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BK: I'm Out.


Heya TTS Family & Friends,

It's nothing personal, but I'm outta here. I'm spending lots of time trying to get people to do stuff, but right now it's not having a visible effect on our group. So, I figure there's no point. Month after month I politely ask people to RSVP, bring flyers and dvd's, contribute ideas and so on, but it doesn't happen much. This means I might be having the opposite effect on our group. I don't want to stop anyone from saving their families and friends from being brainwashed, sickened or killed. I don't want that on my conscience.

So, after this email, I'll take a break from the TTS listserve and see what happens.

Perhaps people will start forwarding articles, fighting over Judy Wood, and generally enjoying themselves. Perhaps they will feel no pressure to do anything. Perhaps that will be better than nothing. Perhaps new leaders will take up the challenge of motivating educated people with time and money to save themselves. Perhaps it's harder than you'd think. Perhaps it's possible. Perhaps we'll see what happens. Perhaps I'll resist the temptation to post, but if anyone wants to, they can call or email me directly, I'm around.

And, no worries about Saturday's street action, I'm there and will continue to work.

Conspirienced people can figure out anything, but still say "I don't know how to make a flyer!" like they can't Google it, like there aren't templates on the TTS meet-up, and like there aren't 12 year olds making "flyers" for bake-sales. This is ridiculous. While I have no problem rolling-up my sleeves and digging in the conspira-trenches, I also have special skills that I'm going to focus on developing more. Anyone can make flyers. That's why I suggest it. If they don't, it's not because they can't. That's not "truth" at all.

So, we'll see what happens, but it's not like any of us can't make something happen.

Finally, I was speaking with a conspirienced colleague last night and shared two foundational documents, one for the streets, one for the burbs. They were written in 2003 and 2004 before I was conspirienced, but formed the philosophical blueprint for most of what I've done since. Just see what a guy who'd write that stuff would do next and the years since are easy to explain. The first was published online and appreciated worldwide; the second was in 400,000 copies of The Toronto Star with a 4" x 8" picture of my head.

And, to quote renowned philosopher Porky Pig: buh-dee, buh-dee, buh-dee, that's all folks! ;-)



November 28, 2003

Tupacumentary: Living How You Want To Live

1500 words

Article about the above article:

Tupac Shakur: Going Above and Beyond "Thug Life" by Rory Geraghty


August 20, 2004

The Toronto Star

Kicking it in a kurtha

1000 words

(Online original scrubbed, re-print below.)


The original articles in their entirety are included below.


Tupacumentary: Living How You Want To Live

November 28, 2003

Here's a hidden fact: you want to be like Tupac. Not like Mike. Not like Shaq. Like Tupac. Another hidden fact: Tupac was not like Kobe, who has defenders willing to kill for him and the press giving him the benefit of the doubt. Tupac was extremely honest about his image minus spin-doctors, never cheated on his pregnant wife, and never had sex with the girl he went to jail for raping on the night he was accused of raping her, as the utter lack of evidence proved. Tupac when compared to any other "rock star" didn't do anything wrong, and in his own very unique way was everything any of us would want to be, we just don't understand it.

The image of Tupac was one you were taught to hate early, taught to fear, and yet these days hip-hop's influence has grown to where millions both black and white wear giant platinum crosses or other jewelry, flashy clothes, and joke like they're "playaz" and "gangstas", or by saying "whazzaaaaap" around the office. He was ahead of his time, influencing style and advocacy of socio-political equality and libertarian freedoms. He simply liked partying too, and we don't like our revolutionaries doing that, preferring Gandhi's fasting and vows of abstinence to essentially letting a "rock star" act like one. Most of us don't want to live a pious life, and if you were famous, you would like to express yourself freely without being judged a criminal for how you look, and thus never being truly free. A great actor, playing "America's nightmare" in movies like Juice and in videos had America scared without realizing what the original problem was, and he was the perfect object of hatred and paranoia who could potentially lead the neglected inner-cities to rise up against the suburbs. If you listen, you will learn that this is one of the smartest guys who ever lived, despite not usually wearing a Cosby-cardigan and glasses. Still, there were times he knew he had to, like on a Vibe Magazine cover for an important interview, just to make sure the mainstream took him seriously and read his defense against controversy. His messages were focused and brilliant, even though his diction was often not traceable back to the 19th century academic English standard we are afraid to deviate from to succeed in Western society. (I'm even afraid to do so in writing this, or you won't think I'm smart. Ya dig?) Besides, he wasn't talking to you, he simply invited you to listen. He was talking to his people, and advocating change and success in the ghetto, often a lost land in American culture discussed in terms of perpetual karma: ghettos are bad places with bad people, that's just the way it is. He reminded us we cannot be satisfied with civil rights progress in other areas, and that the ghetto situation is hellish and worth fighting for at least as much as Vietnam or Bosnia. "Brenda's Got A Baby" was a song about a 12-year old girl who got pregnant; "Dear Mama" was an ode to ghetto moms everywhere who raise their kids alone in poverty and crime and trying as hard as they could; and "Keep Ya Head Up" spoke to everyone in the ghetto, and if you listen, everyone in the world.

