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HEIL HARPER!!! "U.S. investigations on Canadian soil done within the law: Day" (CBC News /

U.S. investigations on Canadian soil done within the law: Day

Last Updated: Thursday, October 5, 2006 | 8:12 AM ET

CBC News

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day acknowledged Thursday that U.S. agents conduct investigations in Canada but said all are done according to Canadian law.

Day was responding to a report regarding an internal FBI audit that shows U.S. agents are carrying out investigations without the approval of the Canadian government.

It says the FBI has given agents in its Buffalo field office clearance to conduct "routine investigations" up to 50 miles into Canadian territory.

When asked about the report during question period, Day said Canadian security forces work with Canada's allies, including the U.S, and have agreements in terms of information sharing.

"We have teams that are designated going back and forth across the border and sometimes it is farther than 50 miles or 50 kilometres," Day said.

"I can assure you that everything that is done on Canadian soil in relation to security and safety investigations are done in accordance with our law."

The most recent audit by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's inspector general, done in 2004, documents the growth of FBI operations in Canada since 2001.

As well as the reference to "routine investigations" inside Canadian territory it also says that about 30 per cent of FBI agents crossing the border to work in Canada failed to get "country clearance." In other words, they didn't get Canada's approval.

The inspector general's report documents 135 unapproved FBI crossings and says there is no sign the crossings will stop.

Canadian officials say they have made no protest to the U.S. government about FBI agents operating without permission on Canadian soil.

According to the report, the FBI has struggled to keep up with its Canadian workload despite opening two new branch offices. It pursues thousands of leads a year in Canada, far more than in any other country except the United States.



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BONUS: "Okay, I hope the above CBC News story saying the United States' main domestic law enforcement agency technically focused on information gathering, and not international like the CIA - who are probably here too, but the FBI just hangs out in Canada doing what they want when they want with absolutely no local oversight - and no demand for it, and that they have so much "work" here they have to keep opening up new offices, got your attention.

If it didn't, well, here's some beautiful titties.

Now, please help Save The World. Deal? Cool.

This is a manifesto of sorts, and it's in .pdf format so you can read it online or email or print out copies to hand out. I break down about half the game, but it's probably as big a half as one can stomach at one sitting. Unfortunately we're already past half-time, so stay tuned, get with it, and start playing..."

The October Surprise: "Mahatma, Martin, Malcolm, Mandela, Jones." (It's 2006. It's Now or Never.)

You can click on the following link to download, enter 3 letters in the top right corner:

The October Surprise: "Mahatma, Martin, Malcolm, Mandela, Jones." (It's 2006. It's Now or Never.)

You can click on the following link to download, enter 3 letters in the top right corner:

BONUS: "Don't be fooled by what the CIA/CNN team is saying, one of these people is working with white colonial interests to currently enslave one billion of his yellow brothers and sisters, while the other is an old Chinese lady with huuuge freakin' ostrich eggs to do what she did. Keep in mind, if we cheer for the wrong side in these fights, we'll lose. Keep in mind, if we cheer for the wrong side in these fights, we'll sooned be booed by someone else..."

The courageous and awe-inspiring actions of the Falun Gong member who warned China's imperial festering slug dictator Hu Jintao that his "day's were numbered" were met with a reaction that foretells the collapse of America into the exact same style of tyrannical despotism mastered by the absolute rulers of China.


Officials: Russian journalist found dead ("Dosvidanya, Anna Politkovskaya, a tireless investigative reporter...")

Officials: Russian journalist found dead

By MARIA DANILOVA, Associated Press Writer 46 minutes ago

MOSCOW - A Russian journalist known for her critical coverage of the war in Chechnya was shot to death on Saturday, her body discovered in an elevator in her apartment building in Moscow, officials said.

Anna Politkovskaya, a tireless investigative reporter, had written a critical book on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his campaign in Chechnya, documenting widespread abuse of civilians by government troops.

Her body was found in an elevator in her Moscow apartment building, a duty officer at a police station in central Moscow told The Associated Press. Dmitry Muratov, editor of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, where Politkovskaya worked, told Ekho Moskvy radio that she was killed in the late afternoon.

The Interfax news agency, citing police officials, reported that Politkovskaya had been shot and that a pistol and four bullets were found in the elevator.

"Whenever the question arose whether there is honest journalism in Russia, almost every time the first name that came to mind was Politkovskaya," said Oleg Panfilov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations.

Panfilov also said that Politkovskaya had frequently received threats, and that a few months ago unknown assailants had tried unsuccessfully to break into the car her daughter Vera was driving.

Prosecutors planned to open a murder investigation into the death, said Svetlana Petrenko, spokeswoman for the Moscow Prosecutor's Office.

