's not up to me to judge any government, but that gentleman was the president of that country."

Want to start your own blog or website, get the word out and support Alex Jones? offers high-quality webhosting services at very competitive prices, and most importantly, with, privacy is paramount! We don't sell the names of our customers to marketing firms or the government. Click here for more info.


9/11 ballot question won't have congressional help

Sunday, January 21, 2007 - 09:45 AM
Posted by: khence

By John Briggs -- Free Press Staff Writer
January 21, 2007

Vermont's two U.S. senators and one congressman are not interested in urging a new investigation into the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

A Burlington group working through the fall and early winter gathered more than 1,350 signatures -- 5 percent of the city's registered voters -- to put an advisory question about 9/11 on the city's Town Meeting Day ballot.

The question asks whether Vermont's congressional delegation should be "advised to demand a new, thorough, and truly independent forensic investigation that fully addresses the many questions surrounding the tragic events of September 11, 2001."


CSPAN: Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII

::: 8 mins :::


Peace by partying with public servants...



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|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII :: 8 mins ::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines :: 11 mins ::


Sunday, January 21, 2007

FEMA for Kids Rap... (O-kay then... sigh... I'm just glad you guys suck at everything.)

FEMA for Kids Rap

::: Audio :::

Disaster . . . it can happen anywhere,
But we've got a few tips, so you can be prepared
For floods, tornadoes, or even a 'quake,
You've got to be ready - so your heart don't break.

Disaster prep is your responsibility
And mitigation is important to our agency.

People helping people is what we do
And FEMA is there to help see you through
When disaster strikes, we are at our best
But we're ready all the time, 'cause disasters don't rest.

Written and performed by Scott J. Wolfson

In order to listen to the audio file on this page, Real Audio Player is required.

Real Player Icon Download Real Player

FEMA for Kids footer graphic


FEMA Camp with Better Quality Video

::: 7 mins :::

All time views: 108,532

6 min 59 sec - Sep 7, 2006


Peace by pissing on pathetic propagandist poets...



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|||+> STEWART AND COLBERT... show us they are lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily news at and - and pass this info on to everybody - NOW!

|||+> CSPAN... Webster G. Tarpley on 9/11 Truth vs. WWIII :: 8 mins ::


|||+> INFOWARS.COM... Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines :: 11 mins ::


Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically.[1] Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. For example, from 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of persons to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list.[2]


Existence of a master military contingency plan, "Garden Plot" and a similar earlier exercise, "Lantern Spike" were originally revealed by alternative journalist Ron Ridenhour, who summarized his findings in "Garden Plot and the New Action Army."[4]

Rex 84 was mentioned during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987, and subsequently reported on by the Miami Herald on July 5th, 1987. [5]A number of websites and alternative publications that span the political spectrum have hypothesized upon the basic material about Rex 84, and in many cases hyperbolized it into a form of urban legend or conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, the basic facts about Rex 84 and other contingency planning readiness exercises--and the potential threat they pose to civil liberties if fully implemented in a real operation--are taken seriously by scholars and civil liberties activists.


Concerns about future civil liberties issues

* "U.S. Can Confine Citizens Without Charges, Court Rules," Jerry Markon, Washington Post, September 10, 2005; Page A01
* "Martial Law Concerns," Congressman Jim McDermott, House of Representatives, March 11, 2003
* Information about Operation Garden Plot, the larger operation of which Rex 84 was a part
* "Foundations are in place for martial law in the US," Ritt Goldstein, Sydney Morning Herald, July 27, 2002
* "The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act: An Assault on Civil Liberties in the Name of Homeland Security," Sue Blevins, Heritage Foundation Lecture #748, June 10, 2002
* "325,000 Names on Terrorism List, Rights Groups Say Database May Include Innocent People," Walter Pincus and Dan Eggen, The Washington Post, Wednesday, February 15, 2006; Page A01


VINASHA KALEY VIPAREETHA BUDDHI: "When person is about to be destroyed..."

