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Supreme Court upholds no-knock police search (Associated Press /

Associated Press /

Supreme Court upholds no-knock police search

AP | June 16 2006

The Supreme Court made it easier today for police to barge into homes and seize evidence without knocking or waiting, a sign of the court's new conservatism with Samuel Alito on board.

The court, on a 5-4 vote, said judges cannot throw out evidence collected by police who have search warrants but do not properly announce their arrival.

It was a significant rollback of earlier rulings protective of homeowners, even unsympathetic homeowners such as Booker Hudson, who had a loaded gun next to him and cocaine rocks in his pocket when Detroit police entered his unlocked home in 1998 without knocking.

The court's five-member conservative majority, anchored by new Chief Justice John Roberts and Alito, said police blunders should not result in "a get out of jail free card" for defendants.

Dissenting justices predicted police will now feel free to ignore previous court rulings requiring officers with search warrants to knock and announce themselves to avoid running afoul of the Constitution's Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches.

"The knock-and-announce rule is dead in the United States," said David Moran, a Wayne State University professor who represented Hudson. "There are going to be a lot more doors knocked down. There are going to be a lot more people terrified and humiliated."

Supporters said the ruling will help police do their jobs.

"People who are caught red-handed with evidence of guilt have one less weapon to get off," said Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.

The case provides the clearest sign yet of the court without Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Hudson had lost his case in a Michigan appeals court. Justices agreed to hear his appeal last June, four days before O'Connor's surprise announcement that she was retiring.

O'Connor was still on the bench in January when his case was first argued, and she seemed ready to vote with Hudson.

"Is there no policy of protecting the homeowner a little bit and the sanctity of the home from this immediate entry?" she asked.

She retired before the case was decided, and a new argument was held this spring so Alito could participate, apparently to break a 4-4 tie.





Peace by pointing out patriots...



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Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

Friday, June 16, 2006

"shure meng, most of the logic for denying the value of investigative journalism outside of the mainstream media has been pretty shitty..."

shure meng, most of the logic for denying the value of investigative journalism outside of the mainstream media has been pretty shitty, and it doesn't stand upon examination. even the mainstream media knows that, and that's why they rarely discuss "conspiracy theory": it shows how shitty a job they're doing. when they do discuss it, like with the Bilderbergers, all of a sudden they (finally!!!) have to acknowledge that the people that actually bothered looking into it further - a novel thought in today's lazy press world of copy'n'pasting from wire services, actually found valuable information now desperately needed for any decent mainstream news stories at all.


but of course.

in fact, all good journalism is conspiracy theory confirmed, and all we seem to have today is bad journalism.

we all complain the media lies, and yet when someone breaks it down analytically we don't buy it.

yes we're acting like sheep.

yes this is baaaad...

of course, in today's "i have a right to my opinion!" world where people can proudly and defiantly proclaim their willful ignorance, and where the "right" to an opinion is stressed over improving it - a phenomenal Right-Wing media tactic that turns their flock into, well... sheep.

it's easy to simply make everything binary: they say this, the other side says that, they both have a point, that's that, okay what's next.

this lack of applied constructive criticism is part of the problem, and since the media doesn't do it for us, we've stopped too. i'm not saying they don't criticize, i'm saying that those criticisms are not nearly ACCURATE enough in a world where we've drafter the Geneva Conventions, and where we know the various causes and effects of war, pollution, corruption, etc., and our repetition of the same useless crap to try and sound smart is just dumbing us down...

i highly recommend you taking an incredibly enjoyable hour and spending it with Jon Stewart on C-SPAN, he brilliantly breaks down the paradigm in a variety of ways, i've seen it several times, and if you're a fan of the show i'm sure you'll be a fan of the mind behind it...

(if the link doesn't work, just do a search on him at the CSPAN site, or go to

incidentally, the alex jones show won't play no mo'. i heard a minit 20 minits ago, and now the various streams are dead air - still streaming, but with no sounds. [Ed note: the next day it was working, and he has a dozen streams'n'backup streams to compensate] the fact that the govt and much of the corporate media IGNORES him or shits on him is proof enough for me that he's on to something: criticism is one thing, sabotage and denial is another. there's tonnes of examples of this - including techies who've posted the details various back-end attacks, and rummy even said he the military was planning cyber-attacks on blogs and other sources of "disinformation" - and this from the guy who said: "we know saddam has WMD's... they're in tikrit, and north, south, east, west... everywhere!"

the echo-effect of the shoot-the-messenger mentality is keeping us from learning some very valuable information about the world. you may not like his NWO/Moloch/Illuminati angles, but as an aggregator of MAINSTREAM NEWS stories about our deteriorating world - which was what i first got into - his role as a check on fascism is priceless. no matter what you say about his other beliefs - some of which were totally validated by the mainstream news needing him to help cover Bilderberg - or they would never have heard about it - you can't call him a liar for copying and/or linking to a Chicago Tribune article that says Halliburton got a $400 million contract from FEMA to build detentions camps in the United States.

you. just. can't.

so. don't.



kool meng, sorry to start shit, and i'm glad you deaded it sensibly and compassionately.

(uh-oh, here i go again, no need to respond, to be perfectly honest, with all the constipated info back up in my brain and a relative silence about this stuff in various circles, every time i get to talk a little shit it's cathartic... :)

basically, after dickin' around and kickin' it with the homiez and my shortie perhaps a bit too much - i do lovez me fun and my chickie wuz da bomb, plus i'm constantly re-securing my tightest peeps to operate independently and risk losing a lot of friends, this fuckin' terror shit showed up, and it's scaring the shit out of me for completely different reasons than most.

it's an odd position to be in as someone who's watched the U.S. like a human zoo from the safe TV set that is Canada - and i've seen a shitload of stuff from across the spectrum of opinion, such as CNN using their "Situation Room" to justify "What must President Bush say in tonite's speech to make everything okay?" - and then telling us how to react positively to whatever garbage he'll temporarily sell us before it's proven a lie in a few weeks. having seen how fear panicked the animals into confusion, anger and finger-pointing while the most powerful institutions around them encouraged it, i'm worried about our great country and our collective response to this threat. whether it's real or imagined, i'd prefer (like most) that our response be sensible enough to preserve the good aspects of our society, and keep us moving forward.

so, i'm'a start some shit to get us thinkin' about more shit, i've been training for this for a while so it's no biggie, and it ain't like you won't know how i feel - i'm'a leave thousands of words and dozens of songs for ya!

besides, y'all know i gotta flip it up to keep me interested, and hell - i'm the only artist i know who's footnoted his career in advance... ;)


Peace by playin' a playa to win...



