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Perpetual Petitioning: 21st Century Revolutions Can Have 4 Stages


Perpetual Petitioning: 21st Century Revolutions Can Have 4 Stages


1. Info Awareness

2. Info Dissemination

3. People Organizing

4. Perpetual Petitioning


We can assume the first two were completed to most satisfactory estimations based on the fact that, in our atomizing culture, we usually just need a small percent of people or prominent individuals to value something to consider looking into it for ourselves. Polls of a few hundred people, movie or restaurant reviews, word of mouth and so on.

Since millions of people worldwide have proven their interest in the areas of deep research, conspiracy theory, globalization, eugenics and the new world order, it has just as much weight or worthiness as anything else people choose to value. That means the next potential stage in the info war is promoting the idea of how to organize to get stuff.

Democratic political systems worldwide are based on elected representatives who are supposed to represent the people who elect them but rarely do. While it may be true that "all political power comes from the barrel of a gun" (Mao Tse Tung), the people who control the people with guns are politicians. That's where power is concentrated.

Since the system is based on maintaining the average person's faith in it, it has to react to enough people pushing for better policies or it will be threatened by the mass exposure of the non-reactions to everyone to destroy everyone's faith in it. Once everyone is aware of the real game being played, then everyone will want to see who wins.

Fortunately, the system is designed to work. Otherwise people couldn't be told to believe they're free. The only problem is only a handful of people try to use it for their own ends. If more people did this based on a defined hierarchy of the most pressing issues that affect the most people, it could resonate with everyone else who will support efforts.

Most people who work in the system want to do good jobs. It's less stressful and more fulfilling. Lots of good (and bad) things happen now just because groups of people ask for them. However, because the conversation is based mostly on a mainstream understanding to communicate that ignores key info, the big globalist agenda moves forward.

Instead of just letting our massive government bureaucracies be used by big banks, corporations and others against us until they're so corrupt that we hate them and choose to accept an even worse form of global governance, we need to figure out simple steps to reach people and to get them to reach out to the system with specific objectives.

Organizing people isn't technically difficult. It's been done billions of times. Every group of people is organized to achieve their goals. Anybody can Google "how to organize" to find a million online suggestions. The only difficult part is finding the will to when we have other options and responsibilities. Plus, we're losing faith in what we think people can do.

Perpetual petitioning can help solve this problem, or building support for certain policies over time and connecting efforts to specific politicians, especially online where it's easy. For example, people can start with 100 people who want to stop fluoridating local water, then grow that list to 100,000 over time. Then ask their politicians to remove it.

While this process is happening, people will become locally aware and curious about the growing numbers of people around them who support certain policies. Support should build quickly, like a snowball rolling downhill. Politicians inside the system will be forced to do good jobs whether they want to or not. Otherwise the system will be clearly exposed.

The only thing that's needed are small groups of people who can manage this process and make it easy for everyone else to support it. People who really know what's going on who can figure out the most important things we need to push for and take on leadership roles at this time in history. After that, they can put it out there and ask for support.

Finally, the development of parallel processes by individuals and groups can help everyone understand what's happening and why people are taking action. The analysis of our potential problems, reactions and solutions can move the info beyond trivia into the realm of political possibility. The more ways we can think of to win, the better chance we have to win.





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Relationships - What You Want To Believe In



Nothing matters to us more than our relationships with each other. The main reason many of us don't feel up to fighting for our future is because our relationships are weakened by our culture. Learning 10 or 100 bad things happening a week won't make a difference if we just get used to them. It's happening now.

We already get lots of relationship advice, but since most of it fails, check out the interviews below for ideas on why and what we can do. Since our relationships are our own and we know them well, we can't be too threatened by hearing different opinions. We can only confirm or improve our own - and - our relationships.

Once that happens, the sky's the limit on what we can do with and for each other. There is no right way of doing things, just options, both new and old. Our corporate culture has lots of suggestions, but they're not working for all of us, so we should probably keep an open mind to improving how we feel about each other.


