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Perpetual Petitioning: 21st Century Revolutions Can Have 4 Stages


Perpetual Petitioning: 21st Century Revolutions Can Have 4 Stages


1. Info Awareness

2. Info Dissemination

3. People Organizing

4. Perpetual Petitioning


We can assume the first two were completed to most satisfactory estimations based on the fact that, in our atomizing culture, we usually just need a small percent of people or prominent individuals to value something to consider looking into it for ourselves. Polls of a few hundred people, movie or restaurant reviews, word of mouth and so on.

Since millions of people worldwide have proven their interest in the areas of deep research, conspiracy theory, globalization, eugenics and the new world order, it has just as much weight or worthiness as anything else people choose to value. That means the next potential stage in the info war is promoting the idea of how to organize to get stuff.

Democratic political systems worldwide are based on elected representatives who are supposed to represent the people who elect them but rarely do. While it may be true that "all political power comes from the barrel of a gun" (Mao Tse Tung), the people who control the people with guns are politicians. That's where power is concentrated.

Since the system is based on maintaining the average person's faith in it, it has to react to enough people pushing for better policies or it will be threatened by the mass exposure of the non-reactions to everyone to destroy everyone's faith in it. Once everyone is aware of the real game being played, then everyone will want to see who wins.

Fortunately, the system is designed to work. Otherwise people couldn't be told to believe they're free. The only problem is only a handful of people try to use it for their own ends. If more people did this based on a defined hierarchy of the most pressing issues that affect the most people, it could resonate with everyone else who will support efforts.

Most people who work in the system want to do good jobs. It's less stressful and more fulfilling. Lots of good (and bad) things happen now just because groups of people ask for them. However, because the conversation is based mostly on a mainstream understanding to communicate that ignores key info, the big globalist agenda moves forward.

Instead of just letting our massive government bureaucracies be used by big banks, corporations and others against us until they're so corrupt that we hate them and choose to accept an even worse form of global governance, we need to figure out simple steps to reach people and to get them to reach out to the system with specific objectives.

Organizing people isn't technically difficult. It's been done billions of times. Every group of people is organized to achieve their goals. Anybody can Google "how to organize" to find a million online suggestions. The only difficult part is finding the will to when we have other options and responsibilities. Plus, we're losing faith in what we think people can do.

Perpetual petitioning can help solve this problem, or building support for certain policies over time and connecting efforts to specific politicians, especially online where it's easy. For example, people can start with 100 people who want to stop fluoridating local water, then grow that list to 100,000 over time. Then ask their politicians to remove it.

While this process is happening, people will become locally aware and curious about the growing numbers of people around them who support certain policies. Support should build quickly, like a snowball rolling downhill. Politicians inside the system will be forced to do good jobs whether they want to or not. Otherwise the system will be clearly exposed.

The only thing that's needed are small groups of people who can manage this process and make it easy for everyone else to support it. People who really know what's going on who can figure out the most important things we need to push for and take on leadership roles at this time in history. After that, they can put it out there and ask for support.

Finally, the development of parallel processes by individuals and groups can help everyone understand what's happening and why people are taking action. The analysis of our potential problems, reactions and solutions can move the info beyond trivia into the realm of political possibility. The more ways we can think of to win, the better chance we have to win.





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