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EGYPT: How Does A 30-Year Dictator Get Ousted Fast On Live TV?


See the good folks at for more. I hadn't heard, but as soon as I saw CBC's coverage of this on "The National", plus the ubiquitous corporate-state media coverage everywhere else, it became obvious that this was a Western intelligence operation. This is also the problem with the "protest" model for dissent. People who don't know anything can be easily fooled into useless and even dangerous actions.

This is what's supposed to happen next in North America. That's why it's all over TV. They don't want us inspired now, that's why they don't show us white people protesting in Europe much. But, by repeating images of protests in Egypt with a positive spin, they'll consciously convince us they're supporting the Egyptian people and pro-freedom, while also subconsciously planting the idea of rioting in our heads.

Unless we fight the info war by postering, flyering, sharing dvd's and organizing our communities to deal with the influence of the new world order, we won't know who they are, how they work and what to do. Then, when the time's right, we'll just get ignorantly mad and be lead by spooks into the streets like sheep to blow off steam, get beaten up and go home. Somehow, we'll hope something good comes out of it.

No disrespect to the good people of Egypt, this was done a bunch of times and it's a formula, including getting audiences to cheer for it and almost wish they were there. After all, we like to be fans of crowds. After the wars in IraqAfghanistan, we should all know by now the U.S. government (et al) has little interest in "democracy" and "freedom", except to use those words in the media to fool us into thinking they do.

And... here we go again.

Regardless, all is not lost. Once people learn about how the new world order works, they'll learn how to decode the mass media. Since there is a big plan for a world government in play, we can see what stages we're at and piggyback the media's coverage to provide info on topics that people are currently interested in. If that sounds complicated, we can always just wait to be lead into the streets like sheep.

People should really watch the media's coverage to see how they condition us. There are many NWO side-projects an event of this magnified magnitude could accomplish too, like raising the price of gas and blaming it on the protests without giving us much explanation. Since we saw how big they were on TV, we're more inclined to believe it. This is why sharing info on the NWO plans is so important.


G20 "protests" in Toronto and elsewhere have accomplished almost nothing at all.

Most people who attend did nothing about related issues any other time by-design.

Once they get the info war, if they're serious about the issues, they'll work on it.

The smart and corrupt people in charge of us aren't threatened by mindless rioting.

Knowledge is power: without it, we can all be fooled into updated forms of slavery.

People have options, but they may take more than 140 characters to understand.

Those who can should and help make sure everyone else does too before our riots.

Everyone should support info war efforts and understand what we're seeing now.


Egypt’s ‘Rose Revolution’?

Daniel McAdams | LRC Blog | January 29, 2011

One risks being the skunk at the party for taking this line, as everyone wants to believe in “people power” and the excitement of spontaneous revolution, but a more likely read for events in Egypt would be Georgia and the Rose Revolution. Of course this is not to say that there are not plenty of Egyptians in the streets who genuinely desire a better life, but rather merely to contemplate past precedent and current indications.


Mohamed ElBaradei: Globalist Pied Piper Of The Egyptian Revolt

Paul Joseph Watson | | January 29, 2011

The revolt in Egypt is an organically driven people-power movement to oust a dictator, restore universal freedoms, and wrestle the country free from the clutches of the US military-industrial complex, but the man now being positioned to form a new government is a pied piper working for the very same globalists and NGO’s that autocrat leader Hosni Mubarak has dutifully served for nearly 30 years.


CFR’s Foreign Affairs on “Egypt’s Hero”

Tony Cartalucci | | January 29, 2011

In the Council on Foreign Affairs’ (CFR) publication “Foreign Affairs,” writer Steven Cook describes ElBaradei as “A lawyer and diplomat by training,” and that he “has always played the role of the ultimate international bureaucrat — a somewhat dour technocrat whose ties to his native country seemed purposely tenuous, to allow him to more freely contribute to improving global governance,” in his piece tilted “Is El Baradei Eypt’s Hero?” He goes on to write about ElBaradei’s “National Front for Change” and how the Muslim Brotherhood has signaled support for it.


And here's a little note on the players, from the Brits, CFR and Western elite to the Muslim Brotherhood, connected by Freemasonry, and how they're starting World War Three. Will the next leader of Egypt be a worse politician? More hostile to Israel to channel world's dislike of them into war? Bad guy, sure, but why did Mubarak say the protests were part of a plot? What should or will happen next? Do people know?


UPDATE 2-Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Reuters Africa | January 28, 2011

CAIRO Jan 28 (Reuters) - Egypt rounded up members of the Muslim Brotherhood including at least eight senior leaders of the group ahead of planned countrywide protests on Friday, a lawyer representing the detained men said.


If Brotherhood takes over, IDF will face formidable enemy

Yaakov Katz | Jerusalem Post | January 30, 2011

This year is turning into a critical one for Israel, which is becoming more isolated in the ME. Turkey is gone and Egypt appears to be on the way.

The collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt is not yet about Israel but soon will be, depending on his successor.

If the Muslim Brotherhood grabs the reins in the massive Arab country, Israel will face an enemy with one of the largest and strongest militaries around, built on some of the most advanced American-made platforms.


The Clash of Civilizations


The Clash of Civilizations is a theory, proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world.


The Clash of Civilizations?

Samuel P. Huntington | Foreign Affairs | Summer 1993


World politics is entering a new phase, in which the great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of international conflict will be cultural. Civilizations-the highest cultural groupings of people-are differentiated from each other by religion, history, language and tradition. These divisions are deep and increasing in importance.



EGYPT: What People Should Do Besides Protest And Why


Just caught CBC's "The National" at 10 pm (January 28th, 2011) and the first 45 minutes were amazingly devoted to the massive protests in Egypt against their government and 30 year dictator Hosni Mubarak. We were shown repeated pictures of protestors fighting with military and police, damaging cars and chanting slogans. It was big news, but what's strange is how objective newscasters had suddenly became zealous cheerleaders for the mayhem.

We were told this is a spontaneous grassroots uprising created by social networks, that Mubarak is obviously a U.S. puppet-tyrant so the U.S. must be unhappy, and that people wanted more freedom and democratic reforms. So, what could possibly be the problem with this? Isn't it a good thing? Something that our corporate-state media should encourage us to cheer for? Are they? Is that a good or bad thing for our political future? Will we riot in the streets soon?

The glowing corporate-state media coverage should be our first clue to help us understand this might not be exactly what they say it is, especially since they're helping to promote the protests the most to the most people, including those watching the news as a good thing. While the good people of Egypt should fight for their freedoms, unless they get more informed, they may just see one dictator replaced with another. That appears to be the plan unfolding.

Webster Tarpley had an excellent article mentioning Tunisia's recent revolution and foreshadowing the Egyptian protests based on Wikileaks exposing Arab leaders while ignoring the CIA, other corrupt U.S. agencies, Israel's government and other likely targets. Assange and Co. may not be honest brokers. The article suggests Wikileaks is a U.S./UK intelligence operation and even cites Syria and Saudi Arabia as potential targets for more Western destabilization efforts.

Recent efforts have involved CIA-backed "colour revolutions" in Georgia, Ukraine, elsewhere and a failed "green" one in Iran. Spooks get $10 to $50 million to throw big parties and invite young people, get controlled-left, human rights group and indie media support, corporate media support and people in the streets with no idea of the big picture. Then, Western governments and media welcome them into the neo-liberal globalization project of free trade for economic slavery.