So, what's up with the "gangsta" stuff? Why would he soil his image like that and fail to sell much of the press and middle-America? Why didn't he tone it down so more people would listen? Two answers: he was representing what America had made in the ghetto, and saying hell with it, we're celebrating anyway (i.e. "Thug Life"); and he simply wanted to, as a vain handsome man who styled exactly the way he chose for various reasons, and whose fans loved him for it. In a free country, for the most part he lived a legally and morally sound life, only getting really angry towards the end of his five years in public life when his cries for change in the ghetto were largely ignored, his credibility was unfairly destroyed, and his justified fears about dying made him paranoid. He never attacked whites in anger like Ice Cube or Public Enemy did, and never sold drugs like 50 Cent did. He had balanced views of women the way Snoop Dogg never did, and he never had sex with minors like R. Kelly or Roman Polanski did. He had a reason to get famous and a responsibility to use it the way no rapper and few artists have ever had, including Eminem. He and Biggie Smalls are considered the greatest rappers ever, but B.I.G. (R.I.P. homie) never took nor was given the weight of the world, and never had the potential or inclination to change it the way Tupac had. This young man who lived a hellish youth and was looking to finally relax and enjoy life, initially had merely great ideas and a flair for inspiration, and those double-edged swords made him a leader of his people. At age 20 and given the same job as Malcolm X and Dr. King to save at-risk ghetto black youth, it's a wonder he didn't crack under the pressure. He could have chosen to make great party-music, instead he wondered: how can I represent my people? How can I be a gangsta and revolutionary intellectual? The film reveals some of his accomplishments, though he made it hard on himself by walking the line in his own way, consistently expressing himself with an often ironic honesty. So many people have missed the point, refuse to put his mistakes in context, and will continue to do so because of their ingrained prejudice against their image of him. Still, he deserves your respect: it's one thing to simply choose to fight for the revolution, it's entirely another when millions believe you may actually be able to win it.

To the majority, and white liberals per se, the simplest analogy would be Marilyn Manson: you can see how stupid it is that conservatives can't see past his appearance and realize that he's simply an intelligent entertainer with another opinion and way of living (see: Bowling For Columbine). Eminem as well, who's had a chance to repair his public image as a crazy vile malcontent to now being considered a true artist. If any of this resonates, then you have to review your views of Tupac, as his views were even more mainstream (read: closer to yours) than Manson's or Eminem's. And if you're a conservative and against him on principle, better know thy enemy, because millions of people want to live in a world where racial and gender equality and opportunity are prevalent, and where no one's morality is dictated to them unless it's to prevent hurting someone else.

I had recently had a nice discussion with a young lady, in her mid-20's and white, who re-confirmed her "strong" opinion that Tupac was nothing but a gangster, and that any message he may have had was ruined because of it, and, by logical extension, his immoral behavior. I then asked her how much information she had on him to form a "strong" opinion, and she said very little. I then asked her why she had a "strong" opinion about something she knew almost nothing about, and she didn't know. This was not meant to be insulting, but rather enlightening, showing how we have predisposed views to look at an image and form "strong" opinions that stereotype black males, and will quickly default to those in the absence of any real evidence. This young lady was not a racist, but she was sure trained to be, and conceded a white rock star would be easier to forgive knowing almost nothing about them. My own views were similarly realized in seeing the film, as I found the negative press footage I'd been sold had clouded my judgment. This is similar to any prejudice: i.e. women dressed sexy are sluts, black men in nice cars are probably thugs who stole them, Goths dressed in black are freaks, etc. The logical extension of desiring everyone be and act the same was taken to its conclusions by Hitler, Pol Pot, and others, and it wasn't pretty.

