Friday, August 15, 2014

Black Krishna: The Lost Tapes


Black Krishna: The Lost Tapes

Discovered love songs and fight songs from the late 2000's for you to enjoy.

A Deal With The Devil For An Angel
A Girl From MySpace
Shiv Bansal Can Lick My Balls
Dreams Of Better Dayz
Where Do We Go From Here
Who's The Man?
Bonus: Thug 'Til I Die – Mocked Up Lyrics and Beat



AUDIO: Download 35 Minute Black Krishna El Mocambo Set - To Relax! :)

Sculpture by Nathan Sawaya


"Believe Me" - Lil' Wayne f. Drake


Hey Everybody,

I had a great set at the El Mocambo last Saturday and continue to learn a lot about what might work. Parts of it worked great and by the end the whole block at College and Spadina was really chilled out from the effort as men and women were walking around in a relaxed and thoughtful daze. But, I still need to tweak a few things to work with instead of against our sensibilities and make the roller-coaster ride a bit gentler. 

"An artist figures out what the truth is and then how to lie about it." 

- Black Krishna, August 13, 2014

You can check out the post-show afterglow video and details below. I was vlogging a bit and have some stuff up, including a couple of websites that I think might help. But, then I decided I really want to people to understand how I specifically think and feel from my lyrics instead of citing source material. Or, at-best to recommend certain individual works rather than collections of work that can be questioned more easily.

It's tricky business, but I figure I might as well try to play the game and get credit for it. I'm also leaking a rough-mix stream of "The Pride Trilogy" albums instead of sitting on them since they can help decode our sketchy mess if people listen to them. I still feel bad about not getting them recorded and mixed as well as I could, but dealing with stuff people have trouble talking about but need said makes making money hard.

On that note, while I've said it a bunch of times, that's the only thing I want to focus on. I've already proven repeatedly what people have repeatedly said and said to me, which is I can't help anyone unless I can help myself, or I can't do anything worthwhile without making money. The truth works well, but it's too isolating and alienating in a world full of quiet and sketchy lies. So, I've got to work on allegories and or ignore it.

Now, when people quietly try to show me how messed up they are, I basically rub my fingers together in the "pay me" sign and shrug my shoulders, or possibly say "I'm sorry you're messed up" and maybe "We'll leave it at that". I can tell that most people are probably messing each other up all day by forcing each other to look at it, or by looking at what they're forced to, which is something I want to avoid and help us all avoid.

This means going from being a crazy loser who nearly everyone seems to desperately wants to get attention from to an eccentric genius who nearly everyone seems to desperately want to get attention from. This means getting money. For my family, friends, people and future I need to get this done. Otherwise I'll lose everything but my pride; and losing everything means I'll lose that too. Been there, done that, bounced back, and so on.

Anyway, as the quasi-Men In Black-style verbal mind-wipe goes, below is the audio from my El Mocambo set which takes us through a nice narrative that ultimately helps us respect each other more and relax. It starts off as a nice mix of love and fight songs, then enters into a tortured mix of both, while ultimately ending in a cathartic explosion of both as the coup de grace. I've got to find a better Bob Marley/Coldplay/etc'er mix.

But, this worked and perhaps even better in some ways by being a bit more direct, you decide if you want.




Black Krishna at El Mocambo - August 9, 2014


Black Krishna Set @ The El Mocambo (August 9, 2014)

As a late addition courtesy of Wingspan Music, I had a great set at the legendary El Mocambo (open since 1850!) before a small crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The lyrics and narrative were designed to help us have fun while easing us through a complex thought process that ultimately helps us all relax. 

This seemed to happen by the end for most of the block at College and Spadina outside where I filmed this too. Thanks to Drew at Collection Day Entertainment for the hook up, Mike at Wingspan Music for the opp, Manager Kevin at El Mocambo for the spot, Soundman Kippy at El Mocambo for the drop, the cute waitresses there for their perspir-inspiration and crowd for their enthusiasm.

This is the 35 minute audio recorded on a Huawei cellphone in front of the stage. 

It starts at 1:40 min. For more music and info see below.

Download WAV

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