Historically, the Anglo-American establishment in control of the world doesn't want strong leaders in Arab states who can resist being manipulated, especially as they go into their final push for world government. Saddam Hussein was "their guy" too. But, they still invaded Iraq. Twice. In our over-simplified Text'n'Twitterverse, we learn to accept the simplest explanations sold by our mass media and keep them for convenience sake. That's what makes protests easy to sell the West too.

Fortunately, we've seen all this before and we have the info war, or plans for people to hit the streets to share info about the system so people learn more and know what to ask for. The "protest" or "rock concert" model has failed since the 1960's and was likely created by spooks to control dissent, or permanently stop the mob yelling at the castle walls. While good things were accomplished, most people never got informed, so the bigger agenda kept rolling along anyway.

Protests also allowed governments to build massive armies specifically to handle protests, or masses of people yelling and breaking stuff. Using the info war model of calmly and consistently sharing info means these armies wouldn't be necessary or used. But, as long as people show up to fights with the cops, usually staged by the government, and think that's how adults should pressure their politicians for better policies, we're screwed. Poster, flyer and share dvd's instead.

While people can do what they want, if they're in the streets in large groups built quickly by consensus, they probably agree because they're doing stuff based on propaganda they all saw, or because of questionable sources of funding and support. The corporate-state media seems to be celebrating the protest model more after mostly ignoring it for years, which means it might fit into the plans of the new world order to get people rioting and clamp down on dissent.

Once people start to inform each other about the system of globalization we all live in, we can build trust locally and move from random acts of blowing off steam laced with violence to calmly and consistently pressuring the system and politicians for better choices. The media can't twist the message if people get it directly. People can't be rushed into the streets by questionable Tweets with no understanding of the new world order plans to bring order out of chaos in this fashion.

Good luck, more links to explain this are below, it's our future if we understand it...


Egypt protesters welcome army as it projects power

Egypt Protests Continue as Military Stands By

Canada's response to Egypt should put rights first, critics say

Egypt's Brotherhood is no threat to West: Islamist

The Muslim Brotherhood Official English Website - Egypt


... Dr. John Coleman alleges that it was created by "the great names of British Middle East intelligence...", Stephen Dorril writes that the Brotherhood was linked to British Intelligence through dame Freya Stark prior to World War II, and the Shah's regime in Iran considered it to be a tool of British Freemasonry.

The Masonic Origins of The Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabis

The Muslim Brotherhood are the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchical elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European Black Nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy

Lawrence of Arabia (film)

The film depicts Lawrence's experiences in Arabia during World War I, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Its themes include Lawrence's emotional struggles with the personal violence inherent in war, his personal identity, and his divided allegiance between his native Britain and its army and his newfound comrades within the Arabian desert tribes.


Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The "Cognitive Infiltration" Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein

... US imperialist planners now believe they can re-launch their shopworn model of the color revolution, CIA people-power coup, or postmodern putsch against a whole series of countries in the Arab world and far beyond, including Italy. The color revolutions had been looking tarnished lately, as a result of the failure of the Twitter Revolution in Iran back in June 2009.

Previously, the Cedars Revolution of 2005 had failed in Lebanon. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine had been rolled back with the ouster of NATO-IMF kleptocrats Yushchenko and Timoshenko. In Georgia, the Roses Revolution was increasingly discredited by the repressive and warmongering regime of fascist madman Saakashvili.

US Seeks to Mobilize a New Generation of Young Nihilists Across the Globe

But now, NSC, State, and CIA believe that the color revolution has a new lease on life, thanks to their estimate that the United States, because of Wikileaks and Assange, has captured the imagination of a new generation of young nihilists across the globe who are described as the post-9/11 generation, estranged from governments and opposition parties, and thus ready to follow Langley’s peroxide Pied Piper.


SONG: F--k A Protest + MP3 and Lyrics

G20 Related: Why I Say, F--k A Protest, F--k You Gon' Do Before This?

V for Victory Campaign: You Are The Resistance

What You Want To Believe In - Posters and Flyers

The Corbett Report - Episode 165 - How to Talk to Others

How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century

FYI, these interviews can help us understand the world.



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Public Transit, Public Meetings, The Delphi Technique and UN Agenda 21


Just a head's up. Since I'm unable to update my website due to technical issues, I'm poppin' off with a blog that hopefully helps explain the austerity measures in the news. Super-rich people working together worldwide are telling us all to use less so they can steal the rest. That's it. They have other plans, but this the reason they're promoting the "green" movement to save the environment. For them. We don't get to use it. They do for whatever they want.

The word "ecology" combines economy and biology and is behind "sustainable development" programs to use less now so we have (?) later. When we add "debt" and "deficit" problems we all supposedly have with the magical people who own it, or banksters still raking in obscene profits reported in the news who won't cut us a break, the UN Agenda 21 program for the 21st century kicks-in. Austerity measures are meant to lower the living standards in the first world.

Part of this massive agenda is to destroy our freedom of mobility. That includes traveling by plane with high prices and airport security, by car and everything else. Since many people still take the ideas of "debts" and "deficits" seriously without understanding the fraud behind the global fiat money system and how it affects us all, these measures make sense even at the expense of people, who've been ritually dehumanized by our mass media. (See CSI anyone?)

New Age "positive thinking" also makes it difficult to focus on this. Just like it when it was Hinduism in India. They could keep people poor for generations by convincing them it was G-d's will, but if they believed really hard, maybe things would get better. They currently have a billion people and 800 million poor people ignored by the rest. The reason corrupt Western elites promote "postivity" is so we can't do anything about negative stuff we can't talk about.

This is also why it's so hard to win in the info war even with all that we kNWO. While people know bad things are happening, it's been made difficult to focus on them long enough to figure out what to do about them. We used to be able to talk about them in detail, but now that's getting socially dangerous because we worry that someone will take our most serious issues too-seriously and make us or others sad. We have to break out of this mind control soon.

Below is an email I got regarding public meetings on cuts to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) eliminating many routes people use to get to their jobs. Unless people understand the new world order, it's likely the Delphi Technique will be used to control the meeting with a skilled facilitator and plants on the left, right and back of the room who speak up. When other people see everyone's heads turned to look at them, many will think that means they agree.

Some info is offered to help put the big picture together. The reason so many massive and well-funded organizations are supported by governments, corporations and foundations is this is what they work on. How do they lower our standards of living without us fighting back? How do they convince us to accept all of this? Coordinated attacks on our minds backed-up by constant surveillance to see how we think must be understood and resisted at every level.

While this is tough to do, unless we deal with it, we'll just keep fighting for smaller and smaller pieces of a shrinking pie as we accept the shifting paradigm. It's happening now. Instead of just offering input at this meeting, which people should do, we should be organizing to bug our elected officials and keep them busy working on something besides robbing us on behalf of bankers. Many of them might not know either, so we should get more tactfully tactical soon.


Agenda 21 For Dummies (9 mins)


Planned-Opolis: Infomercial for 1984-Style City of the Future (4 mins)

Funded by corporations such as Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodafone, Forum for the Future envisions scenarios for cities in 2040.


Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus

How it is leading us away from representative government to an illusion of citizen participation

... In group settings, the Delphi Technique is an unethical method of achieving consensus on controversial topics. It requires well-trained professionals, known as "facilitators" or "change agents," who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against another to make a preordained viewpoint appear "sensible," while making opposing views appear ridiculous.

