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CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Predictive Programming vs. Free Will in the Twitterverse - December 16, 2010


December 16, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening

Predictive Programming vs. Free Will in the Twitterverse

Featuring: Gil Scott-Heron, Alan Watt

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This episode: no matter how far we've gone, can we always turn around? Should we fight for our living standards? Why don't we try to make more specific plans to achieve local goals to help more people make better choices to resist the new world order? Can we push our politicians? Who's spying on us and why? What ideas do we get in fiction to accept later as fact? How seriously do we take stuff on Twitter? Why does our media focus our attention on nonsense? Should we just laugh all this off?

CKLN Radio's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Black Krishna, aka BK, aka Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3's to share or post clips online on YouTube (eg.) are available after 8 am at, and Visit - or contact or with any inquiries -- Thanks! :)


How the Animated Series G.I. Joe Predicted Today’s Illuminati Agenda

By Vigilant | December 9th, 2010

G.I. Joe is an iconic cartoon TV show that marked an entire generation of young boys during the 80s. Most fans still recall the main characters and the epic gun fights. But what about the storyline? A look at the TV series in today’s context is quite a strange experience: Many of Cobra’s “far-out” plots are actually happening today. Could G.I. Joe be a case of predictive programming? We will look at some G.I. Joe episodes describing the replacement of the US dollar and the usage of mind control on celebrities and civilians and see how they relate in today’s context.

Twitter Valued At $3.7 Billion

Red Orbit | December 16, 2010

Less than a year after Twitter began making its first efforts to make money, it announced that it had raised $200 million in a financing deal that values the microblogging service at $3.7 billion.

Justin Bieber crowned 'Most Influential Twitter Celebrity'

John Dorian | International Business News | December 16, 2010

... The klout score is arrived using an algorithm which takes into account 35 factors, such as a celebrity's number of retweets and followers. Bieber has more than 6 million followers which may have boost his klout score.

Soulja Boy’s New Album “The Deandre Way” Sold Less Than 15K Copies Last Week

Staff | | December 9, 2010

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em may have over 2,000,000 followers on Twitter, but judging by the numbers of albums he sold last week, less than 1% of them actually went out and bought the man’s album! Find out the details on how many units SB pushed below:

Soulja Boy’s third studio album The DeAndre Way sold a very disappointing 13,360 copies in its first week of release, debuting on the Billboard 200 albums chart at #79. …… Can you say FLOP?


Soulja Boy is still around, but lil buddy is laying low after his sales fail. I heard he is very embarrassed, but he is actually traveling the world. I heard he’s left the country for a bit of time away. Must be nice.

Wikileaks Drama Forces Twitter to ‘Explain’ Trending Service

Frank Reed | Marketing Pilgrim | December 9, 2010

... Possible translation: Twitter Trends has nothing to do with substance but everything to do with helping to increase levels of ADHD in an already distracted world. Wow, that was revealing and a little bit sad all at once.

It continues with an explanation of what makes a trend a trend.

Students falling head over heels for online flirting site

Misty Harris | PostMedia News / Vancouver Sun | December 15, 2010

Enter, an online "flirting-facilitator platform" that's taking college campuses by storm — and usurping kismet in the process. The site combines the immediacy of Twitter, the mystery of Missed Connections, and the location sensitivity of Foursquare, all with the intention of making instant online matches between strangers in the same place at the same time.

Social Networking (The Shorter Version): Past, Present, Future

Mark Suster | Business Insider | December 6, 2010

This blog post originally appeared in serialized form here on TechCrunch. This version is the shorter, ADHD version.

E-mail and social networking can have a huge effect on productivity

By Catherine Quinn | The Scotsman | December 14, 2010

Do you arrive at work and check on three different inboxes or social media sites before getting down to business? If you do, you're certainly not alone. Technology may have cut our work time in some respects, but research now shows that an alarming number of us are quite literally becoming attention deficit as a result.

