Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010: Will "Truthers" Finally "Do Something Useful" With The "Truth"?


2010: Will "Truthers" Finally "Do Something Useful" With The "Truth"?



we say we're "serious" about this stuff?

and yet, we hardly propose to "do" anything at all?

and the TTS toolkit and 50 word blurbs get no response?

i'm sorry folks, but honestly, this is just getting way too funny.

it's better to laugh than get frustrated, plus i feel sorry for people.

perhaps for most, it really is too hard to do anything useful with our time.

maybe after years of pissing them off, nobody gives a damn about their fam.

therefore, if this is the "truth", then "truthers" should admit it, and work to beat it.

otherwise we'll normalize randomly crying like babies that we need to "do something!!!"

we don't mean ourselves of course: we basically say "other people need to do something!!!"

being elitist-snob hypocrites who crap on people for not surfing the same websites we do is stupid.

giving people who decide to take us seriously absolutely nothing serious to "do" about this is also stupid.

it also appears that "we" can't organize enough to actually "do" stuff unlike any other group of humans on earth.

that means we're victims of a ridiculous level of mind control far beyond anything the unaware general public receives.

imagine if you're the "new world order", and you can just "tell" people what you're doing, and know they won't react to stop it.

perhaps you can even pass a "world government" agreement and know that the millions of people who "know" won't "do" anything.

no worries, people who say they "want the truth!" should be able to see it right in front of their eyes by looking at what they're doing.

if the goal is to wake up the general public, and all they're doing is surfing the 'net and having random paranoid conversations: that's it.

either "truthers" are the dangerous whackjobs demonized by "homeland security", or they're actually "doing stuff" to get some damn respect.

we are not "safe" if we just individually sit at our computers conspira-spanking until a black uniform grabs us and throws us in a black duffel bag.

nobody is "safe" if we normalize simply masturbating to information about the new world order instead of normalizing practical and logical solutions.

nobody is "safe" if we normalize simply spreading random "the end is coming!" paranoia with random conversations that scare people away from learning.

nobody is "safe" is we normalize simply doing what we've been doing and feeling bad for ourselves because we've been working so hard on nothing much at all.

merry christmas everybody, it's almost 2010, so we have to stop treating this g-ddamn "new world order" problem like it's a g-ddamn movie instead of really happening.

peace on earth and good "will" towards all men,




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