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P.S. Watch "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" on Google Video!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

BONUS: Columbine vs. Columbine = Mainstreams Gettin' Crossed...

Yahoo! News - TODAY

Columbine memorial ceremony draws hundreds

Associated Press Writers Fri Jun 16, 7:44 PM ET

LITTLETON, Colo. - Seven years after the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, hundreds of people joined former President Clinton on Friday for the ceremonial groundbreaking of a memorial honoring the 13 people slain at Columbine High School.

"We're here because we love them. We're here to honor them. We're here to remember them, this day and every day hereafter," said Dawn Anna, the mother of slain student Lauren Townsend. "We're here as a family and as a community that's been through the darkest of days and is coming through to the light."

Clinton, who was here in 2004 for a similar fundraiser, drew cheers when he said he would donate $50,000 to the $1.5 million project. About $300,000 is still needed to pay for the monument to the 12 students and teacher shot to death by suicidal classmates Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

"I am here today because millions of Americans were changed by Columbine. It was one of the darkest days Hillary and I had in the White House," Clinton said. "This memorial is not only so you don't forget the people you love, but through your lives you honor theirs."

Clinton gave his brief speech as a crowd estimated by organizers at about 2,000 people huddled under umbrellas through a light rainstorm. At times, speakers paused as thunder rolled across the suburban Denver park.

Anna read the victims' names and asked the crowd to remember April 20, 1999.

"Remember the love? Remember the unity? Not just in this community, but in the nation and throughout the world?" she asked. "Remember the horror? Remember how broken your heart felt, that emptiness, that hollow and helpless feeling, pain seared so deeply that it seemed it never wanted to go away?"

The memorial, she said, will always be a place to reflect how everyone's lives changed because of Columbine — and to better know those who were lost that day. The site is on Rebel Hill, about 500 yards from the school.

"This is kind of hallowed ground to us and to the students," said Gary Radtke, whose son was taught by Dave Sanders, the slain teacher. "This is where everybody came to grieve after the shootings. We've been waiting for seven years, after all the makeshift memorials, for a permanent one."

Construction was delayed because parents worked to raze the school library where most of the victims were killed. Then almost two years passed before everyone agreed on the memorial's scope and design.

The economic downturn following the Sept. 11 attacks forced the project to be scaled down from $2.5 million to $1.5 million.

The memorial will include a water fountain, an inner Ring of Remembrance and an outer Ring of Healing. There will be one station for each of the victims, and the words of those killed. Messages from their families will be engraved on the outer ring.

Among those in the crowd was Patricia Nielson, an art teacher who was wounded in the attack and huddled under a desk as the killers executed their classmates in the library.

Nielson said she was impressed Clinton has made two visits to Colorado to help.

"I think it will really help us heal," she said.


On the Net:

Columbine Memorial:

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Questions Linger for Columbine Parents

Fox News | April 20 2004

LITTLETON, Colo. — For nearly five years, unsettling details have trickled out from dusty file cabinets and evidence vaults about just how much authorities and others knew before Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold slaughtered 12 classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School.

Misplaced police reports, prophetic videos made by the killers at the school itself, a father's secret journal, a Web site and essay promising death — families of the victims say the warning signs were clear.

"How many times have we heard this was everything, only for something else to come out?" asked Dawn Anna, mother of murdered student Lauren Townsend (search). "The first time we heard that was back in 1999."

Some 30,000 documents in the case have been released over the years and 10,418 pieces of evidence ranging from a tooth fragment to propane tanks were put on public display this year.

Local authorities, the school district, a state commission and the Colorado attorney general have all investigated, but the question remains: Why didn't someone — a parent, a sheriff's deputy, a teacher, a fellow student — step in before the suicidal gunmen went on their rampage?

Victims' families have tried to get answers: Some sued the sheriff's department, the school district and the parents of the killers. They won damages, but a federal judge sealed many records.

At the heart of most questions is the Jefferson County (search) Sheriff's Office, which responded to the massacre and led the official investigation. Its track record is spotty at best.

After the shootings, sheriff's officials downplayed tips about Harris making death threats — even though they relied on them to get a search warrant for his home hours after the bloodshed.

Randy and Judy Brown, whose sons were threatened by Harris, made several attempts to get the sheriff's department to investigate.

The tips started in 1997, when one of the Browns' two sons gave a deputy a printout of a Web site in which Harris boasted of going on nighttime missions with Klebold, firing weapons and vandalizing property.

The Web site later included boasts by Harris and Klebold about building pipe bombs and referred to "ground zero."

The tip was forwarded to former sheriff's investigator John Hicks (search). A warrant was drafted to search the Harris home, but it was never executed. A report by Hicks was found tucked inside a training manual just six months ago, a stunning revelation that prompted new Sheriff Ted Mink to ask Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar to investigate.

Salazar said he found no negligence by the sheriff's department, though he found at least 15 instances of contact between law enforcement and one or both of the killers.

Other warning signs included violent videos made by Harris and Klebold for a class project and an essay by Klebold in another class describing a Columbine-like slaying of "preps." In one video project five months before the rampage, the two stalk through Columbine itself, offering hit man services to classmates tired of being bullied.

Harris and Klebold were arrested for a break-in a year before the attack, but parole officers were never told about the death threats tied to the teens. Both completed probation and were deemed to be likely candidates for success as adults.

