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MARTIAL LAWYERS - We Gotta Prosecute The Sh-t Out Of This - Now!!!

UPDATE: The Lies About Immigration Amnesty

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Hey [redacted],

I'm good, working on the radio stuff, music, campaign etc., and I'm going to see Connie Fogal from the Canadian Action Party speak tonite, get video and send out the results. I figure it's easier than dragging people into a room to get 'political' during patio season, and better than sending two emails. She's the "White Gandhi" for Canada, or maybe the "White Aung San Suu Kyi" (Burmese dissident), but we should probably work on the latter a bit more before it hits the market! :P

Right now it looks like we're all preparing for martial law. Since many people are waking up it's moving forward in the U.S., and most countries in the world are under the control of London and Wall Street financiers in Webster Tarpley's "9/11: Synthetic Terror - Made in U.S.A." and others with similar plans.

The U.S. has a tiny chance to stop it, but it's unfortunate that weak cynicism or fantasy can be a default reaction when readily available and empowering actions have been proven to work - if we learn to trust people again, which will be key. There are millions of people ready to resist just like in 1776 when the same thing happened, so it could be a hot summer.

In Canada you can see the gun-ban news in the daily paper, and after scaring us for weeks the media will make us feel grateful for something we don't understand. They'll tell us we should feel better, and normalize a massive increase in police activity due to the number of people who don't care about the law feeling confident in using guns on unarmed citizens, and to stop the natural increase in crime just like Britain had after theirs. This mess has to be averted if possible.

Oh, and it's a beautiful summer, I'm having a good time enjoying the city, seeing a few friends for a few minutes, and getting stuff I like done. I'm always happy in the moment, just sad at what I see as our collective failure to recognize the obvious.

It's funny, people are still making plans for the coming years in the face of all this, even those who know, and I while I hate to say it, despite my big-hair and big-t-shirts, I am unfortunately the most mature person I know.

I'm a big fan of irony - which is almost dead - and so I can take all of this with a bit of humour, but in reality I simply see it as logic: I don't care about your children more than you do, so if bad stuff happens to them, so what, you didn't do anything so I may as well not care about them either, let alone respect you.

At this point it goes beyond selfish and all the way to stupid to avoid self-preservation, and stand-up comics or guys like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert illustrate that beautifully. They show us every night that the well of knowledge we choose to drink from is poisoned, and yet many of us persist in garbage-in, garbage-out, or recycling the words of liars since they're the only ones we hear.

That's the most destructive part, and leaves us completely unable to understand let alone affect the world. All these horrible ideas are like bad musical notes to me, and I can't stand to hear them without trying to destroy them, to erase them from existence, or if that sounds like censorship, to put them in an intellectual zoo where we can laugh at how stupid we were, just like we do with old Western medical practices - and like we should with new ones.

Anyway, [redacted], and I'm really sorry for being busy, but really we're hitting the finish line here whether the TV says so or not. In general, I also can't stand to see people who've had it good selfishly want to enjoy more instead of paying attention to what needs to be done, and in the absence of any suffering despite what's in their head to complain about nonsense they learned to complain about.

This madness is engineered, and exposing that is the key to defeating it. The solutions we are sold have only succeeded in destroying the world so far, and our lazy reliance on willful blindness is seeing us walk off a cliff.

As Dubya himself said:

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... you, you can't get fooled again!"

Now that's probably the only thing we agree on... ;-)

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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hey [redacted],

we'll probably go through this every time, but the same people who lied before are lying again. (surprise!)

you "hope" gordon brown makes some changes despite being unable to mention any? he gets our "hope" without saying anything?


he just got a six month honeymoon before we realize he did exactly what he said - nothing.

and if you think the same people who hid the growing "police state" are suddenly now telling you everything you need to know, then you're crazy, and it's just so damned obvious they can't hide it anymore.

while the news will tell you about "no-fly lists" we're moving into martial law, and when you finally tell me we're in martial law it'll be just as acceptable as everything else.

that's the point, and our nonchalant attitude towards the "police state" like all the other horrible stuff is a learned one. it's a by-product of the "garbage-in, garbage-out" lifestyle we enjoy thanks to tv, where we get stupid stuff to say and repeat until we make ourselves and everyone else too stupid to act.

