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CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: FordWatch, Feminicesm, ChemTales, Provocatours, 9/11 Troops, FreeDem Road - October 28, 2010


October 28, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening

FordWatch, Feminicesm, ChemTales, Provocatours, 9/11 Troops, FreeDem Road

Featuring: Natasha Von Castle, Rob Ford, Paul Joseph Watson, Callers, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura


CKLN's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, aka Black Krishna, aka BK, Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3's to share or post clips of online on YouTube (etc.) are available after 8 am at, and Please contact with any questions, answers, suggestions, news, promos, music and more.

This episode: what exactly did 2010 Toronto Mayor-Elect Rob Ford and his supporters say to 383,000 people to convince them to vote for him that other (angry?) voters didn't hear? Can we work with our City Hall to make sure those promises are kept and parallel ones are explored? How much "waste" or "theft" (doesn't somebody get the money?) is there anyway? What issues are lurking among millions beneath the surface? How do men and women handle it? How do they handle each other? What can we do?


Dan Arnold: One right-wing mayor won’t change Toronto forever

National Post | October 27, 2010

... Ford also has the rarest of qualities in a politician – he comes across as genuine. Because they saw him as a real person, voters looked past the shaky math and were willing to forgive his many, many, many shortcomings. Ford reminds me more and more of Ralph Klein with each passing day (right down to the incoherent red faced victory speeches), which is why he cannot be underestimated.


How George Smitherman’s dead-end run for Toronto mayor went wrong

John Lorinc | Globe and Mail | October 28, 2010

In late August nothing was going right in George Smitherman’s bid to become mayor. The papers were full of scandalous stories of Rob Ford’s arrest for drunk driving and drug possession, but his popularity only seemed to be growing.


Ford back on the air waves

Joe Warmington | Toronto Sun | October 27, 2010

... This time, in his first in-studio interview just 40 hours after Toronto voters spoke, Rob Ford walked in as Toronto’s next mayor.

Every once in a while the bull wins.

Wednesday’s radio appearance was a symbolic homecoming for both because one could argue it was here where the idea of running for mayor began.

“Robbie really was the raging bull,” chuckles Oakley. “But he also was so likeable.”


Ford in elite, popular company

Don Peat | Canoe / QMI Agency | October 27, 2010

... Garnering 383,501 of the 813,984 votes cast, Rob Ford is now a Canadian politician near the top in terms of popular vote.

Ford, 41, has won the largest direct election, with the most Canadian voters participating, than any other politician, in any other race — save former Mayor Mel Lastman who won back-to-back elections in 1997 and 2000.


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Key Short Videos With Key Big Promises To Keep:

Working with the new council - Rob Ford on Newstalk 1010

Pan Am Games ready says Rob Ford (not about this at all BTW)

Rob Ford's Toronto Fiscal Plan (media questions)


Alex Jones Podcasts

October 26, 2010 - Prison Planet editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson sits in for Alex in the first hour. Alex talks with investor, businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki. (plus)

October 27, 2010 - Alex talks with Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, Navy veteran, actor, former radio and television talk show host and host of the popular TruTV series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Jesse returns to the show to talk with Alex about the latest revelations and developments surrounding the inside job that was 9/11. Ventura is the author of several books, including: I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom Up, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! and American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That The Government Tells Us. Alex covers the latest news and also takes your calls.


Vijay Sarma - 2010 Mayor of Toronto Hopeful

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FYI, if you're interested, these interviews can help us understand the world.



NME Shouts Out TTS Technique: Get To Know Your Neighbours kNWO Where To Go


Ed note: There's a buzz tracker function in my music ReverbNation account that listed this interesting link. At first I clicked through and it didn't work, so I thought there might be some shenanigans, especially when I've posted a ton of stuff online for 5 years and most of it's been disappeared, despite the fact we can all find other stuff from the 90's on a regular basis. However, when I clicked again it was working, the website NME, or at least a courageous online journo there, posted a simple and effective video explaining the Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) street action techniques featuring members of the group and directed by Danny Liberty. It brings back great memories for me, but I'm sure it's worth a watch for everyone, especially as the folks in the States are feeling the global recession pinch worse than us Canucks for now. Still, these ideas can be used anywhere, so feel free to share.