You don't have to like Tupac or his music, but you have a responsibility not to hate him on principle or for racist reasons, recognizing and defeating your own prejudices to make a better world. Study the reviews of the movie, there are many that default to a negative view of the individual in lieu of discussing the content or style, and others that complain it's too sympathetic, as if he didn't deserve our sympathy after years of hatred. I dare you to find someone complaining about the same in a future documentary of say, Johnny Cash. Look at the bigger picture, because by making the struggle "theirs" as opposed to "ours", you are illustrating the exact problem Tupac gave his life trying to solve. So go and listen to his response in Tupac: Resurrection, and you'll see that despite what you think, at heart you and Tupac aren't that much different, and he wanted exactly what you wanted, to be free...


Vijay Sarma resides in the multicultural capital of the world, Toronto, and wanders the streets in a bathrobe with a lantern searching for truth as a freelance writer. He can be reached at


The Toronto Star

Aug. 20, 2004. 01:00 AM

Kicking it in a kurtha

(Some clothes make the man, but clearly the sports jersey doesn't cut it in Toronto's bar scene, says Vijay Sarma.)

I was at the Bier Market, a trendy bar on The Esplanade in downtown Toronto an hour ago. It's Friday night.

Notice I wasn't "in" the Bier Market, I just showed up "at," and was told very politely that I couldn't enter wearing my brown bandana as part of my T-shirt, baggy shorts and sandals.

Now, coming from a Hip Hop Peace and Unity Fest, I expected to brave a yuppie cold shower to see friends there, and was fine with it. Plus, I'm familiar with Toronto dress codes.

Still, I ask the young lady what their full dress code policy is, and she obliges by reading a few items scribbled on a note-pad: no torn jeans, no tank tops, no bandanas, and no jerseys — except during Leaf games, when white and blue jerseys gain black-tie status. Baseball hats are fine, as are all manner of casual modest clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

Except for jerseys.

I noticed the same policy in hip hop-hotbed Atlanta, where some bars welcomed the teeming masses wearing jerseys while others aggressively turned them away. This, despite the fact that most jerseys cover at least as much of the body as any other shirt and, unlike tank tops, conform to international decency standards (basketball jerseys are often worn with T-shirts underneath), even more so when oversized.

So, what's the problem?

Well, as most people know, in North America, black people wear jerseys. In fact, many others copy young black (urban) culture and wear jerseys. But at its core, it's a "black thing." So are bandanas and skull-wraps.

Thus the dress code policy may be rooted in racist and stereotypical thinking about blacks, denying them free expression, and labelling them as more likely to cause trouble if not conforming to established so-called mainstream, traditional or white clothing options.

But I'm not black, and I'm not wearing a jersey, so what's my problem? Why can't I just take the bandana off? It's just a poser-thing, isn't it? What the heck's wrong with my hair?

Well, as a South Asian born in Toronto, I wondered if I could instead just roll up and kick it in a kurtha, the pajama-style outfit worn in India and by ex-pats here, or maybe just a long kurtha-shirt with a nice pair of jeans.

If I couldn't, while my peers were in ratty beer-label T-shirts, then that would suck. But even if I could, is that really fair? What are the roots of this dress code policy? What is the logic behind it?

I can trace my East Indian cultural history back 5,000 years, and can also make a convincing argument for my Canadian Charter rights to wear a kurtha anywhere in Canada. I've even worn fancy kurthas to non-Indian weddings for appreciative audiences.

African-Americans can trace their North American history back 400 years, but weren't given most of their rights in the U.S. until 1964, just 40 years ago, with many racist roadblocks to cultural evolution kept in place.

Some still exist.

This is what makes hip hop's global dominance all the more spectacular in just 25 years, utterly eviscerating racial superiority arguments, and proving to be well on its way into a permanent and continuing place in history.

