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COMMUNIST CANADA? Giant statue of Lenin and Mao the talk of Richmond (VanSun/Infowars)


COMMUNIST CANADA? Giant statue of Lenin and Mao the talk of Richmond (VanSun/Infowars)


FYI, thanks to the NWO, people have simple ways of explaining "Communist Canada" to anybody, so we should all start.


Hi [redacted]

Thanks to checking out the great work of great people who decode our culture, I've known for a while that we're undergoing a global communist indoctrination, including here in "Communist Canada". Because of this, people often refuse to "believe" anything but what we're supposed to.

However, if you didn't happen to read the mainstream Vancouver Sun newspaper today, you can just check for an excerpt of this article, then click the provided link to see the original. 90% of their content is rare mainstream news that reported -- but not repeated.

Just see the picture for yourself, there's tons of this rubbish that we can't just accept.

Peace, BK

Giant statue of Lenin and Mao the talk of Richmond

By Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun
December 27, 2009
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METRO VANCOUVER - A public art installation depicting Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin and a feminized Chairman Mao Zedong in the heart of Richmond's business district has the whole town talking.

“When I went to the gym at 5:30 this morning it’s all people were talking about,” said Richmond city Coun. Derek Dang, who saw the piece for the first time Wednesday. “People just can’t believe it.”

The large stainless steel sculpture is part of the Vancouver Biennale, a city-wide celebration of public art. The piece — Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head — was created by Beijing-based brothers Zhen and Qiang Gao. Their highly political installations, which include provocative depictions of Chairman Mao, are sometimes shut down by the Chinese government and their studios have been raided.

“When council decided to participate in the Biennale they didn’t give us a catalogue to choose from and maybe that’s a good thing,” said Dang. “We got what we got.”

And what they got has tongues wagging. Bloggers are posting images of the construction and the local community newspaper has been buzzing with letters.

“It certainly generates debate,” said Dang. “It is art and art generates conversation, and remember it’s not going to be there forever.”

The Vancouver Sculpture Biennale takes place every two years featuring public art works by about three dozen artists from around the world. Biennale sculptures are typically removed within two years.

Another Biennale installation in Vancouver — the upsidedown church called Device to Root Out Evil — was the subject of furious debate and a grassroots campaign to have it removed. Device now resides in Calgary.

“[Miss Mao] certainly has caused a lot of debate and evokes some strong emotions among people who remember those times,” Dang said. “[The Gao brothers’] inspiration and imagination is what makes it art.”

Read his blog, The Green Man, at

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SKULL AND BONUS: Martial Law in Communist Canada?

okay, regardless of what anyone who's conspirienced "wants" to do, this is why people should finally decide to specifically *** discuss doing stuff to wake other people up *** on a regular basis while we can. we should not be wasting time on random esoteric truther-centric conspira-babble. we can have chatrooms for that. a whole separate sub-culture can be developed that does nothing but that. they can go completely insane complaining, confusing and arguing with each other as victims of "project camelot" and other CIA conspiracy and cyberwarfare mind control programs. you're welcome.

however, if anybody still has the ability to think about this "new world order" stuff in a rational way, they need to focus on stopping martial law now being less-incrementally and more blatantly declared right here in communist canada. the yahoo news article below is insane. now, according to NATO and their military think tanks, we're headed for 30 years of riots, plus-plus. see "Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future" in The Guardian - - and local versions later from the U.S., Canadian and Australian militaries.

that means, unless we stop it, here it comes...

Parliament suspended until March 3

56 minutes ago

By The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A spokesman says the Conservative government plans to suspend the current Parliament and begin a new one after the Winter Olympics.

Dimitri Soudas says a new Parliament will begin with a speech from the throne on March 3, and a new budget delivered the next day.

Soudas confirmed that Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked the Governor General by telephone earlier today to prorogue the current Parliament.

Members of Parliament had been scheduled to return to work Jan. 25.

The post-Olympic return will effectively shut down government committees, which would stop MPs from pursuing the Afghan detainee controversy until Parliament returned.

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale called the move "a shocking insult to democracy."



Conservatives lead in Canadian opinion poll

the option of proroguing parliament


Sold yet?


Published on Saturday, January 20, 2001 in The Ottawa Citizen

FBI Spied on Canada's Pierre Trudeau for 30 Years
by Jim Bronskill

Newly obtained records show the FBI kept secret files about Pierre Trudeau for three decades, from his early days as an intellectual rabble-rouser in the 1950s through his tenure as prime minister.