"There was overwhelming evidence. Columbine should have been prevented," said Brian Rohrbough, whose son, Daniel, was one of the first to die. "We cannot turn back the hands of time, but we can put all this information out on the table. ... We can make this an example of what went wrong so that we can prevent it from happening again."

Most excruciating for some of those seeking answers is the fact that some information is being kept secret. The Harris and Klebold families were forced to give depositions to settle a lawsuit, but what they said remains sealed.

Joe Kechter, whose son, Matt, died at Columbine, said the lawsuit was settled because families were running out of money to fight the insurance companies whose homeowners' policies covered the Klebolds and Harrises.

"I hope some day the Klebolds and Harrises agree to get this information out so it can save other kids lives in the future," Kechter said. "I am doing this in respect of my son. I feel the police and the whole system let him down that day. I am not going to let him down."

The school district's investigation also remains confidential because officials say its release would violate attorney-client privilege. Salazar's investigation remains open, though family members don't expect big news from the new U.S. Senate candidate.

"I really don't think we are going to get any more answers," said Al Velasquez, whose son, Kyle, was among those killed.


The Boston Globe / Prison - TODAY

N.Y. report denounces shock use at school

Scott Allen / Boston Globe | June 15 2006

New York education officials issued a scathing report yesterday on a Massachusetts school that punishes troubled and disabled students with electric shocks, finding that they can be shocked for simply nagging the teacher and that some are forced to wear shock devices in the bathtub or shower, posing an electrocution hazard.

The report, based in part on an inspection last month of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, portrayed a school in which most staff lack training to handle the students and seem more focused on punishing bad behavior than encouraging good acts.

The investigators said some forms of discipline, such as a device that delivers shocks at timed intervals, appear to violate federal safety regulations, and students live in an atmosphere of ``pervasive fears and anxieties."

The report, denounced by Rotenberg officials as biased, is expected to play a key role next Monday when education regulators in New York are scheduled to vote on whether to severely restrict the use of painful punishment on students from New York.

Two-thirds of Rotenberg's students are sent from New York. The inspectors said they had notified officials in Massachusetts and at the US Food and Drug Administration about possible violations of state and federal safety rules.

There have been increasing allegations of abuse at the Rotenberg Center in recent months.

They include several assertions that students have been badly burned by the shock devices, known as graduated electronic decelerators. The Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission has received 22 allegations of abuse at the school since January, including 12 that involve injuries. Rotenberg officials have steadfastly denied the charges, but commission officials say that at least two have been substantiated.

Yesterday, a lawyer for the school, Michael Flammia, said the New York report grossly distorts what goes on at the school, which is often used as a place of last resort for students with autism, mental retardation, or behavioral problems. School districts in several states, including Massachusetts, refer students to Rotenberg after other methods to control their behavior, such as hospitalization or drugs, have failed.

The school has about 250 students, about half of whom wear electric shock devices that teachers can activate around the clock.

``These findings are completely false. They are the product of a biased review team sent by the New York State Education Department for the specific purpose of making derogatory findings" about the center, said Flammia, who denied that students are forced to wear shock devices in the shower.

He also said that New York officials are mistaken in asserting that the school is violating FDA or Massachusetts rules.

Flammia noted that New York inspectors had given the Judge Rotenberg Center high marks for safety last September, but he believes they turned against the school after the publicity surrounding a lawsuit filed this spring by the mother of a New York student.

Some parents of Rotenberg students rallied behind the school, as they have in the past, saying that most people don't understand how serious their children's problems are. The school, which costs states and school districts more than $200,000 a year per student, helps students who have failed everywhere else, they say, and turns to shocks and other punishments only if less painful methods fail.

``This school has saved my daughter's life," said Marcia Shear of Long Island, whose 13-year-old daughter, Samantha, used to punch herself in the head so often that she detached both retinas.

After she received a few high-level shocks, Shear said, the self-abuse stopped. ``I am livid at these people and pieces of garbage who think they know what they're doing. Let them come and sit with my child and go through what I've gone through for 11 years."

The 26-page New York report intensified a debate over the Judge Rotenberg Center's methods that has gone on for much of its 35 years. The latest controversy began in March, when Evelyn Nicholson of Freeport, N.Y., went public with a charge that her son, Antwone, had been mistreated at the school, where he was shocked 79 times over 1 1/2 years. She initially consented to the procedure to curb her son's aggressive behavior, but said she changed her mind after Antwone became increasingly desperate to get away.

``There's no education in what's happening here," said Ken Mollins , a lawyer representing the Nicholson family, which is suing New York for $10 million. ``The head of this institution calls this therapy. I think this is more like a domestic torture chamber."

The New York inspectors found that more than two-thirds of the direct-care providers at the Rotenberg Center have completed only a high school education, which they said ``in many cases . . . is not sufficient to oversee the intensive treatment of children with challenging emotional and behavioral problems."

They also noted that only six of the 17 clinicians who oversee mental-health care at the school have a license in psychology.

The inspectors said the school appeared to violate FDA regulations in several ways, including a policy that allows the parents of students to administer shocks to students after only minimal training. The New York report also said that the school appears to violate Massachusetts regulations that allow painful punishments only for ``extraordinarily difficult or dangerous behavioral problems," noting that they witnessed one student who was threatened with a shock after sneezing in class. School officials said no shock had been given in this case.

Finally, the report raised concerns about students' nutrition because the Judge Rotenberg Center withholds food as a punishment. The report found that one New York student was in a program where he could be denied up to 25 percent of his normal food intake.

New York Deputy Education Commissioner Rebecca Cort said the report painted a much darker picture of the Rotenberg Center than last year's review, because the state took a more in-depth look, including a surprise inspection that showed the school's practices are a lot different from written treatment plans for students.

Rotenberg's Flammia said the school was never given a chance to review the report before it was made public and he said the school would demand a fair chance to respond. He warned that if New York students are denied access to the Rotenberg Center, the state could be sued by parents of children who hurt themselves as a result.

