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CKLN Radio vs. The New World Order


New World Order



CKLN Radio vs. The New World Order

By Black Krishna

If you haven’t heard, there is a fascist coup taking place at CKLN, Ryerson University’s community radio station in Toronto. While 200 listeners and members showed up to a constitutional special emergency meeting in February and 98% voted to impeach coup-leaders Josie Milner, Tony Barnes and Mike Phillips, they refused to leave.

Despite massive and unprecedented opposition from nearly everyone at the radio station and press coverage in the school papers and Eye Magazine, they continue to operate without fear of reprisal from the volunteers, listeners, students, faculty, administration, media, courts, CRTC or anyone else. There is a reason people who clearly have no interest in community radio would take over a community radio station. I think I found it. In the interests of full-disclosure, I should let you know that I co-host Tuesday Morning’s “Rude Awakening” show from 6 - 7 am on CKLN.

In my researched opinion, I feel the local minions (or spooks) who work for the group of inter-locking trans-national banks and corporations behind the growing global censorship, fascism and military industrial complex, or those who do whatever they want to countries regardless of what the politicians or people say, or the "New World Order" to use the term Bush Sr., UK PM Gordon Brown and many others use (see YouTube), are trying to take down the last traditional media outlet in Toronto that speaks truth to power.

One-third of our programming is news and talk radio. While the rest of the Toronto media avoids dealing with native rights, prisoner’s rights and many other issues affecting disenfranchised people, CKLN does. We stand out. If we're gone there's just the internet which many listeners can’t access, or thankfully The Toronto Street News.

The current Chairperson of the CKLN Board, Josie Milner, did the same thing to CIUT (University of Toronto’s station) a few years ago by gutting it and making it more commercial. Now they do just one-hour of CBC-lite radio every morning. One of their hosts even came on my show to discuss his recent film about the "Toronto 18" terror suspects and related issues because he wasn't allowed to on his show.

Josie is using Tony Barnes (Interim Program Director) as her hatchet-man. Tony is using Mike Phillips (Station Manager/Engineer) as his to fire hundreds of years of programming experience with no reason given. Mike was the last to join of the three and basically switched-sides to join the coup to keep his job. They are secretive and dictatorial. There are rumours of corruption and misspent funds, or what’s usually done to compromise people into being blackmailable. Pressure is being applied on the people who fund the station to demand a full audit of recent activities.

After taking power they immediately threw out 25 years of CKLN memorabilia. I know. I got a T-shirt. This was done to help erase any memory of what the station was so they can start over with no focus on community radio. With no history there's no evidence of what they destroyed or what we should get back, a classic fascist technique. The people of Toronto are invited to join efforts to pressure the station to get rid of the New World Orderlies currently running the show. If you have questions or answers or would like to help, please feel free to contact me at blackkrishna@gmail.com.

Publication date in the Toronto Street News: 4/Jun/08




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