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The Bilderberg Group Meets June 5 - 8 in Virginia: And...they got iPods! ;-P


Westfields Marriott Hotel Tour for Bilderberg 2008



The Bilderberg Group Meets June 5 - 8 in Virginia: And...they got iPods! ;-P


Hey Folks,

I don't know where you live but I was out for a while earlier, it's a beautiful day in Toronto, a city that proves people of all races and faces can get along without instinctively fighting.

That's because all people want to do is make a little love, make a little money, and make a few mistakes.

If people get to do that they're fine just chilling out.

ALL of us.


Before this continues, it's only fair to show you the Bildergeeks getting iPods story.

You just can't make this stuff up.

However, this is just funny and far from the best story, there's a lot more including tons of video footage, the official attendees list and Bilderberg's first press release (see below) in their 54-year history, which means we've finally exposed them and the press should cover it.

What's even funnier is the people who said it didn't exist before now say it's no big deal.

This is why the term "sheeple" was invented.

Baaahhhd job guys... ;-)


Yahoo! Finance

Press Release

Source: American Friends of Bilderberg

Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference
Thursday June 5, 8:10 pm ET

CHANTILLY, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 56th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA 5 – 8 June 2008. The Conference will deal mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, US-EU relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran. Approximately 140 participants will attend, of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America. About one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds are from finance, industry, labor, education and communications. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion.


Let's see if we'll hear anything since the Canadian media did a fairly good job when they met in Ottawa in 2006. We can ask them with phone calls or emails too. Right now, for more info on the 130 or people who run the world (into the ground) and meet once a year to plan the next year's agenda, including Barack and Hillary seen meeting nearby in Washington D.C. last night and the fullest story you can get on Bilderberg 2008, check the same website.

iPods for the Global Elite

Infowars | June 5, 2008

Infowars has received an anonymous email reporting that the Department of Justice has placed an order for a large number of ipods with “Bilderberg 2008″ engraved on the back and shipping to Chantilly, Virginia, at American tax payer expense. According to the source, the DOJ is “freaking out” because the order will arrive late.

Of course, it should probably come as no surprise a gaggle of global elitists, meeting in secret outside of the District of Criminals to plot their one world agenda, would get engraved iPod freebies. It is, however, yet another indication that a Bilderberg coterie indeed exists and is meeting in Chantilly, Virginia this week. Thanks to Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin and others, we have a better understanding of the Bilderberg agenda, never mind the concerted effort of the corporate media to characterize the Bilderbergers as a harmless association of politicians and business types.


Also, here's my first 8 minute CKLN radio report on The Bilderberg Group in Ottawa in 2006 where I went on a Saturday night pub-crawl interviewing people and asked them not what they know, but rather what they think when they find out. This works great. Surprisingly about 50% of people had heard of them thanks to the excellent job done by the Ottawa media, including publishing front page photographs of the notable attendees like David Rockefeller and others, so many were happy to talk about it.

This even includes a couple of Hooter's girls who said something brilliant: "Why are they doing it in secret? What do they have to hide? If they're making decisions that might affect the entire world, why not tell us about it?"

I told them if they said something smart I'd play it on the radio, so if the Hooters girls get it then all of us can.

By the way, this approach is a better way to do things and I also used it for a series of People vs. The North American Union videos last summer where of the 50 people I interviewed over 90% of people were against it once they found out about it, especially since they weren't asked first. YouTube took it down along with three of other sites and over 3000 videos full of truth, plus and Facebook kicked me off too. Damnable censorship and Tom-spookery! But I digress...

The bottom line is people are smart, they just might not have heard what's happening yet.

So: grab a fistful of proof including mainstream newspaper articles, official websites and online articles printed off to show people, then film or record their responses. Once people see there's no reason you'd be doing this unless it was really happening they're often happy to help you and voice their opinions, especially once they realize they're not stupid for not knowing something; they're only stupid if they find out and don't think about it.


Finally, here's an excellent 40 minute video of Dr. Rima Laibow MD giving a presentation on Codex Alimentarius, or the global UN plan to criminalize vitamins and supplements, introduce dangerous chemicals and pesticides and control the world's food supply that's being incrementally implemented by legislation drafted in every country. Basically any country signed up to the WTO (World Trade Organization) will lose any world-court case brought against them no matter how stupid it is if they're not compliant with Codex by December 31, 2009, so every country is finally racing to get there now (CANADA - STOP BILL C-51 NOW!!!) even though they know it's evil.

Dr. Laibow is a world-renowned medical doctor who rejects most medical cures and uses natural ones which work far better to cure cancer and other illnesses. She's even sought out by the global elite for treatment because she knows her stuff and they know they're lying to the public by selling them toxic drugs. Check it out, it's worth hearing her articulate passion on what might be the most important issue in history that affects all people who need to eat to survive.

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

Dr. Laibow's Natural Solutions Foundation


FYI, this is the problem with international agreements: they destroy local sovereignty and control.

When you're asked and offer your neighbor a cup of sugar, you don't sign an agreement guaranteeing you'll give them a cup of sugar a week, because if you're low or out of sugar you don't want to be forced into compensating for it. You'd prefer to say "Sorry, I just can't do it now" and leave it at that. If you have a dispute with your neighbor you don't want a third party mediating either, especially one with the agenda and means to take both your houses.




Neo-fascist chicken-hawk idiots like Christopher Hitchens will make bloated arguments on TV bringing up lots of "facts" to make them sound smart, but when he says something like "You see, in 735 A.D. a Sunni kicked a Shiite in the nuts, so now they have to keep fighting forever..." it's just not true. The initial fact or fight might be true, but his connections to today are totally false and meant to hide the real forces behind the fighting who want it to continue.

(See: NWObama's handler Zbigniew Brzezinski admit to the French paper Nouvel Observateur that he helped create Al-Qaeda and provoked the Russians into invading Afghanistan in 1979 starting a war that killed 3 million people. Nice guy. Expect war with Pakistan, China and Russia next if we keep getting high by smoking Baracks of crack until November. Sure he'll get you high, but he's really, really, really bad for you. Unfortunately so's McCocaine, so try an 8-ball of Ron Paul to clear your mind.)

Completely different people from all cultures peacefully walk the streets in the uber-multi-cultural City of Toronto not giving a damn who they pass by, but according to the media you'd assume we'd all start fighting as soon as we see a historic enemy like Klingons out of Star Trek with giant jagged swords and ominous music playing.

This is ridiculous.

War is the most profitable enterprise in history because countries will borrow any amount of money to win, because if they lose they might lose their lives and all their stuff. Because of this the big banks and financiers fund both sides of all wars and reap the profits while putting countries more heavily in debt and under their control. Plus it's a good way to convince people to go half-way around the world to kill strangers they have no problem with and steal their countries stuff. That's also why it's been normalized by the people who fund our art, history, religion, education, religion, media, videogames and more.