Supporters of a bill in the Massachusetts Legislature to ban the use of electric shocks on students said they hoped the New York report would give new momentum to their efforts to force the school to change its methods or close. A proposed ban was written into the state budget passed by the Senate, but the House of Representatives has not taken a position.

``It's troubling that it's necessary for New York officials to point out the violations of Massachusetts law taking place at this facility," said state Senator Brian Joyce, the Milton Democrat who has led the effort to ban electric shock.










Oh yeah, and if you open a Notepad document and type in:

bush hid the facts

in lower case letters, then save it, then try and open it, there's nothing but chinese character squares there. Check it out yourself, I know you've probably seen stuff like this before, but I didn't care, it's always kinda neat! :P

RAW Story /

Newly released emails suggest Army Corps lied about Cheney role in Halliburton contract

Avery Walker / Raw Story | June 16 2006

New documents obtained by a conservative watchdog group suggest that the US Army Corp of Engineers may have publicly lied regarding the involvement of the Vice President's office in awarding a 2003 multi-billion dollar, no-bid contract to Kellogg Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, RAW STORY has learned.

RAW STORY has obtained a copy of the emails, which were acquired by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.

The newly released emails show the Army Corps attempting to deflect attention from Cheney's office by distributing talking points that would mask Cheney's purported role. The Corps could not immediately be reached for comment.

Among the 100 pages of newly-obtained documents is an 2003 email in which Army Corps official Carol Sanders writes, "Mr. Robert Andersen, Chief Counsel, USACE, participated in a 60 Minutes interview today in New York regarding the sole source award of the oil response contract to Kellogg, Brown and Root... [Andersen] was able to make many of the points we had planned."

Sanders subsequently provided sound bites from the interview, including, "There was no contact whatsoever (with the VP office)."

This directly contradicts another email uncovered by Judicial Watch in 2004.

That email, dated in March of 2003 was sent by an official of the Army Corps whose name was redacted. It stated, "We anticipate no issue (with the KBR deal) since the action has been coordinated w [sic] VP's office."

The Army had earlier refused to hand over the documents. U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo M. Urbina released them after the group sued, arguing that they were being improperly exempted from the Freedom of Information Act.

Noting Vice President Cheney's prior relationship to Halliburton, Judicial Watch had filed its original FOIA request to obtain documents pertaining to the lucrative no-bid contract.

The vice president's associations with Halliburton "raise concerns about the appearance of a conflict of interest or favoritism," Judicial Watch argued, "particularly since the contract was awarded to KBR without a bidding process and because the contract was not announced to the public until after it was approved."

"The US district judicial court judge had to get personally involved and look at these documents in private before they could be released," a Judicial Watch employee told RAW STORY.

"And what the judge said when he saw them was, 'turn them over,'" the staffer added. "They were abusing the FOIA process -- embarrassment is not sufficient cause for exemption."

The Cheney contradiction is not the only cause for embarrassment in the documents.

One email, for example, includes a frank admission by an Army Corps of Engineer official: "I am copying you on this crap since I honestly believe the competitive procurement will never happen."






Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Ex-Laxing Poetic is a lot more fun when I'm sure this damn blogcrack is working... I can't get high no more! I'm chasing the dragon! Ahhhh!!!"

Oh well, let's see if this pops something out.

And, if you haven't seen much about this movie set 7 years in the future by the director of "Dazed and Confused", "School of Rock" and "Waking Life", Richard Linklater, and starring Keanu "The Matrix" Reeves, Winona "Reality Bites" Ryder, Robert "Ally McBeal" Downey Jr., Woody "White Men Can't Jump" Harrelson, and Alex "9/11 is a big f--king lie!" Jones, well... that's probably because somebody doesn't want you to.

And, you should probably tell them to go f--k themselves.


Peace by praying we get it...



Black Krishna Brand

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P.S. Watch "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" on Google Video!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

BONUS: More Verbal Photoshop...

people know homie. that's my point, and always has been.

and, those in the press that know they know are speaking up and letting us know who they are, as many members of the press are as scared of everything happening incredibly fast as i am: "terror" is now the main driver of both our domestic and foreign policy, and that's just wrong.

we all know more than we're allowed to say at work, journalism is no different, and yet people are now risking their jobs and lives more than ever to expose the truth before this fake "terror" crap scares us into fascism.

(see: the fact that we've finally heard of "The Bilderberg Group", as about half of Ottawan's i surveyed had.)

this is great news, and i hope it's not too late, but they're they're finally (finally!!!) citing those who know the truth - e.g. those who've investigated it extensively - as opposed to letting a secret meeting of the 130 most powerful people in the world to explicitly discuss policy in secret for the last 50 years go irresponsibly ignored, and simply left a:

"Well... I guess no one knows. And really, who cares!"

that's why these sources are cited now after 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of ignoring them: the most powerful people in the world are pissed at us finding out about their massive corruption and trading on insider information (they help set the year's agenda), and decisions that have resulted in 3 billion people living on less than
$2 a day while they've grown exponentially richer and more powerful.

so, they're using "terror" to shut us up, shut us down, and take away the internet, and we're being brainwashed like the 50 million Germans were into attacking the Jews at home and Poland abroad...

check my blog for deets...

regardless of which humans are valuable and which ones aren't in the grand scheme of things, certain humans have investigated this, and didn't just leave the biggest questions about the biggest decision-makers in the entire world hanging as conspiratorial unknowns.

wow, what an amazing tactic to justify that.

i still can't believe it's working, and at this point it just disgusts me how evil they've been...

lots of people know they know, and that's why alex jones got a massive headshot in sunday's Ottawa Citizen with the headline 'We know they are evil...', and this is from a normal paper full of that fake terror crap too. this was also after he was detained, threatened, searched and almost thrown in jail on Bilderberg orders for 15 hours by Canadian Immigration, and only released when the CBC and Ottawa Sun showed up and said he's a credible journalist - please, let him go.