The concepts of peace, love, unity, respect, family, language, style, art, humour, and social structure are all present in hip hop, like any other society, with many regional variations, and empirically it should then qualify for culture status.

Travel around the world and you'll be able to recognize hip hop style as distinct and identifiable in any country — jerseys, hats, skull caps, baggy jeans, etc.

For a fair and equitable society based on standards from all of Toronto's varied communities, we have to throw out the tired arguments based on stereotypes, such as hip hop clothing equalling gang-banger. Hundreds of millions of hip hop CDs are sold worldwide but that does not translate to hundreds of millions of gang-banger buyers.

In fact, hip hop culture is just the opposite of a destructive force. It originally provided a window into the world of disenfranchised blacks for themselves and, later, for everyone. Much maligned in its early days, hip hop struggled because it needed to convert each fan one by one.

It has evolved considerably, but even at its most excessive it is no more extreme or damaging than any other culture's most bizarre behaviour, and objectively less damaging than nearly every Western culture's foreign policy decisions — and most of their domestic ones.

Taken as a cultural entity, it is among the least destructive on the planet. As the late rapper Tupac Shakur noted about his own tales of the ghetto: "I didn't create thug-life, I diagnosed it."

Well, we should all be glad at least some people do. It's easier than admitting the selfish and systemic faults of our more established culture, the one that actually sets the rules for everyone else.

So, either we force African-Americans to skip over their history on this continent for any legitimate cultural claim, or we concede its already globally admitted value, forged stronger in the fires of persistent discrimination, and certifiable as clearly "hip hop" or "new black" culture in Canada and throughout the world.

Outside of subjective individual taste and values, commerce is a clear and objective judge of how people around the world truly feel about hip hop. And much of the world clearly likes it.

Therefore, as a matter of communal principle, this must include widespread acceptance of the humble sports jersey as casual evening-out leisurewear.

After some thought I decided not to go into the bar, simply because I knew in my heart that if I can kick it in a kurtha, then we should all be able to kick it in a jersey .


Vijay Sarma is a writer and hip hop activist living in Toronto.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Krishna hosts CKLN Radio 88.1 FM's "Rude Awakening" Morning News Show - November 17, 2009


Young Jeezy - Who Dat [Official Music Video]


FYI, a nice clean audio file was made available to me by Mr. Danny Liberty, a fellow CKLN programmer (we're "programming" people! ;-) and the master video-smith behind many of our TTS videos at and elsewhere. Check it out if you'd like, it's a mixtape of music and clips and ideas that may help further your goals of surviving in the 21st century, which appears to be getting more difficult while it should be getting easier.

Black Krishna hosts CKLN Radio 88.1 FM's "Rude Awakening" Morning News Show - November 17, 2009

"Black Krishna (BK) hosts CKLN Radio 88.1 FM's "Rude Awakening" morning news show on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST. You can listen live online at or on your Rogers Digital Cable TV box at channel 947. This episode is 40 minutes long featuring music, audio clips, a discussion of current events with historical context and of course, solutions, or what's the point? Audio file available courtesy of fellow CKLN programmer Danny Liberty. Public domain information, please use the file or content however you'd like, hopefully for something good."

The show will formalize over the next few weeks assuming I can continue doing it. There be some crazy chicanery, including the east-bound bus service on Dundas at Dufferin at 5:30 and 5:38 am on the bus pole -- which I've taken before -- mysteriously getting totally cancelled this morning. I was there from 5:20 am. What does it mean? Who the hell knows. I asked the "not in service" bus driver what's up this morning, he said he couldn't tell me and he had to go or he'd be late.

Bah, it looks like I'm groggy-walking there from 5 - 6 am from now on, ugh.

Oh well, whoever's awake at the time will get really awake fast.