How the Delphi Technique Works

... The facilitator begins by working the crowd to establish a good-guy-bad-guy scenario. Anyone disagreeing with the facilitator must be made to appear as the bad guy, with the facilitator appearing as the good guy. To accomplish this, the facilitator seeks out those who disagree and makes them look foolish, inept, or aggressive, which sends a clear message to the rest of the audience that, if they don't want the same treatment, they must keep quiet. When the opposition has been identified and alienated, the facilitator becomes the good guy - a friend - and the agenda and direction of the meeting are established without the audience ever realizing what has happened.

How to Diffuse the Delphi Technique

Three steps can diffuse the Delphi Technique as facilitators attempt to steer a meeting in a specific direction.

1. Always be charming, courteous, and pleasant. Smile. Moderate your voice so as not to come across as belligerent or aggressive.

2. Stay focused. If possible, jot down your thoughts or questions. When facilitators are asked questions they don't want to answer, they often digress from the issue that was raised and try instead to put the questioner on the defensive. Do not fall for this tactic. Courteously bring the facilitator back to your original question. If he rephrases it so that it becomes an accusatory statement (a popular tactic), simply say, "That is not what I asked. What I asked was . . ." and repeat your question.

3. Be persistent. If putting you on the defensive doesn't work, facilitators often resort to long monologues that drag on for several minutes. During that time, the group usually forgets the question that was asked, which is the intent. Let the facilitator finish. Then with polite persistence state: "But you didn't answer my question. My question was . . ." and repeat your question.


Dear Active Scarborough Residents:

As some of you may know, as part of the proposed municipal budget, City Council has proposed TTC service cuts to bus routes throughout all of Toronto. TTC has proposed 48 routes to be cut in Toronto, 11 of which are in Scarborough. Thousands of people will be affected by these cuts, which WILL BE EFFECTIVE AS OF MARCH 2011 - UNLESS WE SAY SOMETHING NOW.

I am writing to ask if any of you would take time out of your schedules to speak at the TTC meeting on February 2nd about the importance of NOT cutting bus routes in Scarborough. Even if you do not take the TTC, it is important for residents in Scarborough to speak about the need for bus routes in Scarborough. I also encourage you to ask others to speak at this event, as we need Scarborough representation at this meeting.

TO SPEAK AT THE TTC MEETING, send an EMAIL to GSO@TTC.CA and then INFO@TTCRIDERS.CA to let them know you have signed up. YOU MUST SIGN UP BY JANUARY 31.

If you decide to speak, I would be more than happy to help you write out what you are planning to say and/or send you more information. There is some information below that will help you get a sense of what is going on.

If you cannot speak at this meeting, but would like to volunteer your time to help us get the word out about these proposed cuts, please email me. Also, send an email to your councillor and to Mayor Ford by going to

I really hope that you can come to speak or at least send an email to your councillors. We need as much support as we can get.


Don’t cut our buses. They are all we have in Scarborough!

Buses are necessary for the development of Scarborough and the success of its residents. For example…

- A number of the proposed cuts travel through Priority Neighbourhoods, underserved communities with a disproportionately higher percentage of individuals who require public transit.

- One route to be cut is the express bus from Kennedy Station to the University of Toronto Scarborough campus that transports students to the subway system.

- The cuts that are proposed assume that people only use buses in Scarborough before 7 or 10pm during the weekdays. Many people who live in Scarborough depend on the public transit system after 7 or 10pm and on the weekends. Not everyone works from 9 to 5.


1) Get informed: Read the information below

2) Speak out: We really need residents of Scarborough to tell the TTC how important these routes are to them. We need Scarborough representation at this meeting. TTC is meeting to discuss service cuts to bus routes on Wednesday February 2nd at 1pm at Toronto City Hall (100 Queen Street West, 2nd floor). They have invited residents to speak to the proposed cuts.

TO SPEAK AT THE TTC MEETING, send an EMAIL to GSO@TTC.CA and then INFO@TTCRIDERS.CA to let them know you have signed up. YOU MUST SIGN UP BY JANUARY 31.

3) Write to your City Councillor and to Mayor Ford: Send your councillors and the Mayor emails explaining why these routes are important to your community. You can write your own email or send one through this website: It is an easy way to get involved.

4) Volunteer: Help get residents of Scarborough to contact their Councillors and the Mayor. Sign up to make phone calls or canvass in Scarborough’s neighbourhoods.

Some Articles on the Proposed Cuts

CBC: TTC riders bemoan proposed service cuts

Toronto Life: Proposed TTC cuts to affect 250,000 Riders:

The Toronto Star: TTC to hold meetings on bus cuts

The Globe and Mail: TTC hears complaints about plans to cut service

CBC: TTC could lose a quarter million rides due to cuts

The Scarborough Mirror: Scarborough riders starting to panic as bus route cuts loom

The Scarborough Bus Routes that are Proposed to be Cut

(Please see attachment for map of proposed bus route cuts)

9 Bellamy (From Warden Station, across St. Clair Avenue East, North on Bellamy)

No service after 10 p.m. Monday to Friday; no service after 7 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

20 Cliffside

No service after 10 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

130 Middlefield

No service after 10 p.m. every day

132 Milner

No service after 10 p.m. on Sundays and holidays

169 Huntingwood

No service after 10 p.m. Monday to Friday; no service after 7 p.m. Saturdays; no service at all on Sundays and holidays.

42 Cummer

Will no longer travel east to Middlefield Road but will end at after 10 p.m. Monday to Friday, and Saturdays

No service east of Kennedy at any time on Sundays and holidays

43B Kennedy (Kennedy Station via Progress)

No service after 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday

No service at any time on Sunday or holidays

116A/E Morningside (the U of T Scarborough Express and Conlins routes)

No service after 10 p.m. Monday to Friday

No service at all on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays

167 Pharmacy North (from Sheppard Subway Station to Steeles Avenue)

No off peak service (will only operate during weekday morning and afternoon peak times)

86D Scarborough Beechgrove (Kennedy Station-Beechgrove via Lawrence)

No off peak service

Currently runs every half hour during off-peak times servicing the industrial area in West Hill



Secret Society Sez: "You Can Only Defeat It When You Believe"






Just saw this huge poster for the movie "Rite" over Dundas Square yesterday (January 27th, 2011), it's amazing to see how the secret societies who run the world are coming out in public and conditioning our minds to accept them in charge. Veteran researcher Alan Watt has even said they "legally" they have to tell us what they want to do before they do it as part of their code, kind of like vampires have to ask permission before entering a home; or Batman villains.

Thousands of people a day will see the title "Rite" and tagline saying "You Can Only Defeat It When You Believe". Perhaps it's just a nifty coincidence, but either way, it reflects what most esoteric researchers into freemasonry and other secret societies have said for a while. Since they're coming out anyway, I've included below a section in-development on my website called "Secrets" with some info. We need to figure out how to mitigate their influence our our culture.




I'm writing this section on January 27, 2011 because I just saw a giant poster for the movie "Rite" over Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. We are being given many new ways to understand and accept black magic and secret societies by our mass media and pop-culture, among other sources, so it might be worth looking into why a little more. We're finding out everything anyway. So, it's up to us to think about it.

Many historical accounts suggest secret societies, black magic practioners and other esoteric groups have been around for thousands of years. Freemasonry is probably the largest with lodges worldwide. Allegedly, they were skilled tradesmen infiltrated by the Illuminati, an old boys club or think tank founded in 1776, or perhaps earlier by other rich groups. Either way, they seem to wield a lot of power today.

Historically, Kings and Queens used intelligence networks to help maintain and acquire power. The modern global central banking network that supplies currency to the world is descended from the Bank of England founded in 1694. The Queen of England is the worldwide head of the brotherhood of freemasonry. Masons can be described as agents of the City of London working towards a world government.