james tucker has been on it for 30 years, he knows the score, he has friends on the
inside who leak, and that's how we find out where the meetings are and elements of their agenda - and the lists of attendees (

daniel estulin does too, he's been on it for 13 years, and his book on them called "Club Bild" is an international bestseller available in 27 languages, but not... wait for it... in English.

there was riots in Venezuela when the book dropped there, and hell - if the mofo go all Davinci on us, then there be riots 'round here too...

so yeah, whatever this polemic does to our friendship doesn't matter.

i'm sorry, but it really doesn't.

they're already framing and torturing people here while taking away their attorney-client privilege - e.g. their ability to complain about it without risking being tortured further. we've been trained to ignore people who examine hidden root causes of massive problems - or inevitably, "conspiracies", which exist in the hundreds of thousands, and that nonsense needs to be un-learned.

i've never seen a more vigorous defence of willful ignorance among friends in my lifetime than at this point in history - and this is from the "X-Files Generation"?

we're like the fucking hippies who gave up and sold out and hated everything they stood for, and we're now paying for their debts...

in general, it's just sad how we've been brainwashed into ignoring fellow humans desperately trying to tell us something - especially after 9/11, and Bush's November 2001 speech before the U.N. where he said:

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."

that was a clear message to the world that this is how you need to play it to deal with us, which also still played heavily on the significant sympathy card they were holding.

for now, they're (conspiracy theorists) are merely a confused and useless nuisance. in the future, they'll be "terrorists" - or aiders and abettors of the same, and i'm already feeling the heat and looking to cover my ass. the blog helps, as while i've recently been accused of supporting Islamo-Fascism for my "this terror is fucking bullshit!!!" beliefs, in the 100,000+ words i've written there's no evidence of that.

so, the stuff's finally floated into the mainstream in a major way, and a simple Google News search will confirm it before it's Orwellized - i strongly recommend you take 10 minutes and celebrate the Canadian media's courage. if you don't believe it by now - even when it's in the mainstream news, then hey, ask why, and best of luck dealing with the answer...


p.s. sorry dood, i din't know it was gonna go here, but hey, it's just an email, and the RCIAMP and CIASIS can go fuck themselves if they don't like it...

we'll see how long i'm allowed say it...

"sometimes i scare people, without being scary, i feel like a black guy, i'm a brown canary..."

"The guard drilled his finger and knuckle into his cheek quite hard and he said 'Is this funny?'" (CTV News to choose not to lose...)

[Ed note: permission was granted to publish this by b-dizzle, b-real, and hell, b-somebody... worrrd...]

yo b-dizzle, good seein' you man, thanks for comin' thru and supporting my boy, i hope you had a good time. FYI - i pumped this off to my boyz and thought you might feel it, just some mo' ramblin' on my gamblin'... :-)


BONUS: Sneak Preview...

"Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions Present - The Most Dangerous Man In The World Is A Brown Guy With A Backpack - Coming Soon to a Theatre of War For Your Mind Near You!"

(intro hard voice)


It's on...


(flip it up)

C'mon everybody!

It's time to celebrate!

We know what's going on!

And we ain't gonna let it last long!


C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!

Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions!

C'mon! C'mon!


I see Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!
I mean, how did you buy?
The Big Scare?
When most of the Middle-East?
Wants to send their kids here?
For a college education,
And a lifestyle change,
Coming back with blue jeans,
And a brand new Range,
So outta the way!
Ya slowin' down the fast lane of progress,
Keep gettin' it messed,
We'll never get to the projects!
My messianic complex,
Is coming back with context,
Now it's no contest,
I'm calm, they' stressed...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 1:25


I'll never say that again...


Then again...

Why not?

See, back in the day,
When they thought, we had a way,
They spent all day,
Pointing us, the other way,
And everyone who say,
That it's gotta be this way,
Has gotta be dismayed,
When they see who's gettin' paid,
Who's lurkin' in the shade,
As "The Money Masters" made,
A killing off the Nazi's'n'Commies'n'weapons grade,
Now we steppin' to the plate with weapons home-made,
And we reppin' it for freedom in every single way,
And every single day we gotta say we're okay,
A mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it their way...

You's a mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it yo' way...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 2:29






Beware... (2:50)

I can see you over there/over here,
I overhear convos,
I overhear-fear, like-you-facin' Shaq and Alonzo,
My flow is so Gonzo,
Like Hunter S. Thom, so fear is what I loath,
I'd rather know who bombed those,
Towers, that fell, so easily,
While the government, acted, so sleazily,
What's keepin' it real to me,
Is having the guts to admit,
That since they still torture people,
We're in some deep...
Sit down and relax,
The media's got the facts,
But they're ignoring the Left,
Like they've been ignoring the Blacks,
That's why I write my little raps,
To help us out of Iraq,
So don't act like a Nazi,
'Cause they're already back...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 3:44

- Black Krishna, "Nazi's, Nazi's, Everywhere"

hey bk,

couldn't get back to ya sooner as i was attending at your old stomping grounds. yeah, i had good time wed. you know that i love the beats and it's refreshing to hear some witty lyrics on top of them. your track is fine but i had a difficult time trying to decipher what was actually being said given its sound quality. [NOTE: the song has only been recorded once on my MP3 player as soon as i finished it to quickly send it to the beat's producer before i had to bounce, it hasn't been to the studio and i haven't completely completed it yet - Ed.] maybe you'll fill in the blanks some time. on a more cautious note, be careful about readily tossing around a word that is so value-laden. it was good to see ya. keep in touch.


yo b-real,

thanks for the props, the lyrics and beat are at the bottom of this email string [See above - Ed.], as for caution... what can i say, there's enough Lefties being cautious when our chief target is torturing people, and that's enough for me to brand them "Nazi's" of our modern age.

i can't think of anything worse than being held and tortured for years without trial, so ta-daa, there be yer New (Neo?) Nazi's, and here be us nice lil' Germans trusting our torturing and war-mongering governments to save us...



