Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010: Will "Truthers" Finally "Do Something Useful" With The "Truth"?


2010: Will "Truthers" Finally "Do Something Useful" With The "Truth"?



we say we're "serious" about this stuff?

and yet, we hardly propose to "do" anything at all?

and the TTS toolkit and 50 word blurbs get no response?

i'm sorry folks, but honestly, this is just getting way too funny.

it's better to laugh than get frustrated, plus i feel sorry for people.

perhaps for most, it really is too hard to do anything useful with our time.

maybe after years of pissing them off, nobody gives a damn about their fam.

therefore, if this is the "truth", then "truthers" should admit it, and work to beat it.

otherwise we'll normalize randomly crying like babies that we need to "do something!!!"

we don't mean ourselves of course: we basically say "other people need to do something!!!"

being elitist-snob hypocrites who crap on people for not surfing the same websites we do is stupid.

giving people who decide to take us seriously absolutely nothing serious to "do" about this is also stupid.

it also appears that "we" can't organize enough to actually "do" stuff unlike any other group of humans on earth.

that means we're victims of a ridiculous level of mind control far beyond anything the unaware general public receives.

imagine if you're the "new world order", and you can just "tell" people what you're doing, and know they won't react to stop it.

perhaps you can even pass a "world government" agreement and know that the millions of people who "know" won't "do" anything.

no worries, people who say they "want the truth!" should be able to see it right in front of their eyes by looking at what they're doing.

if the goal is to wake up the general public, and all they're doing is surfing the 'net and having random paranoid conversations: that's it.

either "truthers" are the dangerous whackjobs demonized by "homeland security", or they're actually "doing stuff" to get some damn respect.

we are not "safe" if we just individually sit at our computers conspira-spanking until a black uniform grabs us and throws us in a black duffel bag.

nobody is "safe" if we normalize simply masturbating to information about the new world order instead of normalizing practical and logical solutions.

nobody is "safe" if we normalize simply spreading random "the end is coming!" paranoia with random conversations that scare people away from learning.

nobody is "safe" is we normalize simply doing what we've been doing and feeling bad for ourselves because we've been working so hard on nothing much at all.

merry christmas everybody, it's almost 2010, so we have to stop treating this g-ddamn "new world order" problem like it's a g-ddamn movie instead of really happening.

peace on earth and good "will" towards all men,



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Listserve Order vs. Volunteers To Write 50 Words or Source Info Links



Listserve of minglers and trolls, conflict and a spooks war. Now, we can see a new listserve coming into view. A listserve in which there is the very real prospect of a new listserve order.


funny stuff dood, but like the "world" itself, we can't just "leave" TTS and groups like it and try to survive. otherwise any groups like us will be destroyed because we refuse to take our problems seriously enough to tolerate the occasional b.s. email. if that's all it takes to destroy us, then we're not much to begin with.

once we start figuring out and knowing exactly what we're up to on a regular basis, then nobody can stop us. they can try. but they'll be stopped. we can discuss what content is helping us actually achieve something and what isn't. if anything goes, than anyone will post anything, and soon nobody will bother listening anymore.

then we just become "nwo groupies" who constantly talk about how big and powerful they are. oooh. this may be why "conspiracy theorists" may have been "created" by the new world order. just as they wanted to tell the world who they are, they have a bunch of people working on helping people accept that yes, they exist, and are in charge...

...and there's absolutely nothing we could possibly think of consistently doing about it.

the bottom line is: if we don't start thinking now, then we might not be able to later.

we should try to figure out what any human beings can do about our issues.

once we do that, then humans can not just learn, but also do things.

we just need to "think" about how to beat the new world order.

it's the most obvious and yet the hardest thing to do.

once we start thinking, anything is possible.



did i waste 2 hours writing this or was it time well-spent?

will others also spend time thinking of stuff as well?

finally, is it still worth it to "think" at all today?