As part of the creation of a "new world order" by the old world order, or the Anglo-American establishment and their globalist allies, we're in the masonic "revelation of the method" phase and slowly being told who's really in charge and to accept it. Our minds are all being softened up by Dan Brown books and movies, vampires and zombies in style and much more. We should figure out why this is happening soon.

Political decisions that consistently ignore the will of the people worldwide in free and democractic countries don't make sense unless we understand who most of our politicians really work for and the plan they're working on. We have to deal with this reality and "free the masons" to ensure we can take back our political system. Many masons don't know the big picture either until they advance up in degrees.

Below are sources on this to look at, including conversations my colleagues and I had with freemasons in Toronto, among the only ones on YouTube. Instead of just going by hearsay, it's better to hear what they have to say. The evidence of their influence is all around us and likely what they learn as they advance up in degrees. Fortunately, we all have access to much of what they learn, so we can learn it too.


Freemasonry in Ontario

Masonry, the world's oldest and most respected Fraternity, encourages good men to become better men by promoting a life devoted to high ideals, community service and benevolence.

Men of every race and religion become Freemasons. Each has a personal belief in a Supreme Being and a determination to conduct himself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others.


Video: Talking to Freemasons about Morals and Dogma Part 1 of 2

University of Toronto had a freemason open house in 2007, so my colleagues at Toronto 9/11 Truth (later Toronto Truth Seekers) showed up with a copy of "Morals and Dogma" to ask them questions. Fortunately, one gentleman was nice enough to answer our questions and the exchange was even written up in the National Post. Everyone can see the conversation and think for themselves about the answers.

It's hard these days to be a Freemason

On the University of Toronto campus last Saturday night, a cadre of six or so angry anti-Masons armed themselves with video cameras, so-called "9/11 Truth" pamphlets and a lot of aggressive questions.

National Post | September 29, 2007

"Why are you here?" I finally asked. "What do you want out of this?"

"We're here to free the masons."


Dan Dicks: Explains MTV's Masonic Temple

This was a randomly shot video in 2008 at the corner of Yonge and Davenport in downtown Toronto with Dan Dicks from Press For outside the new MTV Canada studios in an old masonic lodge. This may be written off as a coincidence, or it could represent their Ordo Templi Orientis branch for artists. Nearly everyone can do this where they live, or document local masonic influences and share them.


FREE THE MASONS: Toronto Truth Seekers meet a Freemason Part 1 of 2

Members of TTS met at Dundas Square on Saturdays for months in 2009 to share info on the H1N1 swine flu scare and other issues. We met an admitted mason who was nice enough to have an extended conversation with us. He even suggested that based on the mason's goal of "making good men better", some may be interested in stopping the new world order from being created once they learn about it's goals.


CBC: Winnipeg's Secret Code - Manitoba's Masonic Legislature building

This story was on The National on September 30, 2009 with masonic scholar Frank Albo explaining the masonic architecture of the Winnipeg, Manitoba provincial legislature building. It's basically a giant temple. When we combine this evidence with all the other masonic symbols on corporate logos and government buildings worldwide, plus the pyramid on the U.S. $1 bill and more, we'll see their influence.


Dan Brown Validates Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Video Series

This is an article by the makers of popular documentaries that illuminate the mason architecture of America, including landmarks that we all know. They explain how author Dan Brown may be using his work as a masonic recruiting tool while also helping to normalize the practice. Below the article are links to a few videos in the series that are worth a look to understand how pervasive this is and it's history.


Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Part 1: The New Atlantis

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Part 2: Riddles in Stone

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda - 1/3

Freemason Symbols Toronto Police Headquarters


Viglant Citizen

Articles on the secret society control of our culture creation industry, including the people who make movies, music, videogames and more for any pop-culture fan.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry


What You Want To Believe In - Secrets



CRTC revokes licence of Toronto campus radio station


Just heard this as I was called for an interview about it for BlogTO, it's a total shock based on how we're doing. Enemies of community radio are no longer in charge against the will of the people and programmers in Toronto, the few enemies still been targeting us for years have no support for their ideas among the people and programmers in Toronto, we are running stable and happy, making plans to continue moving forward, and our fundraising drive just raised $55,000.

For more see the links below. Basically, CKLN was taken over by Josie Milner, a real estate agent with a hobby of destroying community radio stations. She kicked most programmers out of U of T's CIUT Radio a few years earlier and made them commercial. She recruited CKLN traitors Tony Barnes and Mike Philips to help her. Most of us were locked out for months until the coup was beaten. We're back. A couple of ex-programmer nutjobs are still attacking us.

There's obviously more, but here's what I just wrote in response to a staff email. There are probably people with ideas on how to deal with this based on their knowledge of different areas, so please contact me with any suggestions.



FYI, I was just interviewed by BlogTO about this, their phone call was the first I'd heard, but it's on Twitter. It might be a good for us to go on a coordinated media offensive to explain how we're surprised and disappointed, but optimistic that this can be resolved in our favour on behalf of the people in Toronto who we serve.

Loosely, the corrupt people who nobody liked are gone, the crazy people attacking us are crazy, we're currently stable, happy and making plans to move forward, and we just raised $55,000 mostly from people in Toronto, who obviously appreciate what our community radio station is currently offering to their community.

We just have to respectful of the CRTC's concerns and show we've moved past them. Petitions to prove public support may help as well. Just some thoughts, thanks for the great work in the fight and please keep me (us) posted.




CRTC revokes licence of Toronto campus radio station

Canada NewsWire | Digital Journal | January 28, 2011

OTTAWA-GATINEAU, Jan. 28 /CNW/ - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today revoked the licence of CKLN-FM, a community-based campus radio station located at Ryerson University. The licence holder, CKLN Radio Inc., was found to have been in breach of numerous regulations and conditions of licence. It was unable to convince the Commission that it could operate the station in a compliant manner going forward.

"Holding a broadcasting licence is a privilege that comes with responsibilities and regulatory obligations," said Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., Chairman of the CRTC. "CKLN Radio was given several warnings and opportunities to come into compliance. Each time, it demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to address our concerns. Taking away its licence is the only appropriate course of action in this case."

The Commission began investigating CKLN-FM in July 2009 after receiving numerous complaints about the station's governance structure, day-to-day management and operations, programming and ability to remain on air. At the time, the station experienced significant infighting and the volunteers, staff and management were locked out of the studio premises by the building manager. During the seven-month lockout, CKLN-FM broadcast an intermittent loop of programming without any ongoing community involvement or oversight by the licensee.

Once it resumed normal operations, CKLN Radio Inc. lacked any significant quality-control mechanism for its programming and there was little involvement from the Ryerson University student body despite its status as a campus radio station. It was also unable to meet some of the basic requirements of all licence holders, which include the submission of audible on-air tapes, program log and other records, and complete annual returns.

Today's decision follows a proceeding that included a public hearing, which was held on December 8 and 9, 2010.

Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-56


The CRTC is an independent public authority that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.

Reference documents:
Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-146
Campus and community radio policy

These documents are available in alternative format upon request.


Take Back Our Radio Station - Lockout Reference Articles



Thursday, January 27, 2011

CKLN-RA: The Lost Episodes 102 - 113: After G20 Martial Law, Before Elections, Between A Rock Star and a Hard Face in the New World Order


August 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening:

The Lost Episodes 102 - 113: After G20 Martial Law, Before Elections, Between A Rock Star and a Hard Face in the New World Order

Previously unavaiable MP3 Download Links:

Full list of August 2010 Lost Episode MP3's from 102 - 113:


These episodes: after a busy summer in Toronto welcoming the traveling circus of tyranny that is the G20 Summit and martial law, what do people want from the election? What do people worldwide want and why aren't they getting it? Are radio shows snapshots of history? How much fun do we have living in the new world order? Enough to get in the mood to get out and have more? Can we use our inspiration for more than entertainment? What do people who've been working on this problem suggest we do?