Now it's being privatized with firms like Blackwater (one of the smaller ones which is why it's the most well-known), Triton, Sovereign Deed and others, a shocking turn of events when we almost never ask: Who the hell would want to work for these companies anyway? What kind of human beings are being created that will? What kind of people would create and fund them? What will they do with them in the future? What will they use them to do to us? (See: New Orleans.)

Anyway, all this crap is based on lies.

Just see the work of Brigadier-General Smedley D. Butler who stopped a fascist coup in America lead in part by Prescott Bush (Dubya's grandpappy) as confirmed by the Congressional McCormack-Dickstein Committee hearings in 1934. He later wrote the book "War is a Racket" and said he'd been a "gangster for capitalism" because he helped Wall Street overthrow a bunch of Caribbean countries in the 1920's so big business could steal their stuff. He didn't think that's what he was doing at the time, but hindsight is 20/20 and he certainly figured it out later. While a bunch of schools and sports stadiums should be named after his heroism today, instead the powers-that-be-evil have nearly erased him from our memories to brainwash new generations of soldiers the same way.

We know better if we remember, which is possible today.


Keep in mind that Gandhi, Martin, Malcolm and many others did great stuff and had great stuff to say, but they didn't have the internet.

Yes there's a lot of crap on the internet, but if you can tell the difference between a pile of poop and a burger and know which one to eat, you can also learn to tell the difference between the crap and the good stuff and trust your smart friends to help you choose both the right restaurants and websites. This is especially when governments and corporations have proven so corrupt that all their information has to be questioned by sane people. This includes the corporate media who act more like a PR firm for the government these days, including their selling of the ongoing War in Iraq and their helping us forget about it. Their lack of moral responsibility isn't something we can take lightly, after all, if they're willing to help kill millions of people overseas there's no telling what they'll help do to us.

However, don't be fooled by the Ford and other Foundation-funded independent media either, they do some good stuff to get credibility but they're essentially controlled. A good example is Democracy NOW! who won't mention the Bilderberg Group even though BBC News did a story 2004 on their 50th anniversary and other mainstream media sources talk about them, a shocking revelation of how much they want to fool their well-meaning followers into ignoring who really runs the show.

As mentioned earlier, Bilderberg even had their first press release this year.

Let's see if the press covers it.

The elite know there will always be an organic response to screwing people, so they create and fund fake opposition. This includes tons of fake media and charities that allow profitable problems (like cancer, the most profitable disease in history that won't be cured no matter how much you walk, run or bike for a cure) to persist, which is something to watch out for. It's admittedly complicated, but today we have the collected knowledge and history of literally thousands of independent researchers who've connected the dots and figured out who's at the top running the global show and how we can stop them. All we have to do is figure out an algorithm for calculating who makes the most sense in their analysis of power for our benefit and how many are independently saying the same thing to figure out what's true.

If it make more sense than what you've heard, then repeat it to make more sense than you used to.


People who don't know how to fix a car don't say it can't be done.


People who don't know how to fix the world shouldn't say it can't be done.


If you spend any time looking into it you'll see there are things that can work.

See... and the work of G. Edward Griffin for one way, and a good one at that.


The elite get power by keeping secrets.

The people get power by exposing them.


Another secret to winning this fight is not looking "Left" or "Right" at your neighbors, but rather "Up" at the people who really run the world, or those who we intuitively realize have the power to make the decisions that affect the most people, including those giving us our choices and opinions. Since they have the most influence over our lives, it only makes sense to criticize them when our lives are screwed up.

If you keep looking up, you'll see who's at the top.

The Bilderberg Group.


Right now to help fight all this crap, we have to make sure we connect with everyone we see on a regular basis with at least a simple hi, smile or nod when possible to fight the robotopia being created and maintain our use of body language in the internet age. Otherwise we're way more scared of strangers than we need to be thanks to an "If it bleeds, it leads!" mass media scaring the crap out of us with small crimes while ignoring their bosses committing the big ones.

Also, say hello or give a friendly nod to the cops too, they''ve switched from blue to black uniforms as part of the UN (they're evil and dictatorial -- please remember that!) multi-jurisdictional task force and are being militarized and made more paranoid about the public. So: if the powers-that-be-evil are determined to put them everywhere, then it's our job to make sure we all get along. The stupid "F--k the police!" fight sold mainly in hip hop is the one we're supposed to have, but it's suicidal and divisive to argue with people who have guns, sticks and legal immunity, plus a band of brothers who'll kick your ass.

Bob Marley figured this out 30 years ago when he said "I shot the sheriff -- but -- I didn't shoot the deputy...".

Wise words indeed so please pay heed.

Oh yeah, they sound great too.

Besides, as I've said a million times, if I'm a cop with a $300,000 mortgage and a wife and kids and the stupid "War on Terror" policies say my job is to kick your ass, then I just might kick your ass to save my job. I'm not saying they shouldn't be held accountable for their individual actions, but I am saying that we all need to take responsibility for exposing the lies behind 9/11, the War in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Katrina and all the other events helping to create the "police state" before we allow our law enforcement and bureaucracies be forced by their fascist masters to create countries where even they don't want to live. This includes the aggressive socialism behind new global whoring taxes, spying, mandatory vaccines and armies of brainwashed punk-snitch-o-crats trained to harass us and treat us like criminals or children.


Incidentally, don't pay attention the corporate media selling HObama and McShame as the only choices for "change" everywhere, because if you think corporations are nice then I've got a bridge on Neptune sell you. They teach us what to repeat and we do, which teaches us not to think.

See global phenomenon for where they stole this idea and how they're trying to divert real opposition to what we can all see as rampant corruption, they have a live video-feed from Bilderberg 2008 too. If we buy the "change" sold by the same liars we'll be left with a lot less change in our pockets, especially since food rationing has already started in New York.


Many of the people who work in the media are nice, but just like lawyers know they can't weak track-pants to court, journalists know what they can and can't say where they work. Even when they try and do a good story it's usually buried by the propaganda, or the same stuff repeated by every media outlet in the basically the same way everywhere, including by the corporate-owned entertainment industry, until we all start repeating it too. This includes the fake "both sides" of arguments we're supposed to have that inevitably lead to nothing for us.

That's how they control things: they give us two sides of an argument to have missing key facts.

There are only 5 corporations who control most of the media we see. Just like gas stations (oil companies) agree to have the same (stupidly high) prices, they agree to collude on the same information they'll promote for their ends, which as global corporations robbing the world are basically the same. You can see them bruising our brains by magically all caring about the violence in "Burma" for three days and then instantly forgetting about it on-cue all at once. Stuff like this is predictive programming (see Alan Watt's work at for more) meant to leave an impression in our subconscious to prepare us for changes the elite want to make later, including movies like "28 Days Later" and others preparing us to accept plagues and mandatory vaccinations against mysterious viruses.

