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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - The 2012 / Brave New World / Freedom Ain't Free / Save The Species Report


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 

The 2012 / Brave New World / Freedom Ain't Free / Save The Species Report


Hello Cool World,

This is a bit of an explanation that will hopefully inform the decisions of others. While I have made many mistakes as part of my urban combat operations and can see and admit them, my goal is always to make it easier for more people to handle their business as empowered individuals when they seem to be having more trouble than ever doing so, which includes their families, friends, communities and countries' business.

To varying degrees, I have failed and succeeded.

To varying degrees, we have options to fail and succeed to consider.

To see why and why I have been up to what I have been up to recently, see the following.

Over the last few years people have noticed a staggering amount of rare information being revealed about how the world works that is supposed to help more people deal with it on macro and micro-levels, especially on the internet. This ranges from health and financial tips to philosophical approaches to life.

Caveat: of course not everything on the internet is true; but not everything in life is true, so you use your brain to decide what might be true with the evidence you get just like you do with all aspects of life.

The above is just one example of how knee-jerk thinking can cause people to reject any information they don't like simply by using a different standard when they feel like it. Or, people who use the internet all the time and who believe what they want and excitedly repeat it will suddenly say it can't be trusted if they feel like rejecting certain ideas; or that they can't trust anothers' ability to judge what might be true or worthwhile when they usually can; or the ability of millions of people to do so when a mainstream news poll of a few hundred will usually be able to convince them. There's lots of these intellectual trap-doors to watch out for.

While there are more people than ever doing great work to tell the truth, especially about people in power lying to the people they control, their historical goals of reaching lots of people in the hopes that they would act on it are being thwarted by a corresponding lack of willpower when it comes to people reacting to that information. When millions of nerds can look into something it is strange to see how many supposedly tough and cool guys afraid to; though perhaps they are afraid of turning into isolated nerds and there are good reasons for that; though they eventually just end up practicing being scared of learning and doing more and more stuff; so that's not exactly a solution to our problems.

When millions of people see what hundreds are consistently doing well to reach out and convince others, it is often surprising to have them ask "What can you do?" like it's a rhetorical question when they can see it.

When many people ask "What can you do?" they don't want an answer; many want impotent reassurance to confirm that doing nothing is the right thing to do; at least absent any other guaranteed quick-fix options.

I know this because for years I have had timely answers worked out reasonably well that most people agreed with because anybody who was informed and inspired could think of them and I always felt we needed them. Plus, even when almost nobody wanted to do anything, I still felt I had to because I could and it might be able to help. I flip from ways that people can relate to and participate in to ways that help people see an "other" so they can better relate to each other, depending on what was possible at any given time.

There is one big problem with learning bad stuff:

If you don't do something productive with it, then it will probably do something to you.

I wanted to avoid this happening, but as one of the few people here who actively do, it happens to me anyway. 

Based on my research, my thinking is that we are supposed to learn just about everything about the people in power but are supposed to be unable to handle it. This is why learning stuff on our own on the isolating internet isn't enough and can even have a negative effect on people who often give up on it. We need more translators than sponges to be able to deal with it collectively and effectively or we won't be able to.

For example, this is the "'Brave New World" scenario described by author Alduous Huxley, which he deemed a more plausible choice for any ruling elite than George Orwell's "1984" simply because it would be easier to manage passive, brainwashed, drugged and artificially-happy slaves than it would be to use police state forces to crush pissed-off people and risk constant rebellions and possible revolution.

The ostensible reason for all the known and accepted brainwashing, drugging of our food, air and water and more is to make normal people incapable of ever rebelling again so that the ruling elite can relax and reveal themselves like they are currently doing, likely in part to see and manage how we react to the information.

While there are likely competing power blocks, even mafia movies reveal that criminals make more money off people by working together than be fighting with each other, so that appears to be what they have been trying to do. The evidence for this is the common and growing acceptance of international regulatory bodies, something that would be impossible with strong nationalist countries and local corporations influencing them.

Check out this classic interview with Alduous Huxley 27 years after he wrote "Brave New World" when, at the age of 65, he seemed to be warning that it, or a global scientific dictatorship, was probably going to come true soon if we don't stop it. His brother Julian worked for UNESCO, the UN's education, science and cultural organization standardizing practices worldwide, so he probably knew a thing to too many.


Aldous Huxley interviewed in 1958 by Mike Wallace (28 mins)


Let's fast-forward to the summer of 2011.

