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VINASHA KALEY VIPAREETHA BUDDHI: "When person is about to be destroyed..."

> Thank you for your note and the forward on Bush's 'surge' move! I
> like to sum it up by quoting an ancient Sanskrit saying:
> Which means --
> When person is about to be destroyed, he gets all kinds of weird and
> wicked thoughts.

hey [redacted],

sounds good, and the sanskrit quote seems wise, perhaps if more of us took it to heart and got creative we could stop it.

the world is ending as we know it, and it was never as we knew it. and, make no mistake, the nazi comparisons are 100% accurate. the neo-cons studied under leo strauss, who studied under carl schmitt, who was hitler's lawyer. echoes of their tactics and propaganda are obvious to anyone who compares, and their puppet bush is the most important "salesman" of the "9/11" and "War on Terror" myth, with many european psychologists seeing him radiating "schizophrenia and autism" into the world to dumb-down and brainwash his followers.

he has gone quite mad, much like hitler did, in believing "god" is behind him and his "destiny" is victory and refusing to believe in bad news. in the next few weeks Congress is going to put up a fight or fade to irrelevance and martial law, and since the "accidental" death of senator paul wellstone many have been scared...

On October 26th 2002, U.S. anti-war Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash two miles from the runway in Minneapolis, along with his wife and daughter Suzanne Goldenberg, and three campaign staff and two pilots.

Many reporters have already pointed out how convenient it is that that George W. Bush's most outspoken opponent was killed in a plane crash less than two weeks before an election in which his victory was essential to maintain Democrat control of the Senate.


the smartest guy in the world, webster tarpley, says the neo-con "think tanks" are running the war in iraq based on "strategy" instead of "logistics", which means like a boardgame that doesn't account for supply-routes, reinforcements, etc., so the "troops" are getting encircled in baghdad and could soon be wiped-out.

the generals who disagree with bush are replaced, and since well before 9/11 the bush regime has been doing a careful purge of government to get rid of any good people who can speak out. it's not quite finished yet, but with every successive lie more people are co-opted into the system, while others who fight it are rooted out.

the iraqi's have been very careful not to attack the green zone, knowing dick cheney and others can't wait to use nuclear weapons when "nothing else will work", as they are angling to do with iran, who have shown incredible restraint in being attacked for over 2 years and not retaliating.

the plan was always to "fail" in iraq and be there forever, and to use "nuclear weapons" at some point to scare the world and help balkanize the region into small controllable parts. that's why they're building a bunch of bases as a launching point for attacks on the rest of eurasia, and that's why russia and china are readying for attacks on us.

while it's hard to believe, some of this will become obvious as "4 battleships move towards nuking iran for no reason" or whatever is on CNN, and our fatalistic plunge into war seems inevitable. since we're lazy and the rest of the world is livid, they will endorse an attack us with UN troops at some point.

then, to make sure no "dictator" like bush can rise again, we'll have a One World Government under UN control for "world peace", and be completely enslaved by a handful of bankers, the real backers of the "neo-cons" who've managed to use their media control to make hitlerian policies of "pre-emptive war" and "torture camps" legitimate and defensible in the media most still choose to consume - which is a huge part of our acceptance and indifference.

that's why all the nonsense in the media - again, the media owned by the people attacking us - about "incompetence" has kept us stupid and distracted, and lead us to the brink of world war three. they're not stupid: we're stupid in believing they're stupid, and in feeling "smarter" for it as opposed to finding ways to curtail their abuses.

we can keep our eyes glued to the TV and reading the same newspapers that never explained how we got here, but we won't understand what laws have been changed and how the government officials enforcing them have been (brainwashed) trained, including military briefings calling new orleans "little somalia" during gun-confiscations post-katrina, or invasive and demeaning "searches" at airports that rival anything done by any other dictatorship - as many international travelers have already commented on.

i'm doing well trying to stay on top of things, the surge is completely irrelevant and ridiculous, and much like everything it's merely a distraction. when i told a friend about the coming dollar collapse, they said: "but wait - i just saw the news, the dollar went up today!", as if this daily "up/down 0.2 cents" foolishness makes any difference to us unless we have a billion "dollars" and just made $20 million.

we're trained to follow it so we don't see the big picture, and that's also why there's a "business" section but no "labor" section in the paper: our interests are not important when compared with the 5% of people that own stocks, and yet we're taught to stupidly pay attention and worship "big business" as our saviour despite their profits going up 45% over the last 5 years while wages increased 3%, according to CNN's Lou Dobbs.

