Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Allow me, to introduce, myself..."


naw, i may drop by for a drink, but they're moving on martial law and i've gotta talk about it, preferably over a beat.

it's cool, i'm in the mood.

there were helicopters flying around downtown all-afternoon and into the evening, and when i called a few radio stations they either hadn't heard or hung up on me, the cops said it was an "investigation" they "couldn't comment on" and then hung up on me too, and the city girl initially had some b.s. she was selling before she gave me her "mgr. of strategic communications" person, words designed for b.s. if i ever heard them.

i got the folks on the radio to casually put the word out to see if anyone had feedback, and a caller said his media contacts said it was a bomb-threat on the u.s. embassy that was later found to be a hoax - which most of us never heard.

that's the explanation that will leak out and some will feel smart and secure for knowing it, but it's still just a rumor, and it's probably a lie. the NAU wants to see how much crazy stuff they can pull with our cops and soldiers while we just stare, shrug and go on like it means nothing, and to make sure we won't strike.

this secrecy and cover-story are basically code for "terror" drills they run that could go "live" or "boom" with minor changes, and most false flag events are often bootlegged through them. it's also part of conditioning cops, soldiers and the rest of us to accept them.

i was pissed.

i also had a crazy cyber-attack last nite and ripped-out my battery to stop it, it's a good thing i don't have a faster computer or it might be toast! :)

and blah-blah-blah, the usual and some silly new stuff.

no worries, dudes ain't built like this, some of them who run around more than you can with a laptop have more than one ab, but you can "ask about 'im in the streets, the boy veejy a ridah..." :P


Sorry dawg, I've been working on something heavy for a few days and
wanted to execute it right before I leave the prose and start to pose.
I'm almost missing just getting it right for right's sake without a
lot of pressure or temptation, there's an elegant purity there.

But... there's a lot of fun in singing and rapping too, so I'll live! :-)

This is the SoundClick site in my email signature, it has 30+ mostly
mixtape (but original hooks, etc.) tracks from 2004 and 2006.


My latest stuff is in scattered YouTube videos I'll send in another
email, and the latest mixtape/album comes out on Friday, I'll hook you
up. If you wanna hear the music without any explanation then stop
reading here, if you want a detailed explanation please see below.







My 5 year plan to save the world was kind of laid out in the first
lyrics of my first track "Introlude" (street name: "My Name Is Vij")
over the beat from Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement", including
the opening lyrics and flow-jack:

"Allow me,
To introduce,
My name is-
V, to tha I-J!
Since Jigga's gone,
Y'all gon' do it my way!
I'll save the world,
Gandhi, Che and Pac's way!
Then chill, with my brown Beyonce..."

My real name is "Vijay" or "Vij" (Veej), but much like the Venom suit
in Spider-Man 3, the "Black Krishna" suit is taking over and freeing
me from normal concerns as best he can, sort of like Em's three
personalities. My third is "Crack Krishna", or the dood who's already
got an answer for if he's on crack: "Yup! Scarborough Crack!" (Where
I'm from.)

It's not true, but if people are going to get all PC-pissy about my
free speech and ignore the "real" issues I bring up, then I want to
tease them into getting "real" and getting at our "real" enemies, or
into getting out of my face.


These works and titles basically explain it: proving what's true from
dozens of angles in today's world of lies; helping to educate and lead
other activist groups towards the "real" information to achieve their
goals, building bigger tents, and introducing the need for a "winning"
attitude that's mysteriously absent; and finally performing and
putting the soul behind the info to certify my sincerity as best I

Gandhi: "The Story Of My Experiments In Truth"

Che: "The Motorcycle Diaries"

Pac: "Ambitionz As A Ridah"


The album/mixtapes from 2004 outlining the basic themes of how to win
the revolution and explaining a bit about me are:

The Bootleg Nine: Revolutionary Weapon

Confessions Of An Aging B-Boy

And I have three tracks from a shelved 2006 project, they're good but
too direct for today's audience, so I'm gonna "Gnarls Barkley's -
Crazy" the political stuff for the upcoming original-beats project and
speak in more generic terms, plus make hits.

Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions Present:

The Most Dangerous Man In The World Is A Brown Guy With A Backpack

- tentative revised title -


I wanna have fun at shows and make my man a shiny-nickel for offering
me initially free beats, he knows where I'm coming from and I know
where I'm sending people, so I'm doing an initial run for reviews and
we'll go from there. We'll probably drop in September, I hope satire
and irony still exist and I can slip 'em into some catchy crap:



While I'm certainly evolving and improvising my 5 year plan to save
the world, the general structure was to prove I could make music, then
figure out who to trust and how to save the world, then prove artists
are smart and worth listening to more than experts, then prove I'm an
expert, and then come back and prove I'm a great artist, all while
leaving and returning to my middle-class "people" with tips and tales
from everywhere, and some bomb-ass advertising for an
under-represented group of "heroes" based on any objective reading of
a dangerous world, who don't have a guy like me who can move in any
circles and confidently speak any culture. (Whew! :)

That's the little journey I'm on now heading into the final year, and
I'm currently driving myself batshit-crazy to hit it. Soon I'll start
speaking in little aphoristic riddles and giggling to myself like some
of my faves like Bob Marley did, it helps with lyrics and saves on
energy by avoiding arguments.

We've got issues I know a lot about, so I confirmed it, and am now

In a nutshell: there is a layer of fat clogging free-humanity's
arteries, and it's time to bypass it.

I'm talking about the "secret government" PBS' Bill Moyers 1987
special, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times and hundreds of others
have confirmed exists, or the people bribed and blackmailed by the
super-rich bankers and financiers and their minions into lying to us
about what they're really up to and why. That's why education keeps
getting cut and our food, air, water and minds keep getting poisoned,
and a detailed explanation and the solution will follow.

In a nutshell: Get Snitch Or Die Trying

I guess that'll do for now dog, sorry for being long-winded, I got a
lot to say to the world, and you'll get what I mean in a minit... :-)

Peace, (NOW!!!)


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