This is the Coles Notes version, or a simple sample of what has happened since.

I was in Ottawa enjoying a new and relatively normal life with my new "girlfriend" of a city who I was trying to impress, at least in the sense that Toronto is my "wife" and Canada is my "mom", both of whom I also have to impress.

While I went there for a change and to casually keep an eye on politics from the capital, I was comfortable trying to fit-in and have fun and largely ignoring my revolutionary aims. I would participate in truth actions and discussions on occasion with others who I knew, but seeing the speed of the city as even slower than Toronto's, the volume quieter and the mood of the people even more laid-back, I figured I might as well go along to get along unless something pressing needed my attention. I was working and having fun.

Canada Day in Ottawa that year was especially gratifying as an estimated half-million people crowded around the Parliament buildings enjoying the show while mostly relaxing, hanging out and getting along. Even when things wrapped-up around 11:30 pm, people were filing out of the area and back to their cars or buses or walks in an orderly and friendly fashion and respecting women, children, the elderly and the infirm.

On that day everyone seemed to be respecting and looking out for each other to make sure that no one ruined the experience for anyone else. Unlike typical busy work days in big cities of hustle and bustle, or even relatively small ones like Ottawa that often reflect the same faceless aesthete, when Canadians know there is a special occasion or party, they are generally on their best behaviour since nobody wants to ruin it.

The collective sense of patriotic identity and pride were palpable and a great time was had by all.

Around the same time I started noticing some cracks in our social fabric that were clearly visible yet hardly mentioned. Men were trying to get other men to stare at them for a while like flirty women do and getting visibly if not verbally mad when other men didn't; something I felt and confirmed with a few others.

Most didn't seem to be gay since they have more nuanced ways of getting attention and are generally too proud to beg or bother people; they just seemed to want to get stared at by other guys in a general way beyond another guys interest in doing so, especially mine. The less I wanted to stare the more they wanted me to. I refused countless entreaties and started speaking up about it just to avoid being threatened by guys who seemed to be getting madder and madder the less I wanted to stare at them.

Many would even start getting red-faced, gnashing their teeth and practically foaming at the mouth.

Many men also started to force themselves physically closer to me than I wanted them to, especially on the sidewalk. This bothered me because I prefer to say hi to another guy I am walking towards and by in brief and friendly ways to indicate that I am not going to bother them. These guys were making me worry about them coming close to me and what they wanted. When I asked them what they want and why they were doing this, they wouldn't say anything. If they didn't know and I didn't know, I was worried about it.

As this was going on, many men had also started evolving their desire to get stared at into getting their body parts and poses stared at like girls, including copying female body language. This process was slowly taking shape starting in the summer of 2011 as guys had started acting like girls semi-secretly behind the girls' backs and many kept going to this day -- with a twist to be revealed later.

The men doing this weren't gay or even femme'd out peacock-guys who were making a conscious effort to do it well; they were the same straight Canadian guys who I had partied with for years turning "What are you looking at?" into "Why aren't you looking at me?" The same guys who if I'd said "Hey buddy, I bet you love getting guys to stare at you and your ass!" at a party the year before would have punched me in the face.

They were starting to act really weird and saying nothing about it.

When I brought it up, most acted like they didn't know what I was talking about.

This constant harassment really pissed me off and I spoke up as my only means of self-defence.

Around the same time I noticed a bunch of guys walking close to, physically intimidating and even stalking girls. This had been upsetting me for a while and I had yelled about it on my CKLN radio show a couple of years earlier, or men losing their touch with women and randomly scaring them for no reason. I still knew what I was doing when it comes to women, or acknowledgement and avoidance, then possibly reassurance and flattery, so as soon as I showed up in Ottawa tons of girls started flirting with me. I couldn't figure out why so many wanted to until I realized how badly most other guys were screwing up with women in a general way in public. I was one of the only guys who knew how to consistently treat all of them.

At first, I took some guys aside quietly at the Rideau Centre (mall) and elsewhere and politely requested that they stop following the girl in front of them who didn't seem to be enjoying it. After it went from  3 or 4 girls a day to 13 or 14 and then 30 or 40, I got sick of seeing and doing this and started speaking up more loudly to help stop it from happening. As I started doing this more and more people would casually say hello wherever I was, so I kept going and adding pieces to what I was saying to help try to change people's minds about doing it and also encourage other guys to stop it when they see it.