CNN's Lou Dobbs slams the New World Order

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that's what nearly all the news is, and they make a "big deal" out of nonsense. it's just like the "sponsorship scandal"... what happened to that? it brought down a stable liberal government with a new prime minster after a year in office, and yet there has been hardly any mention of it since, proving it was probably a "big money media" scam to put neo-con harper in while keeping us angry and distracted.

it's good the government is renewing homeless-shelter funding, the problem is they don't want to fix the problem. i haven't seen any studies since 2001, and you wouldn't believe there are over 300 shelters in the city, a ridiculous case of "dispersal" which keeps them from organizing, just as has been done in refugee camps worldwide - including in new orleans. a friend has been working on these issues for 10 years and there are more homeless people than ever, just like with AIDS, cancer, poverty, drugs... and everything else.

if you want a paycheque then it's no problem, and most people eventually sell-out and justify their situation as "doing something" even if it's not keeping the problem from getting "worse" in general. if you want to see the problem solved then you have to think outside of the paycheque, or any other officially institutionalized and failing solution we're taught to implement.

we're taught to be scared of our neighbors and send money to africa, adding to the billions stolen by the UN and Big Pharma over the years which have only worsened the situation, to say nothing of contributing to their experiments on helpless africans. we have to think the exact opposite of how we've been trained, including all this "personal responsibility" garbage that keeps us trapped in our own heads and bragging about our masturbatory "fountain of youth/peace/happiness" discoveries sold in glossy magazines and on TV.

it's all nonsense, we're being given "munchausen syndrome" in being told like little children that we're "sick", and people around the world think we're crazy. but, a few of us know and are spreading the word, so it's all going to come down to who's more convincing... :-)


CSPAN: Webster Tarpley on 9/11 Truth at the American Scholars Symposium

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Hey [redacted],

Thanks for your replies, I'm still working on a response to your lengthy email, but suffice it to say I agree with and fully endorse your self-sufficiency and libertarianism, and nothing I suggest threatens that as the ultimate option for all. I only feel distressed by (what I see as) your belief that you can maintain a safe isolation from what is happening, namely "global fascism" with a high-tech and half-baked glaze, especially since you worked so closely with some of it's ramifications in New Orleans.

I wish you luck, and wish I felt I had the same option, except I see what happened there as conditioning us to accept more of the same, and believe if we don't change our mindsets we'll be victimized eventually by a malicious government looking to feed it's slave-labor camps, much like in China. Then again I fancy myself a "philosopher", and don't get my hands-dirty as much as I should for my "Save Da World" street-cred, so you can ignore me if that's the only qualification. (Though I did write a song called "Bayou Boy: Prayer for New Orleans".) What I've been trying to do over the last couple of years is work with, understand and gain "cover fire" from various groups so I can speak on their issues, and have someone as back-up saying: "Nah, it's cool, he's with me, his heart's in the right place so give him a listen", including traditional activists and artists, but also by keeping my hip hop and yuppie street-cred, and a higher-level overview of what we should all be focuse on.

In doing so, I've found a handful of threats and means to solve them that I believe cut across all cultural and political boundaries, and one of them is an "Amnesty Intellectual" approach towards all critics of the unfair government and corporate elite, even those who sound "crazy", because the fascists are "crazy", and after what we've seen we can't dismiss anyone with any concerns about them, nor use one factoid to praise or damn an entire subculture. The "Saddam was a bad guy!" one-argument approach to endorsing an endless genocide is reflected across our culture infected by simple-speak, from left to right to whatever, and it's based on how we've learned to interpret and who to trust for simple answers in a complex and stressful world.

