Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tout Est Fini - It's All Over



Hello, my stage-name is Black Krishna (BK). I've often used this alias instead of my given name as an artist and journalist for fun, to say things different instead of normal, and to creatively deal with things that affect everyone that many have trouble discussing. As a calm and confident guy, I'm happy to relax and exchange respect with anyone so it's always nice to meet you. Lots of people see that and say hello which can feel great.

This website had info related to a part-time art project to help people relax, exchange respect, communicate better, act more confident, graceful, chivalrous and courteous and more. It was successful in 2011, wildly successful in 2012, a failure in 2013, and successful in spots in 2014 when ideas were tested to see if they still work. They do, but with few comfortable discussing our communication issues it's hard to monetize efforts.

For personal, moral and culturally practical reasons, there's nothing I hate to see more than women threatened and men disrespected. So, I did what I could to change that and I'm proud of my efforts. I'm an old man, so don't worry about what I'll do, just respect what I can. While I will still occasionally and artistically allude to related ideas, as of 2015 this project which was waiting on stand-by for support has now been shut down.

This was a lot of fun and would make a great movie if it happened. So, I want to sincerely thank everyone for their help and wish us all the best.



Black Krishna