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People first started seriously exposing the shadow government behind persistant problems and in control of most countries over fifty years ago. They used to write books and give talks. Now they make websites, videos and movies. The goal is always the same: to communicate the truth as best we know it with as many people as possible so they make better choices to improve their lives and affect change.


Over the last few years, we've seen many people change their opinions from:

1. I don't believe you.


2. I don't care.


3. I don't want to talk about it.


4. I'm too scared to talk about it.

This incremental propaganda process can be understood and reversed soon.


Everyone can understand by now that the fake political "left" and "right" and most other groups in the mainstream conversation are controlled by the same people based on what they will and won't question and discuss. Between health risks, money problems, relationships breaking down and more, we can share ideas to help expose liars and protect each other against their influence. What's going on?

Big tax-exempt foundations were set up by the super-rich (i.e. Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc.) a hundred years ago to give out grants to control science, religion, education, activism, politics, culture and more worldwide for decades. Their funding choices manage our response to corporate, banking and political crimes. This is why problems persist and get worse despite thousands of groups working on them.

One thing that's always given people trouble is the ability to communicate this type of info in ways that other people can then understand and act on. After centuries of mostly slavery and illiteracy, most people in Western countries were given a decent education and knowledge, which is power. The only thing the people in charge want is to make sure that we don't use it against them. So, they confuse and distract us.

Today, in the 21st century, the tools and techniques of molding the mass mind are better than ever. We take in smaller bytes of propaganda faster than ever with social networks, "smart" phones and the internet. While millions are aware of what's going on, only a small percent are active in trying to change it. Instead of accepting this, we can try to figure out what's going on to help ourselves and others resist it.

Relationships are what matter the most to most people, so the best thing to do is save, appeal to and improve them. Social engineers have incrementally introduced ideas to destroy families and friendships for a hundred years to make us selfish, isolated and easier to control. They're not finished yet, so neither are we. Below are a few ways we're being conditioned to accept what's happening to help us resist it.

Keep in mind that everything is being revealed anyway. We're just being conditioned to accept it. Our values were compromised so many lack the moral standing to complain and don't mind when others compromise theirs. Our ability to figure out what to do about it is being destroyed with the accepted "dumbing down" process that most people can see happening. We want things made as simple as possible.

Fortunately, thousands of people with millions of fans are doing their best to make things easy to understand for everybody, especially online. They're combining rare mainstream news admissions with other evidence and analysis to put together the history we've been missing that can help us all make better choices for a brighter future. Once enough people get past their aversion to checking it out, we can win.

Since we have better communications technology than ever, the only issue is why it's still hard to communicate this information with many people. What we should understand is governments and corporations have an interest in keeping us under their influence and control so we don't complain about what they're up to. Below are a few ways they try and what we can do to control the culture we consume better.


1. Twitter, Text Messaging, Facebook, Comments, Message Boards

While social networking tools are fun and convenient, they're dangerous for many reasons and we should limit our use. They retard our ability to write, think and feel; devalue conversations by destroying nuances; devalue people by standardizing (boring/simple) thought, deliver standardized propaganda faster and don't give us the time or reason to think about what we take in as it settles in our subconscious.

These online tools reduce our attention span until we don't pay attention to anyone and they don't pay attention to us. Then we fear our own ability to handle normal conversations with highs and lows. We even lower our heads when walking and texting which makes us feel inferior. Look into it for yourself to see more. It's all fairly obvious, but what's less known is that this is a deliberate dumbing down process.

Remember what being a "twit" means? All the new world order (i.e. globalization) wants us to do is stay out of their way. They don't care if we update each other to learn what they're up to so we get used to it faster. They also want us to absorb as much mainstream propaganda as fast as possible to change our culture as fast as they can. "Smart" phones can make us "dumb". Cut down on random blurts. Think.

2. Learning makes many of us feel stupid instead of smart.

This is a fairly new phenomenon, but many people now feel that if they didn't know something they're stupid. Since nobody wants to feel stupid, this makes it harder to learn anything. We're not stupid if we don't know something, but we might be if we can't learn it. Besides, even if we were wrong about something, we're right seconds later when we learn it, so it's really no big deal. See for yourself if you can see this.

3. We make something out of nothing and nothing out of something.

On and offline, there are millions of sources and websites that get creative about random stuff, or make up crazy correlations, many of which can are entertaining. At the same time, whenever serious issues or the big "conspiracy" is brought up, it's often quickly dismissed. This seems like another programming tactic to render us useless in the historic fight for political power and justice. Keep this tactic in mind.

4. Children are devalued and forgotten in common conversation.

Before radio's, TV's and internet's, our children were often the optimistic focus of parents and a source of entertainment and enjoyment for the community. Now that we've settled on "the kids are messed up" as a sad fact instead of challenging it, we don't talk to or about them as much. Try to neuro-linguistically make children a lot of "fun" instead of a lot of "work" more often and talk to and about them. See it work.

5. Sex, formerly the most private of topics, is now the most public.

Social engineers know how powerful "sex" and "violence" are. They stimulate the primitive parts of our brain and can be used to control us. While nobody can say that "sex" is "bad" per se, it can become a bad influence if we let it influence us too much, or if we're obsessed with it like our cultures dictate. Start recognizing how it's used in our culture to distract and confuse us. Then: focus on something else too.