> Thank you for your note and the forward on Bush's 'surge' move! I
> like to sum it up by quoting an ancient Sanskrit saying:
> Which means --
> When person is about to be destroyed, he gets all kinds of weird and
> wicked thoughts.

hey [redacted],

sounds good, and the sanskrit quote seems wise, perhaps if more of us took it to heart and got creative we could stop it.

the world is ending as we know it, and it was never as we knew it. and, make no mistake, the nazi comparisons are 100% accurate. the neo-cons studied under leo strauss, who studied under carl schmitt, who was hitler's lawyer. echoes of their tactics and propaganda are obvious to anyone who compares, and their puppet bush is the most important "salesman" of the "9/11" and "War on Terror" myth, with many european psychologists seeing him radiating "schizophrenia and autism" into the world to dumb-down and brainwash his followers.

he has gone quite mad, much like hitler did, in believing "god" is behind him and his "destiny" is victory and refusing to believe in bad news. in the next few weeks Congress is going to put up a fight or fade to irrelevance and martial law, and since the "accidental" death of senator paul wellstone many have been scared...

On October 26th 2002, U.S. anti-war Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash two miles from the runway in Minneapolis, along with his wife and daughter Suzanne Goldenberg, and three campaign staff and two pilots.

Many reporters have already pointed out how convenient it is that that George W. Bush's most outspoken opponent was killed in a plane crash less than two weeks before an election in which his victory was essential to maintain Democrat control of the Senate.


the smartest guy in the world, webster tarpley, says the neo-con "think tanks" are running the war in iraq based on "strategy" instead of "logistics", which means like a boardgame that doesn't account for supply-routes, reinforcements, etc., so the "troops" are getting encircled in baghdad and could soon be wiped-out.

the generals who disagree with bush are replaced, and since well before 9/11 the bush regime has been doing a careful purge of government to get rid of any good people who can speak out. it's not quite finished yet, but with every successive lie more people are co-opted into the system, while others who fight it are rooted out.

the iraqi's have been very careful not to attack the green zone, knowing dick cheney and others can't wait to use nuclear weapons when "nothing else will work", as they are angling to do with iran, who have shown incredible restraint in being attacked for over 2 years and not retaliating.

the plan was always to "fail" in iraq and be there forever, and to use "nuclear weapons" at some point to scare the world and help balkanize the region into small controllable parts. that's why they're building a bunch of bases as a launching point for attacks on the rest of eurasia, and that's why russia and china are readying for attacks on us.

while it's hard to believe, some of this will become obvious as "4 battleships move towards nuking iran for no reason" or whatever is on CNN, and our fatalistic plunge into war seems inevitable. since we're lazy and the rest of the world is livid, they will endorse an attack us with UN troops at some point.

then, to make sure no "dictator" like bush can rise again, we'll have a One World Government under UN control for "world peace", and be completely enslaved by a handful of bankers, the real backers of the "neo-cons" who've managed to use their media control to make hitlerian policies of "pre-emptive war" and "torture camps" legitimate and defensible in the media most still choose to consume - which is a huge part of our acceptance and indifference.

that's why all the nonsense in the media - again, the media owned by the people attacking us - about "incompetence" has kept us stupid and distracted, and lead us to the brink of world war three. they're not stupid: we're stupid in believing they're stupid, and in feeling "smarter" for it as opposed to finding ways to curtail their abuses.

we can keep our eyes glued to the TV and reading the same newspapers that never explained how we got here, but we won't understand what laws have been changed and how the government officials enforcing them have been (brainwashed) trained, including military briefings calling new orleans "little somalia" during gun-confiscations post-katrina, or invasive and demeaning "searches" at airports that rival anything done by any other dictatorship - as many international travelers have already commented on.

i'm doing well trying to stay on top of things, the surge is completely irrelevant and ridiculous, and much like everything it's merely a distraction. when i told a friend about the coming dollar collapse, they said: "but wait - i just saw the news, the dollar went up today!", as if this daily "up/down 0.2 cents" foolishness makes any difference to us unless we have a billion "dollars" and just made $20 million.

we're trained to follow it so we don't see the big picture, and that's also why there's a "business" section but no "labor" section in the paper: our interests are not important when compared with the 5% of people that own stocks, and yet we're taught to stupidly pay attention and worship "big business" as our saviour despite their profits going up 45% over the last 5 years while wages increased 3%, according to CNN's Lou Dobbs.