I didn't want to start any fights with any fully grown Canadian men, especially since most have 2 inches and 20 pounds on me, but as long as a woman or girl was being threatened by one I felt I had to respond and try to stop it. I didn't know what they wanted or if they wanted to rob, rape or kill them, so I felt I had better stop it. The good news is most people still have a conscience and recognize that this is wrong even if they were doing it or didn't feel compelled to stop it, so they let me continue and generally appreciated it. 

This approach evolved into me publicly speaking, singing and rapping about it and doing other things louder and louder wherever I went to shut it down. I even started doing it full-time after a while since I couldn't stand seeing it. I tried a variety of approaches and in a small city like Ottawa even got famous for it.

I chased guys down with a bottle of Arizona Ice Tea to give me an instant weapon advantage and end situations quickly. I filmed a few occasions. I walked girls across the street for a few hours at a busy intersection just to keep them from being bumped into and harassed by random guys.

I spent a couple of weeks stopping stalkers for 16 hours a day straight in-part just to go so hard that the local police had to get involved. From what I can tell they stepped up their bike patrols and presence and generally acted as a deterrent. Many of the female officers going through the same crap especially when not in uniform flirted with me (in uniform which was how I could tell) as well. Meanwhile, it was casually indicated to me that I had to keep my cellphone on if I was going to do this, so I made sure to.

The whole time nobody else spoke about it.

This was and still is bizarre.

After basically trying to get the guys to man-up and look out for the girls instead of acting like them, the women and girls in Ottawa had started flirting with me even more like crazy to support my efforts on their behalf and to humiliate the guys trying to, plus it's fun and easy for the girls to flirt to fight, so they would participate to get our point across in casual ways.

I was yelling things like "This is the first time in history that women have to fight with their men to get their men to fight for them!" and "Just look out for them and the girls will flirt with you!" and more and the girls would flirt like crazy to help show they agreed and stop it.

Things were going well and I was getting hello's and shout-outs from nearly everybody there, but it still wasn't stopping the stalking to the degree that I hoped it would.  Plus, I was closer to everyone and further away from anyone, which wears on me over and over again every time it has to happen.

Finally, I ran out of money and patience and left Ottawa to relax and hide out near Toronto. I think I was suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder, but that is a self-diagnosis. While I would make a few trips into the city to shut the same thing down here, I mostly laid-low for a couple of months recovering and only casually speaking about and stopping things. I tried sharing flyers with people to drum up interest, but when people have trouble talking about something, hearing about it by themselves doesn't really work.

There seemed to be no way to get past this dark chapter in our country's history.

After working bad jobs and then landing a great one, I started to notice as part of casually stopping the same behaviour in Toronto part-time how the guys acting like girls and the stalking were related.

Early in the spring of 2012, I stopped focusing on the guys doing the stalking while mostly ignoring the girls stalked and started focusing on the girls being stalked more to see if they were okay, especially since so many knew me by this point.

As I started doing this a strange thing happened: the guys who were stalking the girls started to act like girls when I looked at the girls they were stalking, or they tried to get the looks I was giving the girls to land on them.

Or, guys were stalking girls like bitchy-ugly girls who jealously stalk hotter ones (which has been happening on occasion for years) and hoping that other guys would look at them acting like girls instead of the girls.

Or, they went from semi-secretly acting like girls behind their backs to openly acting like girls literally behind their backs as stalkers who wanted to catch a tan off their sunshine by getting other guys to look at them like they were girls.

This was and is completely insane.

While there is nothing wrong with guys consciously acting like girls and doing a good job, or with any other consensual LGBT stuff and I am not homophobic, there is something wrong with people bothering each other and men routinely threatening women all day and night just because they want to get looked at like women, especially when many are just normal straight guys, many with wives and children, who appear to be falling apart.

Once again, for the men, women and children involved and future of the country, I tried to shut it down.

I kept going hard at it by stopping stalkers, calling out guys who bother both guys and girls and speaking, yelling, rapping and singing to reach the conscience of the masses.

In a situation like this, the only thing that I could think of was making sure lots of people realized that other people realized that this was crazy so that more could stop it from happening.

At this point, at least most people in downtown Toronto appear to have come to their senses and achieved consistent levels of social disapproval for this nonsense. Wherever I go lots of people know who I am from these efforts and most politely and briefly acknowledge me and see the value in doing that as opposed to bothering people beyond their tolerance.

