Saturday, August 02, 2014

RELAX: An Open Letter To You



An Open Letter To You

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My stage name is Black Krishna (BK) and it's nice to meet you. Inspired by Coldplay, Bob Marley and more, I performed on King Street in Toronto for weeks to help people relax. Why? You want to. But often can't. I can help.

You want to enjoy relaxing with people. But, communication issues make it hard to. You may not want to discuss it. But, when quietly forced to deal with it, you feel bad anyway. Our kids copy us and feel bad too. The good news? We can fix it. We just have to change a few things. And we want to.

''When you work out where to draw the line, your guess is as good as mine...'' 
- Coldplay, ''God Put A Smile Upon Your Face''

While it's now normal, nobody likes quietly making each other nervous instead of talking. Or, showing less respect and getting less. Or, attitude replacing pride. Or, quickly freaking out. Or, slowly nagging. Or, looking frustrated, ugly, pushy, bitchy and twitchy instead of relaxed and attractive.
If we keep this up, we may quietly destroy our egos while stress weakens our immune systems and we fall sick. Or, we can help change our minds and get credit for our voice, confidence and grace. It's up to you to help.

''Nobody said it was easy, oh it's such a shame for us to part... take me back to the start...'' 
- Coldplay, ''The Scientist''

Plus, when I share ideas, men relax and exchange respect, women relax and act graceful, and children relax and feel special. With few discussing it, I have to stop to quietly fit in. Or, get paid by you to risk working on it for you anyway and do a good job. For cash, cheques or email transfers, use:

Transit No. 30582  .  Inst. No. 004  .  Account No. 6062898

You can help us live where you, your family and friends can relax and feel happy. Historically, it takes a few to change the rest who want to. I'm lucky I can help. So are you. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss options.


Canada Day 2014 Promo Mix:

Black Krishna - The Pride Trilogy


Monday, July 28, 2014

Busksperation: Coldplay "Sky Full Of Stars" Video + More Cool Innernetsin' Stuff


Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)


Hi Everybody,

Sorry for my myopia recently, but I know what I can do because I've seen it busking regularly at the corner of King and Spadina in downtown Toronto for the last two weeks. Or, as one man challenging our descent into gender-neutralized urban zombieland, with my talking, rapping and singing, I can change our pushy, frustrated, nervous and moving faster on purpose stressing and depressing body language into relaxed, relaxing, respectful, fulfilling and pleasant hello's for about 80% of people walking by.

In some ways I can help change people's behaviour from "attitude" to "pride" which is better for everyone.

Otherwise we may be stuck trying to force-feed others stressful and ugly garbage for the rest of our lives.

That's one reason why I liked the Coldplay "Sky Full Of Stars" video: it helps make busking respectable.

This is also making it much easier to reach out to fans, interact, engage and so on, which is a lot of fun.  

Now, this goes beyond just saying "relax" and deeper into gender and communications issues, but the fact remains it's possible. So, I remain focused on getting the resources to do this for more than a couple of blocks and a couple of hours. If get can get enough contributions from enough people then it's on. If not, then it's a tremendous waste of my potential to help people and their potential to act like people who can empower each other instead of quietly taking their frustrations and insecurities out on each other.

Of course, this may seem like a terrible normal we depend on and can't change, but that's simply not true. 

Timely lyrics sung well like "take your frustrations out on, someone else, get rid of them, with me..." work.

Others like "you will let go of my mind, every little thing, is fine" also work on haunted people saying hello.

Don't think this is just a coincidence: this stuff works on nearly every Canadian I see nearby, so it works. 

While it's a cliche, it may still work for those who care, so I'll bring up the children. They're copying adults and affected by the same behaviour. It used to be safe to look at a little boy or girl when they wanted attention and make them feel safe and special while they helped you feel respected as an adult. Now, most are twitching and spazzing too. This stressful behaviour if left unchecked will only get worse and the stress will affect everyone no matter how healthy they eat, how much they exercise and so on.

People may think they don't want to worry about this, but as long as others are around, they'll have to.

Stress weakens our immune systems, so it's easier for us for fall sick if this keeps going or gets worse. 

Therefore, I'm re-formalizing my efforts and going for broke to avoid going broke and broken people.

While struggling with the manic of possibility and depression of dealing with quiet desperation, I can.

Of course, like most people probably quietly think and nobody quietly says, I should probably give up and move on or even move out of the city, which I'll probably do if people give up on me. However, I should give more of us a chance to help each other get out of this, so I'll try that first. My wise-old-man buddy Rick says, "everybody does the best they can", so we'll see what it is. This is a great way to make peace with the world and people in it, but if it's not enough, from what I can tell we won't be able to.

As for this broken record, if you want it to sound and you to look better: then help pay for studio time.

Attempting both differently inspirational and similarly accessible can be confusing: so I can use a hand.   

On that coldly-practical note, below I'll switch to providing some inneresting innnernets stuff to check.

Like everyone else absorbing this stuff, and in general, I get stressed and look for ways to escape too.




The Pride Trilogy - Crowdsourcing

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