Anybody remember "bird flu"?


"Bueller... Bueller... Bueller..."

(Ed note: If you haven't seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" then ignore that last part.)

The reason they all promote the same things everywhere at once is so that even if you never watch the news and don't care about anything you're still going to hear what you should say or do somewhere, including the fake green crap sold by the entertainment and fashion industries who usually never get "political" that's meant to make us feel guilty and do tons of stupid stuff that doesn't help the environment and just habitualizes our acceptance of less rights and stuff as our standards of living are lowered.

This is also done to make sure in social situations you sound like you know what you're talking about.

However, the people that repeat what corporations tell them to don't know what they're talking about.

They just know how to repeat.

A big reason our world is screwed up is that we trust governments and corporations more than people, even experts like doctors and other whistle-blowers revealing secrets about their professions, which helps us ignore thousands or even millions of people with something different to say just because we're trained to ignore them.

Strange but true.


See: England for a preview of what's coming here.

They're about 6 months ahead of North America in terms of martial law.

We can see it happening but we've been socialized to avoid talking about it.


The only way we'll get good at talking about it is if we practice.


The only way we'll stop it is if we at least start talking about it.


Try it out among friends in small circles simply based on what all of you can easily see around you, like the perversion of our culture in the media, cops and cameras everywhere and low-flying airplanes normalizing martial law as part of the SPP.Gov / Security and Prosperity Partnership merging the laws and creating a North American Union out of Canada, America and Mexico by 2010 similar to the European Union they're never asked permission to complete either.

Check the official U.S. and Canadian websites at and for details.

This is part of a plan by global trans-national banks and corporations and The Bilderberg Group who runs them who already do whatever they want to countries regardless of what the people that live there have to say about it. They want to create 4 regional trading blocks where the laws and resources of all countries are controlled by international agreements like the WTO, GATT, Codex Alimentarius (Canada -- AGAIN -- STOP BILL C-51 FROM CRIMINALIZING NATURAL VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS NOW!!!) and others linked to the UN and mediated by their hand-picked minions that hamstring the elected officials in (formerly) sovereign nations.

This also means no matter who you vote for they can't give you what you want because if they do it would be a "trade violation" to like, you know, give you jobs and food and stuff.

No one votes for the "referees" in this process and few ask who they work for.

This is a problem.

See: the Third World for how this (never) works.

Or: how it never works for the people who live there anyway.


Speaking of the SPP, there's an event presented by at Queen's Park in Toronto on June 14th from 1 - 4 pm featuring speakers and performers similar to "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" to help stop the SPP. It's following the last successful ones on February 16th in more than 20 cities across Canada and many others in the U.S. and Mexico. There were 500 people at the last event and thousands expected on a much warmer day at this one. Here's a video from the last one plus the official website, poster and flyers for this one. Feel free to print, post and hand them out to everyone and contact the organizers for details.

February 16th Stop The SPP Video -

June 14th Stop The SPP Event Website -

Poster Download -

Flyer Download Front -
Flyer Download Back -

Also, in general try to approach businesses in your area who are currently being hammered by increasing rules they're dealing with and the recession. Even if people don't know their neighbors anymore they know where they shop, so if businesses start putting anti-SPP and other "truth" information in their windows and stores we're in good shape as fellow shoppers find it.


Anyway, you can blame all of this and everything else on the Bilderberg Group.

This includes screwed up jobs, kids lives and everything else making us easier for them to control.

It's fun too, especially when it frees you from being taught to look at normal people like they're a threat to you.

In short, they are a meeting of about 130 of the most powerful people in the world who've met once a years since 1954 to plan the following year's agenda. Veteran journalist Jim Tucker has covered them for the American Free Press for 30 years since he was totally shocked by first hearing about them. He couldn't believe a meeting like this was taking place and no media was covering it, especially since if 100 rock stars or movie stars or any prominent, famous or powerful people met the press would usually be curious and all over it. The official list has been published and you can see for who's violating their country's laws (like the U.S. Logan Act) by discussing policy with foreign leaders in private.

The reason the media doesn't cover it is because the owners of the NY Times, Washington Post and others are there, they work with the heads of banking, finance, industry, politics and others to make sure they each handle their individual areas to push the main agendas. If gas prices are planned to go up they all have to get their plans and stories straight and handle how they're going to sell it to their industries and the public, including telling different lies to both groups so some people think they have (fake) inside knowledge. This especially works for the corporate crock-suckers in the financial industry praised for selling-off huge chunks of their country including resources and manufacturing without realizing how much they're eating their own legs until they bleed their countries to death and lose their jobs too.

22,000 Jobs Cut on Wall Street, With More to Come

Workforce Management | June 6, 2008

In the past year, 22,000 New Yorkers who work on Wall Street have lost their jobs, according to a Crain’s New York Business estimate. And far more bloodletting is likely to come.

“I’m afraid we’re not even halfway through the wave of layoffs,” says Jonathan Jones, president of Manhattan recruiting firm Jones Search Group. “It feels like a long, painful road ahead.”


Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin, Alex Jones and others have many inside contacts who don't approve of many Bilderberg policies and leak information. The proof of it's accuracy is that it's been confirmed later for years by what we see happening around us worldwide. What's officially on tap for the people of planet earth this year according to their own press release is included in-full from Yahoo! Finance below, but check for the ongoing story live from Chantilly Virginia on the battle for humanity against the people who run the world.

Inspiring stuff, eh? ;-)



Yahoo! Finance

Press Release

Source: American Friends of Bilderberg

Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference
Thursday June 5, 8:10 pm ET

CHANTILLY, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 56th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA 5 – 8 June 2008. The Conference will deal mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, US-EU relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran. Approximately 140 participants will attend, of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America. About one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds are from finance, industry, labor, education and communications. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion.

Bilderberg takes its name from the hotel in Holland, where the first meeting took place in May 1954. That pioneering meeting grew out of the concern expressed by leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on common problems of critical importance. It was felt that regular, off-the-record discussions would help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting Western nations in the difficult post-war period. The Cold War has now ended. But in practically all respects, there are more, not fewer, common problems - from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment, from ecological challenges to the task of promoting international security. It is hard to think of any major issue in either Europe or North America whose unilateral solution would not have repercussions for the other. Thus the concept of a European-American forum has not been overtaken by time. The dialogue between these two regions is still - even increasingly - critical.

