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Old Mango Shakin': Jackin' CBC's Jianny G and What It Means for You and Me





FYI, these were some pics I just found posted on Facebook recently that I thought were worth sharing. The African proverb is great and - as commenters commented - while an old woman dying is a loss too, truer wisdom may be recognizing mitigating factors while realizing men and women shouldn't always be socially set up to compete for credit in our common parlance and shouldn't try to tear each other down in the process.

The second quote's a bit confusing and can cut both ways, or people around you may have valuable advice that they're trying to help you with instead of just "Crabbuckit" (K-OS) crappity-crap, but it's also worth noting that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The third and fourth by Hemingway and Sharma are a lot of fun and worth remembering as we move forward to stay positive and engaged with our ambitions.



On to Jianny Be Good. Or not. As many of us know the Jian Ghomeshi CBC scandal is a sexy one with sex and violence aplenty, or the chocolate and peanut butter of a good time for many of us in the media in general and especially those into BDSM and so on. My issue isn't with his guilt or innocence, though he always came off as a bit too slimy and smug for my taste. My issue is with the bigger picture and what it says about where we are, especially since the conversation is out there for most of us to have.  

While no freedom today is sold as more important than our sexual freedom, possibly thanks to the people in charge who want us fucking stupid, like nearly everything we're heavily sold it comes at a price. The macro is this: men and women are being dehumanized into having less respect for each other. So, under the guise of having "fun" and "sexual freedom", this is being normalized in the bedroom. It's not just about "whose" normal, but "why?" is this more and more normal for more and more people. 

As we know, sexual control typically slides back and forth and often for the fun of it. I recall having a tremendous time with a 5-foot tall 95 lb gorgeous lil' ex-girlfriend of mine when I let her pin my arms to the bed despite being able to pick her up easily with one arm. The idea of "abusing" her never entered my mind, nor abusing me hers, with a little hanky-panky spanky notwithstanding. We knew I was a big strong man and she a beautiful little girl and had fun with it while goofing around and reinforcing feelings of respect, safety and specialness we shared. That doesn't mean that in the rest of our lives she wasn't a brilliant and successful hot yuppie chick. It just means that as men and women in intimate situations we acted like it as best we could.

However, there's cultural resentment building up in general, especially with the ostensible "Battle" of the sexes. While this has been going on for 100 years, the good news is it can be fixed if we want. But first:   

Many men are saying less about less than ever, as is in style in our increasingly infantilized and "keep it happy" culture. Plus, many are often less able to with more and more women getting them in trouble for it being the "right" or "wrong" thing to say as decades of media and other social engineering reinforce. So, many men are getting feminized against their will unlike those with a goal and plan to dress or act graceful and feminine and are quietly and aggressively competing with many of the women and girls they're supposed to be protecting and flirting with while ruining the femininity they both increasingly crave. There's also naturally a desire for men to loudly lash back with other men, or quietly by watching dehumanizing porn where beautiful women are forced to do the ugliest things, or reality TV with the same, or having this play out in formal or casual sexual relationships. It goes on and on and on and gets more twisted as we get off on it too.

Many women are conversely and perversely pissed off and confused as well, with less chivalry and courtesy in general and specific examples to illustrate why they would be. More women who feel a general sense of being threatened by men, or abandonment and resentment, also want to generally lash back by perpetuating verbal or physical domination, or quiet, frustrated and often ball-withering harassment which destroys trust, respect and relationships. In fact, both men and women are getting quietly frustrated and doing weird stuff to each other which appears to be perversion of female body language used to compensate for difficulties communicating. Since men are usually bigger, stronger and faster, they're better at jackin' people while moving or walking, while women are usually smaller but better at multitasking, so they're better at jackin' people while sitting. While we're all becoming "the same" instead of "different in complementary ways" and "equal under the law", more women historically and even today have a harder time being able to think as differently or challenge big ideas while having it be accepted by their peers since that hasn't been their historical role, so they're more likely to go along with what they're sold and stifle alternate opinions. This isn't something they're deliberately engineering, but rather passively participating in since it's imperfectly normal. 

To wit:

As men and women respect each other less, we get off on shutting each other up and dehumanizing each other more. It's not just be an organic preference based on individually developed unique tastes and desires to be "edgy". It's more more and more normal to sexually and generally disrespect each other and perpetuate the cycle. This can be fixed by improving how we relate and communicate and as someone who speaks on these issues I know it works as people generally stop freaking out, calm down and think about it. While many have more than me, I've got what we want that we're losing and can help you if you want me to.

To wittier:

Instead of succumbing to this cultural conundrum and losing our balls and minds, or eggs and minds, we can simply relax and discuss what makes us happier, or how we would treat people who we'd be happier with.

Caveat Emperor:

Of course, I don't want to upset any sex freaks out there who truly enjoy BDSM activities on a basic level and who think I'm being a "sexist", or whatever the discriminatory term against sexual fetishes is. Or, to quote Lady Gaga, to insult people who who were "Born This Way", or who maybe just got into it as part of their happy and consensual relationships. However, based on our cultural history, this really shouldn't be that many people as a percentage of the total population. So, when you can guesstimate a spike in this interest and behaviour from a handful of people being into this to an overwhelming amount in a short time, you can see the likely hallmarks of social engineering. Or, a broader promotion of these lifestyle choices from "50 Shades of Grey" and more. This is not to say sexual fetishes shouldn't be feted by those who are into them, plus it's probably impossible to stop at this point based on how seriously people take sex and little else as part of our modern cultural indoctrination. But, rather that sexual interest and desire which in the past has often been about celebrating how much people care about each other, value their connection and can do for each other should probably not make a wholesale switch to seeing how much you can get away with or make the other person take for fun. There's obviously more of that today, but for most it probably doesn't make them any happier to take their anger out on people they're sharing an intimate relationship with no matter how long or short. I'm not some bleeding-heart utopian, but I can calculate what people might like relative to what they're supposed to based on the fact that I can challenge new normals better than most after having done so for years. I'm even better in conversation where I can handle questions, objections and how people want things said to them better than just coldly laying out the the facts and analysis in ways fewer can easily handle. 