Toronto Truth Seekers present recommendations and helpful hints for holding a truth action by detailing their experiences throughout the July-December '09 Saturday street action season at Yonge-Dundas Square. This knowledge can be adapted and used by anyone planning their own actions in any local habitat.

The 3 BASIC RECOMMENDATIONS include: Recommendation 1 FLYERS! Create, Modify, Download, Print, & Distribute informational flyers Recommendation 2 DVDs Create, Duplicate, & Distribute documentary Digital Video Discs Recommendation 3 Street Action! Organize, Promote, and Do a local street action

In the Toronto area and/or interested in doing a truth action? Then consider joining the Toronto Truth Seekers meet-up at:



P.S. More on the Quaids evading "Hollywood star-whackers" by seeking refugee status with Canadian Press video too, Evi is really itching to talk about it, Randy is more reserved and their lawyer cautions against it. If we blow open the Satanic star system we can shatter the mass mind control fairly easily, rescue a few stars and get better entertainment, see for more to start. The media's convincing us that the media lies and dumbs things down to make money, or they're convincing us we want to be lied to and dumbed down and we'll give them more money, which is probably a bad thing to be convinced of. I'm not convinced we're convinced yet, so before we are, we should convince people to check this stuff out.


Hmm... can't embed the 2 minute video, but you can see it here:


Yahoo News (27/Oct/10)

Quaid released from Canadian custody

Module body

2 hours, 53 minutes ago

By The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER - Oscar nominee Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have been released from a Canadian detention facility after she was declared a Canadian citizen.

In yet another odd twist on a story that's been strange from the start, the Canada Border Services Agency confirmed Evi Quaid is a citizen of the country in which she and her husband were arrested last week.

"The Canada Border Services Agency can confirm that it has withdrawn a request for an admissibility hearing for Mrs. Quaid as she is a prima facie Canadian citizen," the agency said in a statement.

"Mrs. Quaid has received an unconditional release and that she is no longer in detention."

The Quaids were arrested in a tony Vancouver neighbourhood last week on outstanding U.S. warrants for felony vandalism.

The pair later appeared at an immigration hearing in which they requested refugee status based on their belief that they were being persecuted by "Hollywood star whackers," as they put it, and that their lives were in danger.

During the hearing, Evi Quaid repeatedly said her father was a Canadian FBI agent, a claim she explained later by saying her father was a Canadian who moved to the United States and began working for the FBI.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Catherine Sas, the Quaid's new lawyer, said Evi Quaid is "one of us."

"She's a Canadian citizen. In the process of doing her eligibility hearing for her refugee claim some of the information that she gave us led us to believe that she is (possibly) a Canadian citizen.

"We contacted her father, he forwarded us documentation that she is a Canadian citizen. So they withdrew all their proceedings and she can live here, she can work here."

As for Randy Quaid, the border services agency would only say that he is no longer in detention and his case will be proceeding through immigration channels.

In an interview after his release Wednesday, the actor told The Canadian Press that the couple were not fleeing justice in the United States but believed the warrants were issued in error.

He likened their travel to Canada as nothing more than "crossing the street."

The couple had been scheduled to appear at a refugee board hearing in Vancouver on Thursday. They were told last week they could be released from detention if they posted a $10,000 bond each, but the pair remained in custody.

Refugee claimants can be detained if officials suspect they won't appear for their hearings.

The Quaids have frequently missed court appearances in the past for a now-resolved U.S. case involving charges they defrauded an innkeeper.

The Quaids are due to appear in a Santa Barbara court next week on felony vandalism charges and their U.S. lawyer has said he expects them to show up.

After a court hearing in Santa Barbara on Tuesday, senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter made it clear that the U.S. warrants for the Quaids remain outstanding.

The couple's U.S. lawyer, Robert Sanger, told the court he had been in contact with the Quaids and expected them to be present for the hearing which is set for Nov. 2.

Quaid and his wife were charged after more than $5,000 in damage was found in a guest house of a Montecito, Calif., home they had previously owned.

Last week, Evi Quaid, 47, begged a Canadian immigration adjudicator to allow the couple to stay in Canada saying she feared for her 60-year-old husband's life after some of their friends, like actors David Carradine and Heath Ledger, had been "murdered" under mysterious circumstances.

Ledger died in January 2008 from an accidental overdose. Carradine was found dead, hanging from a rope, in a suite at a luxury Bangkok hotel. Neither actor's death was ruled suspicious.