What is unique about Bilderberg as a forum, is the broad cross-section of leading citizens that are assembled for nearly three days of informal and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs and the international economy; the strong feeling among participants that in view of the differing attitudes and experiences of the Western nations, there remains a clear need to further develop an understanding in which these concerns can be accommodated; the privacy of the meetings, which has no purpose other than to allow participants to speak their minds openly and freely. In short, Bilderberg is a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced.

Bilderberg's only activity is its annual Conference. At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued. Since 1954, fifty-five conferences have been held. The names of the participants are made available to the press. Participants are chosen for their experience, their knowledge, and their standing; all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity.

There will be no press conference. A list of participants is available by phone request at 703-818-3647 between 9am-5pm EDT June 6-7, 2008.


American Friends of Bilderberg
Steven Lee, 703-818-3647

Source: American Friends of Bilderberg




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The NWObama Phenomenon: The Friendly Face of Fascism vs. Your Mind, Body, Soul & Money


Webster Tarpley: Zbignew Brzienzki Leading Obama Campaign


The NWObama Phenomenon:

The Friendly Face of Fascism vs. Your Mind, Body, Soul & Money


Stop The SPP.Gov / North American Union

June 14th, Toronto, Queen's Park, 1 - 4 pm


Green Our Vaccines Rally with Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

June 4, 2008 in Washington DC, 9 am - 12:30 pm


National Call-In Day for Impeachment of Bush

June 3rd: call Rep. John Conyers, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee


Still Smoking Baracks of Crack? = 10 Questions For Obama

1. What were you doing at Columbia University from 1981 - 1983 that neither the NY Times nor Chicago Tribune could find when they wrote about your life? Why did you write nothing about that time period in either of your books? What are you trying to hide?

2. Why are you against plans to stop home-foreclosures that will make 10 - 15 million Americans homeless like Hillary Clinton and John Edwards want to? And against alleviating gas-taxes on Americans for at least this summer? And against impeaching Bush for lies and war crimes?

3. Why is your foreign policy handler Zbigniew Brzinski, the creator of Al-Qaeda who dreams of starting World War Three with Russia and China? Why is your neo-con economics advisor Austin Goolsbee, a Skull and Bones member and professor at the infamous Chicago school behind the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile? Why are you heavily backed by Wall Street cronies and thugs? The Council on Foreign Relations? The Tri-lateral Commission?

4. Why did your buddy Goolsbee tell Canadian businessmen and politicians that you were lying about being against “free trade” agreements and only saying that to fool voters? Why don't you talk about the SPP.Gov / Security and Prosperity Partnership signed in March 2005 that completes a North American Union by 2010 when you talk about the previous 1992 NAFTA agreement that cost millions of local jobs?

5. Why did you associate with notorious Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko and other local criminals? Or Bill Ayers, member of the notorious terrorist group “The Weathermen”? Or Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, a PLO terrorism supporter? Why are there countless skeletons in your closet?

6. Why is Larry Sinclair willing to testify in court that he twice had homosexual sex and did cocaine with you? Why are your people being sued for threatening him? Why is this story being suppressed by the media backing you? Why are there countless rumors of your bi-sexuality?

7. Why did you say that you would use a nuclear bomb on Pakistan without talking to them first as reported by the BBC? Why pathetically call the War in Iraq "unwise" and vote to fund and continue it? Why say you want to "re-deploy troops" across the Middle-East instead of bring them home? Or lie by saying both?

8. Why do many prominent black journalists working for The Black Observer, The Black Commentator and others think you're a fraud? Why can't your supporters ever clearly explain what you would do as President? Why is the corporate media teaching us to repeat that you should win while embarrassing Hillary Clinton?

9. Why are you in favor of taking military action around the world under UN resolutions? Like attacking Sudan and Burma not to stop any genocide but to antagonize China by cutting off their oil supplies? Why are you in favor of global warming taxes that will leave millions in poverty while enriching big business?

10. Why did you come out of nowhere to be the new friendly face of fascism and re-brand American imperialism worldwide? Why are you admittedly Dick Cheney's 8th or 9th cousin? What is your real relation to the ruling Anglo-American establishment? Why are you running a people-power fascist coup with fake-left cover in America?




Obama - The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate (Paperback)

by Webster Griffin Tarpley, Bruce Marshall, Jonathan Mowat

List Price: $13.95


The men behind Obama: interview with Webster Tarpley

Listen to the audio: 34 mins


Still Think "Organic" Doesn't Mean "GMO"? = Top 10 Health Risks

1. CANCER: Today doctors are taught 1 in 2 people will get cancer with no history of how rare it was. People are fooled into supporting breast and other cancer research leading to deadly mammography or chemotherapy which leads to taking Tamoxifin and other deadly drugs. None of this is necessary. In fact, it's dangerous. Cancer can be cured with Vitamin C and other natural supplements. Find alternatives and use common sense to see that healthcare-failure should not be seen as "normal" policy.

2. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: This is the UN plan to restrict vitamins and supplements worldwide with Bill C-51 in Canada, previous measures in Europe and new ones in the U.S. These are part of UN plans to control the world's food supply. Much of the world knows this and is upset. We are all affected by the current manufactured food shortages and talk of rations. The next Codex meeting is from June 30 - July 4, 2008. Work with local groups to get informed and stop these plans now.

3. MANDATORY VACCINES: Insane government feducation camp lies tell you to vaccinate your kids so the others in class are safe. But, if the other kids in class get vaccines and they work, then they should be fine even if your kid is contagious... right? Think about it twice. Every day stories of bills being passed, kids being seized and parents fighting back litter the news. Learn the truth about vaccines: they don't work and have never worked to do anything but poison us (e.g. autism) on purpose.

4. GMO FOODS: While Congress and Parliaments' cafeterias don't serve GMO foods, the elite and royals don't eat them and they're building a giant "Doomsday Seed Vault" in Svalbard, Norway to hold the last natural seeds on earth, we're supposed to accept that it's illegal to label foods as GMO in the U.S. and Canada despite the fact they do in Europe. People overeat because the food has been radiated and stripped of nutrients. GMO food kills animals who eat it. Help stop this nightmare.

5. FLUORIDE: Sure it might clean your teeth, but so might Ajax and other toxic toilet-bowl cleaners: either way you don't want to put it in your mouth. Heck, even the dentist says don't swallow it when you go for a cleaning, plus tubes of toothpaste say if you do call a doctor. The history of this aluminum byproduct and rat/roach poison and it's effects on I.Q. and health is well-known, as well as the fact it's not used in most of the world where they're healthier for it. Get it out of your water-supply now.