... Though barely into his 30s, Mr. Trudeau had evidently caught the bureau's attention.

In the late 1940s, he had travelled widely, at one point being imprisoned briefly in the Middle East upon being mistaken for a spy. After returning to Canada, Mr. Trudeau actively supported striking asbestos miners in Quebec. He then went to work for the federal government in the Privy Council Office.

Mr. Trudeau was accused of Communist leanings by a Quebec priest for visiting and writing about the Soviet Union in 1952. The trip has been cited as the reason Mr. Trudeau was among thousands of Canadians barred from freely visiting the United States under a controversial American immigration law. (It is unclear, however, whether the 1952 letter to Mr. Hoover is related to these incidents).

During the 1950s and early 1960s, Mr. Trudeau established himself as a leading Quebec intellectual, teacher and writer. He was first elected to the House of Commons in 1965.

Several passages in FBI memos from 1960 and 1967 were blacked out.


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)


SKULL AND BONUS: What The Hell, Here's The Rest.

In April 1968, just four days after Mr. Trudeau became Liberal leader, the FBI combed its files for references to him at the request of U.S. officials in Ottawa, turning up several letters and memos.

Later that year, the FBI's Chicago office forwarded to Washington a news clipping about Mr. Trudeau mulling the idea of establishing diplomatic relations with Communist China.

Among the records disclosed by the FBI are those dealing with inflammatory opinions voiced by Americans distressed at Mr.. Trudeau's apparently liberal attitude toward communism and Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The Canadian Castro, a 1968 article from the New Jersey-based Herald of Freedom newsletter, portrayed Mr. Trudeau as a "radical socialist" who posed a threat to the United States.

A 1970s telephone recording run by a fringe Florida group claimed he "adores Mao Tse-tung and wants to make Canada over into a Red Chinese-style communist slave state."

In preparation for Mr. Trudeau's March 1969 visit to Washington, State Department officials asked the FBI for information on suspected members of Cuban Power, a group that had carried out terrorist attacks against Canadian establishments in the U.S.

A 1972 memo originating in Mexico noted a news article about Mr. Trudeau's invitation to a "controversial" former Catholic monsignor to take part in a conference on revisions to Canadian legislation.

On three occasions in 1973, the FBI relayed information concerning Mr. Trudeau to officials in the administration of then-president Richard Nixon, including Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The contents of one of these, an October 1973 memo, were largely withheld but it is clear that "a confidential source" -- apparently working for the Canadian government in Hong Kong -- furnished information concerning Mr. Trudeau's recent visit to China.

Other records sprinkled throughout the files deal with Canadian political affairs, including a 1969 Royal Commission on state security, RCMP interest in U.S. draft dodgers, a 1970 Commons vote on assertion of Canadian jurisdiction over Arctic waters and the results of the 1974 general election.

Other memos show Mr. Trudeau was the subject of at least four death threats in the early 1980s, originating in Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles and Savannah, Georgia, respectively.

Margaret Trudeau's pocketbook, apparently lost during a U.S. visit, showed up in Rhode Island in the summer of 1974. It was turned over to the FBI, which duly filed a report.

Copyright 2001 Ottawa Citizen Group Inc.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

this is supposed to be a real conversation planning for the g20 summit.



what the heck is this phenomenon?

there has to be a name for it in some psycho-babble-ology somewhere.

this is supposed to be a real conversation planning for the g20 summit.

various opportunities to work on things were proposed by a few people.

now we're in a holding pattern waiting to continue or forget about this.

what happens next will determine the character of TTS and its members.

what happens too-often is a few random outbursts and then nothing much.

excuses can be made to justify and normalize this, but they shouldn't be.

people who are "awake" will often say we have to, or, they want to do stuff.

in spite of this rhetorically-backed fact, they rarely discuss doing anything.

then, when given a chance, most don't respond at all to any of the specifics.

this rarely addressed pattern happens again and again for years and years.

you can see it happen on a daily basis whenever someone suggests something.

truthers may have to finally decide on whether or not this is really a problem.

if it isn't then no worries, but we shouldn't look down on others for their apathy.

if it is, then we have to deal with it in a logical and rational way to get stuff done.

truth seekers worldwide have to decide if they want to use it to help other people.

toronto truth seekers is likely made up of people from diverse backgrounds to see it.

it should normal, not strange, for truthers to discuss how to beat the new world order.

since the g20 mafia is showing up in 6 months, we should figure out how to greet them.

then we'll have a project to focus our efforts for a few months, one of several opportunities.

