Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Nice To Meet You: Special Solutions Section

this is easily possible; i do it from my second floor office window at bay and bloor in downtown toronto. while i try not to be disruptive, tons of people see it. the bottom line is this mess could be cleaned up fairly easily. or, any guys who really want to get looked at like girls should go hard and just drop that tranny or just drop it; or at least put some effort into it instead of turning into frustrated, insecure, nervous, bothersome, threatening, twitchy and sketchy weirdos who bug men for affectionate looks or closeness and bug girls because they're better at getting it. not gay, not straight, but instead, creepy. this is really happening and i mention it every day in front of people when it's warranted. they keep saying hello.

anyway, pass it on:

the girls should know they have a lot of power.

and they can ask for it whenever they want.

it makes guys feel like we have some.

pass it on.




*** Special Solutions Section ***

Note: Since they are more empowered in most cultures today and have the tools, it's entirely possible for women to flirt their way out of this mess; I help them all the time.

Note: Most men stalking women desperately want to get looked at like they are a woman and are only bothering the girls because they're jealous; it's strange but true.

Note: When a man they want to show off for flirts with a girl they're stalking, they usually get competitive, confused, hang their heads in shame and leave the girl alone.

Note: Therefore, if a woman is being stalked by a man, she can get a man's attention by flirting to have him see what's up and help her out; and if he's a man he will.

Note: After that, try to make sure the stranger wanders away and leaves her alone and that she's fine; then leave her alone, the other girls will see you and like you.

Pass It On.


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