6. ASPARTAME SWEETENER: Shortly before Donald Rumsfeld sold Saddam Hussein chemical weapons, he sold America aspartame in over 5000 products despite the fact his company's scientists said it wasn't safe. Now sweeteners are used nearly everywhere and by nearly everyone, which helps explain why 1 in 2 people are getting cancer. While sugar is bad too and often bleached, at least it doesn't turn into formaldehyde in your brain, which is a bad thing. Don't use sweeteners.

7. LEGAL DRUGS: Ads everywhere remind you that you are sick and need to take drugs. New ailments are invented so Big Pharmacide can make record profits. People are sicker than ever. Do you see the connection? The history of the pharmaceutical industry is riddled with corruption. Cheeleaders are hired to seduce doctors into endorsing toxic drugs. School-shooters and other crazies are almost always on anti-depressants. Avoid taking any medication unless you absolutely have to.

8. AIDS: Tests differ and never test for HIV, only for weak-immune systems or other illnesses. That's because the HIV virus doesn't exist and has never been scientifically purified or isolated. Go to and win $50,000 if you can find it. It's nearly disappeared in America since the late 80's despite being a "pandemic". Few today know anybody with AIDS. They stopped using condoms in porn. Billions in aid for toxic drugs like AZT just kill Africans. There's lots more. It's shocking but true.

9. EUGENICS: While Hitler gave it a bad name, few know he got his racist ideas from America. Numerous programs and magazines in the early 1900's stressed racial purity, including the forced sterlization of millions of undesirables in America and other countries. These continue today under different names. The elite are obsessed with perfecting humanity and hate us "useless eaters". The medical community is celebrated in movies and on TV so we trust them even if they kill us. Look into it.

10. DE-POPULATION: People like Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and others have called for 80% or of the world's population to be killed to save the earth. They're brainwashing us into believing them. New age ideas, fake environmentalism, planned parenthood and more are part of it. The elite gave us knowledge to build them new pyramids. Now they're finished with us. They have robots. Plato's "Republic" spelled this out in 360 B.C. We're living (or dying) it now. Help stop it.



First E-Blast

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Must-See and Share Film

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement


Must-Hear and Share Radio

Alan Watt: Cutting Through The Matrix


Must-Donate and Share Information

Alex Jones Infowars Money-Bomb


Hey Folks,

All it takes to re-focus is closing your eyes and enjoying 30 seconds of silence and deep-breathing. Then with a clear mind evaluate your options. Then act on them.

Learn what's happening. Integrate positive actions into every aspect of your life. Go beyond self-indulgence as the ultimate accomplishment. Go for more for more people. Go for more to keep what you have.

There is nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed by learning what's right. Or, by doing what's right. We have access to thousands of years history and knowledge. We have the answers today to make the world we want tomorrow.

Re-discover how to be an individual. Celebrate your uniqueness instead of hiding it. Be proud of having your own thoughts. Be happy for others who can think as well. Be confident in changing your mind. There are things we have to learn. There are things we have to do.

Do them.


Unfortunately: we don't have much time.

Fortunately: we have some.

We have to get it done by 2008.

Print, save and share this email for how.


We have to wake most people up and being to acquire power over all the major power-centers in society, from conversations to social circles to big institutions. We have to challenge the bad ideas everywhere. We have to learn what changes are being implemented. We have to learn to say “No!” to the changes we don't like. We have to show others how.

Fortunately people have been practicing.

Learn from them how to do it.

Learn how to avoid the fake binary “Left vs. Right” and other artificial divisions that skip the facts and ignore the goal of freedom, peace, privacy and prosperity for all. If we don't, by next year we'll be physically and mentally unable to thanks to politically, socially and chemically engineered apathy and control.

You can see it happening.

Don't expect things will get easier later no matter what establishment horse you are betting on. The internet is being publicly taken over by the Pentagon just like everything else. Increased surveillance is being used like marketing surveys on steroids to learn more about us to make us easier to control.

It's working.

People think if they're not doing anything wrong they don't have to worry about who's listening. People think they can trust governments they freely admit are corrupt. People think politicians aren't lying. Or, that it's not important to know what the lies are. People don't think. Most don't seem to care.

This is more proof of the (em-)urgency of the situation.


Common sense says God helps those who help themselves, including those who take an active interest in their environment and others. Don't assume any religious teachings will save you unless you try to save yourself from being ignorant and selfish. You have options as a free individual with a God-given free mind and free will.

Don't assume God will help you for making the ridiculous decision to trust governments and corporations more than people either.

God gave us the knowledge to do better.


The Old Age/New Age idea (it's the same thing) of aiming for perpetual happiness was taken from ancient Hinduism. Make no mistake about something “old” being automatically “good” when there's no evidence they treated people better thousands of years ago despite having these ideas around.

From meditation to yoga, all these forms of escapism were used to convince people to take a break from their problems instead of solve them just like they are now. This allowed corrupt feudalism and the caste system to flourish, leading to centuries of people accepting slavery as their destiny instead of challenging the greed of evil people.

That's why it's being re-sold today.

New Age retardation has been pushed since the 1950's by leading think tanks like The Tavistock Institute in London. They figure out how it will affect us over years or even generations. Once that's calculated it's filtered through our culture to destroy our ability to think.

The evidence is everywhere in our commercial reality.

We need a philosophical framework to habitually reject them on a daily basis. We need to constantly analyze the advertising and pop-culture we're given to avoid being brainwashed by it. Versions of these ideas have worked for thousands of years to get people to blindly accept their “fate” like the billions of poor in India always have.

We should change that.

They were taught to look for “hope” instead of “information” about who runs their society. The NWObama phenomenon is the culmination of this today. People dreamily guess what he'll do instead of forcing him and others in power to tell them. People guess what “change” means instead of actively choosing the changes they want.


We're meant to chase happiness and never deal with unhappy aspects of reality. Until they catch up with us. Study conversations today. Realize people compete to brag about how well they are doing instead of helping each other do better. Realize that friends helping friends who know each other is a better way to deal with your issues than trusting generic ideas given by experts working for governments and corporations pushing hidden agendas.

Realize people will automatically say “Good!” when asked how they're doing. Realize they'll soon list dozens of problems if pressed on it. People are afraid of offending others with any negative talk. People are afraid of being embarrassed by committing the sin of making someone else uncomfortable. People are afraid of being impolite by simply saying what's on their minds. People are afraid of saying anything important. People are afraid of being themselves.


We have more problems than ever.

We are less able to deal with them than ever.

This is by-design.

This must be reversed.

We need to get our priorities straight.

If your house is on fire you don't admire your flower-bed.

If your world is on fire you don't admire your yoga-ass.


Instead of thinking, we have experts who give us our conversations and opinions which we dutifully repeat. We know what we're supposed to say and do whether it improves our lives or environments or not. If it hasn't happened yet, soon you will be mentally unable to discuss anything negative even if it happens right in front of you.