I think all the suggestions you made are valid, including "affirmative action" if it's implemented well, say a a corporate tax for the good of communities where employees live to expand school and job opportunities, increasing their productivity anyway; as opposed to an automatically demonized version in the media, where the pundits line up on either side to play T-ball for $2500 an appearance on cable. Much like the peace movement, any activists against "power" are given short-shrift, and only their weakest arguments are allowed any real exposure - including self-censorship in the hopes of being invited on again. Playing within these rules, and a perceived set of limited resources or opportunities being stolen from the rest of us, the right-wing or conservative view inevitably swats the homerun for all of us to relax, and Thank God those people aren't getting anything we're not or a chance to take what we have.

This also reinforces that the long fight to get the issue that far (media coverage) by hundreds or thousands of people has no merit; and our racism in assuming they must be stupid or greedy or attention-starved. Optimally, and in fact sensibly, there has to be a way for any large group of disenfranchised or concerned people to have their efforts to draw our attention to them respected more than that, and their interests acknowledged and incorporated in the richest countries in the world - who've kept millions of people poor specifically by dividing and demonizing them to each other. Instead of looking at African-Americans as 12% of the U.S. pop. and 50% of the U.S. prison pop. as normal or acceptable, or that they are 5x more likely to be in jail than on the street in the U.S. today, and then pitting them against young white kids entering college or the workforce and forcing them to lose while everyone gets mad, a different agenda needs to be discussed.

That's the point, and any sizeable group of critics has to be listened to, because the very idea of ignoring large chunks of society or the planet's populations and what they think is what gets us into trouble by making us think they don't have a point, and allowing our most powerful institutions to practice taking "our" stuff by first taking "theirs", and gaining the power and (Hitlerian) legal legitimacy to do so.

Suheir Hammad - (some really, really) Def Poetry (6 mins)


Just thinking of something bad to say qualifies as accurate criticism, since praise is easier to tear down and less secure. This is being done to the Middle-East as well as here, and I even had a couple of old retired military guys say proudly "Bush is a strong leader!" as the reason they liked him. When I turned around with "So was Stalin, Hitler, Mao... doesn't it matter if he's a "good" leader?" they didn't have an answer, because they hadn't needed one until then.

This type of thing is done everywhere, and it's nuts. The way I figure, we have a handful of central enemies racing like mad to lock us all in police states, or as Webster Tarpley would say the "finance oligarchs" or "London and Wall Street financiers" who control the central banking systems and most governments. Instead of recycling useless debates that pick on the weakest targets by joining historicaly ideological "gangs", let's save history as you suggest, and independently understand it and apply it while it's here today, with an open mind to all critics and a focus on who the real bad guys are instead of tearing each other down. I've found most people using passion instead of profit as their playbook make, at worst, honest mistakes anyway, and don't mind being corrected.

I'm convinced you'll come to the same conclusion I have - which attacks no one we'd possibly know or care about, and I'm trying to save you (and anyone else) the time of taking as much time as I did with our old prejudices activated easily. It's ultimately relaxing, and one learns that fear of what we're told to fear is a waste of time, while the mass media is just stupidly funny in their lies as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in particular can show us.

Most fights are a waste of time and energy, that's why they're on TV and meant for us to ape, and the secrets of history and science and truth can be exposed if we take back control of our planet. We need to share information and analysis on who's really responsible for a world where 3 billion people live on less than $2/day, and how they're Malthusian thinking endorses this and attacks on everyone else. It's an old idea, and we can simply educate each other with our own "Committees of Correspondence" similar to the ones in the 10 years before the American Revolution when the Brits (again) controlled everything and we had to go underground with it.

Incidentally, they're playing to win so I'm afraid we have to as well, at least according to my findings, so I shall continue focusing on power instead of prejudices, and cordially invite you and all others to do the same... :-)

Peace, (NOW!!!)

Peace by making it personal...



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P.S. Stewart and Colbert show us they're lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

Alex Jones on the Mercury in Vaccines

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