we're pretty close to being unable to resist, we're always sure someone else will, and we don't realize that we can't rely on a handful of people to stop a global empire with hi-tech weapons and brainwashing techniques.

they may be able to tell us about it, but there's no way in hell they - or i - can stop it without a massive groundswell of noble patriotism or sheer selfish self-defense, and frankly could care less which works for whoever as long as the end result works for all of us.

the fact that all this information can be both accepted as true and ignored shows how the poison is paralyzing us, and regardless of our fantasies of winning while doing nothing, it's never worked that way for anything against any opponent, and we're not exactly dealing with disorganized weaklings here.

we'll take care of our bodies while destroying our minds, and though i'll admit it's a pleasure to see everyone get fit even as they get stupid, it's a shame they're getting so stupid about it.

it doesn't surprise me at all, because the tv is full of violent men and beautiful women, and we're being turned into soldiers and whores. the next generation is also growing up to be prisoners in schools that feel like jails, so there's the trifecta.

if i said you had cancer and six months to live, and you'd probably stop eating bad or smoking. if i said canada has cancer and six months to live, would you stop watching tv and reading news that's crap and joking about the police state?

i guess we'll see, but if all we do is understand "that" they're scaring us without figuring out "why", then we won't find out until it's too late. that's the game we're in, and if all of our worst charges against the worst people in the world can be ignored thanks to tv making it easy, then we'll lose. we can thank tv, that's exactly what it's there for.

they could take a serial killer like paul bernardo and make him seem normal, after all, they did it with queen elizabeth, and she's killed millions of people. they make bush an idiot instead of a nazi, and as confirmed by congressional hearings - the grandson of a nazi, and they take us putting on hundreds of years of handcuffs as no big deal.

if this so-called (and apparently harmless) "police state" sets in we're all dead, at least spiritually, or as alive as those slaving for 18 hours a day in china to make zippers for jeans at wal-mart and wondering "who's country is this anyway?" that's what happens with a "police state", and the same people hyper-fueling china's growth and then scaring us with it are planning that life for us here.

if we think it couldn't happen here, look at new orleans. wait, you can't, they won't show it on tv anymore. they can safely go from city-to-city destroying them while selling us vague allusions to problems that are always no big deal, and get us to think nothing can happen until a bunch of soldiers who just finished a bunch of practice show up.

god left too. we screwed up after we learned about a whole bunch of lies and bloodshed and did nothing, then we just got depressed, and then we just got really selfish to compensate. so, he gave up. i wouldn't email him for a few weeks, he's extremely busy, and it's mostly thanks to our inaction here in the western world.

outside of that [redacted], this mess requires the attention of a thousand "me's" working full-time, so i'm afraid i won't be sucked into a regular job and mortgage in a collapsing housing market any time soon. sorry, but like most collective trends (american idol, the superbowl, wrestling...) it's deliberately and deceptively stupid.

the reason a house in the annex cost $65k in 1965 and $650k today is not because "property always goes up", it's because the elite took the tons of money they created from nothing and needed somewhere to put it as it cycled through the economy. the real estate market was used as a "cash sink" to find a place to put it, and while a forty-year old house shouldn't be worth 10x it's value, thanks to us accepting that inflationary insanity it is.

at the very least we have to realize this stuff before we're unable to, and the retardation process of our country must be resisted in order to comprehend what we have to do.



MARTIAL LAW - Will Cops and Troops Refuse Their Orders???

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Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site


to all the haters, look you babies, the media's karl rovebots brainwash us into acting petty while the crooks in charge win, and we have to focus on maximing liberty. if you make sense i'll react, if you're part of bush's $1.6 billion (more now) budget for "fake news" (google it) monkeys then stick your finger in your bum to look for "lipstick bombs", and if you're just a bushtapo dumbass then stick your finger in your bum and smell it.

to all the players, this is it, and bush openly declared martial law with presidential directive 51. we have to recognize what's bad, like torturing people for years in concentration camps despite getting no good intelligence, as proven by the wars getting worse all the time. so why do it? once people are used to running them for no reason they can stick anyone in there.

the elite get power by keeping secrets, the people get power by exposing them, let's get it... :-)


Please see the work of Alex Jones and his team at and for how to win, they've seen this stuff coming for a while.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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