Beyond Iraq, a tragic genocidal abstraction overseas that continues based on lies we forget, we have New Orleans and the sub-prime mortgage crisis domestically creating millions of new homeless people. These are just three of the countless examples of our society falling apart.

We are unable to discuss them or anything else important that doesn't relate to sports or sex. We have the television telling us everything is normal. We have instincts telling us otherwise. We ignore them at our peril. We suffer from schizophrenia.

We have cold weather disproving years of “global warming” propaganda. We assume thousands of years of “climate changes” we see on a daily basis are suddenly abnormal. We forget we have four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. We forget that's when the climate changes.

We assume people who can't tell us what the weather will be like tomorrow can magically tell us what it will be like in 20 years. We run into the same propaganda everywhere no matter who we are. It's pushed by the fashion and music industries and other outlets that never deal with politics or activism.

This is to make sure no matter who we are we're on-board for this agenda.

Despite the obvious lies we find and the worst corporate crimes and pollution problems in history, we struggle to find ways to believe in the “global warming” and “sustainable development” solutions sold by the same corrupt organizations anyway. We accept the biggest joke in history, or paying taxes for exhaling CO2, or “carbon dioxide”, which we do every day after inhaling oxygen the plants give us as part of a natural cycle.

We're taught to use less goods and energy.

This is new version of “rations” sold for centuries will do nothing to help the planet and everything to help us live in poverty. We think "greenhouse gases" are bad for the earth. We think we are as guilty as corporations. We think going broke will help our children have a better life. We don't think to ask what they'll do with all that new tax-money or who gets it.

We don't think about any of this enough.

We're learning hundreds of fake “green” measures that infringe on our lifestyles while ignoring real environmental threats like GMO foods our politicians refuse to eat in Congress or Parliament thanks to laws they pass. We are constantly reminded that in the “future” of the 21st Century that we have to make do with less.

All of this is happening while the wealthy laugh and build the biggest palaces in history. This is ridiculous. There is no reason we can't use the resources and technology we own to make life better instead of worse. Being asked to do anything less is insulting. Insult them back.


People will tell lots of lies for lots of money.

People will do a lot worse too.


This psychopathy at the top is being filtered down throughout our culture creation industry. It is reinforced everywhere from the Skull and Bones logo's on clothing to the sadism and misogyny in movies and music. It has both short and long-term effects on us and how we relate to each other. It can't be avoided on planet earth.

This is part of a plan by trans-national corporations to brainwash us while they take over the world. That's why they don't complain about TiVO technology that allows us to avoid their own commercials: the indoctrination we get is more important than the advertising they lose.

There are hundreds of other examples.

People in various industries listen to the grapevine as part of their job and know what's “hot” to push at any given moment. They don't study the long-term effects. People at the top know the long-term effects because they plan for them. We can see them today, including the use of videogame murder-simulators for the last 25 years to create this generation of soldiers who will shoot without thinking.

There are hundreds of other examples.

Traditional family-structures that protected people from governments for thousands of years are being destroyed on purpose. Big foundations were set-up to do this as the Congressional Reece Commission in 1953 discovered. They promote promiscuity at an early age to destroy our ability to bond later. They promote thousands of bad ideas that weaken us as groups and individuals. They fund and control most activist and independent media organizations.

This is why their actions rarely change the power structure.


There is a post-Cold War merger of communism and capitalism taking place.

It's call "The Third Way" and has been planned for over 100 years.

It is a new form of socialism where every aspect of our lives will be completely controlled by so-called "experts".

Individuality is the greatest threat to it. It will be destroyed.

The more control we accept the more control we'll have to accept.

It's happening now as you can see it being normalized by the media.

New unhealthy relationships are being encouraged to teach us to hate each other.

The more people are squeezed by the global recession the more they'll squeeze the people below them to maintain their standard of living.

If this process is not stopped then all of us will be morally and spiritually degraded and living in fear and poverty.

At least that's the plan unless we change it.

The next few months will be crucial in determining the fate of the world.


Infowars Money-Bomb

12 years later with thousands of hours of proof, recognize that Alex Jones was, is and will be right. This is no surprise since he works on it for 18 hours a day. This is good news. No one uses the money they get to work harder on the only thing we need to work on: Our future. Proof of what he says in films, books and radio shows is increasing all around us. Most are increasingly incapable of acknowledging it. If you haven't paid attention you're in luck: others have.

If you are concerned about rising prices, food shortages, health risks and other ridiculous anomalies we are forced to swallow in the technology and resource-rich 21st Century, there is something you can do. The future is now.

Tools to wake up your city are available for free or to purchase from his and other websites. If you're busy then find smart people you trust to confirm they're worthwhile and take a few hours a week to pass them on. If you're not then study the information to confirm it's accurate first like millions have.

Learn what the establishment has planned and get a philosophical framework for analyzing the ideas we are being given through every communications medium. Reverse-engineer ways to have a stress-releaving laugh at the propaganda.

Be creative to find new ways of communicating what people need to know. Take the pressure off just absorbing the information with no outlet for it by coming up with your own analysis to appeal to your own people.

Jones and his team are diggers of raw data.

Study it and become a unique translator.

Show the lies before their eyes.

Provide moral and financial support to people in your community who have the courage to speak on issues you are afraid to even think about. You can do it anonymously as well. Help them copy and hand-out DVD's, CD's, transcripts, invitations, pamphlets and more. Help them put on successful street-actions and rallies. Help them confront politicians and others on-camera with hard questions.

Follow their efforts and share their accomplishments with others. Celebrate citizens taking action. Be inspired by them. Offer your professional skills like marketing, graphic design and more to improve their efforts. Join social networking groups and mailing lists. Become a trusted figure on these issues in your city. Offer to speak to various groups to catch them up.

Use your money wisely regardless of the pressure to spend it in traditional consumerist ways. Stay out of debt. The reason we are sold a love of money in a collapsing economy is because it's a trap. We will end up in debt or depressed when we're unable to afford what we selfishly learned to crave. This will only make us easier to divide, conquer and control.

The 2 million or more Americans losing their homes in the sub-prime mortgage crisis did not expect it. They were sold fantasies of what the next 20 years would be like too. Keep that in mind when evaluating your own financial situation. Learn the big picture to maintain your standard of living.

Completely unrelated people worldwide support the truth movement because the truth will set us free. There is no better measure of it's value. This global phenomenon despite the social stigma attached is proof the information is correct. There is no other reason for such a diverse group of people to agree on anything absent the propaganda that creates all other groups.

If we all talk about the truth then the media and other institutions will be able to as well. This includes those in positions of power scared to speak out against what they are being asked to do to their own people. There are literally millions of people working in the establishment who are worried about their futures but lack the courage to speak out. They will either go along with what's planned just like people in the Nazi, Soviet, Maoist and other fascist regimes did, or they will help push the agenda back. It will be up to the rest of us to help them make that decision.