once the "awake" public proves they won't just "sleep-talk" us into fascism... then we can win.




sounds good dood, but not as good as working together on a plan to diss 'em in style, which seemed to be the plan of this conversation. anyone can just go there with a videocamera, shoot stuff and pop it on youtube for 1000 conspiracy theorists to watch. many probably will, so that's covered. bring yours and get unique stuff. but, if there is one, there's more "we" should do.

what we should do, as a group of individuals who joined a group, is work on this as individuals with individual ideas and efforts that we contribute to a group. that way we'll leverage our individual impact in ways that we don't think about doing often enough. don't worry about all the worrying, we move fine in this city as we prove. there's info on the g20 meeting in the links in this conversation.

right now... for some strange damn reason... most people just can't plan for... right now.

this makes too many of us unbelievably ineffective against the new world order. it may be by-design. many truthers with no training or equipment will default to having fantasies of acting like "commando" in a videogame when "it goes down", but that's a stupid waste of time when we can do stuff to stop that from happening. plus, we're just one bullet away from having no lives left.

most of conspira-solutions we're sold play into our commercialized and selfish culture. most truthers just want to buy or do stuff for themselves. this is weird because our adversaries, who we supposedly study carefully, work together like fascii, or a bundle of unbreakable sticks, as opposed to individual twigs that can be snapped easily. we should steal the ideas that work from them.

right now... for some strange damn reason... most people just can't plan for... right now.

because all of us have been taught by our culture to distrust and devalue others, it affects how we work together, or how we don't. when the people who know the most do the least, or less than any groups of humans in the world do, or nothing at all, then it makes us look like a joke. whether it's by-design or perhaps just a happy-accident for the bad guys, we should cut this crap out.

with just 6 months until the g20 summit, we don't have much time to plan something that will earn us respect. we can do it, but first we have to actually start talking about and acting on what we "will" do on a consistent basis. ideally we'd have a dozen project managers on various issues leading teams of others. everyone can play roles for everyone else's teams. this will work out well.


p.s. right now... for some strange reason... i think we can act right now.



Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Infowars and Toronto Truth Seekers... Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter! :-P


Bloggagia: CommUNism vs. HuMANism


Hi [redacted],

I was just thinking of you and was about to send you something just in case you didn't check Infowars out. I'm glad you liked it, but I knew this stuff years ago because I at least checked it out, like many others, plus your country would be in better shape if more had.

That's why we're moving aggressively on this stuff with Toronto Truth Seekers (dot com), or taking all these people with all this knowledge and helping them do something useful with it that other people have to respect. Just arguing won't work; but taking action does.

My issue isn't people "believing" it or not, it's their inability to even "look" at it, or their defiant "Ignorance is strength!" position right out of Orwell's "1984", which I think is "communist" brainwashing. Once we stop listening to each other; we only listen to the state.

You are obviously intelligent and compassionate, like lots of people, so I was figuring why more weren't open to finally figuring out the media lies on purpose to fool us into buying establishment solutions. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The game is up.

Thanks to those of us who looked behind the fake "left vs. right" game and into the real power structure, the mainstream media is now forced to cover it too. My issue is they do a bad job, whereas the people who've covered it for decades longer do a better job, as one might expect.

No worries, I've been working on the (rhetorical) "But what can we do?" question for years and have answered it a hundred times, so we're in good shape if we want to be. Now comes the sales-pitch, especially to the "twitter" and "txt" generation with shorter attention spans.

Sometimes "academic" thinking can make us happy with explanations even though we're not happy with situations. To add needed emotion and urgency, I can sing and rap and condense 3000 words they wouldn't read into 3 minutes they can understand with the energy to handle it.

A song is attached attacking the "global warming" global governance taxing fraud from what you might consider "right-wing" perspective, though the leaders on the "right" aren't attacking it nearly as well, so I don't consider "my" thoughts "their" perspective. Enjoy as you'd like... :-)


P.S. As a final note, people kept saying "Vijay -- please stop talking about that stuff!" so often that I finally went "Fine!" and just created someone else who could think and speak freely, discuss it a lot and come up with real "save the world" solutions. So, don't mind 'me'... ;-)


Epi-blogue: Spook-Proofin'


Hi [redacted] et al,

I hope everyone is enjoying a great holiday season, it's always good to re-connect with family to remember who you're fighting for. On intelligence agents, as far as I'm concerned: bring 'em on and let 'em watch. I don't think the police in this city are allowed to talk to us anymore because we might wake 'em up: the same thing might happen with spooks.