Meanwhile, one positive tidbit of news for the Quaids is that their dog, Doji, is doing well.

Wendy Stewart, a spokeswoman with the City of Vancouver, said the two-year-old Blue Heeler was delivered to the city's animal shelter after its owners were apprehended.

"The dog is in very good shape and very good health," said Stewart, adding that shelter staff had been contacted by a representative of the Quaids to make arrangements for the animal.

"There's an indication that the dog will be picked up in the next day or so," she said.

Randy Quaid is best-known for supporting roles in films such as "Independence Day" and "National Lampoon's Vacation."

He has said the couple came to Canada because he was being given an award by a film critics group. He added that they were considering moving to Vancouver, where he planned to jump-start his career.



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PRESS RELEASE: Congratulations To New Mayor Rob Ford, Now What Happens Next In Toronto?


PRESS RELEASE: Congratulations To New Mayor Rob Ford, Now What Happens Next In Toronto?


Vijay Sarma - 2010 Mayor of Toronto Hopeful

1512-C Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1T5 | 647-857-5755


October 27, 2010


Dear Friends in Toronto,

First of all, I'd like to sincerely thank the 2,264 people who voted for me, Vijay Sarma, for Mayor of Toronto, despite the supposedly close campaign between Rob Ford and George Smitherman. Since polls of 2000 people in total determined how many of us thought about the elections, it was great to get so many votes for my platform, which is similar in ways to Mayor Ford's. I'd also like to thank Mayor Ford for his many, many promises and guarantees to "Stop The Gravy Train" and finally clean up City Hall. We can use them.

As a journalist and political activist, I ran on an anti-globalization mandate because of how everyone in Toronto is affected. No more G20 "martial law" type situations; stop big corporations from poisoning us as we see in the news; stop government "waste" which is really "theft" by the people who get the money; people spending an hour a week to help City Hall resist corporate lobbyists; and men taking care of more serious issues on behalf of women, children and the elderly. These ideas have traction in our City. We can use it.

Since over 2000 people supported me, plus others who may have chosen to strategically vote, I think I have a clear "official" mandate to continue working on these issues in Toronto along with everyone who wants to. After unofficially starting to campaign in April 2009, I noticed how nearly everyone agreed with what I was saying, but nearly everyone worried about what other people would think. So, nearly all of us agree, we just need to have confidence in ourselves and each others' abilities to handle it. We'll feel better if we do.

To help put things in context, with 5.5 million people in the GTA, Mayor Ford received 383,000 votes, or less than 10% of us voted for him. Online, his Facebook group has just 572 members, his YouTube channel just 200 subscribers and his website "Issues" section just 2 comments. Part 1 of his "Fiscal Plan" on YouTube has 307 views. Part 2 has 234. While many people were excited, many of us didn't get quite as inspired. We can support Mr. Ford, Councillors and Trustees while also recognizing that we're not quite "happy" yet.

Below are 5 simple ideas to help us deal with the "anger" that many people in Toronto feel towards a "system" that everyone knows is corrupt. If we deal with it well, we probably won't be angry. If we don't, we might be even angrier. Politicians often credit for how they "play the game", but after giving 45 people guaranteed 4 year jobs paying $100,000 of our tax-dollars a year during a recession, we should make sure we get what we want. It won't be hard to do in our friendly, tolerant, intelligent and empathetic City. We can do this.

1) Talk To Each Other To Get Our 21st Century Facts Straight

We don't discuss it much, but most of us know a bit about "globalization", or how big corporations and others work together worldwide to get richer while the rest of us worry about our future. Their influence on our health, wealth and relationships can be resisted if we choose to understand and act on it. Fortunately, Toronto has a great market for "truth" the corporate media doesn't discuss much, or stories that are reported but not repeated. We don't need to focus on it much, but we can practically share good info to get the results we want.

2) Figure It Out: If It's Stupid, Laugh At It, If It's Smart, Appreciate It

Great places to learn more include the Toronto Street News paper sold for 12 years by the homeless for their income; the Conspiracy Culture Book and DVD store often praised by our press; the dynamic Press For Truth film and journalism company; the Toronto Truth Seekers weekly outreaches at Dundas Square; plus radio shows and many other places on and offline in our vibrant culture. Most of us know about "organic" and other healthier options, but not why we need them. People have made the explanations easy, so check them out.