Wherever I went in Ottawa and Toronto people in general and those in charge of security seemed to be okay with what I was doing for the most part because they recognized its importance and value to our culture and the fact that I was literally stopping tons of people from going and acting crazy and helping people who should be helped that were being ignored..

The good news is as long as people let me talk about what they have trouble talking about then they will have less trouble in general, or people will verbally and physically bother each other less and instead relax and get along more, especially since doing this gives me the street-credibility to add key advice that is not as fashionable as it once was likely because it has worked forever until this stuff happened.

While I have once again run out of patience and money since both are related, I am hoping to get anonymous donations from many of the thousands of people I have helped to continue.

This way people don't have to discuss it with me or others, reveal who they are to me or anyone else, or do anything except for support my efforts in easy ways that allow me to continue.

I don't like begging all the people I help for money, but in a situation like this I need to try or else I don't know how to stop people from bugging each other or who else will bother.

I am simply working to make sure people don't routinely disturb, disempower and destroy each other and want to be supported by the same people I have been helping and who I continue to help.

Unless I receive support, I will have to lay low again to clear my name or skip-town and wait for things to die down, ignore and give up the fight and work my way back up to mainstream respectability.

If everyone who said hello to me based on these efforts gave me a dollar, I would be a multi-millionaire and work on making everybody else rich in this massive country full of resources with hardly any people where we all should be. I am not a communist and believe there should be richer people, but with all this stuff to use or sell to others and just a few people to take care of, nobody should be poor and everybody should at least be comfortable. This is the opposite of all the "austerity" nonsense being shoved down people's throats worldwide as the super-rich work for control of the world's resources. While "The Hunger Games" was a good movie, most people would admit they wouldn't want to live in that world like we are expected to.

My plan is to evolve my approach into a more formal one as long as I have the resources to, or try to turn into the male Oprah (Moprah?) but it is hard to do without much formal communication with people about these issues. It is also hard to get my "normal" street-cred up to where my "crazy revolutionary" street-cred is without the cash to do normal things as well as or better than most and smoothly transition into normalville.

I have tried to and will continue to try to beat this as long as I get the support needed to continue, including finding the "normal" triggers to stop this behaviour and work on promoting those more widely through normal channels like TV, the internet and more. At this point it is hard to know how far out on the limb I should climb, but as long as people support me then I will continue to work on the right formula until I get it right.

As long as people want me to I will continue to handle the biggest problems in our Brave New World that I find that almost nobody, not even those who know a lot about the big picture, feel comfortable discussing.

I am looking at this in the context of people either being more or less able to handle problems in the future, including possible global economic problems and more that are now publicly expected in the mass media.

Welcome to the Brave New World where men are being emasculated and feminized and women are being masculinized so that we don't get along anymore and are all reduced to squabbling hermaphrodite slaves.

Since I assume nobody wants to live through this scenario, please feel free to rebel against it any way you can and support everyone else's efforts to do the same. There are many ways to do this including this one.

A bunch of nice people with nice stuff should get to keep it and get more. That is the plan and based on my ability to reach people and help them relax and get along, I hope you support my efforts to finish it soon.

Much obliged and have a great day.

Warm regards,


aka - BK


Performance Artist

Helping people out as a performance artist who shares good relationship advice with lots of people at once so they all see each other and feel empowered enough to use it is working and hundreds a day casually say hello. With no hat to take donations, people can simply donate anonymously to say thanks.

Patrons of the arts have been around for centuries and today people often donate to support independent artists finishing albums and more. As someone who has positively influenced our culture by sharing ideas that help men and women relax and get along in informal ways, I truly appreciate your support.

Please visit any TD Bank to make any size donation to show your appreciation and to help me continue to help people and evolve my unique approach.

TD Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Besides supporting the above option that reaches lots of people and confirms the ideas that resonate today, please see the website below and get in touch.



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If It Is Worth It To You, Then The Truth Shall Set You Free


It's all good. Anyway. Don't worry about it. Relax.

There. I hope that helped.

Now for a little update on what is and can be happening.

We had a great and productive weekend. As far as I can tell.

Outlaws can't ride forever. But they do have some good stories from the ride.

The question is always which ones to tell. But since you can't tell, you just tell them.

People can find this stuff energizing or exhausting. But it is really up to them.

I know I find speaking freely energizing and carefully calculating what I am saying exhausting.

Et tu?

This is one of my main concerns as part of a growing list that can be dealt with.