And I gotta say, it's hella fun to do... :-)







Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Green Gallery and Exhibits: 3 pm – 10 pm
Book Store: 3 pm – 10 pm
Reception: 4:30 pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm
Keynote Speech by Al Gore: 8 pm
Post Event Reception and Dessert Buffet: 9 pm


The Allstream Centre
Exhibition Place
Canada's greenest conference and exhibition facility

105 Princes' Blvd., Toronto, Ontario


great job guys, it might be tough to get to the event itself, or not, but we should try, and this is a classic example of the type of "head's up!" events we need to see posted on a daily basis to give us options. the santa clause parade would've been cool too.

anyway, on meester gore-be-chuff...

instead of just yelling at him at the event, which will just piss off all his fans and get us tossed-out, we should take advantage of the increased interest in him being here to clarify the global warming taxing rubbish for more people with flyers, dvd's, interviews, etc.

while i'm ironically still behind on making my "save children's brains now before it's too late!" flyer and haven't seen anyone else make one, i'm getting it done tonite for launch on saturday. meanwhile, on this project, perhaps we could try something different.

instead of people being asked to make flyers on their own, which appears to be a lot more difficult for most than it seems, perhaps we should work together on this one. or, let's start posting the BEST carefully cited analysis deconstructing the carbonation fraud.

then, once we have lots of carefully chosen citations from articles to use, whoever wants to can make the definitive flyers based on the latest intell. we have lots of people doing lots of research, if they're doing it well, then this project should definitely prove it.



btw, my bought and paid-for onezone wireless internet here at queen and bathurst is now magically back to full-speed immediately after i spoke with mark about it this afternoon, knock on indian rosewood. over the years i've noticed, particularly online, that if you complain loudly enough to lots of people, then somehow things start working again.

it could be chaos theory. or, order out of chaos theory. but, the last thing the "system" wants to do is give me credibility by messing with me in ways that i can clearly point out. if they do, then people have to decide if i'm lying or not. if i'm not lying, then they have to deal with the fact that i might be right enough to be messed with by the man.

that will cause the NWO a sh-tload of problems.

so, consider me back online for a while as part of their new strategy. absence makes the heart grow fonder, so maybe not seeing my e-blather all the time was having a positive effect. regardless, living in a giant science experiment grows more fascinating by the day. so, we have to take it in stride, jump out of the boiling petri dish and... moon a spook! ;-)

oh yeah, incidentally, my new neighbours sharing the building where i work are running a "psychic reader" business upstairs. what's interesting is last night as we were leaving, i noticed a large neon (left) eye of horus symbol right above (me) and our store. what can i say? the illuminati moved in upstairs and they seem very nice, or at least we're on good terms... ;-P



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

REAL-TIME INTELL: Toronto H1N1 Shot Line-Ups Are Getting Longer




Heya TTS Family & Friends,

I've been receiving messages from someone inside an H1N1 clinic for a while now. I share some on my radio show Mon, Tues, Thurs from 6 - 7 am EST @ 88.1 or They're now telling me that 115 people are currently waiting OUTSIDE the clinic for the shots on a sunny but cold day in Toronto. Some are taking wristbands to come back later. Beyond citing generic NWO methodology, this is a very bad sign that something very specific has happened in front of us to increase the number of people getting shot.

Postering outside H1N1 clinics ASAP would be a good idea. It's practical, legal and easy. If we keep people who go to the clinic for a shot from getting it, many could become ardent anti-vaccine advocates because of the way they found out about them. The corruption of our major institutions is only accomplished because most people inside don't want to risk their jobs -- and -- most people outside don't want to risk anything. If freedom falls-apart in front of us, then we'll be way-too depressed about it to do anything later.

We truthers often lose to the mass media because they're consistent and we're not. We also lose perspective because we find rare news articles that expose the truth and contradict the mainstream ones everywhere. This cheers us up, but unfortunately it also weakens our resolve to study and fight the propaganda that most people are being given. We live comfortably in an alternate reality, which is probably a bad idea. We should try and keep up with what's being said to the most people to beat the specifics.

People can generally live comfortably in a reality where they'll admit that corruption contributes to health risks that we need to warn each other about. People are given awful logic like "less mercury than a tuna fish sandwich!" to explain why they should get shot, ignoring the fact that we could poop or pee the mercury out easier than if we inject it our bloodstream and it swims into our brain, plus-plus. People should also note that persistent levels of poisonous mercury in tuna fish sandwiches is another problem too.