Alex Jones promotes experts like Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who released IMF and World Bank documents on how they deliberately enslave countries with debt; peace-mom Cindy Sheehan who tirelessly reminds us that we have to suck it up and stop the wars in our name before we are attacked by our own dehumanized soldiers; author G. Edward Griffin who's fought the New World Order for 50 years and whose book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" is the best work on the corrupt U.S. Federal Reserve central bank; Congressman Ron Paul who's the best Presidential candidate in history, especially when compared to NWObama and the others; and many, many more using real information to make a real difference.

Jones is not perfect; but to ask for that is not fair.

He's the best with proof; so put your money where your life is and support his efforts to make a better world.


Incidentally: don't give money to any charity that can afford to advertise. Keep it in your neighborhood where you can see it work. We always see expensive ads promoting solutions that have failed for decades. Charity is the oldest trick in the book because it's not polite to criticize it.

Politeness is an enemy of truth.

The truth is: Donations to Tsunami and Katrina relief were stolen. Donations to Chinese earthquake victims will be stolen. Donations to cancer research produce toxic drugs while doing nothing to cure cancer. Donations to environmental groups lead to them begging for policy changes and more taxes without looking for crimes.

Donations mostly fund bloated organizations set up to fail on purpose and corrupt the people working for them. (See: Africa.) If you want to make a difference, do something different. Don't do what's been failing for decades just because corrupt institutions say that's what you should do.

Take back your mind.

Take back your money.

Take back your life.

For example: the best cure for depression is giving $2 each to the next five homeless people you see.

It's cheaper than Prozac or a movie to get the meek of the earth say "God bless you", a better endorsement than most. Plus it beats fear and gives your life perspective to shake-off the blues. Don't worry about what they spend it on: they are fellow citizens who unfortunately happen to be homeless. Give them their dignity and let them spend it on whatever they want. Give yourself the rare opportunity today to act like a caring and selfless human being.



COUNTER-PSYOPPORTUNITY: Beat the psychological operation (PSYOP) behind the apathy we complain about. Take every chance to speak the truth. Wear your ideas and flag with pride. Make eye-contact. Be unfailingly polite. The only way to sell the truth is to look happy you bought it. Promote websites, films, radio shows, events and more. Speak in public places about what everyone can see and how it relates to the New World Order. Let people listen to you without singling anyone out. Avoid confrontation. Show how normal and healthy it is to notice changes around you as part of simply keeping life interesting. Help develop others survival instincts by publicly showing them how to recognize threats and lies. Put anti-NWO messages on the back of your laptop or backpack and in other prominent places to show people what you're into. Be classy enough to let people notice and read them without drawing them into conversations they aren't ready for. Be polite, positive and brief if they engage you in conversation. Be the best version of yourself you can be to encourage others to do the same.

RESUME CONVERSATION: Transcend the normal conversations that force us to define ourselves and define how we treat each other. Ignore the pressure to react to how people describe themselves by valuing them more or less. Treat people the same. Focus on what they think more than what they do since many people have the same job but not the same thoughts. Avoid being bored or boring. Avoid simply trading life-updates. Find interesting observations about your environment to share. Use humor to point out the absurd in the normal. Be charming and confident about your views. Avoid criticizing others for the choices they are given. Aim all criticism up at those who define our choices instead of Left or Right at each other. Be able to act normal in various situations while improving on it. Approve of others choices so they can trade and approve of yours. Most people are obsessed with doing it right; be obsessed with doing it better. No matter what might happen in the future, don't waste time now feeling miserable about it now. Show people they can care without being crushed by the weight of the world to successfully invite others to share the load.


Who Runs The World?

The best analysis suggests the British Empire and their Freemason secret society intelligence agency run the world. The proof is no greater power in the 20th Century came and took power from the wealthy families in the City of London and their allies worldwide, which is the only way power is ever given up.

Their global economic system of "free trade" authored by John Dee, Francis Bacon and others in the 1500's is more dominant than ever today; their central bank set-up the U.S. Federal Reserve central bank and others; their Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) has satellite arms worldwide like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York and Canadian Council of Chief Executives in Canada; their MI6 intelligence agency set up the CIA and others; the Queen's face is on much of the money in the world and much more.

Incidentally, the Royal Family isn't even British.

The Sax-Cobourg-Goethe's and Hapsburgs are mostly Germans and Prussians who changed their name.

But don't tell the Brits that.


The Freemason's are their compartmentalized and brainwashed servants who infiltrate every group in the world. They run lodges worldwide with no fear of interference from local governments. Their members know if they join they have to keep secrets from their own friends and family under pain of death in exchange for perks in society. They know if they are loyal, kiss the butts of those above them and play the game they will advance up the ranks and gain more knowledge and power. Most law-enforcement officers in England and other countries are forced to join and publicly engage in Masonic rituals as part of their service.

Their bizarre symbols and rituals are just used to hypnotize and corrupt their members because they've worked on people for thousands of years. Most of their symbols are used in logos and everywhere else in the world today to corrupt the rest of us as well. The lie is that most Mason's have no idea what they're up to. The truth is most have some idea, but like others in a morally-degraded world who join corrupt institutions, they don't care.

The goal should be to destroy the corrupt central banking money and market systems centered in London and New York and used to control and manipulate the world leaving billions in poverty. The goal should be to demand that every politician and anyone else in a position of power reveal every organization they belong to, including all the secret ones.

The goal should be to Free The Masons.

People always work for self-interest. We need to wake up enough people to negotiate a stalemate with those who run the world. They can keep their stuff; just not their control over us. The ones arrested can live out their days in the relative comfort of a college dorm room in a maximum-security prison with access to everything but their freedom of mobility.

No violence should be used on them because it will only promote the most violent members of the revolution and lead to new leadership problems. The only thing we need to save the world is de-centralized power and honest money. Use that as a philosophical framework to look at all the problems and solutions in the world today, including the value of individual power and rights. Modify approaches accordingly.

The reason neither the British Empire nor the Masons are mentioned by most activists is because their groups and information sources are controlled by intelligence agencies. They are told to work on solutions like begging the government for changes they'll never make. Most activists living comfortable lifestyles are not serious enough about what they're working on to evaluate information about the New World Order. They fear they will be socially outcast from their controlled groups. They would rather just repeat the slogans they are supposed to whether they work or not. This is why most fail, get disillusioned, give up and re-join the traditional economic system of white and blue-collar slavery.

This is by-design.

