Sunday, November 02, 2014

VIDEO: Black Krishna - Party In The Dot




Black Krishna - Party In The Dot


The Pride Trilogy – Leak

- The Chixtape

- The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

- Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


Black Krishna (BK)

Questions, Bookings, Collaborations:

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Album: Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

Song 5: Party in The Dot

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Freaky I'm Is" by Kevin McCall or K-Mac




Uh huh...

Like many artists...

Individuals, and creative thinkers...

I'm one of the people DJ'ing this party...

So, let's all get along, shall we?

Who's got security?

Who's got insecurity?

Who's got cool?

Who's got fun?

Well, we either have it, or we don't.

So, let's have it then...

Tell me, what you want?

What you, really-really want?

Don't know? Or won't say?

I'd better get, this one...


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...


Shake, shake,
Shake that girl,

Shake, shake,
Shake that world,

From your shoulders,
"She's like the wind..."
Gettin' colder,
Try'n'a get bolder, wanna say I told her,

When boxers, got boulders,
You can do, anything,
When soldiers, are folders,
Ya stuck, missin' them,

Everybody, relax,
Don't, just wonder, when you can,
Who's the man?
With the master plan?

House party, everywhere,
Everywhere, you dare,
To look, and feel your best,
Okay, so there,

Sex, is the religion,
Of, the masses,

Science, is the religion,
Of, the upper classes,

Takes, too much, time,

We're not all, fruit flies,
Dippin' noses, into wine,

Can take, all day,

Until, you high enough to fly...
Long as, you know the way...


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...


Gay pride, straight pride,
Black pride, white pride,
Don't, make me wanna, hide,
When, you wanna say, hi,

Boy pride, girl pride,
Everybody, in the world, pride,
Don't, make me, wanna ride,
Then, make me, wanna hide,

Rape and kill,
White girls, on TV,
Chop 'em up, again,
Just, to say, it's kind of neat?

That's not, "just life", or "don't watch",
That's, some hardcore, mind-control,
To mitigate,
Or squash,

Intelligent men,
With, intelligent thoughts,
Smart enough, to play dumb,
When, she trades soft,

Smart enough, to have fun,
When, he wants, to pop-off,
To keep, from takin' it, straight,
Up the wazoo, gettin' soft,

Now, just a man,
Speakin' his mind,
Naw, not "just" a man, or stuck,
With a horse's behind,

Perhaps, you think, I'm a fool,
But, since ya thinkin',
Know, my balls,
Got, gravitational pull...


This what you want?


Party in The Dot,
And, it's gettin' kind of hot,
Party in The Dot,
Party in The Dot,

When these, bars talk,
They create, the bar-talk,
Of the future, full of shooters,
Jell-O shots, and some Glocks...



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