CKLN Radio's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Black Krishna, aka BK, aka Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 and online. Public domain mp3's to use, share or re-post are available after 8 am at, and Please visit - - or contact - - or - - or - 647-855-4744 -- Thanks! :)




Natural News with Mike Adams

Your Guide To Natural Living with Dr. Gary Null

Natural Solutions Foundation with Dr. Rima Laibow

Cellphone Biopro Radiation Reduction

The Food Is Horrible with MSG

Don't Chemtrail Me Bro!

The Other Side of AIDS

Education Failures Explained with Charlotte Iserbyt

National Health Federation

Canadians for Health Freedom

Legal Vaccine Exemption Forms

GMO Food - Seeds of Deception

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Fluoride News, History and Risks

Soy Dangers - Estrogen Lowers Sperm Count and Causes Breast Cancer

Video: The Story of Cosmetics (8 mins)

Video: Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide (8 mins)

Video: Dr. Russell Blaylock on Nutrition and Behavior, Aspartame, MSG (48 mins)




The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman

Trends Research Institute with Gerald Celente

Euro Pacific Capital with Peter Schiff

Institute for Study of Long Term Trends with Michael Hudson

Follow The Money with Max Keiser

Freedom Force International with G. Edward Griffin

Surviving The Cataclysm with Webster Tarpley


News & Culture


Infowars Media Centre with Alex Jones

Vigilant Citizen Celebrity Culture with Vigilant

We Are Change Activism with Luke Rudkowski

Conspiracy Culture Book and DVD Store with Patrick Whyte

Cutting Through The Matrix Analysis with Alan Watt

Explaining Feminism and Sex Relations with Dr. Henry Makow

The Truth About Porn Stars with Shelley Lubben

Gun Owners of America with Larry Pratt

Canadian Shooting Sports with Tony Bernardo

Police and Military Oathkeepers To Their Constitutions

Police and Military Against The New World Order with Jack McLamb


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CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth: Hollywood, Love, Relationships and Who Started The Battle of the Sexes (Part 2) with Dr. Henry Makow - 23Aug10


August 23, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth:

Hollywood, Love, Relationships and Who Started The Battle of the Sexes (Part 2) with Dr. Henry Makow

Show MP3 Download Links:


This episode: Why is Dr. Henry Makow on again so soon? Is it because relationships are the most important topic to us? Do we get tons of mostly failing advice? Talk about them every day? Are they getting better or worse? Where does our advice come from? Why are dysfunctional families promoted so much? Can we remember the options we had that we were made to forget? How do men and women relate better to improve their happiness and find love? Isn't this is an old problem? So... what's the problem?

CKLN Radio's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Black Krishna, aka BK, aka Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 and online. Public domain mp3's to use, share or re-post are available after 8 am at, and Please visit - - or contact - - or - - or - 647-855-4744 -- Thanks! :)


Previous interviews on sex, love and relationships with Dr. Henry Makow:

June 12, 2007

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening News Show

FEMINISM: Dr. Henry Makow On The Problem With The People Who Give Us Our Problems

July 12, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Mondays:

Dr. Henry Makow on Who Started The Battle of the Sexes

August 2010

CKLN Word of Mouth Mondays Interview Collection:

Conspiracies, Health, The Congo, Relationships and Our Energy Explained

Dr. Henry Makow's articles by subject:


Hollywood Promotes Wrong Kind Of Girl Power

Donald Jeffries | Henry | January 22, 2010

Hollywood continues a relentless campaign to celebrate violence and aggression in women. Movies, television shows and commercials regularly feature fist-fighting females of all ages.

"Up in the Air" - Another Hollywood Mindf**k

Barbara Kay | National Post | January 16, 2010

U p in the Air is the Rom Com (romantic comedy) of the year. Most critics love it. It's hugely entertaining, but the surprise ending (spoiler alert!) sends a jarring message no reviewer (to my knowledge) has mentioned.

Is Porn Killing Sex in Japan?

Dr. Henry Makow | Henry | January 14, 2011

Normally teenage boys are obsessed with sex. So you know something is very wrong when more than a third of Japanese youths say they don't want it!

According to a government survey, 35 per cent of Japanese males aged 16-19 are averse to sex, more than double the 17.5 per cent of men in the previous study in 2008.

Young Man Surveys Wreckage of Dating Scene

Toby Moreland | Henry | January 12, 2010

Young people searching for role models find out their parent's generation is actually looking up to them. This provides kids with a license to abuse their sexual power and prolong their adolescence.

Divorced and disillusioned elders are quick to give their two cents about "not making the same mistakes they did."

Because they can't identify the pernicious forces destabilizing male-female relations, they are under the false impression that their life experiences have been natural.

My Story: Young Women in Death Spiral

Stewart Overton | Henry | August 19, 2010

It all started on a cool January day in 1995. I went to the mall with a friend of mine to "Mac" or in other words to court any random young lady that I might find. Well, that day I lucked out and found a beautiful young girl that I would shortly begin to date.

I was fifteen years old. Unbelievably, we braved the storm of youth together and it lasted eleven years. We never married or had children. Instead she went to college and I began a promising career. What was the cause of our eventual demise?


"The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman illustrates how men and women relate. We all know that a woman can open a door herself. But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty and charm. When she graciously accepts, she is validating his masculine power.

This trade, a woman surrendering physical power in exchange for a man's protection (i.e. love) is the essence of heterosexuality. In order to develop emotionally, men and women need this mutual validation as much as sex itself. Sex is an expression of this exclusive contract.

Under the toxic influence of feminism, women open their own doors. Neither sexual identity is validated; neither sex matures emotionally. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unloved."


toronto ontario canada winnipeg sex love relationships gender feminism marriage family friend children social network new world order conspiracy men women fashion media hollywood music tv video mind control advice secret culture activism economy dating un



CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: The Hapiness Bubble, Sexual Mind Control, Greenicide and the Creakonomy - January 27, 2011



January 27, 2011

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening:

The Hapiness Bubble, Sexual Mind Control, Greenicide and the Creakonomy

Featuring: Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Alex Jones, KQRS-FM, Mike Evans, Naomi Klein, ABC Oakland, Cathy O'Brien, Alan Watt, Fred Hampton

Show MP3 Download Links:


This episode: have we learned from Obama's latest State of the Union not to watch that movie anymore? Why did a close friend of Hawaii's governor say Obama's birth certificate can't be found? Why is the media saying we're in a recovery and to think positive when we see prices rising every day? Why do governments and corporations push sex so much? What are they into? What happens to us? Is mass murder "green" if it cuts down on carbon? Since people say they're mad... do we want to talk about this?

CKLN Radio's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Black Krishna, aka BK, aka Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 and online. Public domain mp3's to use, share or re-post are available after 8 am at, and Please visit - - or contact - - or - - or - 647-855-4744 -- Thanks! :)


Bank of Canada

Born in the worst years of the Great Depression, and guiding Canada's economy ever since, the Bank of Canada turned 75 on 11 March 2010. As the country's central bank and one of our most vital national institutions, the Bank has a broad monetary policy mandate from Parliament to foster the economic and financial well-being of all Canadians.