"I call it Attention Deficit Trait," explains psychiatrist Dr Edward Hallowell, who is an expert in attention deficit hyperacticity disorder (ADHD). "It's sort of like the normal version of attention deficit disorder. But it's a condition induced by modern life, in which you've become so busy attending to so many inputs and outputs that you become increasingly distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless and, over the long-term, underachieving."

‘Martial Law UK’ tops Google following protest ban

Infowars | December 15, 2010

Following a decision in the UK to ban protesting, the term “Martial Law UK” has gone viral, reaching #1 on Google’s Trends this Wednesday, December 15, 2010. Thanks to our supporters for another successful bombardment of the media cycle in attempt to inject real issues into the debate.

The Prussian education system was a system of mandatory education dating to the early 19th century. Parts of the Prussian education system have served as models for the education systems in a number of other countries, including Japan and the United States.

Schools can keep private daycare deals: Premier

The Canadian Press | The Metro | December 16, 2010

Ontario won’t force its school boards to cancel deals with private daycare providers as they try to roll out the government’s ambitious full-day learning plan, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday.

Alex Jones - December 6 2010 6 & Charlotte Iserbyt

Alex talks with whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt who served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration. Iserbyt is the author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, a chronological history of the past 100+ years of education reform. The book argues that the academic meltdown in our public education system is intentional.

Ham over turkey this holiday?

TorStar News Service | The Metro | December 16, 2010

Do you wish you could be a holiday ham? The one who tells jokes at the office or neighbourhood party that actually make people laugh?

Your efforts at humour can bring the ho ho hos you crave, if you follow expert advice.

As a professor with Humber College’s Comedy Program, Larry Horowitz has taught at least 3,000 people to be funny and says he’s never met anyone who couldn’t successfully tell a joke.

Gil Scott-Heron - 'I'm New Here' (official video)


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Wikispeaks: Assange should be given a medal by the Americans, for "debunking decades-old conspiracy theories about its foreign policy".


Wikispeaks: Assange should be given a medal by the Americans, for "debunking decades-old conspiracy theories about its foreign policy".

Black Krishna Blog | December 14, 2010

There's a nifty little snippet cited in The Guardian (14/Dec/10), which is among the largest and most respected papers in Europe, that may help us understand part of what the Wikileaks massive media coverage and more is really for.

Gideon Rachman from the Financial Times wrote an article called "And now for a world government" (8/Dec/08) which was heavily picked-up and picked-on in "conspiracy" circles, while he was game enough to dismissively respond to critics.

Now, the same writer says Assange should be given a medal for what he's done because it "debunks decades-old conspiracy theories" about U.S. foreign policy. Or, as long as people think "Wikileaks" is the "truth" they'll dismiss other ideas.

This whole "Wikileaks" controversy looks like a giant shadow government intelligence operation to attack enemies, reinforce foreign policy goals, embarrass and control politicians and crack down on journalists, dissenters and the internet.

When governments don't want to respond to leaks and whistleblowers, they don't. That helps keep stories from getting mass media coverage since reporters can't get the "official" response they need for due diligence. This case is different.

Since the character of "Julian Assange" has now been embedded in our psyche's and also championed by mainstream activists, we now have to say we "like" him and "he might not know" to avoid upsetting many people. It's hard to say for sure.

Regardless, that's how "they" or the "shadow government" agents behind the scenes do it. They make us loyal to the figures they promote, even laying half-hearted and haphazard charges on them, all while monitoring our response to the info.

Whenever someone leaks exactly what governments want to hear and it's promoted by the mass media, it's hard to trust their authenticity. As long as people can resist being told who to admire by the mass media, then we can learn the truth.

People might not think these leaks are wanted by U.S. and other governments, but if we don't care or react to what's admitted, or if we think we're getting the real dirt on admittedly corrupt systems, we'll be blindsided later by worse.