3) Men Want Power, Women Want Security, So We Should Handle It

Individuals vary, but this is generally how we work best. Men can give women more personal space when passing on sidewalks (etc.) and generally respect how they may feel threatened on some level by bigger strangers. Women can respond by feeling better, smiling and subtly thanking men, which empowers and validates them. Our busy culture can find time for chivalry that pays big dividends as many small good interactions can lead to having a good day. It works and will put all of us in a much better mood to handle anything we want.

4) Keep Your Family, Friends And Favourites And Fight For Your Future

People sometimes think getting "political" means they have to change who they are and what they like. It's not true. If we spent one hour a week taking care of business, that's all it would take. If we use practical ways to reach many people with simple messages to affect specific changes, then we don't have to bring it up much. If we use good info to help improve each others lives instead of just arguing about what reality is, then we can move on to other subjects. People can only think for themselves if they have the options to think about.

5) Remember: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

History reveals corrupt people are often in charge and ordinary people often resist their influence. Today, things are no different. We also have access to more info about them than ever, including their plans for the future. While we're not encouraged by governments and corporations to look into it, millions of people worldwide have, so we can trust that it's worth looking into. Before supporting any heavily promoted causes, it's a good idea to look into the big picture to make sure they're worthwhile. Once we do, we can get what we want.

Finally, the great City of Toronto has a proud history of respecting a rich diversity of thought, opinion and expression, so we should be open to helping each other figure out our problems, reactions and solutions. While wedge issues can divide us, common threats like 40% of us expected to get cancer from the toxins in our daily environments can unite us and help us work with our newly elected City officials on dealing with them. We can all get inspired by our favourite artists, spiritual leaders and others to help us achieve a better tomorrow today.

I think us being able to do this is What You Want To Believe In.

Thanks again for being open to this campaign for Mayor.

My best wishes to the people of Toronto.

Warm regards,



Vijay Sarma - 2010 Mayor of Toronto Hopeful

1512-C Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1T5 | 647-857-5755



Monday, October 25, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Plunder News: 2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Vijay Sarma - From Toronto to 2012


Download mp3 - 60 mins


Why are we given the news we get? How does it affect how we think we can deal with it? Why is Canadian Omar Khadr left stranded in Gitmo? Why was there almost nothing about the local elections in Saturday's Toronto Star? Why does Toronto still use fluoride when it's bad for our brains? Why were 6000 zombies wandering around over the weekend? Why are there huge demonstrations in France? Why is there a huge online audience for alternative news? How can we translate that into more offline action?


CKLN Radio's Plunder News is hosted by Shannon

Sunday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 am EST

CKLN 88.1 FM, and Rogers Cable 947


Vijay Sarma - 2010 Toronto Mayor Candidate

1512-C Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1T5 | 647-857-5755


The Five Platform Issues in Vijay Sarma's 2010 Mayor of Toronto Campaign


1. Stop G20 Martial Law From Happening Again

G20 Martial Law at the Summit in June was the most traumatic event in Toronto's history. We saw how our police didn't act like that before and after it, but we also saw they'll follow orders just like most of us doing our jobs. We're all in the same boat in the same City, so let's make sure this never happens again by exposing the truth about what the Federal and G20 "world government" leaders forced on our City. If we don't, it could happen again. Let's make sure it doesn't. This is why the big picture is more important than the small issues we're often told of.


2. Stop Big Corporations From Poisoning Us

Stop big corporations from poisoning us. We know they are, it's in the news all the time. The City can test food, air, water and more things that people are suspicious of like the media often does for stories, then come up with solutions that create jobs. We can refer to the work of many whistleblowers and others who give us options to improve our health in our environments and make better choices. People can do whatever they want, but we can all do it with more options in a cleaner and safer Toronto. Before we get any sicker and broker, let's try this approach.


3. Stop Government Waste... or is it... Theft?

Government waste is an issue every election, But, a lot of that "waste" is really "theft" since the money doesn't disappear or get thrown away, somebody gets it, even though we have City ombudspeople who should catch it. I'd empower them and start by removing the fluoride added to our water supply to save us $450 million stolen tax-dollars a year, it's also bad for us and Montreal and Vancouver don't use it. I'd cut back on City ads, cops at construction sites where they don't need protection and more common sense. Then we can audit everything publicly.