More to cap this off in a sec, but first here's a neat take on Jianny G's calculated response to his scandal:


The real reasons Jian Ghomeshi is suing the CBC

Howard Levitt | October 28, 2014 | Financial Post

Since Jian Ghomeshi’s strategy must have far more to do with his reputation and re-employability than any potential reinstatement (he won’t be), his interest lies in doing his best to ensure both that his narrative prevails and that those with a different tale to tell are silenced. This multi-million action, however frivolous legally, might just accomplish both.

“Curiouser and Curiouser,” Alice exclaimed, in her plea from Wonderland — which pretty much describes the ever-evolving perambulations in former radio host Jian Ghomeshi’s fight against his  firing from the CBC. Ghomeshi has no right to sue his former employer, and yet here he is proceeding with filing his $55-million lawsuit. It looks bizarre until you realize that what the lawsuit is really about isn’t winning in court: It’s about Ghomeshi being able to say whatever he wants in legal documents with total protection from being sued for libel himself, while intimidating women from going public with allegations of assault at Ghomeshi’s hands.

What we know is that Ghomeshi has filed a lawsuit despite the fact that, as a unionized employee, he has no recourse to sue — and that he and his lawyers must know that. Ostensibly curious indeed!

We can also safely assume that the CBC would never have taken lightly the prospect of firing one of its biggest stars. The corporation had to have concluded that the damage from keeping Ghomeshi would be greater than the opprobrium it would get from firing him.

We can also assume that Ghomeshi would not have posted his very personal account of his sexual eccentricities on Facebook, only increasing that story’s traction. Not unless he knew that a far more powerful attack, and bigger story, was otherwise inevitable, and hoped to quickly clip its wings.

(Continued at...)


So, it appears good old Jianny G, now formerly of the CBC, has a fiendish plan to spin this latest disturbing discourse in his favour. Perhaps it will work. Perhaps not. More importantly, the bottom line is what learning about this scandal can mean for us including giving us a common media-sanctioned topic to discuss in depth.

As long as we don't just repeat what we're supposed to say from the typical and often boring binary options we're given by our media, this scandal can give us a platform to look at how men and women relate sexually and otherwise today with fresh eyes. This may involve some individual critical thinking, as above and so below. 

To help you achieve this, feel free to repeat and enjoy the talking points contained herein, plus of course to add your own since relationships are a topic we can all relate to from our own experiences. You're welcome. On that note, keep in mind that I'm just a polite old man, don't worry about what I'll do, just respect what I can.


Black Krishna - No Country For Old Men


The Pride Trilogy – Leak

- The Chixtape

- The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

- Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


Black Krishna (BK)

Questions, Bookings, Collaborations:

647.781.1580 +


Album: Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

Song 4: No Country For Old Men

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Have It" by Kevin McCall or K-Mac


This, is your emergency broadscast system...

Introducing... your option.


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


I'm, "just" a man?
Ha! Then you're, "just" a woman!
Oops, now you're all mad,
Wanna call the cops? Or start suin'?

Good luck,
Gettin' raped, by the red-tape,
Another victim, of the system,
'Til, we set it straight,

Next in line,
After the cops, of course,
No guns, involved,
I'll, at least, discourse,

Ain't feelin', divorce,
For, my socks on the floor,
I just, got home,
From bein', a workin' whore...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


A, hundred years,
Of social engineerin', don't bug me,
Still get, thug-love,
And, it's good, to be busy,

Not, a slave-plantation,
Where, the chicks, in charge,
Of takin', the biggest, black guys,
And, makin' 'em feel, less large,

I'm servin' up,
Sigh-laugh, chick-cocktails,
Get smashed, off the laughs,
Get to work, outta jail,

They start, throwin' punches?
Wrap 'em, in a bear-hug,
And, once they calm down,
Make, sweet-sweet love...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?


Ain't all, about you,
Girl, you wouldn't respect, that,
Cut each other, up at parties?
Break, and say "you're perfect" trap?

I, don't, blame, you,
For, what, do you know?
Maybe, what you're s'posed to,
Now, how 'bout you, bro?

These, cute, little creatures,
Gotta plan, plot and scheme,
Big scary ones, lose it,
Nightmare's, not a dream,

I'll trade, soft-sides,
'Cause, my hard one'll kill ya,
Or, chill ya,
Good thing, we like ya, now will ya?

Like, we and you, want to,
Wanna do, what I gotta do,
To make sure, you can to,

So, feel, how it sound,
When, they play, "Jump Around"
And, balls, hit the ground,
Gine'y (heiny) tingle, at the sound...


I know you grandma's askin' teenage girls for advice on what yoga pants make your ass look great. The answer is none and you all lie to each other. So, we'll have fun, but we're not being run into the ground by a bunch of teenage girls...


No country, for old men?
We can still, take it back!
No country, for old men?
Still, got a sack!

Don't worry, 'bout what I'll do,
Respect, what I can,
No country, for old men?
Who can stop us, man?



Here endeth the lesson...


Feel free to relax and get back to work...

You know who I'm talkin' to...

Women takin' on more and men less stress than they need...

Now, I'm generalizing, but I love that word, "Generalizing"...

"I'm Generalizing"... so we generally know what works.

You can differ and do what you want...

But, if you're not happy, don't forget how to be.

Love, ya boyfriend.

Nah, ya manfriend!




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