There's a great interview with John Young on The Alex Jones Show (9/Dec/10) that everyone should listen to and re-post so we get another take on the Wikileaks scandal. He helped found Wikileaks and knows where the bodies are buried.

Our cultures were raised to watch cops-and-robbers on TV, but whenever we see it, it's inevitably fake. Instead of just waiting for the system to advertise it's own self-correction, or implosion, we have to get more pro-active locally.

Everyone has opinions, plus we like to get creative, so we'll take bits of whatever we heard and construct our own theories to suit our tastes which we then defend. To get past this, it's going to take people making more sense with a plan.

Sexy scandals will just entertain and amuse us, but that won't stop the eugenics programs from poisoning everything where we live. While the world is supposed to wank-off to Wikileaks, we should just get it - and - get past it if we can.



Julian Assange granted bail: live updates

The Guardian | December 14, 2010

11.28am: Gideon Rachman, a late convert to the WikiLeaks cables, argues that Assange should be given a medal by the Americans, for "debunking decades-old conspiracy theories about its foreign policy".

Writing in the FT he says:

"The documents published over the past fortnight have provided very little evidence of double-dealing or bad faith in US foreign policy. Conspiracy theorists all over the world must be deeply disappointed."

What about the US spying on the UN?

"Even some of the officials who might have been spied upon do not seem terribly outraged – since they assume that espionage from all quarters is an unfortunate fact of diplomatic life."

That's all right then.


The Alex Jones Show - December 9, 2010 - Commercial Free MP3

With architect John Young, who runs the website Cryptome. The site is a repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. In February 2010, Cryptome was briefly shut down by Network Solutions for alleged DMCA violations after it posted a "Microsoft legal spy manual."


And now for a world government

Gideon Rachman | Financial Times | December 9, 2008

I have never believed that there is a secret United Nations plot to take over the US. I have never seen black helicopters hovering in the sky above Montana. But, for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible.



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Gil Scott-Heron - 'I'm New Here' (official video)


[Recommended to blow your mind and heal your soul -- Ed.]


Gil Scott-Heron - 'I'm New Here' (official video)




Monday, December 13, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Can We Figure Out How To Talk About What To Do About All This? - December 13, 2010


December 13, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening:

Can We Figure Out How To Talk About What To Do About All This?

Show MP3 Download Links:


This episode: why did podcast host James Corbett do a show called "How To Talk To Others"? How many people do we have to reach to find enough who will get consistently active in the infowar? Can we argue more about how to do it? Can passing on good info improve relationships? Can health tips save us from going broke and our folks from going crazy? Will guys let women, children and seniors take on the CIA, secret societies and corporations? Can we get informed and inspired enough to handle this?

CKLN Radio's Rude Awakening Morning Show is hosted by Black Krishna, aka BK, aka Vijay Sarma, aka Vij, on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST on CKLN 88.1 FM, Rogers Cable 947 or online. Public domain mp3's to share or post clips online on YouTube (eg.) are available after 8 am at, and Visit - or contact or with questions, answers, suggestions and more.


"Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebes would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

- Bertrand Russell, "The Impact of Science on Society", 1953, pg 49-50

The Corbett Report - Episode 165 - How To Talk To Others - December 13, 2010

From 9/11 truth to the banking hoax, from murder and cover-up to the eugenicists best laid plans, The Corbett Report has covered some incredible information over the years...but how to pass this information on to friends, family and strangers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we attempt to overcome the failure to communicate by examining some examples of effective communication.

Truther Girls Radio - How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century - July 26, 2010

Welcomes fellow activist and radio host Black Krishna (BK) for a conversation about how to tell the truth in the 21st Century. How can we share "heavy" stuff in cultures that respect our discipline more than our passion? How can we politely discuss serious issues and share information with people who haven't learned as much?

Canadian Cancer Society - Probability of developing or dying from cancer

Based on 2009 incidence rates, 40% of Canadian women and 45% of men will develop cancer during their lifetimes.