As a simple rule, mafia movies like "The Godfather" are great allegories to show how kids born into wealthy criminal families have to protect their wealth by being more cut-throat than others. This has happened for thousands of years. This is perfectly understandable if you put yourself in their shoes. This makes all of us victims of the same fascist boa-constrictor strangling us all. This process has lead us to the brink of a tyrannical world-government system run by them. They're just like the mafia, but instead of a city they divide the world into pieces they control while keeping the public mostly unaware of their pervasive influence.


If we don't act now...

The near future will see the American Empire finally collapse. This includes their economy being destroyed by inflation and taxation and their police and armed forces being turned on their own people. We can see it now. Their soldiers will then be crippled by their mutiple-tours at war and depleted uranium (D.U.) poisoning causing massive waves of cancer, plus other poisons in their food, air, water and everywhere else affecting everyone else.

Based on America's recent history under President Bush, and especially if they finally nuke Iran and start World War Three, their collapse will be welcomed by the rest of the world. Once they are domestically incapable of defending themselves, America's people will be enslaved by UN peace-keeping troops who've already practiced their evil in Haiti and many other parts of the world. Many people will be convinced it's just bad karma instead of bad policy and go along with it. Many will be unable to think at all and will accept the explanations they are given by the experts on television.

This process will see the first and last bastion of true constitutionally guaranteed freedom in history will be destroyed. America was never perfect and their reputation was mostly used as a domestic cover so their armies could commit the worst atrocities the world has ever seen. However, they still had a history of unprecedented and guaranteed laws, rights and freedoms that everyone in the world could appreciate and appeal to being destroyed before our eyes.

Once that happens there will be no record of any other way of living except under a totalitarian government. By then plans to kill 80% of the population or more will be massively stepped-up as part of an ongoing program happening now with wars and thousands of soft-kill weapons worldwide crippling our health. This is so the elite can finally feel safe from the possibility of a popular uprising while keeping around a few slaves to do their bidding. This has been their goal for centuries.

Future generations will be robbed of even being able to think about freedom, let alone manifest it in their lifetimes.

This will happen between 2008 and 2012.


The near future will also see China take over as the policemen of the world. They have already been declared by the UN as the model government of the future. This is why no matter how big a threat they are seen to the Western economies as sold by the media to help justify higher-prices and austerity measures, nearly all manufacturing is still being put there as opposed to diversifying by at least putting more of it in other countries.

There are 50 million boys who can't get a date in China thanks to their one-child policies and female infanticide. Between them and the millions working in slave-labor camps, there are plenty who'd prefer to be soldiers. Their army of 2 million will swell to 10 or even 100 million in order for them to police the entire world.

Incidentally, as SPP.Gov / North American Union expert Jerome Corsi frequently notes, if America still thinks slavery is wrong then they shouldn't support the use of Chinese slaves today. This isn't bad karma, this is bad policy that can and should be changed immediately.

China also has no history of freedom having been ruled by kings for centuries, so their people being told to enslave others is normal. Many top-members of the global elite are building massive palaces there, including Rupert Murdoch who recently gave the daughter of China's leader a book-deal. Many of the elite's children at top-schools are now learning Chinese as well, which could become the future language of the world. The Olympics are being held in China in 2008 this summer to normalize their police state and surveillance tactics and introduce them to the world. Many American corporations are testing the technology for a global surveillance system in China this summer.


Next the Olympics are being held in London in 2012 to help crown their city as head of the world government. They are also ramping up their own police state and surveillance technology and tactics in preparation for a future similar to the one in the movie “V for Vendetta”, where North America is racked by war, poverty and disease and England is a relatively stable yet totally controlled dictatorship.

Once they are confident they have total control, the true-rulers of the world will reveal themselves. These are the people above their bankers like Rothschilds and Rockefellers, including the Queen of England who's family allowed the bankers to grow to prominence.

There probably aren't many levels of power above: but if they exist we might live to see them.

The question is: what kind of life will it be?


Get to work. Good luck.





Black Krishna Brand

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South Park breaks down the herd...

CKLN Radio vs. The New World Order


New World Order


CKLN Radio vs. The New World Order

By Black Krishna

If you haven’t heard, there is a fascist coup taking place at CKLN, Ryerson University’s community radio station in Toronto. While 200 listeners and members showed up to a constitutional special emergency meeting in February and 98% voted to impeach coup-leaders Josie Milner, Tony Barnes and Mike Phillips, they refused to leave.

Despite massive and unprecedented opposition from nearly everyone at the radio station and press coverage in the school papers and Eye Magazine, they continue to operate without fear of reprisal from the volunteers, listeners, students, faculty, administration, media, courts, CRTC or anyone else. There is a reason people who clearly have no interest in community radio would take over a community radio station. I think I found it. In the interests of full-disclosure, I should let you know that I co-host Tuesday Morning’s “Rude Awakening” show from 6 - 7 am on CKLN.

In my researched opinion, I feel the local minions (or spooks) who work for the group of inter-locking trans-national banks and corporations behind the growing global censorship, fascism and military industrial complex, or those who do whatever they want to countries regardless of what the politicians or people say, or the "New World Order" to use the term Bush Sr., UK PM Gordon Brown and many others use (see YouTube), are trying to take down the last traditional media outlet in Toronto that speaks truth to power.

One-third of our programming is news and talk radio. While the rest of the Toronto media avoids dealing with native rights, prisoner’s rights and many other issues affecting disenfranchised people, CKLN does. We stand out. If we're gone there's just the internet which many listeners can’t access, or thankfully The Toronto Street News.

The current Chairperson of the CKLN Board, Josie Milner, did the same thing to CIUT (University of Toronto’s station) a few years ago by gutting it and making it more commercial. Now they do just one-hour of CBC-lite radio every morning. One of their hosts even came on my show to discuss his recent film about the "Toronto 18" terror suspects and related issues because he wasn't allowed to on his show.

Josie is using Tony Barnes (Interim Program Director) as her hatchet-man. Tony is using Mike Phillips (Station Manager/Engineer) as his to fire hundreds of years of programming experience with no reason given. Mike was the last to join of the three and basically switched-sides to join the coup to keep his job. They are secretive and dictatorial. There are rumours of corruption and misspent funds, or what’s usually done to compromise people into being blackmailable. Pressure is being applied on the people who fund the station to demand a full audit of recent activities.

After taking power they immediately threw out 25 years of CKLN memorabilia. I know. I got a T-shirt. This was done to help erase any memory of what the station was so they can start over with no focus on community radio. With no history there's no evidence of what they destroyed or what we should get back, a classic fascist technique. The people of Toronto are invited to join efforts to pressure the station to get rid of the New World Orderlies currently running the show. If you have questions or answers or would like to help, please feel free to contact me at

Publication date in the Toronto Street News: 4/Jun/08




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South Park breaks down the herd...