Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Poetry in Motion: Back and Forth, Forth and Back, Who Taught You To Hack Like That?

Yale, isn't that a lock company that makes padlocks
those things that hide us in, behind lock and key
the thing that signifies loss of freedom

I just wonder why :)

the so called elite, mm what do they have over us

Nothing they are completely worthless to us
lets juts pass them by

Their concerns for us are a ulterior motive

or are they a conspiracy

It wouldn't be for greed of course,
After all what is greed , isn't it something that feeds off goodness, it
provides us with a need to distinguish between so therefore it provides
us with a goal etc.. etc...

Too much of a good thing isn't good for us, so we have been told

The elite, at their meet and greets,
Accomplish crazy feats,
To avoid the beats,
We'll do more than beat our meat,
We'll do more to settle the score,
Than ever before,
For those who ignore,
Better be ready for war,
For evermore, everlasting,
As we Greg Palast-ing,
Blasting back, at the crack,
The CIA's broadcasting,
Better switch to pod-casting,
People pushing truth,
This ain't just for the youth,
This ain't just for the booth,
This ain't just for the smart,
This ain't just for the dumb,
From breadlines, to bread-crumbs,
We gotta stop, Kingdom Come,
Come back to the true savior,
Behavior written in the beginning,
Before the Church took gold,
In exchange for rich sinning,
My head's spinning,
As I break down the possibilities,
With ease, by saying please,
We'll avoid the disease,
Of a life on our knees,
Or a life with interest fees,
Yeah, it's usually usuary,
Fractional reserves never freeze,
Abused by the banks?
No thanks,
The playin' loan-pranks,
Jackin' the world,
Expecting us to say "Thanks!"
I'm skippin' on the usually,
No condo fee, no shopping spree,
And until we free, allow me to be,
What I'm meant'n'sent to be... :-)


The missing part of me

Close to my heart

The rib that tore Adam apart

In their image


Watch the river flow

Sit it out

Count the stars

Lines between the dots

To dream




To be denied

Nowhere to hide

Empty inside

No one beside


Lines in the sand

Emotions aside

Another need


Thinking of


i feel you son,
but we ain't done,
we'll have fun,
we'll have won,
by recognizing the son,
of god,
not who he was,
but what he said,
the church is dead,
and the living dead are serving bread,
and the body and blood, of christ,
mind, body and soul, on ice,
sellin' miracles, and cripping advice,
so: why aren't you happy?
'cause god hates you!
is that how they' talking to you?
like getting kicked in the head?
while tying they' shoe?
i'm trying like you,
to see the ways that make sense,
'cause if you focus on the dollars,
the collars feel intense,
i feel incensed,
just the same as you,
but it's true,
that "us" is all we can turn to, to see this thru... :-)


Bored at the beach

Lines in the sand

Thought to a plan

Spaceship to the sky

Always searching

For something to do

Shape our God

Perception with tools

According to our rules

A need to know

Search to find

Be recognised

Poor become more

Rich become less

Worth becomes worthless

It's just our eyes

Money is the root of all evil,
Ain't it funny,
How we never see the root of all money,
I'm no dummy,
I'm not a Rummy bombing-for-Bush,
I'm sound-bombing to push,
Back, for Iraq,
And every refugee black,
Take it back to a year, of fear,
Katrina's here: it's clear,
The police state's near,
Soldiers bring up the rear,
But soon they're gettin' chipped,
Angels of Death: wings-clipped,
As their rights are strippped,
As their fights are flipped,
As their nights are tripped,
Tossin' and turnin' and burnin',
Tuskeegee Airmen still learnin',
D.U. got syphilis yearnin',
Be a dancer, for cancer,
Or cancel the deal,
Still keep your steel,
Still keep your meal,
Still keep your eyes,
On the prize, skip the lies,
God'll do his thing,
We gotta focus to survive,
My hocus-pocus bringin' locusts,
Pimpin' a plague of pride,
Eatin' away at the fear,
That sees our faces hide...

Peace by poetry in motion...



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