Tuesday, December 29, 2009

this is supposed to be a real conversation planning for the g20 summit.



what the heck is this phenomenon?

there has to be a name for it in some psycho-babble-ology somewhere.

this is supposed to be a real conversation planning for the g20 summit.

various opportunities to work on things were proposed by a few people.

now we're in a holding pattern waiting to continue or forget about this.

what happens next will determine the character of TTS and its members.

what happens too-often is a few random outbursts and then nothing much.

excuses can be made to justify and normalize this, but they shouldn't be.

people who are "awake" will often say we have to, or, they want to do stuff.

in spite of this rhetorically-backed fact, they rarely discuss doing anything.

then, when given a chance, most don't respond at all to any of the specifics.

this rarely addressed pattern happens again and again for years and years.

you can see it happen on a daily basis whenever someone suggests something.

truthers may have to finally decide on whether or not this is really a problem.

if it isn't then no worries, but we shouldn't look down on others for their apathy.

if it is, then we have to deal with it in a logical and rational way to get stuff done.

truth seekers worldwide have to decide if they want to use it to help other people.

toronto truth seekers is likely made up of people from diverse backgrounds to see it.

it should normal, not strange, for truthers to discuss how to beat the new world order.

since the g20 mafia is showing up in 6 months, we should figure out how to greet them.

then we'll have a project to focus our efforts for a few months, one of several opportunities.

once the "awake" public proves they won't just "sleep-talk" us into fascism... then we can win.




sounds good dood, but not as good as working together on a plan to diss 'em in style, which seemed to be the plan of this conversation. anyone can just go there with a videocamera, shoot stuff and pop it on youtube for 1000 conspiracy theorists to watch. many probably will, so that's covered. bring yours and get unique stuff. but, if there is one, there's more "we" should do.

what we should do, as a group of individuals who joined a group, is work on this as individuals with individual ideas and efforts that we contribute to a group. that way we'll leverage our individual impact in ways that we don't think about doing often enough. don't worry about all the worrying, we move fine in this city as we prove. there's info on the g20 meeting in the links in this conversation.

right now... for some strange damn reason... most people just can't plan for... right now.

this makes too many of us unbelievably ineffective against the new world order. it may be by-design. many truthers with no training or equipment will default to having fantasies of acting like "commando" in a videogame when "it goes down", but that's a stupid waste of time when we can do stuff to stop that from happening. plus, we're just one bullet away from having no lives left.

most of conspira-solutions we're sold play into our commercialized and selfish culture. most truthers just want to buy or do stuff for themselves. this is weird because our adversaries, who we supposedly study carefully, work together like fascii, or a bundle of unbreakable sticks, as opposed to individual twigs that can be snapped easily. we should steal the ideas that work from them.

right now... for some strange damn reason... most people just can't plan for... right now.

because all of us have been taught by our culture to distrust and devalue others, it affects how we work together, or how we don't. when the people who know the most do the least, or less than any groups of humans in the world do, or nothing at all, then it makes us look like a joke. whether it's by-design or perhaps just a happy-accident for the bad guys, we should cut this crap out.

with just 6 months until the g20 summit, we don't have much time to plan something that will earn us respect. we can do it, but first we have to actually start talking about and acting on what we "will" do on a consistent basis. ideally we'd have a dozen project managers on various issues leading teams of others. everyone can play roles for everyone else's teams. this will work out well.


p.s. right now... for some strange reason... i think we can act right now.



Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)





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