Top 8 Tips


1. Laughin' and Shtuppin'

As a couple, if you're not laughin' and shtuppin', or finding many of the same things funny and being physically affectionate, you'll have issues. People stay together because they can uniquely entertain and support each other and enjoy being together more than with anyone else. Sex is just one aspect, but being casually physical in many ways can provide subtle reinforcement that can help maintain feelings. Couples have more fun and are more fun for others this way.

2. Be A Fan Of Your Man or Woman

Couples who are big fans of each other are much happier than couples who complain about each other, even though it's been made normal by our media. When you know the person you're with is a bigger fan than you ever thought you'd find, then it's hard to think of leaving. That doesn't mean anyone has to like everything that anyone else does any more than our favourite celebrities (etc.), but it does mean you * want * to like what they do more than anyone else does.

3. Men Need To Be Men; Women Need That Too

Most women have the power to turn their man into a liar or a wussy. But, there's nothing a woman hates worse than when her man is a liar or a wussy. Both sexes have to make sure they beat years of TV and social engineering that's emasculated men to make it tougher for them to take things seriously and defend their families against the establishment. However, as long as women know they want a strong man who likes women, couples can re-condition how they interact.

4. The Virgin Rule

Don't sleep with a virgin, especially a female, unless you can honestly say at the start that you think you like them enough to date them for six months. It doesn't matter how cheap and disposable our pop-culture makes "sex" as a marketing concept, for most people and women especially, it's still a big deal to lose their virginity. Couples can break up whenever they feel like it, but they shouldn't go into a planned or likely short-term physical relationship with a virgin if possible.

5. The Tupac Rule

It's based on the false rape charges on late revolutionary rap star Tupac Shakur, allegedly by criminal elements in the U.S. government. (Research it for more.) To help counter false allegations later, couples can agree (and record it) to record their intimate time alone on mp3 for a fuzzy but audible copy. It's not video, so there's no reason to share it, but if there's a dispute, there's an un-interrupted audio file as evidence. Most mp3 players have a recorder, or they can be bought.

6. Corporate-Youth Culture

People copy what they see on TV and elsewhere. Teens and pre-teens are being given corporate power and status in Western cultures to destroy the power of adults to speak up, complain about changes they don't like and control their communities. Instead of going along with updated propaganda, adults need to think and act to reinforce core-cultural values that can beat promoted premature promiscuity, violence, degradation and more junk sold to youth and everyone else.

7. Why Complaining Makes Us Miserable

No matter what it is, from a pair of pants to a place to live, if we complain about it all the time, we feel miserable. When it's a relationship, we feel worse. We're bombarded by failing relationship advice daily which keeps us coming back for more. Women are taught to "figure out" things using generic mass-marketed clues that supposedly reveal what all men are really like. Instead of threatening trust, just ask questions and don't assume something means something else.

8. How To Agree To Disagree To Be Happy

Single people looking for love often look for tons of generic advice on how to find it, then try to act like they're told. Going along with what we're supposed to say and do isn't a bad way to get a date, but it's a terrible way to find love. The things couples both find uniquely right, wrong and amusing are what tells them they're meant for each other. Try disagreeing with something we're all supposed to believe instead. The person who agrees to disagree with you might be the one.


Traditional relationships have been under attack for 100 years by social engineering, something our governments freely admit they engage in today. Men and women have now been raised to compete instead of complement each other. However, most of us know a people who figure this out on some level and beat it, so we can if we want.

We've been given so many options that it's hard to decide what we want. But, we can learn why this culture was given to us to make more informed decisions about our relationships. What's promoted a lot doesn't necessarily work for everybody, so we should learn our history, review our options and think for ourselves and others.

100 years ago, super-rich people got a bad rap for union-busting and more and decided to form charities to make them look good. They worked with governments to form tax-exempt foundations and gave out grants to science, education, activism and more to control them. Today, they are more powerful and influential than ever.

The Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and thousands of other tax-exempt foundations were exposed by the 1954 U.S. Congress Reece Commission. Their influence on the worlds culture was huge. They socially engineered us to feel "equal" to accept a new global communism, plus hide who they were really working for. But, now we remember.

Feminism was one of their projects. While there's nothing wrong with women getting more rights, that's not what the super-rich wanted. They saw half the population wasn't working for their companies, or paying taxes to governments they control, plus they got children early to educate us to be consumers and producers.