In 2001, Politkovskaya fled to Vienna for several after receiving e-mail threats alleging that a Russian police officer she had accused of committing atrocities against civilians, was intent on revenge. The officer, Sergei Lapin, was detained in 2002 based on her allegations but the case against him was closed the following year.

Politkovskaya began reporting on Chechnya in 1999, during Russia's second campaign there, and concentrated less on military engagements than on the human side of the war. She wrote long, empathic stories about the Chechen inhabitants of refugee camps and Russian soldiers she found in hospitals — until she was banned from visiting those hospitals, Panfilov said.

More than any other Russian reporter, Politkovskaya has chronicled killings, tortures and beatings of civilians by Russian servicemen — reports that put her on a collision course with the authorities.

"There are journalists who have this fate hanging over them," Panfilov said. "I always thought something would happen to Anya, first of all because of Chechnya."

Politkovskaya fell seriously ill with symptoms of food poisoning after drinking tea on a flight from Moscow to southern Russia during the school hostage crisis in Beslan in 2004, where many thought she was heading to mediated the crisis. Her colleagues had suggested the incident was an attempt on her life.

She was one of the few people to have entered the Moscow theater where Chechen militants took hundreds of hostages in October 2002 and try to negotiate with the rebels.

Politkovskaya's death was the highest profile killing of a journalist in Russia since the July 2004 slaying of Paul Klebnikov, editor of the Russian edition of Forbes magazine.

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BONUS: "Let's try and keep some of these guys alive, shall we?" interviews Trevor Paglen, co-author of Torture Taxi: On the Path of the CIA's Rendition Flights briefly during his visit to Austin, TX - 4 minutes


"Who's the Man, with the Master Plan? Olbermann? Olbermann?" (Must See Video!)

Olbermann video: Bush would sell America out to preserve GOP power

Raw Story | October 6 2006

Keith Olbermann delivered a 'Special Comment' in his Thursday evening broadcast on the subject of lying, specifically that committed by members of the Administration, up to and including President Bush. His Thursday 'Special Comment' was among the longest he has produced on his MSNBC show Countdown. A full transcript is available here.

"It is startling enough that such things could be said out loud by any President at any time in this nation's history," Olbermann said. "Rhetorically, it is about an inch short of Mr. Bush accusing Democratic leaders, Democrats, the majority of Americans who disagree with his policies, of treason."

He concluded by addressing the President directly, saying "You want to preserve one political party's power. And obviously you will sell this country out, to do it... [D]o not throw this country's principles away because your lies have made it such that you can no longer differentiate between the terrorists and the critics."

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Poetry in Motion: Back and Forth, Forth and Back, Who Taught You To Hack Like That?

Yale, isn't that a lock company that makes padlocks
those things that hide us in, behind lock and key
the thing that signifies loss of freedom

I just wonder why :)

the so called elite, mm what do they have over us

Nothing they are completely worthless to us
lets juts pass them by

Their concerns for us are a ulterior motive

or are they a conspiracy

It wouldn't be for greed of course,
After all what is greed , isn't it something that feeds off goodness, it
provides us with a need to distinguish between so therefore it provides
us with a goal etc.. etc...

Too much of a good thing isn't good for us, so we have been told

The elite, at their meet and greets,
Accomplish crazy feats,
To avoid the beats,
We'll do more than beat our meat,
We'll do more to settle the score,
Than ever before,
For those who ignore,
Better be ready for war,
For evermore, everlasting,
As we Greg Palast-ing,
Blasting back, at the crack,
The CIA's broadcasting,
Better switch to pod-casting,
People pushing truth,
This ain't just for the youth,
This ain't just for the booth,
This ain't just for the smart,
This ain't just for the dumb,
From breadlines, to bread-crumbs,
We gotta stop, Kingdom Come,
Come back to the true savior,
Behavior written in the beginning,
Before the Church took gold,
In exchange for rich sinning,
My head's spinning,
As I break down the possibilities,
With ease, by saying please,
We'll avoid the disease,
Of a life on our knees,
Or a life with interest fees,
Yeah, it's usually usuary,
Fractional reserves never freeze,
Abused by the banks?
No thanks,
The playin' loan-pranks,
Jackin' the world,
Expecting us to say "Thanks!"
I'm skippin' on the usually,
No condo fee, no shopping spree,
And until we free, allow me to be,
What I'm meant'n'sent to be... :-)