glad that you provided the lyrics cuz i thought that i was listening to something else. knowing the true intention of your verse i agree. governments, with the complacent nod from their societies, are subjecting cats to some crazy treatment at a higher frequency and intensity then ever before. you're right about callin' a spade a spade. yet, i gotta wonder if we identify and critique the misguided foreign policy of democratically elected organs using history's loaded terms then how will the vile and truly evil elements in this supposed clash of civilizations capitalize and use such a label as "nazi" to only aggravate the situation in the discursive and ideological warfare? that being said, i dig what you're saying and am not trying to dissuade your critique. brothers gotta work it out and a sincere effort starts with wha'cha doing.


yo b-dillinjah,

i'm witcha meng - i want this to work, but as you suggested we've gotta call a spade a spade: they're acting like Nazi's.

and what's worse: so are we.

that's really my point, as the word "Nazi's" is so scary that we assume a nation of 40 million Germans (or whatever) were all completely evil. they weren't, they were just duped into supporting a completely evil government that scared the shit out of 'em. we're in that boat right now, as we're taking a people who we've allowed to be detained and tortured for years and demonizing them - which is easy when you've let them be detained and tortured for years.

so, cats'll say what they say, but i know f'shizzle that the same money and forces behind the last significant fascists are essentially "back". none of these forces can truly grow and succeed in a world where people want to generally act good and mind their own business without massive financial and institutional support, they're getting it, and we've got to figure that out and why.

it's cool man, i'm just not going to let any institutions tell me what words i can and cannot use - they're the same ones who say we shouldn't talk about politics or religion at a party. i've had some great convos at parties about the same, and frankly if more of us did in that relaxed and convivial a setting we could probably realize more solutions and work to implement them - or demand our leaders do. right now it's just "watch the news for an hour at 6pm" or "check your Yahoo! News" and then shut the hell up - it's just not polite to discuss it and put anyone else in a bad mood - the world's just that messed up.

hey, what can i say, i see nazi's, nazi's, everywhere... ;-)


p.s. let me know if i can blog this exchange, i'm emailing a lot and it's an either or with limited time, and i like both your question and my answer. you can pick an alias (or nickname) or i can think of one for you, let me know, i'm easy either way and have a massive convo with Corialanus coming up...


you are digging for some gems while simultaneously entertaining a topic that could get you burnt. and i don't mean officially by any government. nor am i referring to a violent climax. this one is much more entrenched and systematic, which makes it all the more painful.

as you tread through this swamp asking your questions, remember a few things. were the "zonder commandos" just as "duped" as the blond and blue-eyed german outside the walls or were they exploiting the situation for their own personal self-interest (breathing and status) irrespective of some higher, lofty principles of brotherhood, etc...? what about those on the town councils who aided their brethren expeditiously to the chambers only to denounce others for doing the same after 1945? but you can't muse about this jazz out loud and still expect to hold your position or get that promotion. they have better weapons in this modern age. it's the art of "character

" i know f'shizzle that the same money and forces behind the last significant fascists are essentially "back".

man, these forces never left. they merely mutated to fit the new surroundings and norms, practicing their art to protect themselves. without their own home they wandered about infiltrating those of others. even a new deity was established that the indigenous could worship, the mighty market. when the owners of the house began to recognize that they were getting screwed in their own home by the guests they invited in, the visitors decided to change course. the maneuver required a 180 but that was sufficient to keep to hosts subservient for long. hey, of course some benefited from the positive spillover effects that transitions bring. but at what cost?

"none of these forces can truly grow and succeed in a world where people want to generally act good and mind their own business without massive financial and institutional support, they're getting it, and we've got to figure that out and why."

damn skippy! but whose going to bite the hand that feeds them for this elusive thing called the truth? if you got a mortgage to pay and 3 mouths to feed are you going to risk being a hero? and for what? so this huge machine, which has honed its art for centuries, can label you with ufo or jfk junkies? sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.


p.s. sure, if you wanna post this go ahead. just give me some wicked alias.

[b-dot - Ed.] connecting all the dots, i guess my take on this issue of unlawful detainments and preposterous propaganda is that lurking behind the southern, texan drawl is a very powerful lobby group that is never completely internally cohesive but extermely so externally.

yo b-doggy dogg, you know it's funny, the excuses for inaction are far more developed than the ones for action, so basically i'm evening the score for everyone to choose from. with respect to the "cohesion" of secret groups, let's just say that our excuses for how they probably don't "cohese" are more developed than the ones that suggest they do - in oxymoronic proportion to the available facts. over the last 50 years these folks have been getting progressively richer and consolidating their wealth in mergers and acquisitions while 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day. this is sold as circumstance or inevitability, when in reality it's willful malice by a small group of people in control. we speak about the uber-rich being evil as obvious, and yet see the evidence as unbelievable.

on your previous email, i don't get most of the former, it sounds like you're working out a problem and haven't come to a solution yet. but, the end i get, and i agree - sometimes it is. for a while. but, according to congressman bernie ebbers (an independent), the average american is working longer hours for less wages than they did 25 years ago - and has absolutely no idea why.

so, it catches up to you.

and, in a time when the world is moving faster than ever, well, it's just gonna catch up faster than ever...

CTV News / Prison

Terror suspects subjected to 'torture' lawyers News | June 13 2006

A Brampton, Ontario justice of the peace has imposed a publication ban on the proceedings against 17 terror suspects, just hours after lawyers for the suspects said their clients endured "cruel and unusual punishment" behind bars which amounted to "torture."

"That torture includes being kept in a room that's lit 24 hours a day, being woken up every half-hour, being beaten by the guards, on and on and on," said lawyer Rocco Galati outside the court.

Lawyers for the suspects also seemed to believe that the publication ban comes too late.

"They want to close the restaurant after they've had the buffet," Galati told reporters.

He also said in the 48 hours after the arrests, a lot of the information in the case was released to the media.

Defence lawyer Arif Raza expressed a similar sentiment, saying he sees no need for a ban now that much of the information has been released to the public.

