Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MP Toronto-Danforth By-Election March 19th, 2012: The Bank of Canada Question


FYI, I really hope you're all well and it must feel good to get back to poli-tricks as usual.

Chris Porter, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, has jetted into Toronto to run for MP in the Toronto-Danforth by-election and either win; or at least help push the practical desire for governments' greater usage of the Bank of Canada to stop borrowing from overseas creditors as much and print our own money debt and interest-free into the hearts and minds of all Canadians worried about debt, austerity and the future and hoping options exist so they have options. We're making life easier here.

FYI2: There's an all-candidates meeting on March 1st at 7:00 pm; see the details below.

This is a great chance for anyone concerned about the future of Canada to reach out to people who usually show more interest during election season and who are more accessible since volunteers are allowed to flyer apartment buildings and more for the health of our democracy. With the election on March 19th, people can let everyone in the Toronto area know about the chance to participate and get a real sense of how Canadians feel about these issues with a good reason to ask.

FYI3: It should be easy to get people to commit to tasks instead of time, so pass on the invite.

Please see the details and websites below and be in touch with any questions, answers, advice, offers to volunteer time, money or services and more. With Stephen Harper's recent election and a stable if rather cold and unresponsive Parliament, this could be a great chance to inject a bit of warmth and sanity into the proceedings and have someone who, whether right or wrong (and who can always be right?) will at least ask the questions until we know the answers and can agree on them.

Thanks for your time and take care of yourself, and each other. (Springerism)





Dear friends and volunteers,

     The election campaign for Toronto/Danforth is in full swing and we have lots of things planned and still count on all of you for help to make this campaign a big success for the party.

    Tomorrow we are opening the riding office at 1092 Danforth Ave. (North side between Greenwood & Donlands)  The really big event is the Applegrove “Meet the Candidates” Toronto-Danforth All-Candidates meeting on Thursday, March 1, from 7 to 9 p.m.  60 Woodfield Rd. The meeting will be held at Applegrove’s main location in the Duke of Connaught School near Queen and Greenwood.

    It’s very important that as many of you as possible turn out for this first of two debate’s to help us kick off this campaign with a big CAP presence.

                            Thanks    Christopher Porter  (Leader)


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