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NORTH AMERICAN UNION - Johnny Financial vs. Joey People?

POLITICIANS - We Know They're Corrupt, But How Corrupt?



cool meng,

your logic is bad as i said in my voicemail, and i wouldn't mind recording a semi-nonymous convo (don't say who you are) with you about these issues for radio-play or internet broadcast to settle the mess once and for all, maybe [redacted] can moderate.

johnny financial vs. joey people?

let's do it! :-P

the north american union is happening whether you look at it or not, and that's the problem you'll refuse to look at that i'm working on solving.

it's too bad that "lou dobbs = lies" is automatically in your head, and it's just like "michael moore = lies" for the bushtapo, which conveniently means anything he says - even if it's true - can be ignored because he's sold as the "enemy" of the bushtapo.

dobbs is sold as the "enemy" of the financial community who is "probably 80 - 90% wrong", or someone worthy of pulling crazy numbers out of your ass to discredit regardless of any proof.

(fascism, ugh.)

so who is he a "friend" to?

we can get into that later.

i don't watch his show much and have never said dobbs was perfect, just that he was discussing an incredibly important issue - the merger of canada, america and mexico into one country - that no one else in the mass media is, and unless it's "proven" that he's been wrong for a year to discuss it, that's a good thing.

people both for (robert pastor) and against (jerome corsi) the NAU have been on his show discussing the details of the ongoing implementation for a year, and you still won't believe it's happening because you've been ordered not to believe anything he says, and to "assume" he's "probably" as much as "80 - 90% wrong" about whatever he's talking about?

that's completely nuts.

(fascism, ugh.)

we need to respect the courage of journalists who speak the truth in a world full of lies, and not allow the pack of liars dumbing us down and hiding the genocide in iraq and new orleans (yes, yes, yes...) to diminish their worth.

to believe our governments and corporations are beyond reproach is insane, and their actions need to be understood instead of justified. anyone who stands up to them deserves to be heard before they are dismissed, especially if a bunch of people like them despite the obvious smear campaigns.

with that many "people" supporting him there may be something worth paying attention to regardless of who you are and what you might agree with, but then again, in 2004 half the u.s. refused to listen to the other half, and no one listens to blacks or natives or conspiracy theorists, so it's not surprising we're in this mess.

on my feelings about dobbs,

to wit:

no two people on the planet agree on everything 100%, whether it's brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, spouses, friends, leaders, gods or whomever, and everyone varies in their opinions across a variety of issues, so why the hell do i need to be held to that standard to "like" lou frikkin' dobbs?

that's just silly.

i believe he's doing a better job than those who refuse to discuss the NAU at all, there isn't much competition, and if we go under martial law you're not supposed to know it was coming and won't be able to react.

thanks to the proven liars and looters and their media who tell you not to trust anyone but them, you won't, and will head to the "skydome" instead of the "superdome" where you won't be fed and there won't be water and you will be shot.

i could care less if this was a matter of disagreeing about "policy" on any issue, but it's not, it's about convincing you of something (the NAU) you refuse to even let me explain, so how can we discuss it?

that's fascism.

[redacted] feels the same way when his silly "war on terror" fantasy is disturbed by facts and logic, he can't handle it, and "won't" believe anything because he "won't" listen to it.

however, i can hear his crap all day and beat it, so i'm cool, and i'm not scared of anyone saying anything about anything. if it makes sense i steal it, if not i prove it, if i don't know i don't know, and then move on.

i can't even "tell" you what's happening, so it's no wonder you "won't" believe it, which is the correct phrasing.

you've been trained to assume anyone who criticizes the financial community is stupid - except for the financial community, who are obviously little angels. if this policy on criticism were adopted elsewhere - e.g. the military - we'd never stop fighting again.

and it has, and at this rate, we won't.

this also prevents debate about "policy" and focuses on which "ideology" under attack you have to defend instead, and the set of lies you're given ensures the liars in charge control their flock.

the bushtapo idiots blindly defend turning iran into a "glass-parking lot" and other crimes without seriously listening to anyone but the people they get their instructions - or - "talking points" from.

most groups have their version of the same, yours is financial fascism, and since they're behind the other kind too, it's no surprise that they've trained you to ignore anyone but them - just like the bush supporters.

if we break the nau story big enough you'll be given a justification for it, and you'll accept that it "has" been happening even though it apparently "wasn't" before.

which is completely insane.