"Rather than have speculation in the press, I think that justice would be better served by accurately reporting what precisely had happened in the court rather than speculate," said Raza.

Ahmad Shehab, a Muslim counsellor, called it a "publication scam."

"If you accuse people you might as well show things, clear, transparent, due process, crystal clear evidence so the public could see," Shehab said outside the courthouse west of Toronto.

Lawyers for some of the terror suspects appeared outside of the court earlier to discuss their clients' jail stay.

David Kolinsky, lawyer for Zakaria Amara, said his client was pushed down by a guard, who shoved a finger into his cheek.

"My client (said) as he was being searched, the guard touched his ribs and he's ticklish. He giggled a bit and he was pinned down on the ground," Kolinsky told the swarm of reporters.

"The guard drilled his finger and knuckle into his cheek quite hard and he said 'Is this funny?'"

Galati, who represents 21-year-old Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, also alleged mistreatment.

He said the suspects have been forced to sit in a room with a light for 24 hours a day. They have also not been allowed outside for five days straight.

Galati said the men and youths have been subject to "unprecedented" treatment -- and that they have been declared guilty in public by not only Toronto's mayor and some Muslim community leaders, but also Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Within mere days of the arrests, the prime minister of Canada and the mayor of Toronto publicly declared the guilt of the accused," Galati said outside the courthouse.

Because of this, Galati questioned whether the accused can get a fair trial.

Lawyers have also argued that they are not getting the access to clients that they need.

Galati said he has been denied access to his client "because they are not willing to give access that is not monitored or overheard by guards, which is not acceptable to us as lawyers."


[NOTE: Okay, okay, okay. I have to say something here - and this is very, very important. Either the RCIAMP or CIASIS drove up with 3 tonnes of fertilizer and a warrant, and arrested 17 Muslim guys - many of them teenagers - who used to practice playing paintball and have no history of any crimes (or we would know as part of the propaganda) under the leadership of someone - who is unknown, when usually they love shouting out the "evil" leader of these Muslim Cults of Death: so why not now? Where's the quick ringleader? Why wasn't that among the first 10,000 pieces of information and evidence (and/or hearsay) they released on innocent (until proven guilty - an inevitability it seems...) Canadians and scaring the shit out of us anyway? Also, I don't know why the Skull and Bones "Cult of Death" with their historic "Order of the Death's Head" symbolism is any better, but I know for sure right now they're winning. Anyway, I would've been far less skeptical if the "terrorists" had FedEx'd for the fertilizer themselves, but hey, the next time a cop shows up at your cranky-dissentor house with a big bucket of crack and a warrant - well, you'll know the score. Besides, this makes it hella easier for your buddy to set you up if he's pressed - and there's lots of ways to get pressed - and either put in jail, put in the swamp, or paid off. Now he's just gotta tell the cops where you are. If they want to get you, they can just come on over with whatever they're holding - hell, they can take the gun out of their holster and point it at your head while arresting your for possessing it. And if it's bombs, your buddy (or Fake Muslim Scout Troop Leader) will say: "We wuz gonna blow something up!!! I swear!!!" Of course, you'll look shocked, and say: "What the hell are you talking about?" And the crooked cops - who are there to arrest your "terrorist" ass after threatening your buddy into fake snitching, will look at you like you're resisting arrest and beat your brains in while the worst of the media look away or justifies or minimizes it. Please let your cop friends know what's going on, we need them on our side, and just talk to the cops more in general - they're being turned into a paranoid occupying army, and we've got to remember they're fellow human beings and rescue them while they still have a stake (and homes and families!) in our cities. Who knows? They could stage another terrorist attack, then turn to the hundreds of military bases overseas where soldiers stationed sodomize savages for years - some trained at the (Torture!) "School of the America's", and bring them home to institute martial law on a place where they had no idea what was going on: "Hey, welcome home! We're happy to have you back! And, with absolutely no personal stake in the area you're patroling and the people you're destroying, hell - just do your job soldier, and beat that homeless guy - he used to be a lawyer you know! Ha! Beat him! Beat him like a raghead motherfucker!!!" For God's sakes talk to the soldiers too, they're being broken down by multiple tours and pointless missions that last for days, and being rebuilt as sociopaths who won't feel because if they do they'll cry. So, they'll take their anger over that repressed pain and beat your ass, and those "Support The Troops" banners you admire and respect aren't gonna mean crap to the 19 year old with no legs for no reason. And - oh yeah, right! What I really wanted to say was they're taking "attorney-client" privilege away - right now! If the media doesn't notice this flagrant violation of Canadian (and any sensible legal system's) laws that support the legal due processes we need to find the guilt or innocence of any Canadian citizen with any reasonable certainty in any other way than to mention it, well... we're all screwed if we don't figure it out. I know, I know, you'll never do anything wrong, so you'll never need it. Well, from the simple analysis of the situation offered up by the most reasonable members of the media, this whole thing is fishy anyway: they chose a target (Islamo-Fascists and/or anyone that looks too damned Islamic and is easy enough to brand an Islamo-Fascist in an increasingly racist society and in order to scare us into supporting full-blown fascism), and they're branding everyone who disagrees with them a sympathizer - it's just a marketing strategy, like how Paris Hilton sells perfume. So, if the government does anything you don't like in the near future - and believe me, they will, prepare to get accustomed to the idea that you have to think it's a good idea anyway. Oh yeah, and practice your "Heil Harper!", he was at The Bilderberg Group meeting in 2003, and appears to have said enough nice things for them to make him Prime Minister. So, all things considered considering all the things the Bilderberger's want, it may come in handy sooner than you think... - Ed.]

On Sunday, Raza -- who represents 19-year-old Saad Khalid -- said he has seen a significant improvement in his client's treatment in jail.

"I was actually able to meet him physically, not across a barrier," Raza told The Canadian Press after meeting with his client at the Maplehurst correctional facility in Milton, Ont.

"It's a far superior method of communicating with each other. The environment was much more friendly."