One important caveat I'd offer is the difference between "planning" and "operations" when it comes to discussions and how intelligence agents or others might affect them. We can "talk" or "plan" all we want right out in the open, but when we're actually "flipping a drill live" as it were, perhaps it's better to discuss it far away from any possible surveillance.

When journalists like Seymour Hersh and others want to talk to confidential sources, they often favour parks or parking garages (etc.) away from their usual and possibly bugged normal locations. When it comes to a "Change" style action, like PFT confronting Al Gore at the CNE, I suggest discussing the "idea" itself normally and informally beforehand.

However: when it comes to actually discussing the exact "operational" or "executional" details about the day-of, or things like "when" we'll be "where" and "what" exactly we'll be doing, I say go for a walk somewhere safe to work them out. Then things like mysteriously double the number of security guards or unusually restricted access are probably less likely to happen.

No worries, just a few thoughts on the matter, please share 'em if you got 'em! :-)



2700+ listens on a popular hip hop site


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On To The Next: No One World Government


I got a million ways to get it,

Choose one.

It's going down,

The New World Order's getting clowned...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

On to the next --
No, one world government,
No thanks, crooks, kooks'n'spooks,
Start shovin' it,

Al Gore, hockey-stick shovelin',
Man-Bear-Pig, so serial,
Imperial, bumblin',

Big Gay Al?

So cold?
Since March 0-7?
So puzzling!

UN launch then,
Hunch when, tax comin' in,
Like Pavlov, they treat us like dogs,
To use less than them,


Rockefellers at the top,
Pledge allegiance to the Roc,
Eyes Wide Shut, doc?

PhD's make disease,
For, militaries,
Don't think they wouldn't lie?
For, the IPCC?

Can't get the weather,
For the weekend, please,
Tellin' me in 20 years?
We guaranteed to freeze?

Newsweek Cover,
For a 70's scheme,
Global cooling back then?
Global warming now?

Cease and desist,
This is a citizens arres--
ted development,
Finally rebelling, yes!

Pumpin' out CO2,
With the way, I speak free,
Green Hitler youth,
Can't say ---- to me!

Can't quit 'til we free,
Of the insanity,
Sayin' carbon dioxide,
Is bad for trees...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

Eugenics behind,
Control freak, soul weak,
Boot-lickin' menace,

Yuppie puppy dog,
Recycled commie rottweilers,
Socialists with a fist,
Up your assets, smilin',

Like they savin' the earth,
By, enslavin' the earth,
Copenslavin' pavin' graves,
In the third world first,

First world got a thirst,
Greenwashing won't work,
I'm not working on a problem,
I'm a problem at work,

On bein' a problem for jerks,
Who lie, spy and tax,
And increase the attacks,
'Til there's no going back,

There's always going back,
Piece of paper don't mean jack,
Blue-bin that,
Like Bin Laden, been found back --

When the "War on Terror Rapture!"
Was taking all our rights,
Now the "Global Warming Rapture!"
Takes our stuff, gotta fight,

Tough-love, don't bite,
But, don't get bitten,
By the hardcore, mind-control,
Victims in a Prison --

Planet dot-com, drop bombs,
Paul Joe blow,
Up another scandal,
Climategate show,

They know they lyin',
Admit they' emails tryin',
East Anglia U --
Findin' angles all the time and --

Caught just in time,
To stop us Copen' with enslavement,
Better flyer-up and hit the pavement,

Straight up.


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!


Hold up...

De-pop plan?

I pop carbon-bubbles,

Before you double your money,

I cause trouble,

Before you double our trouble,

I'm gonna hustle,

Harder than the bards of B.S.,

Let's rumble.

Can't be stopped,
Plans poppin' off a lot,
Lick a shot, for your bin-laden block,
P(eace), stop, and think --

If they really cared?
Wouldn't they try to stop?
GMO food, mercury?
And real toxic slop?

Waste mind, on disaster predictions,
Based on fiction,
This' no movie, dereliction of duty,
The prescription,

Let's see the uniformed,
Learn, what's going on,
Attack like Voltron,
'Til the Gore-bots, gone!

Get an addiction for freedom,
You keep, for you and your children,
Can't be chillin' when it's chilly,
And green villains say it isn't,

Or, no matter what, it's our fault!

Earth-worship, death-cult!

To heck with people now!

What about the weather later!


You got this...


On to the next --

No one world government!

Take your carbon tax --

And start shovin' it!



Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)