Toronto revolutionary, 93, girds for one more battle

Globalization and the Bank of Canada

Opinion: Uncertainty may kill the economy

The world economy: Has the optimism returned?

Worldwide economy still wobbly: IMF

Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s

IMF Go to Hell

Abercrombie Shocked At Failure To Discover Obama Birth Certificate

Is Porn Killing Sex in Japan?

"Up in the Air" - Another Hollywood Mindf**k

Second Grader Says Classmates Had Sex in Class

Cathy O'Brien on Mind Control

Trance-Formation of America

Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove

Man faces jail after protecting home from masked attackers

Blood donor agency wants lifetime ban lifted for gay men

For Muslims, growing numbers, and growing fears

Car vs. bike, now bike vs. human?

Genghis Khan the GREEN: Invader killed so many people that carbon levels plummeted

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

V for Victory Promo: You Are The Resistance

What You Want To Believe In - Posters and Flyers

The Corbett Report - Episode 165 - How to Talk to Others

How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century

FYI, these interviews can help us understand the world.


toronto ontario canada new world order economy bank finance obama history free speech conspiracy mind control sex love relationship men women children activism satanism parent new age positive rights government law politics media truth eugenics science un



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

V for Victory Campaign: Should We Have Action Signatures At The Bottom of Our Posts?


Just thought of this idea and I'm kind of excited about it. Instead of just hearing or sharing bad news about the new world order, why not commit to adding a small "Action Signature" to any online posts? That way we won't just get used to hearing bad news, we'll also get used to sharing what we can do about it. Instead of just accepting all the changes happening, why not consistently promote solutions too?

Propaganda works through repetition. It's that simple and always has been. While the content and means of repetition can be varied, from subtle to overt, the basic concept is still the same. Repetition works to motivate ourselves and others. It all depends on who's doing it. Religions and big institutions know it and use it. So we can too. Then more people will get used to seeing what can be done about all this.

We can have a standard short siggy that leads people to the same place, which also has the added bonus of being repetition. Or, do a little digging and come up with solutions specific to the info being shared. The new world order knows the best way to motivate large groups of people to do something is to use the old Hegelian dialectic, or loosely, provide a package of problems, reactions and solutions for us.

People can do the same when sharing info. It's getting harder in the Twitterverse age of social networking destroying paragraphs, sentences, vowels and ultimately our ability to think. But, as long as we still have it, we should be fine. The UNESCO global education program wants us learning as fast as possible to change the way we think so we accept all the planned changes. But... they don't want us thinking.

However, not only can we think, we can use what other people who are working on this new world order or globalization problem have thought of. The act of thinking that people might respond postively to the solutions offered will put more of us in a positive state of mind, give others the idea that they should do the same and help support campaigns currently working to inform more people so they can help resist.

Think of how valuable it can be to always see things to do about what's happening.

Perhaps it's better than repeating just learning what's happening and accepting it.

Before warm weather info war campaigns start: can we get people in the mood?


V for Victory Campaign: You Are The Resistance

V For Victory Campaign - Latest Entries

What You Want To Believe In - Posters and Flyers Section
The Corbett Report - Episode 165 - How to Talk to Others

How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century

FYI, these interviews can help us understand the world.



Wartime posters to fight climate change (The Club of Rome's Invisible Billy Club)




Just saw this at Alan Watt's Cutting Through The Matrix (dot net) about the latest green climate change propaganda putsch. Billionaires are telling everyone to use less so they can steal it all. It's simple, but brilliant. We can see that "terrorists" aren't the threat they're supposed to be. But climate change? Well, we can always imagine that it is. No wonder the Club of Rome came up with this. It's incredible.

After hiding their existence, they now have a nice, new, shiny Web 2.0 site:

We can all see that armies of well-funded brainwashed greenstapo have already succeeded in convincing most of us that using less of everything makes financial, environmental, social and lifestyle sense. People want to feel smart and socially accepted, so this is what many will repeat and compete to do. Using this line of thinking, the less we use the better. So, we'll be in a big race to the bottom. Wow.

Club of Rome Programme on "A New Path for World Development"

One reason so many activist groups only focus on one issue is we're supposed to. Then it's hard to see the big picture, get other people or groups involved and unify communities to fight back by showing them how everyone is affected in different ways by the same group of people in charge working together. This includes liberal, conservative, conspiracy theorist, 9/11 Truth and other all other activist groups.

Rising inequalities and imbalances associated with present path of globalisation

Since governments work with Big Charicide to push all this, especially by co-opting local resistance with the introduction of seemingly benign but ultimately malicious Soviet-style community organizations to run our lives (see "Common Purpose" in the UK, they get most of this crap first), we all need to take back our communities by starting the conversations about the new world order before we aren't able to.

Connect to an Inter-Connected World

Otherwise the world is being connected for us at all levels with "Limits to Growth" in mind, which is fancy term for "eugenics". Between the brainwashing and poverty it will be a lot harder to fight back later. The proof of this is how hard it is to fight back now, or the fact that in the 10 years since 9/11, most related activism on the ground that exposed the new world order peaked in 2007. Let's pick up the pace a little bit.


Otherwise, people will say "You're mean!" if you criticize rich greeniac Nazi's.

We just need to explain the big picture so people don't defend random crap.

Otherwise all the small issues have two-sides that ignore the fake fights.

But, once we all understand what the NWO is up to, we can resist it.

Once that happens, we can reject NWO-NGO projects like this.

This "climate change" stuff is really, really, really dangerous.

However, not for the reasons that far too many think.

The 21st Century is ours... to win or lose.


Wartime posters to fight climate change

Wartime-style posters are to be used in a new campaign against climate change following a hard-hitting report that compares the current environmental crisis to World War II.

Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent | UK Daily Telegraph | Jan 21, 2011

Caroline Lucas, the leader of the Green Party, said global warming will cause food shortages, high fuel costs and social upheaval, just as the threat of Nazi invasion forced the country to make cuts in the 1930s and 40s.

She said the country needs to start preparing immediately, not only to reduce emissions so that global temperature rise is limited but to prepare for a world in which people have to live on more limited resources.


The Story of the Club of Rome

... In 1972 the campaigning of this growing group of like-minded individuals gained a new worldwide reputation with the first report to the Club of Rome: "The Limits to Growth", commissioned by the Club from a group of systems scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Report explored a number of scenarios and stressed the choices open to society to reconcile sustainable progress within environmental constraints.


The Club of Rome: The First Global Revolution


"It would seem that humans need a common motivation, namely a common adversary, to organize and act together in the vacuum; such a motivation must be found to bring the divided nations together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one invented for the purpose.

New enemies therefore have to be identified.

New strategies imagined, new weapons devised.

The common enemy of humanity is man.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."


The Club of Rome: The First Global Revolution

Download PDF:


July 26, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Mondays hosted by Black Krishna

Global Warming Gods, Myths, Maurice Strongs and Monsters

Featuring: Special guest Professor Timothy Ball

Show mp3 downloads:


November 5, 2007


Climate Changing Your Mind and Global Warming Your Soul

This interview is public domain and in four half-hour parts, so please share and use it as widely as possible.

Part 1: Climate Changes, Cash Cows and Polar Bears

Part 2: Politicians, Media and The Cloak of Green

Part 3: Club of Rome, Carbon Taxes and CO2

Part 4: Environmental Problems, Reactions and Solutions


March 27, 2007


Black Krishna and Professor Timothy Ball Explain



Alabama law firm to Taco Bell: That's not beef (65% isn't anyway.)