6. The bigger the televisions get the dumber and easier to control we get.

While everybody loves a Big TV, most people don't know enough about "predictive programming", or the old science of implanting ideas in our heads, mostly through fiction when our guard is down, so we subconsciously remember them and accept them easier when we see them later. This was used to prepare cultural changes by oligarchs forever, but today's technology makes it more effective. Watch less TV.

7. Being unable to say anything serious = it's hard to take anyone seriously.

Our New Age "keep it positive" or "happy" culture was likely based on Hinduism and designed in the 1800's by Eastern Star female freemasons like Helena Blavatsky. The plan was to make things worse and make us unable to deal with them, like India with 1 billion people and 800 million poor people. We need to be able to say serious things to help each other deal with them. The "positive" thinking is thinking we can.

8. Competing to say we're happy means we can express or handle problems.

Some of our social or conversational constipation is caused by not allowing us to express ourselves naturally when we're both happy and sad, even to family and friends. When we're scared to reveal our problems for fear of bringing up unhappy topics and upsetting each other, we lose our ability to help each other deal with them, then value each other less. Be polite, but also try to find ways around this.

9. Saying what we're supposed to say makes talking boring and pointless.

Globally standardizing thought and culture is easy in a world of consolidated media, short attentions spans, trend-obsession, fear and political correctness. Instead of rejecting "different" ideas, we should embrace them if they're any good, especially since most failing advice we get... fails. Thumbs up and down on the best random short comments and more isn't interesting. Nor is knowing what we're going to say.

10. Trusting people paid to say stuff more than people not weakens trust.

While there's no automatic rule, our logic and B.S. detectors are destroyed by our faith in people paid to say or sell things instead of people with no interest except for sharing the truth. People should try to make money, but putting our faith more in the establishment just results in a loss of faith in our families, friends, neighbours and others who we used to trust. Instead of thinking people must be stupid, think again.

11. Men and women compete more instead of complementing each other.

Women who say "I don't need a man" will find men who say "I don't need a woman" until nobody thinks they need each other and everyone is left single and sad. While feminism had some good goals, the heavy promotion of it was meant to start the battle of the sexes, not finish it. Men and women are different. Men want power and women want security. If they support each other, they can empower each other.

12. New Age "positive thinking" often teaches us to make up a selfish reality.

Popular philosophy like "The Secret" can't be universalized, or starving children in the third world can't just visualize and focus on what they want and get it. It's only meant for people with money so they chase their most selfish desires temporarily while the system they live in is taken down. It's also meant to make them unable to understand this as they make up their own reality like children do. Figure this out.

13. TV news uses trauma-based mind control or "If it bleeds, it leads".

They usually starts off with horrifying, violent or tragic stories to shock and soften up their audience. This mind state makes it easier to implant the rest of the news or television "programming" in our minds. This is why people accept so many crazy ideas or the same lies and liars when they see them on the news. It can also cause schizophrenia and split personalities. Protect yourself by looking into mind control.

15. Religious views are compromised by "new age" and other programming.

Since governments offered "tax exempt" status to churches, they've controlled most of them. The "new age" influence on thinking makes selfish or useless approaches to religion acceptable. People want to convince people they'll get to heaven just so they'll get to heaven, or for G-d to save them for doing nothing to help anyone here, or to destroy everything and kill everybody. This isn't a moral approach. Find one.

16. Occult symbols are everywhere, on money, government buildings, etc.

They are being normalized using pop-culture, but they have an effect on us that's well-understood by marketers and psychologists, like branding kids clothes with "skulls", a timeless symbol of death, to dehumanize them. Freemasonry degrees are often about recognizing more and more of these and being convinced of their control. Learn more about them before accepting mainstream definitions we get.

17. News mixing serious and silly stories together quickly doesn't let us think.

Our info-tainment media doesn't allow us time to think about and deal with either the serious or fun stuff very well, especially when stories quickly follow each other. Most of it is meaningless and forgettable, except for planting ideas in our subconscious. Read a newspaper a week later, you'll see less than 10% of it is useful to you in any way. Try to find sources of info that allow you to focus and understand things more.

19. Illuminati artists don't know, or do, who cares: what do they do for you?

YouTube and other websites have info about how the culture creation industry is controlled by evil people and artists are probably "in" the Illuminati, an old boys club. While a lot of it is good, many people miss the point. No "artist" is "in" the Illuminati. They just work in a corrupt industry like everyone else. Whether they know and promote it or not, their work can be used to inform and inspire us in the info war.

20. Not "bad" meaning "bad" but "bad" meaning "good" (being bad is good).

Run DMC had that lyric in "Peter Piper". It's part of an ongoing process or "trend" of corrupting our values in Orwellian fashion. The elite want to dehumanize us so we dehumanize each other and are easier to control. Being a bad girl or boy is in style, but it doesn't get us as much long-term as being good. While everyone can flirt with these memes, it's also important to understand and resist them before we can't.

21. Selfish bragging and hating on you and everyone you know is in style.

Hip hop is especially bad for this, or "rap" music is being used to corrupt our values and "wrap it up" (masonic pun - Alan Watt), or finish their plans for control. While it can be made catchy over a beat, or in other ways, it's important to understand the plans of the elite and how the culture creation industry is used to promote ideas that are bad for us. We can appreciate all this stuff more if it doesn't turn is into pricks.


Communication - What You Want To Believe In (WYWTBI)






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