We don't know how all this will play out, but we can certainly have some influence on it. We can do more than just re-explain exactly how we're being screwed if we focus on more. We can make the information we have simple and practical. Then people can understand that we're trying to communicate 'with them' and not just say stuff. We don't have to do anything if we don't want to, but if we don't want to, then we should wonder why. We can get lazy and crazy, or we can get to work on stopping our local genocide.

Incidentally, it's the 322nd day of 2009 and it's a "9" (1 + 8), so keep an eye out for extra secret-society wackiness. There's definitely something going on that everyone can feel, including martial law scenarios playing out on a daily basis. Instead of citing generic NWO brainwashing methodology, we can take what we've learned and apply it to our own environments. We can take photos and more of changes happening in our own neighbourhoods so our neighbours notice them. We can expose "The Matrix" for others.

Finally, with respect to our various interests, it may help to work locally on prioritizing them. Our culture encourages us to do whatever we want to the extreme, so that spills over into anti-NWO activism. The problem is the NWO has plans they carefully execute step-by-step and... we don't. While many angles may work, we know people were suspicious of vaccines before and many are now sick of the "swine flu" coverage. However, to keep them from eventually succumbing to it anyway, they need to hear from us.

Once they do and avoid getting shot, they might gratefully decide to learn more.


Toronto Truth Seekers
Assistant Organizer

P.S. This document has expanded versions of these ideas for any interested:

The Planifesto: 2009 Survival Strategy


MONEY + FLYERS + FLYERING = IMPACT: Sat, Nov 21st, 12 - 6 pm, Dundas Square


The Shot Is The Pandemic Part 1/2: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC


The Shot Is The Pandemic Part 2/2: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC




Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)!

What: MONEY + FLYERS + FLYERING = IMPACT: Sat, Nov 21st, 12 - 6 pm, Dundas Square

When: November 21, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

Dundas Square
Yonge & Dundas
Toronto, ON


Heya TTS Family & Friends,

As we've seen, and as I've noticed personally since I have a relatively high local profile on these issues, when people like us take our problems seriously, then other people take us seriously. This is flattering, but also practical. Once more people take our information seriously, they'll make smarter choices, which will disrupt establishment plans.

We're in a race against time, but we're in good shape. I know personally that I went from being guy who's into "that stuff" to "that stuff" now being something that nearly everyone is worried about. Before the riots, or before poverty and brainwashing take their toll, we should allocate our time, energy and resources wisely to provide solutions.

Progress of any substantial nature is only achieved using the "problem + reaction = solution" technique. We can see this daily in our own lives as we react to everything we deal with. Instead of just asking people to think like marginalized conspiracy theorists, we should provide them with ways they can live their normal lives better than before.

This means reverse-engineering the growing number of normal concerns people have in a crazy world and showing them their problems, reactions and solutions. If you just give people problems, then you're a jerk. But, if you give them empowering reactions and practical solutions, then you're a smart and decent human being. That's good branding

People will soon have to learn how to do stuff like this themselves anyway. Otherwise they won't survive their own moral and intellectual decay as part of how they're taught to behave. Pioneering a variety of simple and practical techniques will work. We're a powerful, educated and compassionate people. We just don't feel like doing stuff. Yet.

Curiously enough, most Canadians know this. Staunch defenders of the system can speak freely anywhere, but when anyone questions it, most Canadians will agree the system needs to be fixed. They may differ on how, but if their answer is people should do nothing, if they get to compare it with something, then they'll clearly see that it's wrong.

In the interests of time, I'll break down one way to win as best I can:

1. TTS members and others show people very publicly who we are and what we stand for on Saturdays by handing out DVD's and flyers for several hours. Nobody says anything bad to us about what they've received for 3 months straight. We proved in a relatively busy and un-friendly big city like Toronto that it's possible to do this anywhere.

2. TTS members and others show people very publicly who we are and what we stand for on a daily basis by dropping off various branded and other flyers on various topics various places. Mailboxes, car-windshields, buildings, washrooms, businesses and more get reached by the information. People who get used to seeing it start searching for more.

3. TTS members and others ignore normal activist approaches that beg the media for 30 seconds of watered-down coverage that people will forget 30 seconds later. Instead, they have consistent online and offline communications with people and groups to provide better information than the media. If we're any good, the media will come to us.