Four Tablespoons of This "Brain Food" May Prevent Alzheimer's

Dr. Mercola | December 13 2010

In the video above, Dr. Mary Newport discusses ketone bodies, an alternative fuel for your brain which your body makes when digesting coconut oil, and how coconut oil may offer profound benefits in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

The Alex Jones Show - December 8, 2010 - Commercial Free MP3 Download

Welcomes to the show Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, health activist, and entrepreneur. Mercola criticizes many of the practices of mainstream medicine and the Food and Drug Administration, particularly vaccination and the use of prescription drugs and surgery to treat diseases. He encourages using water filters to purify drinking water and is strongly opposed to water fluoridation.

Tax Exempt Foundations and Think Tanks: The Process of Invisible Power

Daniel Taylor | Old Thinker News | December 12, 2010

“Philanthropy is the essential element in the making of Rockefeller power. It gives the Rockefellers a priceless reputation as public benefactors which the public values so highly that power over public affairs is placed in the Rockefellers’ hands. Philanthropy generates more power than wealth alone can provide.” – Myer Kutz Rockefeller Power (1974)

The hidden influence of tax-exempt foundations and think tanks in the halls of power has dramatically impacted our society, and in turn the world. The Rockefeller dynasty paved the way for eugenics in 20th Century America and heavily influenced the education system. Now Bill Gates’ various philanthropic institutions are impacting the globe, with a new initiative promising to make the next several years the “Decade of vaccines“.


Kentroversy | August 12, 2006

The new rage in politics is the TOWN HALL MEETING. While this is portrayed as an opportunity to have citizen-based representative government, it is in reality, anything but. Use of the technique described below, which is found in both business and in government public meetings, only means that WE THE PEOPLE have to endure another level of control from those global elitists who seek to outright enslave us into one-thousand years of spiritual bondage which they call their NEW WORLD ORDER.

THE DELPHI TECHNIQUE allows for surreptitious control of group meetings, without anyone from the audience being any the wiser about what is happening before them. And, if by chance, someone does in fact pick up on the fact that SOMETHING is going on, they lack the tools to steer the meeting back into their direction. Things like this could only happen in a completely DUMBED-DOWN society, which is why I choose to illuminate such topics on this website --- educate thine own selves!!!

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

Montrealer on terror list decries Harper government's "racist" policies

Benjamin Shingler | The Canadian Press | December 11, 2010

MONTREAL - A Montreal man who was put on the UN's terror watchlist in 2006 but never charged with a crime is continuing to take his case to the streets.

Abousfian Abdelrazik and about 100 supporters marched through downtown Montreal on Saturday to press for an end to the sanctions imposed upon him since his arrest.

United We Fall - Part 1 of 12

Support the film makers by owning it on DVD -

A film by Bryan Law and Dan Dicks "United We Fall" is a documentary about the North American Union that is being developed right now between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Canada, U.S. on verge of North American trade, security 'perimeter'

PostMedia News | Calgary Herald | December 9, 2010

OTTAWA - A landmark deal is at hand between Canada and the United States to form a trade and security perimeter around the continent with an eye to easing the flow of goods and people across the border, the National Post is reporting.

Called the New Border Vision, the pact could be signed as early as January by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama.

Did Anonymous Take Down Amazon?

Kurt Nimmo | | December 12, 2010

... The global elite announced their designs on the internet through Jay Rockefeller. The supposed representative of the people of West Virginia said a few months ago that we’d be better off if the internet was never invented. Rockefeller is working with both Democrats and Republicans to reinvent the internet and render it useless as an alternative news source. The FCC is helping them in the effort.

Canada, Australia & NZ Are Still Colonies

Swedes horrified by what may be 1st suicide bombing in history of immigrant-friendly nation

Residents in nine areas to help determine local spending [Ed -- Local neo-communism being set-up.]

Analysis: Climate talks: 18 years, too little action? [Ed -- Children using slogans being used as props.]


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