Buddy sent me this article on Taco Bell and how their faux-Mexican food contains 35% ground beef and 65% chemical filler crap. Grody. Still, the law firm isn't suing for money or damages, nobody in the article is pressing for an investigation and Taco Bell says they proudly stand behind (and maybe even eat) their beef and their customers like it, so that's good enough for them. (Especially in this economy.)

Many people like Alan Watt from Cutting Through The Matrix (dot com) have been warning us about the attacks on our food supply as part of standard NWO military tactics for years. They were on the NWO schedule. Much like our love of money and them taking it away is leaving us weak and depressed, it looks like our love of food and them taking it away will leave us weak and depressed too. (And hungry.)

Below the Taco Bell story, which is probably something we'll accept if we don't act on it, like all the bad news we get, is another about 22 ways to "fight rising food prices", except reads a lot more like a retreat than a fight. (That's sneaky.) They seem to suggest the fight is with ourselves, or can we control ourselves and avoid eating out, use coupons, find cheap food and more? Is that how we win? (Hmph.)

Apparently we're just supposed to run out of the way of the tide of rising prices until we drown. Since adults are being turned into children in our culture, all this stuff is getting easier to sell. We get tons of stupid recycled tips (on a daily basis). Most magazines publish the same things each month. We seek approval for what we say, how we look and more. But, worst of all we're told we're doing the right thing.

Since millions of people worldwide know where this is going, while billions can see where it may be, it can't be hard to beat the bad advice we get. Instead of giving up everything we have, we can let people know how to keep it and get more. Especially since those seem to be our only options. The good news is everything fits "inside" the new world order explanation. Or, everything (finally) makes sense. (That'll do.)

We're behind the curve on this thanks to all the damned mind control, or when it comes to the info war, every city should have a whole bunch of people calmly and consistently sharing valuable alternative info on the streets just to keep pace with the propaganda. Then, where possible, more people should switch from defence to offence to start pestering the system itself for changes. (That should be enough.)

FYI, the really rich hate the really poor. That's why they treat them worse and worse every year. They've been constantly killed-off worldwide. So, it's no surprise that Taco Bell, McDonald's and other cheap food options are being used to poison the poor. In this economy, everybody making less than $1 million a year, especially with expenses rising and (expensive) mortgages to pay, is worried. (We have options.)

But, for now, we can see how this is playing out.

After that, we'll how we're doing with what we're doing about it.

Men, women and children are all affected, we'll see if we want to fight back.


Alabama law firm to Taco Bell: That's not beef

Suit claims that binders, extenders make chain's advertising claims false

MSNBC | The Associated Press | January 24, 2011

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — An Alabama law firm claims in a lawsuit that Taco Bell is using false advertising when it refers to using "seasoned ground beef" or "seasoned beef" in its products.

The meat mixture sold by Taco Bell restaurants contains binders and extenders and does not meet the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be labeled as "beef," according to the legal complaint.

The class-action lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court in the Central District of California by the Montgomery law firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles.

Attorney Dee Miles said attorneys had Taco Bell's "meat mixture" tested and found it contained less that 35 percent beef.

Miles said the lawsuit does not seek monetary damages, but asks the court to order Taco Bell to be honest in its advertising.

"We are asking that they stop saying that they are selling beef," Miles said.
Story: Nutrition info coming to fronts of food packages

Irvine, Calif.-based Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch (PAYCH) said the company denies that its advertising is misleading.

"Taco Bell prides itself on serving high quality Mexican inspired food with great value. We're happy that the millions of customers we serve every week agree," Poetsch said. He said the company would "vigorously defend the suit."

The lawsuit says that Taco Bell's "seasoned beef" contains other ingredients, including water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


22 Ways To Fight Rising Food Prices

Lisa Smith | Yahoo News / Investopedia | January 10, 2011

Food, clothing and shelter generally top the list of basic human needs. While shopping at a discount store instead of the mall generally takes care of the clothing issue, and living in a small apartment instead of a McMansion can address your housing situation, rising world food prices can lead to some significant challenges in the food department. Everything from rising transportation costs to the development of biofuels, such as biodiesel, push up the cost of food and put a pinch on consumers' wallets.

While the need to eat isn't something you can avoid, there are some steps you can take to keep the costs in check.


Alan Watt - Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury


Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

Washington Post | January 29, 2009

MONDAY, Jan. 26 (HealthDay News) -- Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies.

HFCS has replaced sugar as the sweetener in many beverages and foods such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soups and condiments. On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average. ...






People first started seriously exposing the shadow government behind persistant problems and in control of most countries over fifty years ago. They used to write books and give talks. Now they make websites, videos and movies. The goal is always the same: to communicate the truth as best we know it with as many people as possible so they make better choices to improve their lives and affect change.


Over the last few years, we've seen many people change their opinions from:

1. I don't believe you.


2. I don't care.


3. I don't want to talk about it.


4. I'm too scared to talk about it.

This incremental propaganda process can be understood and reversed soon.


Everyone can understand by now that the fake political "left" and "right" and most other groups in the mainstream conversation are controlled by the same people based on what they will and won't question and discuss. Between health risks, money problems, relationships breaking down and more, we can share ideas to help expose liars and protect each other against their influence. What's going on?

Big tax-exempt foundations were set up by the super-rich (i.e. Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc.) a hundred years ago to give out grants to control science, religion, education, activism, politics, culture and more worldwide for decades. Their funding choices manage our response to corporate, banking and political crimes. This is why problems persist and get worse despite thousands of groups working on them.

One thing that's always given people trouble is the ability to communicate this type of info in ways that other people can then understand and act on. After centuries of mostly slavery and illiteracy, most people in Western countries were given a decent education and knowledge, which is power. The only thing the people in charge want is to make sure that we don't use it against them. So, they confuse and distract us.

Today, in the 21st century, the tools and techniques of molding the mass mind are better than ever. We take in smaller bytes of propaganda faster than ever with social networks, "smart" phones and the internet. While millions are aware of what's going on, only a small percent are active in trying to change it. Instead of accepting this, we can try to figure out what's going on to help ourselves and others resist it.

Relationships are what matter the most to most people, so the best thing to do is save, appeal to and improve them. Social engineers have incrementally introduced ideas to destroy families and friendships for a hundred years to make us selfish, isolated and easier to control. They're not finished yet, so neither are we. Below are a few ways we're being conditioned to accept what's happening to help us resist it.

Keep in mind that everything is being revealed anyway. We're just being conditioned to accept it. Our values were compromised so many lack the moral standing to complain and don't mind when others compromise theirs. Our ability to figure out what to do about it is being destroyed with the accepted "dumbing down" process that most people can see happening. We want things made as simple as possible.

Fortunately, thousands of people with millions of fans are doing their best to make things easy to understand for everybody, especially online. They're combining rare mainstream news admissions with other evidence and analysis to put together the history we've been missing that can help us all make better choices for a brighter future. Once enough people get past their aversion to checking it out, we can win.

Since we have better communications technology than ever, the only issue is why it's still hard to communicate this information with many people. What we should understand is governments and corporations have an interest in keeping us under their influence and control so we don't complain about what they're up to. Below are a few ways they try and what we can do to control the culture we consume better.


1. Twitter, Text Messaging, Facebook, Comments, Message Boards

While social networking tools are fun and convenient, they're dangerous for many reasons and we should limit our use. They retard our ability to write, think and feel; devalue conversations by destroying nuances; devalue people by standardizing (boring/simple) thought, deliver standardized propaganda faster and don't give us the time or reason to think about what we take in as it settles in our subconscious.