4. Spend One Hour A Week To Help Control City Hall

I'd like the people of Toronto to spend just one hour a week in touch with their City elected officials and employees to help resist the influence of corporate lobbyists and others, the good people on the inside will appreciate it. The City has to ensure that communication is made easy and normal and that different people and groups from different wards can keep in touch with whoever they elect. City politicians aren't part of any parties, they can be controlled by the people who elect them, if they continue to control them after the election. I hope we decide to this election.


5. Toronto Men Should Defend Women, Children and Elderly

If many people find it tough to deal with serious issues of corruption that threaten all of us, I believe more men should help defend this City on behalf of women, chilren and the elderly. There will be no official policy on this, just encouragement from the top. Toronto tough guys shouldn't be afraid to look at what millions of nerds do, including the truth about how power works that's been re-discovered by more and more people for decades, then act on it. There's a reason "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer", we just have to see if it's good or bad and what we can do about it.


Feel free to run these ideas by all candidates so our favourites can get done no matter who wins.

With Mayor Miller's "strong mayor" office powers, all of the above is possible right now.

Knowledge is power, so if we use it we can find all the solutions we need.

Thanks for your time and consideration, please pass it on.

Warm regards,



2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Campaigns at the Scarborough Debates


Ed note:

I recently got a call from a young lady who really like my "SEX: Can We Use It To Win?" flyer a friend passed on, she thought it was funny so we chatted for a bit and that was fun, hopefully others liked them and the other flyers too. I have a "no fear" policy, so my name and phone number are on my flyers and everywhere else, plus my address often is, which is probably kind of weird to some, but that just means they're probably too weirded-out to call me too. I've had a few other positive responses in person, but few phone calls, but it's all good, or it has to be, or we have to say it is, or something like that.

I was also listening to some Tupac recently, his best album is "Me Against The World", it came out right before he went to jail and later joined Death Row Records and acted crazy. It re-hit me how I see the people of Toronto and Canada in the same way he saw people in the ghetto, but instead of seeing starving babies picking through trashcans for food, I see 60% divorce rates, drugged out horny kids, fluoridated retardation and most people increasingly scared to talk about let alone deal with it. "Don't shed a tear for me, n-gga I ain't happy here..." just slams me in the stomach sometimes off the first track.

I guess we're supposed to get used to this stuff getting worse, kind of like a tied-up Batman listening to the Joker explain his brilliant master-plan while he thinks there's nothing we can do about it. Most psychopaths like to brag, so I assume they're okay with most people learning what they're up to unless they actually affect the system. If up to 20% of Toronto, or 1 million people, are "awake" to some degree, but do nothing to effect things like "elections", or anything that controls our political system, then they probably don't care. In fact, at this point it looks like they're actually using the info for recruiting.

I know from hanging out with a super-nice and chilled-out buddy recently that it's always preferable to anything else, but there has to be a way for ordinary people to take this stuff seriously in groups. Otherwise the biggest pricks will see which way the wind is blowing and choose to join or defend the conspiracy in some ways while the rest of us suffer for it. We can already see how many wealthy people, government employees and others will defend their Darwinian "survival of the fittest" right (?) to do well at the expense of everyone else. We live in a "Get money!" above all else culture, but not a healthy one.

I recognize that this is difficult for most, but that's the point: it's been getting more difficult for us to take action on these issues here in Canada. In 2004, Toronto had the second international inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. In 2007, we had the "9/11 Truth Movement" reach it's domestic zenith. In 2009, we had a great response to the H1N1 pandemic threat. However, 2010 reveals the establishment can fool us easier than ever, or if we're not "fooled" and really know what's going on, they can get us to accept it anyway. What's the answer? To feel good? To do something to feel good? What makes more sense?

I suppose we should feel happy about the global awakening to these issues, it's a better starting point than not. However, our interest in this stuff should have some practical value, otherwise we'll probably give up on it being useful to ourselves or anyone else and stop looking into it like many people say they do. We know we have valuable info that can help people save their kids from being fluoridated, vaccinated, medicated and sedated, so we just need to form small groups to convince others to check it out. Between now and 2012 things are supposed to get pretty crazy, so let's try to we see what we can do about it.