The missing part of me

Close to my heart

The rib that tore Adam apart

In their image


Watch the river flow

Sit it out

Count the stars

Lines between the dots

To dream




To be denied

Nowhere to hide

Empty inside

No one beside


Lines in the sand

Emotions aside

Another need


Thinking of


i feel you son,
but we ain't done,
we'll have fun,
we'll have won,
by recognizing the son,
of god,
not who he was,
but what he said,
the church is dead,
and the living dead are serving bread,
and the body and blood, of christ,
mind, body and soul, on ice,
sellin' miracles, and cripping advice,
so: why aren't you happy?
'cause god hates you!
is that how they' talking to you?
like getting kicked in the head?
while tying they' shoe?
i'm trying like you,
to see the ways that make sense,
'cause if you focus on the dollars,
the collars feel intense,
i feel incensed,
just the same as you,
but it's true,
that "us" is all we can turn to, to see this thru... :-)


Bored at the beach

Lines in the sand

Thought to a plan

Spaceship to the sky

Always searching

For something to do

Shape our God

Perception with tools

According to our rules

A need to know

Search to find

Be recognised

Poor become more

Rich become less

Worth becomes worthless

It's just our eyes

Money is the root of all evil,
Ain't it funny,
How we never see the root of all money,
I'm no dummy,
I'm not a Rummy bombing-for-Bush,
I'm sound-bombing to push,
Back, for Iraq,
And every refugee black,
Take it back to a year, of fear,
Katrina's here: it's clear,
The police state's near,
Soldiers bring up the rear,
But soon they're gettin' chipped,
Angels of Death: wings-clipped,
As their rights are strippped,
As their fights are flipped,
As their nights are tripped,
Tossin' and turnin' and burnin',
Tuskeegee Airmen still learnin',
D.U. got syphilis yearnin',
Be a dancer, for cancer,
Or cancel the deal,
Still keep your steel,
Still keep your meal,
Still keep your eyes,
On the prize, skip the lies,
God'll do his thing,
We gotta focus to survive,
My hocus-pocus bringin' locusts,
Pimpin' a plague of pride,
Eatin' away at the fear,
That sees our faces hide...

Peace by poetry in motion...



Black Krishna Brand

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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

In fact, I'm guessing the next year or so will determine the future of the world...

> Dear BK,
> You probably watched CBS "60 minutes" today in which Mike Wallace
> interviews Bob Woodward on his latest book "State of Denial". I could
> not help but feel the same sense of frustrations as you felt on how
> President Bush has lost all sense of touch with reality. In spite of
> all the facts pointing to the deteriorating conditions in Iraq, he
> still believes that conditions are improving and continues to mislead
> the American public!
> Regards
> [---]

Dear [---],

I haven't had a TV for a couple of years, and since CBS sacked Dan Rather for Katie Couric I'm afraid you won't see much of value on there anymore. I'm not saying "they" won't say it's valuable information, I'm just saying it's not, and that Bob Woodward's book (Bernstein is less "establishment") is just like Thomas Keane's, and is meant to fool you into thinking it's accurate criticism. It's like calling a child-molester a "bad guy". I mean sure it's accurate, just not very, and it gives you a false sense of security which allows them to get away with mass murder.

The mainstreams news is being made deliberately forgettable, and instead of believing in "9/11 Truth" - which can stop this - you'll believe in the 60 Minutes story instead - as planned. There's no narrative revealing the story of how bad it's getting, and believe me, the "sad" stories that merely deflate your confidence are nothing like the ones that should inspire anger and action.

They just took habeas corpus away: or the right to ask to be released from jail, a law that was first enshrined in the Magna Carta in 1215. It's gone, and for "American citizens" too. (shh)

The North American Union treaties are being signed as well, our respective borders are almost gone, and it's being done in secret. (shh)

And on and on and on and on... (shh!)

It's 2006.

It's time to forget everything you know about the fantasy world of the next 50 years you planned and face facts: we're under attack.

I'm working on this furiously before I give up and get the hell out of here, and incidentally - I make sense discussing everything else, as numerous friends who check-in on my sanity can attest to, and as every circle I travel in will certify. You want to improve your love life? I'm the man. Get a job? Give me a call. Save The World? Listen up.

Check and for daily selections from the hundreds of mainstream news stories about how bad it's getting, plus their analysis based on seeing this decline and checking original sources and hundreds of qualified experts.

Please remember one crucial thing:


Please remember one more crucial thing:

"PROPAGANDA" IS THE STATE'S MOST VALUABLE TOOL IN A TIME OF WAR, AND THE NEWS STORIES THAT INDICT THE ACTIONS OF THE STATE OR THE MILITARY OR THE CORPORATIONS WHO PROFIT ARE LESS LIKELY TO BE REPEATED IF PUBLISHED AT ALL. Just LOOK at how much you know about how bad they are, look at the massive narrative of corruption and incomptence that's cost thousands of lives with no signs of stopping, and how little a deal is made out of it.