CNN's Lou Dobbs slams the New World Order

::: 2 mins :::


that's what nearly all the news is, and they make a "big deal" out of nonsense. it's just like the "sponsorship scandal"... what happened to that? it brought down a stable liberal government with a new prime minster after a year in office, and yet there has been hardly any mention of it since, proving it was probably a "big money media" scam to put neo-con harper in while keeping us angry and distracted.

it's good the government is renewing homeless-shelter funding, the problem is they don't want to fix the problem. i haven't seen any studies since 2001, and you wouldn't believe there are over 300 shelters in the city, a ridiculous case of "dispersal" which keeps them from organizing, just as has been done in refugee camps worldwide - including in new orleans. a friend has been working on these issues for 10 years and there are more homeless people than ever, just like with AIDS, cancer, poverty, drugs... and everything else.

if you want a paycheque then it's no problem, and most people eventually sell-out and justify their situation as "doing something" even if it's not keeping the problem from getting "worse" in general. if you want to see the problem solved then you have to think outside of the paycheque, or any other officially institutionalized and failing solution we're taught to implement.

we're taught to be scared of our neighbors and send money to africa, adding to the billions stolen by the UN and Big Pharma over the years which have only worsened the situation, to say nothing of contributing to their experiments on helpless africans. we have to think the exact opposite of how we've been trained, including all this "personal responsibility" garbage that keeps us trapped in our own heads and bragging about our masturbatory "fountain of youth/peace/happiness" discoveries sold in glossy magazines and on TV.

it's all nonsense, we're being given "munchausen syndrome" in being told like little children that we're "sick", and people around the world think we're crazy. but, a few of us know and are spreading the word, so it's all going to come down to who's more convincing... :-)


CSPAN: Webster Tarpley on 9/11 Truth at the American Scholars Symposium

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Hey [redacted],

Thanks for your replies, I'm still working on a response to your lengthy email, but suffice it to say I agree with and fully endorse your self-sufficiency and libertarianism, and nothing I suggest threatens that as the ultimate option for all. I only feel distressed by (what I see as) your belief that you can maintain a safe isolation from what is happening, namely "global fascism" with a high-tech and half-baked glaze, especially since you worked so closely with some of it's ramifications in New Orleans.

I wish you luck, and wish I felt I had the same option, except I see what happened there as conditioning us to accept more of the same, and believe if we don't change our mindsets we'll be victimized eventually by a malicious government looking to feed it's slave-labor camps, much like in China. Then again I fancy myself a "philosopher", and don't get my hands-dirty as much as I should for my "Save Da World" street-cred, so you can ignore me if that's the only qualification. (Though I did write a song called "Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans".) What I've been trying to do over the last couple of years is work with, understand and gain "cover fire" from various groups so I can speak on their issues, and have someone as back-up saying: "Nah, it's cool, he's with me, his heart's in the right place so give him a listen", including traditional activists and artists, but also by keeping my hip hop and yuppie street-cred, and a higher-level overview of what we should all be focuse on.

In doing so, I've found a handful of threats and means to solve them that I believe cut across all cultural and political boundaries, and one of them is an "Amnesty Intellectual" approach towards all critics of the unfair government and corporate elite, even those who sound "crazy", because the fascists are "crazy", and after what we've seen we can't dismiss anyone with any concerns about them, nor use one factoid to praise or damn an entire subculture. The "Saddam was a bad guy!" one-argument approach to endorsing an endless genocide is reflected across our culture infected by simple-speak, from left to right to whatever, and it's based on how we've learned to interpret and who to trust for simple answers in a complex and stressful world.