These online tools reduce our attention span until we don't pay attention to anyone and they don't pay attention to us. Then we fear our own ability to handle normal conversations with highs and lows. We even lower our heads when walking and texting which makes us feel inferior. Look into it for yourself to see more. It's all fairly obvious, but what's less known is that this is a deliberate dumbing down process.

Remember what being a "twit" means? All the new world order (i.e. globalization) wants us to do is stay out of their way. They don't care if we update each other to learn what they're up to so we get used to it faster. They also want us to absorb as much mainstream propaganda as fast as possible to change our culture as fast as they can. "Smart" phones can make us "dumb". Cut down on random blurts. Think.

2. Learning makes many of us feel stupid instead of smart.

This is a fairly new phenomenon, but many people now feel that if they didn't know something they're stupid. Since nobody wants to feel stupid, this makes it harder to learn anything. We're not stupid if we don't know something, but we might be if we can't learn it. Besides, even if we were wrong about something, we're right seconds later when we learn it, so it's really no big deal. See for yourself if you can see this.

3. We make something out of nothing and nothing out of something.

On and offline, there are millions of sources and websites that get creative about random stuff, or make up crazy correlations, many of which can are entertaining. At the same time, whenever serious issues or the big "conspiracy" is brought up, it's often quickly dismissed. This seems like another programming tactic to render us useless in the historic fight for political power and justice. Keep this tactic in mind.

4. Children are devalued and forgotten in common conversation.

Before radio's, TV's and internet's, our children were often the optimistic focus of parents and a source of entertainment and enjoyment for the community. Now that we've settled on "the kids are messed up" as a sad fact instead of challenging it, we don't talk to or about them as much. Try to neuro-linguistically make children a lot of "fun" instead of a lot of "work" more often and talk to and about them. See it work.

5. Sex, formerly the most private of topics, is now the most public.

Social engineers know how powerful "sex" and "violence" are. They stimulate the primitive parts of our brain and can be used to control us. While nobody can say that "sex" is "bad" per se, it can become a bad influence if we let it influence us too much, or if we're obsessed with it like our cultures dictate. Start recognizing how it's used in our culture to distract and confuse us. Then: focus on something else too.

6. The bigger the televisions get the dumber and easier to control we get.

While everybody loves a Big TV, most people don't know enough about "predictive programming", or the old science of implanting ideas in our heads, mostly through fiction when our guard is down, so we subconsciously remember them and accept them easier when we see them later. This was used to prepare cultural changes by oligarchs forever, but today's technology makes it more effective. Watch less TV.

7. Being unable to say anything serious = it's hard to take anyone seriously.

Our New Age "keep it positive" or "happy" culture was likely based on Hinduism and designed in the 1800's by Eastern Star female freemasons like Helena Blavatsky. The plan was to make things worse and make us unable to deal with them, like India with 1 billion people and 800 million poor people. We need to be able to say serious things to help each other deal with them. The "positive" thinking is thinking we can.

8. Competing to say we're happy means we can express or handle problems.

Some of our social or conversational constipation is caused by not allowing us to express ourselves naturally when we're both happy and sad, even to family and friends. When we're scared to reveal our problems for fear of bringing up unhappy topics and upsetting each other, we lose our ability to help each other deal with them, then value each other less. Be polite, but also try to find ways around this.

9. Saying what we're supposed to say makes talking boring and pointless.

Globally standardizing thought and culture is easy in a world of consolidated media, short attentions spans, trend-obsession, fear and political correctness. Instead of rejecting "different" ideas, we should embrace them if they're any good, especially since most failing advice we get... fails. Thumbs up and down on the best random short comments and more isn't interesting. Nor is knowing what we're going to say.

10. Trusting people paid to say stuff more than people not weakens trust.

While there's no automatic rule, our logic and B.S. detectors are destroyed by our faith in people paid to say or sell things instead of people with no interest except for sharing the truth. People should try to make money, but putting our faith more in the establishment just results in a loss of faith in our families, friends, neighbours and others who we used to trust. Instead of thinking people must be stupid, think again.

11. Men and women compete more instead of complementing each other.

Women who say "I don't need a man" will find men who say "I don't need a woman" until nobody thinks they need each other and everyone is left single and sad. While feminism had some good goals, the heavy promotion of it was meant to start the battle of the sexes, not finish it. Men and women are different. Men want power and women want security. If they support each other, they can empower each other.

12. New Age "positive thinking" often teaches us to make up a selfish reality.

Popular philosophy like "The Secret" can't be universalized, or starving children in the third world can't just visualize and focus on what they want and get it. It's only meant for people with money so they chase their most selfish desires temporarily while the system they live in is taken down. It's also meant to make them unable to understand this as they make up their own reality like children do. Figure this out.

13. TV news uses trauma-based mind control or "If it bleeds, it leads".

They usually starts off with horrifying, violent or tragic stories to shock and soften up their audience. This mind state makes it easier to implant the rest of the news or television "programming" in our minds. This is why people accept so many crazy ideas or the same lies and liars when they see them on the news. It can also cause schizophrenia and split personalities. Protect yourself by looking into mind control.

15. Religious views are compromised by "new age" and other programming.

Since governments offered "tax exempt" status to churches, they've controlled most of them. The "new age" influence on thinking makes selfish or useless approaches to religion acceptable. People want to convince people they'll get to heaven just so they'll get to heaven, or for G-d to save them for doing nothing to help anyone here, or to destroy everything and kill everybody. This isn't a moral approach. Find one.

16. Occult symbols are everywhere, on money, government buildings, etc.

They are being normalized using pop-culture, but they have an effect on us that's well-understood by marketers and psychologists, like branding kids clothes with "skulls", a timeless symbol of death, to dehumanize them. Freemasonry degrees are often about recognizing more and more of these and being convinced of their control. Learn more about them before accepting mainstream definitions we get.

17. News mixing serious and silly stories together quickly doesn't let us think.

Our info-tainment media doesn't allow us time to think about and deal with either the serious or fun stuff very well, especially when stories quickly follow each other. Most of it is meaningless and forgettable, except for planting ideas in our subconscious. Read a newspaper a week later, you'll see less than 10% of it is useful to you in any way. Try to find sources of info that allow you to focus and understand things more.

19. Illuminati artists don't know, or do, who cares: what do they do for you?

YouTube and other websites have info about how the culture creation industry is controlled by evil people and artists are probably "in" the Illuminati, an old boys club. While a lot of it is good, many people miss the point. No "artist" is "in" the Illuminati. They just work in a corrupt industry like everyone else. Whether they know and promote it or not, their work can be used to inform and inspire us in the info war.

20. Not "bad" meaning "bad" but "bad" meaning "good" (being bad is good).

Run DMC had that lyric in "Peter Piper". It's part of an ongoing process or "trend" of corrupting our values in Orwellian fashion. The elite want to dehumanize us so we dehumanize each other and are easier to control. Being a bad girl or boy is in style, but it doesn't get us as much long-term as being good. While everyone can flirt with these memes, it's also important to understand and resist them before we can't.

21. Selfish bragging and hating on you and everyone you know is in style.

Hip hop is especially bad for this, or "rap" music is being used to corrupt our values and "wrap it up" (masonic pun - Alan Watt), or finish their plans for control. While it can be made catchy over a beat, or in other ways, it's important to understand the plans of the elite and how the culture creation industry is used to promote ideas that are bad for us. We can appreciate all this stuff more if it doesn't turn is into pricks.


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