Monday, June 25, 2007

GRIDLOCK: The Perfect Storm of Balls vs. Bullshit

hey [redacted],

sounds good, i've gotta [redacted]. sorry for being a dick, i'm getting more into what i need to do as i see it, especially for the music since it's the only way to be honest and soulful with it.

i don't know if that'll work, but whatever, it's part of 'what i want to do' anyway. people are programmed to destroy (a guy like) me, and i'm programming myself (slowly) to be nice to them. it's a dangerous cocktail, but it makes me listen better so that's good. it can also taste and feel like tequila.

i'm sick of 'gridlock', or the cashless-society control-grid matrix software that most local brains run on and how it locks-up when a worldview is challenged. since i'm in the mood to mock, expose and destroy it my company can sometimes be (abnormally) grating until i figure out a better way. this is also part of the process of quickly understanding it and the bodies on my resume, if they feel that way.

we are becoming so adverse to conflict that we can't figure anything out, and if pushed we retreat to a well off ignorance and desire to draw upon and celebrate, a 'pill' for a temporary dreamy high. anyone can babble selfish gibberish, just don't expect it to be taken well by anybody. it separates relationships through pointless competition, and usually lowers ones communal value until they can be commodified by predators easing their conscience with their bodies, if they feel that way.

today it's worse than ever, with people simply blinking and thinking of something else to say like they didn't hear anything. we used to at least get a response of some sort even if it was dismissive of the idea of 'politics' as something worth discussing. today they can't even acknowledge you mentioned anything, they just begin a thought that's inevitably a complete non-sequitor. if this happened in a film and it wasn't funny, it would make no sense.

(note: forgive the interjection, and i wanted a better word too - ah - brief 'excursis' - but this is amusing, as i just made a couple of mini-vids of the words 'commodified' and 'non-sequitor' - and another one of this sentence over 2pac's "better dayz" album - i haven't heard this in a minute - showing yahoo mail deliberately saying those correctly spelled words are incorrectly spelled, and with no obvious derivations. anyway, what i'm trying to say is that yahoo mail is teaching us how not to spell good, and if you think i should say "spell well", don't worry, i'm just not-thinking ahead.)

it's funny, i've got a few really laid-back friends who just ask what's up and maybe throw-in a follow-up, and in deference to that i just tell them and we move on. it's easy, dude asks question, other dude answers, first dude goes cool. other dude asks question, first dude answers, other dude goes cool. they order another pitcher. the end.

it's understood that - in terms of being quick with a quip or especially scholarly - they're not the smartest of the crews, but ironically it's the smartest ones who are the most intellectually fearful, the ones truly afraid to be confronted with new information and evolve their opinions based on the shame of admitting what they'd boasted about learning was wrong.

they'd rather 'be' right than 'prove' it, or worse be proven wrong, and for all their intelligence they must equate being 'wrong' with being 'stupid', which simply isn't true. we're wrong every day, and the great thing is we're right too, because we consume information that informs and improves our opinions.

the fact that we're retarding this process is making us retarded, so if i'm on about it a bit it's not only because i'm long-winded, it's also because we're short of the ability to comprehend what we have to comprehend.

if we keep noticing things happening that don't make us happy, learning this stuff will be the best self-help available because knowledge is still power, power is still security, knowledge is still available, and power is still corrupt. the perfect storm of balls vs. bullshit is brewing, and what can i say, let's roll the... er, balls.

best, why not? :-)


Yahoo Mail Can't Spell 'Commodified' and 'Non-Sequitor'?






9/11 - Dick Cheney Exposed By Washington Post!



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to all the haters, look you babies, the media's karl rovebots brainwash us into acting petty while the crooks in charge win, and we have to focus on maximing liberty. if you make sense i'll react, if you're part of bush's $1.6 billion (more now) budget for "fake news" (google it) monkeys then stick your finger in your bum to look for "lipstick bombs", and if you're just a bushtapo dumbass then stick your finger in your bum and smell it.

to all the players, this is it, and bush openly declared martial law with presidential directive 51. we have to recognize what's bad, like torturing people for years in concentration camps despite getting no good intelligence, as proven by the wars getting worse all the time. so why do it? once people are used to running them for no reason they can stick anyone in there.

the elite get power by keeping secrets, the people get power by exposing them, let's get it... :-)


Please see the work of Alex Jones and his team at and for how to win, they've seen this stuff coming for a while.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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