That doesn't mean your most trusted journalists and outlets didn't try to report on them, it just means their corporate-controlled management and editorial want to "make a big deal" out of something else to distract you from it. That's the overall "noise" about everything that a week later doesn't matter, or the stuff we're taught to discuss that's absolutely useless in affecting any change or figuring out how evil the bad guys are. Go on, talk about how sad it is "in general" that government is so screwed up as directed to be 60 Minutes, and how Bush is basically a good simple guy being given bad advice who won't fire Rumsfeld. Then: forget about it.

Or, listen to The Alex Jones Radio Show which is now streaming online 24/7 at and, and after 10 years of doing this 12 hours a day and with thousands of experts, articles, videos and original documents as evidence, give the guy a break: we're losing, and it's because of willful ignorance that an honest look at his work could stop - as millions of people have found out - though not enough by a longshot.

This is just one of those moments in history where we have the technology to wake each other up (the internet) and the technology to be slaves (RFID chips), and we'd better use our tools before they take them and force theirs on us.

Finally, before the next "October Surprise" scares all of you stupid - the next 3 weeks are going to get crazy, please get to know your congressional candidates looking for a new 9/11 investigation and/or impeachment proceedings like Lt. Col. Bob Bowman of Florida, and realize that they like all the others in the 9/11 Truth Movement are husbands and fathers just like you fighting for the eroding rights of the American people, and recognizing the foundational event that spawned a "post 9/11 world" of "endless war".

Sorry for the rant, it is what it is, and while everyone chases whatever they fantasize, my goal is to do nothing but tell the truth.

It's kind of lonely, but it is fairly rewarding.

There's nothing else we can do irrespective of what happens, especially with who's in charge and what their plans are for us. Their plans are public, they're just not publicized, and they are truly frightening.

If you want to know why your government loves China so much and is fueling the explosive growth of their economy with massive trade deficits that are torpedoing your economy, it's because they are the perfect economic model for "us" in a global government run by the big bankers and corporate elite.

Think about it: the people in positions of economic or political power aren't doing anything to help improve the lives of those people - and - are doing everything to ruin the lives of us. We either get this right or we lose everything, and not "50 years from now", more like 5 at the most.

In fact, I'm guessing the next year or so will determine the future of the world...

Love, BK

Peace by prying peaceful people loose...



Black Krishna Brand

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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

BONUS: The cartoon television series "The Boondocks" had an episode where Martin Luther King came back. He... didn't enjoy his return.


[---] wrote:

check this out..

Bill Lets U.S. Citizens Be Held as Enemy Combatants


waaaaaay ahead of you guys. it's nuts. and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

i'm gambling on the odds of us surviving, and thinking of taking off in march to spain, venezuela, india, or somewhere else warm. the general feeling i get is that while my efforts and intelligence are respected and appreciated, i may as well be the sick kids guy with the clipboard.

comfy-canadians love their country too much to question it, and we're all scared and screwed if we accept the 50 year fantasy of the future we were raised on. 9/11 is just their foundational event, the basis for what we need to learn and promote widely to have a chance at stopping their entire agenda, and yet most resist accepting even that. perhaps going someplace where people are less distracted - and less offended if you distract them - could be the trick.

i feel especially bad for mr. jones: 10 years straight of 12 hour days predicting all this, and providing tonnes of evidence and whistleblowing experts for the whole world to see, and we still fail to stop it. it's 2006, and the prophet bloodline should go Mahatma, Martin, Malcolm, Mandela... Jones. unreal. if any of the 4 former dudes came back they'd probably quit in disgust. hate it or love it - jones is the man, and he's our best bet to expose the entire picture like a series of russian egg dolls. homeless people fit in there too, and my best guess is if we look hard enough we'll find the social-engineering reason they want to keep them around.

you can check MySpace (or philosophy) page for my response to my buddy sympathetically offering me a bush-bash opp based on what he saw on 60 Minutes. just like "Ignatieff is the Liberal leader shoe-in" or "Harper will definitely win", it's just crap the media gives us to distract ourselves into feeling smart for repeating it - all while they steamroll their police state agenda thru.

FYI - check and for the latest newswires, it's going to be hot for the next 3 weeks (hint: "October Surprise"), and for the next 3 years...

North American Union threat gets attention of congressmen

Resolution aimed at blocking merger, funding of 'NAFTA superhighways'

World Net Daily | October 2 2006

WASHINGTON – While several members of Congress have denied any knowledge of efforts to build "NAFTA superhighways" or move America closer to a union with Mexico and Canada, four members of the House have stepped up to sponsor a resolution opposing both initiatives.

Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., R-Va., has introduced a resolution – H.R. 487 – designed to express "the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union (NAU) with Mexico and Canada."