Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Planacea

Who's the man, with the master plan,
Who's the man?
Who's the man?

- "Who's The Man?", Everlast, House of Pain

What's more important: you or your plan?

What happens to you: if your plan doesn't work?

What are you left with: you or your plan?

What is a plan: without you?


I've heard a million white whales'n'fatalistic tales, a million limits, a million dreams... and a million more will come and be gone, like ashes and dust, like all of us.


Not necessarily...

The planergy you get from a planacea is plantiful, plan for it, it's Planology 101. The plan-erapy is plan-easurable, and can be plan-easured in plan-appiness.

Think singing on plantations was easy?

Yo guy! Can't smile in a suit and tie?

That's it, I'm outta here!
- Homer Simpson

The Big Picture with a Big TV and Big House and Big SUV and Big Spouse and Biggie Bumpin' on Big Speakers is a Big Deal...

I know, I'm down for the ride myself.


The Big Deal is with Big Moves and Big Meals slowing Big Proves and Big Fears showing Big Falls and Big Tears instead of Big....

So, what's the point?

To anoint the plan King is madness, to worship the rule of flaw is to worship future over present. To appoint you Trojan-Extra-Large-in-charge is to see the plan and see The Man, in the palm of your hand. What are you doing, where are you going, are you enjoying your girl or boy'ing?

The Plan is... YES! :-)

The Plan is...

Tomorrow will be great, today is great; tomorrow will be great, today is great; tomorrow will be... today will be... everyday will be... every way will be...

It ain't a shortcut, it's makin' the long-cut more than a pain in the butt.

Got a Project (Chick?), Got a Project (Rick?), don't project slick or sick, rock clique 2 c if u click...

The Jobby-Job will Robby-Rob, can't be a slob as temples throb, can't see the jog as a slog, can't grab the dog headin' for the bog...

It ain't easy makin' it not easy, but it ain't easy makin' it easy once it's not easy...

It's so easy, when everybody's tryin' to please me...
- "It's So Easy", Axl Rose, Guns'n'Roses

But, if they're not, well... I guess you have to pleasure yourself.

Plan is to see the plan as planned, plan is to be The Planned. But, planning can only plan the plan, the plan is to plan for the plan but The Man always has to be The Man even when The Plan always looks like The Plan.

Plan on it.



Or if you prefer, f'shizzle my bizzle, g'wan resuuch! ya plan-izzle...