I think all the suggestions you made are valid, including "affirmative action" if it's implemented well, say a a corporate tax for the good of communities where employees live to expand school and job opportunities, increasing their productivity anyway; as opposed to an automatically demonized version in the media, where the pundits line up on either side to play T-ball for $2500 an appearance on cable. Much like the peace movement, any activists against "power" are given short-shrift, and only their weakest arguments are allowed any real exposure - including self-censorship in the hopes of being invited on again. Playing within these rules, and a perceived set of limited resources or opportunities being stolen from the rest of us, the right-wing or conservative view inevitably swats the homerun for all of us to relax, and Thank God those people aren't getting anything we're not or a chance to take what we have.

This also reinforces that the long fight to get the issue that far (media coverage) by hundreds or thousands of people has no merit; and our racism in assuming they must be stupid or greedy or attention-starved. Optimally, and in fact sensibly, there has to be a way for any large group of disenfranchised or concerned people to have their efforts to draw our attention to them respected more than that, and their interests acknowledged and incorporated in the richest countries in the world - who've kept millions of people poor specifically by dividing and demonizing them to each other. Instead of looking at African-Americans as 12% of the U.S. pop. and 50% of the U.S. prison pop. as normal or acceptable, or that they are 5x more likely to be in jail than on the street in the U.S. today, and then pitting them against young white kids entering college or the workforce and forcing them to lose while everyone gets mad, a different agenda needs to be discussed.

That's the point, and any sizeable group of critics has to be listened to, because the very idea of ignoring large chunks of society or the planet's populations and what they think is what gets us into trouble by making us think they don't have a point, and allowing our most powerful institutions to practice taking "our" stuff by first taking "theirs", and gaining the power and (Hitlerian) legal legitimacy to do so.

Suheir Hammad - (some really, really) Def Poetry (6 mins)


Just thinking of something bad to say qualifies as accurate criticism, since praise is easier to tear down and less secure. This is being done to the Middle-East as well as here, and I even had a couple of old retired military guys say proudly "Bush is a strong leader!" as the reason they liked him. When I turned around with "So was Stalin, Hitler, Mao... doesn't it matter if he's a "good" leader?" they didn't have an answer, because they hadn't needed one until then.

This type of thing is done everywhere, and it's nuts. The way I figure, we have a handful of central enemies racing like mad to lock us all in police states, or as Webster Tarpley would say the "finance oligarchs" or "London and Wall Street financiers" who control the central banking systems and most governments. Instead of recycling useless debates that pick on the weakest targets by joining historicaly ideological "gangs", let's save history as you suggest, and independently understand it and apply it while it's here today, with an open mind to all critics and a focus on who the real bad guys are instead of tearing each other down. I've found most people using passion instead of profit as their playbook make, at worst, honest mistakes anyway, and don't mind being corrected.

I'm convinced you'll come to the same conclusion I have - which attacks no one we'd possibly know or care about, and I'm trying to save you (and anyone else) the time of taking as much time as I did with our old prejudices activated easily. It's ultimately relaxing, and one learns that fear of what we're told to fear is a waste of time, while the mass media is just stupidly funny in their lies as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in particular can show us.

Most fights are a waste of time and energy, that's why they're on TV and meant for us to ape, and the secrets of history and science and truth can be exposed if we take back control of our planet. We need to share information and analysis on who's really responsible for a world where 3 billion people live on less than $2/day, and how they're Malthusian thinking endorses this and attacks on everyone else. It's an old idea, and we can simply educate each other with our own "Committees of Correspondence" similar to the ones in the 10 years before the American Revolution when the Brits (again) controlled everything and we had to go underground with it.

Incidentally, they're playing to win so I'm afraid we have to as well, at least according to my findings, so I shall continue focusing on power instead of prejudices, and cordially invite you and all others to do the same... :-)

Peace, (NOW!!!)

Peace by making it personal...



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P.S. Stewart and Colbert show us they're lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

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