After re-writing my website over and over again to tell more and less truth, I hope I got it right enough.

After re-sharing my ideas and analysis over and over again, I hope the same thing is true as well.

After re-evaluating what might work to unify and engage people, I hope this stuff works.


Know that I am still a flawed product of my environment like everyone else, so they'll show.

My apologies. But this isn't about me. It's a funhouse mirror reflection of us.

Creating an other so people can see each other is...


"What have I become, my sweetest friend,
Everyone I know, goes away, in the end,
And you can have it all, my empire of dirt,
I will let you down, I will make you hurt,
If I could find a way, to live my life again,
I would keep myself, I would find, a way..."

- Johnny Cash / Nine Inch Nails, "Hurt", (American IV: The Man Comes Around / TheDownward Spiral)


Johnny Cash - Hurt


To appeal to everybody in the most diverse city in the world, and possibly the world, the only thing that works is the truth. However, from what I can tell the only way you can tell the truth is to everybody and the only way they can respond is if they all see each other hear it and generally acknowledge it. Otherwise you have to carefully calculate what to say to different people to make sure they are comfortable. Otherwise they will feel uncomfortable individually either hearing it or responding to it. People will default to the nervous and allegorical "It's Not Itchy But Scratchy Show!" as I call it, or scratching their nose or other body parts to show they understand what you are saying or to emphasize what they can't say but understand. This only happens when people are not comfortable communicating. This is happening a lot more than it used to.

I recently saw a 6 year old girl go from confidently communicating bits and pieces of fun movies she saw to carefully explaining things in a more linear fashion and torturously trying to rub and scratch her face the right way to figure out if she was getting that right too. While many people find this stuff normal and it's on TV, I find this stuff terrifying and a sign that we will continue to have trouble telling the truth unless we stop and figure this out. The converse is when I was at a music store a few months ago and a bunch of music nerds were nervously scratching themselves and trying to get my attention while a friend was conducting business. As soon as a topic that they all knew about came up, they stopped immediately and started confidently and excitedly talking about it. This is one of countless examples and people understand. They just can't say it.



"They say money talks, fuck money I talk more,
My girls say chill, but I want war,
My boys say let's get a beer, then more,
My balls say 'fuck you sayin' that for?
My conscience is constantly conscious,
New World Order's upon us,
Who fuckin' wants us? Dead.
Your choice, your voice, your noise to make,
'Fore they take away your toys...

... Enough dirt on you to murder you,
This is what the fuck I do,
Death to the New World Order..."

- "Death to the New World Order", Black Krishna (Single)


Mainstream News: CNBC Admits That We Are All Slaves To The Central Banks


I spent my Saturday casually soliciting donations as a philosopher and performance artist after hopping up on an 8 foot tall grey municipal utilities box a block north of Dundas on the east side of Yonge Street. I was there for about 8 hours coming and going with a small poster with my What You Want To Believe In Dot Com website name and a small Tim Hortons box suggesting that if people like the advice they should donate. While nobody did, lots of people said hello and a few took my picture or took pictures with me, so I guess that's something. I was mixing some speaking with some singing and rapping and conveying the meaning of music to me and possibly to others as not just entertaining but inspirational. I also noticed hardly any stalking or needy and creepy behaviour going on among the thousands of people passing by. I call that progress.

People were reacting well to the performance as they have for a year, or someone putting themselves out there to help people relax and get along. Coldplay works especially well in a fairly white city and country as multi-million selling recording artists; Guns'n'Roses classics pull on heartstrings; Drake and other hip hop have an effect and much more. To see someone really trying feel and explain what our favourite artists were trying to say can help others do the same, or that appears to be the case. When people asked what I was doing I explained that I was a performance artist putting out good ideas that help people relax and get along better. Most found it reasonable. Women in particular react well to what is going on and have consistently, with many acting like it is a movie and doing their part to convey the meaning of what I am saying to others.


"I knew the storm was getting closer,
And all my friends said I was high,
But everything we've ever known's here,
I never wanted it to die..."

- Guns'n'Roses, "Estranged", (Use Your Illusion II)


Guns'n'Roses - Estranged


While being confident and brash enough to inspire others to, I try to remain polite, especially during formal communications. When a cop car came by and a big white cop asked what I was doing, I explained that I was okay and he sternly warned me to be careful but let me stay. When a black male and asian female cop came by on foot to consider getting me down from my perch, she was leaning towards it, but he accepted that I could handle it and said "Alright, but if you fall, don't call!" which I agreed to. When two other white male cops came by on foot I explained that I had spoken with other cops and described them and they let me stay. Finally, just before 11 pm, a frazzled young, black and female security guard came by and angrily demanded I come down. While I explained that I had spoken to the cops and been fine all day, she insisted.

