Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Prism of Possibility

You've got laser focus.

You've got eyes on the prize.

You've got the game down.

You've got the other-guys sized.


You've got the rules.

You've got the tools.

You've got chunks, of old-school fools, in your stools.


You've got to get rich.

You've got the right sitch.

You've got crosshairs, aimed at your niche.


You've got facts refracted and didacted and syntacted, until they're now, quite simply, matter-of-facted.

You've made sure you acted and reacted and enacted, until unable to be distracted, by any blogging crackhead.


Within the prism indecision suffers circumcision as vision is blind to revision, and any collision with fission of more ammunition is simply wanton and wasteful wishin'...


Within the prism is a priapism of egotism and embolism, as the schism of derision has risin' to form a unique prison of vision.


The Prism of Possibility?

We're all inside.

If we only look one-way, we only see one side.

If we look the other way, just to see what it shows,

We're able to see, all the rainbows...