'allo all,

this is a simple idea we're mulling around internally that i thought i'd share here. we can all develop it however we'd like going forward. we like the idea of having many different subjects at the bottom of the main TTS website that say "food" or "fluoride" or "aspartame" etc., then the single word can link to a half-page with 5 minute videos for people to watch, plus links to more stuff if they're interested in learning more.

right now, since truthers can randomly write brilliant volumes in email exchanges, we thought we'd try to solicit short and clean 50 word write-ups on each subject to give people a reason to watch the videos and check the links. we've gotta have a few experts in different areas who volunteer, or people who could google to become them. for example, after you click "fluoride" on the main page, you might find the half-page format below.

please respond with your interest in this, all it takes is someone saying "yeah, i'll do chemtrails" or whatever to get us started. as usual, this is a chance to do something that will make a real difference, or namely, make it easy for the many people who visit the TTS website to learn more about what they're interested in. a suggested simple format is below. if anyone has any ideas on improving this format, please suggest them publicly as well.

unless we have "proof", then it's hard to know what people can actually "do" with all the stuff they've learned. but: it's probably time to find out. as we head into 2010, we can't afford to ignore all the simple things we can do now and just fantasize about having an armed uprising later. or, about what will happen to us after we die. we're probably not going to get any god-groupie cookies unless we show we deserve them. that may include acting while we can.

finally, i assume that this simple idea will do for now. one has to assume that hearing the same thing many times, or that we should "do" stuff and not just say that "other people should do stuff!!!" will finally have an effect. we all have different experience levels, but one has to assume that anyone who becomes member of TTS is aware that we have serious problems with government and corporate corruption that we need to do something about. therefore: we should.

so, let's see if our TTS culture wants to "do" anything, or not.

fyi, i may soon stop thinking of ideas and focus elsewhere.

it takes a lot of time to carefully describe what will work.

btw, these will work anywhere for anyone who tries.

they're just easy examples of what we could do.

and there are more we could come up with.

unfortunately the TTS Toolkit idea died.

so, let's keep this easier one alive.

otherwise: what's the point?

we should figure it out.







Suggested 5 minute video:

Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water with Dr. Bill Osmunson, General and Cosmetic Dentist


Suggested additional research:

The Fluoride Deception - 30 minute documentary with former BBC journalist Christopher Bryson

Dr. Hardly Limeback, Toronto's expert who helped add it: "Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water"

Fluoride Alert - Comprehensive information and activism resource, mainstream news articles, etc.

After 15 years, town water-expert Graham Demeny quits his job because fluoride was added to their water supply.

Thanks to the public outrage, Thunder Bay city council votes 6 - 5 against adding fluoride to their water supply.


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Black Krishna - Lay You Down (Hold You Down) - Merry Christmas Ladies! :-)

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Written and recorded after a Saturday in the Dot, dudes can ride to it, but this track is definitely a Christmas gift for the ladies. Happy holidays everybody, all the best in the new year! :-)


Lay You Down (Hold You Down)



Let me lay you down,
Take control of your soul,

Let me hold you down,
There's nowhere we can't go...


All I ever wanted,
Was the best,

All I ever got,

Then you just,
Came along and messed,

With my mind,
Oh, my mind!

Anytime, I wanna feel so blessed,
I just, gotta look at you and guess,

Hair-perfect, wanna make a mess,
Of your mind, oh your mind,

See you smile, so perfectly,

She safe now, she finally free,

Life's a stage, she star to me,

Only thing, on my mind...

How can I?

Deserve to be?

With someone who?

So perfectly?

Describes just what I want to be?

On my mind, oh my mind...


Let me lay you down,
Take control of your soul,

Let me hold you down,
There's nowhere we can't go...


So many pictures in the magazines,
Tellin' you just how you should be,

I'm telllin' you don't be tellin' me,
If that's on your mind,

I'm tellin' you to be tellin' me,
Are you feelin' how, I be feelin' the?

Realest things that ever be?
On your mind, I don't mind,


Let me hold you,
I can calm you down,

Let me hold you,
So you know I'm down,

Let me hold you,
That's why I'm around,

Close your eyes girl,
I see it's goin' down...



Let me lay you down,
Take control of your soul,

Let me hold you down.



Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)