Raza said his client's father was also allowed to visit on the weekend, which made his client smile.

"At least now he has some human contact, which has definitely improved his appearance," Raza said.






Alex Jones' Bilderberg Report

Prison | June 13 2006

Click here to listen to the MP3 summary.


- Canadian immigration officials almost deported Alex's crew on the orders of Bilderberg until the media arrived.

- Agent provocateurs, one apparently operating on behalf of Queen Beatrix, were trying to stir up trouble and provoke peaceful protesters into becoming violent.

- One Dutch individual expressed his desire to kill Freemasons and attack the Bilderberg Group - yards away from police who were waiting to pounce if any of the peaceful protesters and independent media agreed.

- Police intimidated Alex's crew for parking in clearly permitted parking spaces and threatened to arrest them.

- Police attempted to remove protesters from what was shown to be public property.

- Alex was able to bullhorn the Bilderbergers - in his own words "crossing the line" and demanding their attention. Security were figuratively ripping their hair out and staring at Alex with total hatred as his screed loudly echoed across and bounced back off the buildings.

- After his experience Alex is more enlightened to the ultimate agenda of the new world order and he is more energized than ever to oppose it.

Further articles about the Bilderberg expose are coming this week.


Peace by passing it on now, or never...



Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy -

Music -


P.S. Watch "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" on Google Video!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

'We know you are evil...' ("Ottawa Citizen - Thank You!!! Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Our Rights..." :-)


Well, if this was a waste of time before, it's a hell of a waste of time now.

I mean, I don't even know if this will work.

Oh well, here goes nuthin'...

Honestly, no foolin' here, for the umpteen million words I've written I've only got one thing to say:

Why do you still trust these people or the reason they're still here?

Why do you trust what you read when it doesn't say they're evil?

Aren't they evil?

Isn't this evil?

Yahoo! News

U.S. distances itself from Gitmo remarks

By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer Mon Jun 12, 7:37 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration distanced itself Monday from remarks by a U.S. diplomat that the weekend suicides of three Arab detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison were a "good P.R. move."

"I would just point out in public that we would not say that it was a P.R. stunt," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, using the abbreviation for public relations. "We have serious concerns anytime anybody takes their own life."

Colleen Graffy, deputy assistant U.S. secretary of state for public diplomacy, told the British Broadcasting Corp. that the deaths at the U.S.-run camp in Cuba were a "good P.R. move to draw attention."

Graffy also told the BBC the deaths were "a tactic to further the jihadi cause."

Graffy's unscripted remarks threw a monkey wrench in the administration's careful plan to demonstrate concern over the deaths and respond to rising criticism of the U.S. operation of the prison.

Bush expressed "serious concern" Saturday over the suicides, and he directed an aggressive effort by his administration to reach out diplomatically while it investigates.

"He wants to make sure that this thing is done right from all points of view," White House press secretary Tony Snow said Saturday evening.

Graffy's boss, Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes, is charged with improving the U.S. image in the Arab world. The former White House communications adviser and longtime Bush aide heads an office at the State Department that monitors and quickly responds to inaccurate or distorted portrayals of U.S. views and actions in the Arab media.

Graffy's remarks were quickly picked up in the Arab press.

"Her comments quickly appeared to be bad P.R. moves for the U.S. administration,"
an article on the Web site of Lebanon's The Daily Star newspaper said.

Two Saudis and one Yemeni hanged themselves Saturday, the first successful suicides at the base after dozens of attempts.

Military officials said the suicides were coordinated acts of protest, but human rights activists and defense attorneys said the deaths signaled the desperation of many of the 460 detainees held on suspicion of links to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Only 10 detainees have been charged with crimes after more than four years behind bars.
The Supreme Court is expected to rule this month on whether President Bush overstepped his power in setting up war crimes trials for those detainees.

The administration's controversial detentions at Guantanamo Bay are a point of contention between the United States and many of its allies in Europe and the Mideast, and the suicides renewed international pressure to shut the prison.

The European Union on Monday called the Guantanamo Bay detention center an "anomaly," and said it would urge Bush to shut it down when he comes to Europe for a trans-Atlantic summit next week.

"Humanitarian standards and human rights have to be observed" in the fight against terrorism, Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik told reporters.
"For the United States, a country committed to freedom, the rule of law and due process, this is an anomaly."

A group of prominent religious leaders endorsed a statement, which is set to appear in The New York Times on Tuesday, protesting any American use of torture as "morally intolerable."
The White House has said the U.S. does not condone or practice torture.

"Nothing less is at stake in the torture abuse crisis than the soul of our nation," the ad reads. "Let America abolish torture now — without exceptions."

Among the signers to the statement are the Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals; the Rev. Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life"; and retiring Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Organizers say former President Jimmy Carter has also signed onto the ad, along with several Jewish, Muslim and black leaders.

Also, the American Medical Association said Monday the direct involvement of doctors in prisoner interrogation is unethical and violates their oath to do no harm.

"Physicians in all circumstances must never be involved in activities that are physically or mentally coercive. If physicians engage in such activities, the whole profession is tainted," according to the new policy adopted by delegates at the AMA's annual meeting.

The suicides prompted an extraordinary round of global outreach by officials from the White House's National Security Council, the State Department and Bush's congressional liaisons.

Within hours of the deaths, the Bush administration had contacted the United Nations, the European Union, most European nations individually, the embassies of Mideast and near-Mideast countries, the International Committee of the Red Cross, bipartisan members of the congressional leadership and the ranking Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees, Snow said.

Graffy's remarks were sharper than those of other U.S. officials, but not entirely off-message. The camp commander at Guantanamo, Rear Adm. Harry Harris, told reporters Sunday that the detainees "have no regard for human life, neither ours nor their own."

"I believe this was not an act of desperation but an act of asymmetric warfare against us," Harris said.

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C'mon, we know, it's okay, let's deal...

Peace by staying pissed...



Black Krishna Brand

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Music -


P.S. Watch "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" on Google Video!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.