4. TTS members and others can formally offer to meet with various groups in small settings to discuss their specific concerns. Geography, age, connections and other demographics can factor into who goes where. Local TTS ambassadors (etc.) can liaise with local groups on a regular basis to deal with new issues like "H1N1" vaccines and so on.

5. TTS members and others can move from this approach to getting their neighbours more involved in asking for what they want on a regular basis. People who live in the same area are more accountable to each other for what they do than bureaucrats pushing world government. They can petition local politicians for redress and take back their block.

6. TTS members and others next summer can relax on their front lawns with a good book, glass of lemonade and a table of flyers and dvd's. More people can start doing this for a few hours a week, or have open houses for people to grab info in bad weather. Once a few houses per neighbourhood become trusted sources, it's game NWOver.

Until then, it's business as usual, and our business isn't slowing down:

Please RSVP when you can. Bring flyers, dvd's, stickers, cameras and anything else that might make an impact. Dress warmly and be respectful and courteous. New members and others are welcome to join anytime for as long as they want. Suggestions are always welcome with respect to how to achieve our goals and save our country.



Learn more here:


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

METALHEADS: Save Our Children From Brain Damage -- Now!




Heya TTS Family & Friends,

I launched the plan this morning on the radio. It was co-signed last night by a fellow truther with first-hand experience in hearing children screaming they don't want to get shot. They agree this could appeal to the humanity in both couch-potato truthers and non-truthers alike. Right now, many of us are so dehumanized that we don't even care about ourselves. Both truthers and non-truthers will say they are worried about the future, but even if they think they might die soon, they seem to think it was inevitable, as opposed to they were just being lazy.

It's a self-fulling prophecy: the less you do the more it's true.

Therefore, instead of just trying to get us to care about ourselves, which may see us focus on our faults, get confused and depressed and give up, we should focus on saving children instead. We may feel they deserve saving even if we don't feel we do. Alan Watt posted our "Save 10,000 Children" meet-up on his website, and there's nobody on earth who can say saving children is not more compelling then a bunch of adults arguing about a bunch of old rich people who may or may not exist, or who doubters say, may or may not always be in charge anyway.

It's time to see if our knowledge has any practical value to others.

Today's "Metro" has Health Canada's Dr. David Butler-Jones saying 1 in 5 Canadians have already been (H1N1) shot, among the highest percentage of any country in the world thanks in part to our small population. They're not stopping, so we have to make sure the number of people with faith in vaccines doesn't increase and normalize future forced medical care if others can't stop it. Right now, about 500 children per day in Toronto are getting shot per clinic, give or take, since they're a high-priority group. Right now, toxic metals are eating holes in their brains.

It's tough for children to stop their ignorant parents from doing this is the website supported by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. They helped cure her son's autism, or at least improve his condition considerably. Their doctors say if you can reach a child quickly after an "adverse" reaction to a vaccine, then it's possible to detox and make dietary changes for a full-recovery. One thing to note is that all vaccine-reactions are "adverse" since all vaccines are not good for us. Therefore, we're all in a race against time to tell parents and others in Toronto and elsewhere how to save their children before it's too late.

It's as easy as: Q. "Hey man, can I tell you something?" A: "Sure."

Russell Blaylock (MD) and others have great articles on how anyone can detox if they were forced to take an H1N1 shot, or if they chose to, so we can pass that on as well. TTS was there before the scare and we're there during the scare to tell people what they need to do. This very public narrative of competent compassion will serve us (and others who try it) well later, especially as we're increasingly demonized. People who can still care about children should begin researching and working on flyers. People who can't should wait for the rest of us to reach them.


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)


About 1 in 5 Canadians immunized against H1N1: chief health officer

By Chinta Puxley (CP) – 16 hours ago

WINNIPEG — The country's chief public health officer says Canada is leading the world when it comes to the percentage of its citizens vaccinated against the swine flu.

Dr. David Butler-Jones says about 20 per cent of the population has received the H1N1 shot in the last three weeks. Canada has about 33 million people.

"That's just unheard of," he said in an interview while he was attending an international conference on HIV/AIDS in Winnipeg on Monday. "Already we've immunized more people than anybody else in the world as a percentage of our population."