it's just mind-games using arguments that appeal to authority no matter how corrupt that authority proves to be - like doctors, and again, under fascism they work great.

the rest is just craptastic stuff about who's gang must be better, and you can't bring up a bunch of extraneous info to avoid the real issues i brought up that need to be discussed.

i "agree" with you on the indian labour issue, happy?

now "understand" me about the NAU issue before you disagree.

the bushtapo say "but clinton did...!" to avoid looking at any of bush's crimes, and you avoid anyone telling you about the financial community's crimes - except for the financial community.

to wit:

whether you disagree with dobbs on an issue or not, to say he's making something up for a whole year is crazy. you will be in favour of the NAU once you receive your orders. they'll sell phantom dollar-signs and skip on the lost "rights and freedoms" in our old constitutions. you'll be on board thanks to optimistic predictions and no guarantees of any success. it will soon be completely normal.


right now, it's not happening.

this is turning canada into china, and you'll be given a whole new set of sales-pitches to push for longer work-weeks, fewer employee benefits, fewer environmental and safety regulations... and keep going until we're all making zippers for a wal-mart (or whatever) in brussels.

that's the plan anyway, unless we stop them.

finally, and for the record, the guys i trust are not infallible, but they do tell the truth all the time to the best of their ability, just like i do, and that makes them exceptional in today's world.

now, i understand that you may not know anyone who tells the truth, but i'm letting you know you have options... ;-P



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Canadians Completely Unaware of Looming North American Union

Bush and Calderon to Visit Canada

by Kevin Parkinson

Global Research, July 17, 2007

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In just over a month’s time, on August 20, the most powerful president in the world will be arriving in Montebello, Quebec for a two-day conference. President George W. Bush will be meeting with Stephen Harper and their Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon. So far, the silence from the Canadian and American media has been deafening.

Talk to 90% of people on the street and they won’t know about this upcoming conference, and if by a slim chance they do, they won’t know the purpose of the meeting or why the leaders of Canada, United States and Mexico are meeting in the dog days of summer under what amounts to a veil of secrecy.

So, what’s this upcoming conference all about, and why are the newspapers, radio and television keeping silent about it?

The purpose of the upcoming conference is to ratify the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which was initiated by Bush, Martin and Fox in 2005 in Waco, Texas. Essentially, this so-called ‘partnership’ will result in what the politicians refer to as ‘continental integration’-newspeak for a North American Union- and basically a harmonization of 100’s of regulations, policies and laws.

In layman’s terms, it means that once this ‘partnership’ has been ratified which is a fait accompli; we will be following in the footsteps of the European Union. It will mean that Canada will become part of the North American Union by 2010, and that our resources, agricultural, health and environment issues, to name a few, will be controlled not by Canada, but by the government of the North American Union.

A huge ‘NAFTA’ highway, one quarter of a mile wide, is already being built in Texas, where private land is being expropriated, and will eventually reach the Manitoba border.

Water will be the ‘issue’ of this century, as more than 25 states in the U.S. are currently in desperate need. Where do you think they will get the water they need?

The United States is already guaranteed 60% of our natural gas resources from NAFTA, which mean that even during emergencies when we need energy, we will have to import it, while we are forced to export gas to the U.S. This is just one example of how Canada is being shortchanged, and it’s only going to get worse.

Why has there been absolutely NO public consultation on the biggest issue (North American Union) facing Canadians since Confederation? Why isn’t Guy Lauzon, our local MP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, holding town hall meetings, bringing in cabinet ministers and explaining how the emerging North American Union will affect our Canadian way of life? Ask the citizens of Canada for their feedback. Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work?

Folks, I suggest that Mr. Lauzon isn’t even aware of the SPP or the North American Union, which explains why the Conservative government has denied all Canadians information to which they are entitled. If he does have something to say about it, then let him raise the issue in our riding.

Furthermore, the example of the North American Union illustrates that our government claims to be democratic, but in fact, does it act like one, or does it prefer to make the big decisions at committee level behind closed doors, while masking its real intentions?

The ratification of the SPP, and the emergence of the North American Union have been organized entirely by government committees and private enterprise. I refer readers to my website at

for further information on the North American Union.

If our citizenry allows the North American Union to come into existence, then our way of life will change drastically, for the years to come. With privatization of our resources, increased foreign ownership, and a Canadian government with less and less authority, our children and grandchildren will be come ‘North Americans’ and our quality of life will drastically decline.

The founding fathers of Canada must be rolling over in their graves.



Peace, (NOW!!!)



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