This really irritated me since I knew it was a gender issue and that she, like other ladies, was simply seeing things from her perspective without respecting mine. Some old ladies had walked by and upon seeing me up there had said "You can't do that!" to which I sometimes responded "No - you can't do that, I am a man and I can" because I am more physically capable of climbing a big box, fence, tree or anything else. Maybe the women thought it was too dangerous for me to be up there, but I think many men figured that if I could do it they could do it, so it really wasn't. Another thing I brought up is since the men locally began feeling more empowered, more have stopped acting like girls and jealously stalking girls like ugly chicks who stalk hotter ones to catch a tan off their sunshine. This is important and helps make much of what I say more acceptable.

At the core of this general empowerment strategy is having both sexes win the "Battle of the Sexes" which is a stupid thing to have in the first place. I also mentioned that once men recognize their physical superiority over women they would relax and take a more protective attitude so women can relax more. Men will be less likely to push and shove and ignore them in the streets and subways and recognize that women naturally walk slower and sexier so as not to rush them off the road; unless they are really going too self-indulgently slow and screwing around. Unless men are part of the show and directed to admire women going slow they can be annoying; but for the most part their cute and clumsy traffic jams are avoidable and if men do a good job they will be invited to appreciate them. This sounds simple and possibly sexist; but it's effective and sexy.

Social physics principles are generally reflective of historical ones that have worked for thousands of years, including religious and secular ones. Most of the best relate how to live a good life and get along better with others and the ones I have been publicly espousing over the last year are working based on the response. Municipalities often do traffic studies and so do I, or I notice how people are generally treating each other better. When I briefly went back to the area and Eaton Centre on Sunday dressed down and bummy instead of my Saturday spiff, I didn't say anything at all. I just casually acknowledged all of the people saying hello to me while turning my big turtle-shell backpack towards anybody that ran at me all nervous like it is a football game. Most people can see how annoying it is to have that happen and it seems to be slowing down too.


"No more stupid, pointless, gender-struggle,
'Cause I don't want my people to be, in so much trouble,
Soon we'll find out who is, the real revolutionary,
'Cause I don't want my people to be, contrary,

And brother you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right,
You're, so right,
We gon' fight, (we gon' fight!), we gotta fight, (we gon' fight!), we gotta fight,
Fighting for our rights,
Mash it up, in a big loud way (big loud way!)
Canada a-liberate, big loud way..."

- Paraphrasing Bob Marley, "Zimbabwe", (Survival)


Anyway. As the all-purpose calm-down and forget about it entreaty goes. Relax.

I really think we can do this. I just need to be able to get enough money to continue.

This is why I am soliciting anonymous donations. Then nobody has to commit to get it.

Hence, my customary refrain. If this happens, then great. Otherwise I will have to give up.

What choice do I have? In this system the more truth you tell the less money you can make.

So, I gambled and hopefully will receive enough donations to say what the people need to hear.

Of course I can act normal. I just don't want crazy stuff to be normal. That's why I act up too. Seen?


"Complain about the gloom but, when’d you pick a broom up?
Just listening to Pac, ain't gone make it stop,
A rebel in your thoughts, ain't gon make it out,
If you don’t become an actor, you’ll never be a factor...

... I think that all the silence, is worse than all the violence,
Fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it,
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth,
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you,
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to,
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you,
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few,
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally getting through...

It’s so loud Inside my head
With words that I should have said!
As I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said..."

- Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey, "Words I Never Said", (Lasers)


Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey


Donation Option

Helping people out as a performance artist who shares good relationship advice with lots of people at once so they all see each other and feel empowered enough to use it is working and hundreds a day casually say hello. With no hat to receive money, people can simply donate anonymously to say thanks.

Patrons of the arts have been around for centuries and today people donate to support independent artists finishing albums and more. As someone who has positively influenced our culture by putting ideas out that clearly help lots of men and women relax and get along better, I truly appreciate your support.

Please feel free to visit any TD Bank to deposit any amount of money to help me continue to help people this way. Besides this option, see others below.

TD Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898