To separate today's good ideas from bad, history needs to be understood. Feminism was widely promoted so women were taught to feel more oppressed than they were, attack men, help destroy families, believe career was more important than family and often end up unhappy and alone working for The Man instead of with her man.

Before that, U.S. slave-masters would empower women and make them head of the household, etc. That wasn't because they liked them, it was because they worried that if they didn't emasculate them, those big black guys might beat the crap out of them to defend their families. The exact same thing is happening to all men today.

Men want power and women want security. At least most of us. This is where the big problem, reaction and solution for us is. Once we know what worked for thousands of years, we can see which 20th century ideas we want to keep and discard. This is not about getting rid of our options, this is about remembering them.

Women who want a man usually want a strong one who protects women. But, our TV programming went from strong male and female role models on "Leave It To Beaver", to weak male and shrill female figures on "Everybody Loves Raymond", for example. This destabilizing dynamic leaves paranoid women with emasculated men.

Political correctness makes the obvious necessary: men and women should do what they want, women should have the same rights, freedoms and opportunities as men, etc. But, we know men and women are different and our relationships aren't better today, so we shouldn't just defend what we do, we should improve it with options.

Below are articles, interviews and videos explaining this in more detail. It's the most crucial aspect with respect to our desire to fight for our future, or lack thereof. The only reason we wouldn't want to is if we didn't value life, each other and where we live enough. By learning why, we can change that and look forward to being happier.


Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society

NOTE: Hollywood producer Aaron Russo was a friend of lawyer Nick Rockefeller, a member of one of the richest American families. In this 3 minute clip he explains what Rockefeller told him about feminism, including why they promoted it on television, in education and entertainment so much, including giving us false reasons for their ends.

Gloria Steinem Exposed: Feminist Spy for The CIA!

NOTE: Ms. Steinem admitted Ms. Magazine was funded by the CIA. It's been known but suppressed for 30 years. Betty Friedan, another early feminist pioneer, was a communist spy. Regardless of how much we like them, once we find this out, it's probably better to re-examine their ideas. We all need to know this stuff to finally deal with it.


CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening News Show

FEMINISM: Dr. Henry Makow On The Problem With The People Who Give Us Our Problems

June 12, 2007

Note: This original interview from 2007 is more relevant than ever.


CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Mondays:

Who Started The Battle of the Sexes - with Dr. Henry Makow

July 12, 2010

Note: The audio quality and levels are better on the smaller MP3 file.


CKLN 88.1 FM's Word of Mouth Mondays:

Who Started The Battle of the Sexes 2 - with Dr. Henry Makow

August 23, 2010

Note: This interview sequel has better audio levels than the original.


Check Out Alternative Ideas To Compare Them So You Can Think For Yourself

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"The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman illustrates how men and women relate. We all know that a woman can open a door herself. But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty and charm. When she graciously accepts, she is validating his masculine power.

This trade, a woman surrendering physical power in exchange for a man's protection (i.e. love) is the essence of heterosexuality. In order to develop emotionally, men and women need this mutual validation as much as sex itself. Sex is an expression of this exclusive contract.

Under the toxic influence of feminism, women open their own doors. Neither sexual identity is validated; neither sex matures emotionally. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unloved."


Relationships - What You Want To Believe In



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GOOD SONG: Coldplay - Talk


Coldplay - Talk


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Oh brother I can't, I can't get through,
I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I don't know what to do,
Oh brother I can't believe it's true,
I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you,
Oh I wanna talk to you...

You can take a picture of something you see,
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun,
Or write a song nobody has sung,
Or do something that's never been done,

Are you lost or incomplete?
Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?
Tell me how do you feel?
Well I feel like they're talking in a language I don't speak,
And they're talking it to me...

So you take a picture of something you see,
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun,
Or a write a song nobody has sung,
Or do something that's never been done,
Do something that's never been done,

So you don't know were you're going, and you wanna talk,
And you feel like you're going where you've been before,
You tell anyone who'll listen but you feel ignored,
Nothing's really making any sense at all,
Let's talk, let's ta-a-alk...
Let's talk, let's ta-a-alk...

- Coldplay, "Talk"