Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WACO 2: "I Got Mine, I Hope You Got U'r Self A Gun!"

UPDATE - Waco 2 vs. Militia Uprising vs. G8 Terror Plot



"Yo, we livin' in these times,
Behind, enemy lines,
I got mine,
I hope you - got yourself a gun!"

- Nas, "Got U'r Self A Gun"


1) Update: American Underground

2) Update: Canadian Underground

3) Update: Got U'r Self A Gun?


Whaddup HHC,

We still got a shot to fight a cold war before it gets hot, but it ain't much of a shot, consider it a Lebron fade-away three over Duncan when we're down by two and you get the idea. (Any playaz?)


1) Ed Brown - Death and Taxes

In the U.S., a guy in New Hampshire I interviewed for an hour named Ed Brown and his wife Elaine are resisting the Federal Reserve/IRS fraud by refusing to pay illegal income taxes unless someone can show him a "law" saying he has to - and there isn't any.

While a handful of people join them, his house is surrounded, his phone, power, cellphone and internet are all cut-off. The Feds were going to attack on Friday until they ran into a guy walking the Brown's dog who interrupted their 6 APC's, sniper-teams in camo and more moving in, and called it off. For now.

This guy is smart and successful, going from being an orphan in a foster home to being a multi-millionaire, but paid the rest of his taxes and never sold-out, and has been involved with "truth" movements and militias for a while. Incidentally, the media lies. Okay, back to the militias.

They don't exist based on paranoia, they exist based on seeing the same legislation destroying the Constitution and attacking people's rights that's being made public these days, or stuff like The Patriot Act. We kind of vaguely know it's bad, but some people look at the details, and they get guns.

If the Browns are killed in "Waco 2" that could spark a militia-uprising, including many cops and soldiers worried about new military technology that could make civil resistance impossible. Incidentally, this is not a drill. Officer Jack McLamb has been working on this for 27 years pretty-much full-time, and there are millions of people ready for a showdown.

This may not happen right now, but the criminals running the U.S. government are seeing a mass-awakening like the world has never seen and are rushing the police state, including gun-confiscation, ID cards, searches, surveillance and more. So it may happen right now.

You can listen to the interview here, you'll get an idea of what people are fighting for if the fighting starts:

Ed Brown - Death and Taxes


2) Electionopoly, High Fools Reunion

The first half-hour is an update on the election changes and North American Union with Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party, and it's worth checking out.

I just spoke with an older friend complaining about how the media treats his people today, and I said I don't understand your people, nor any other group of people that acts like that, because if I don't like a CD I don't play it every day anyway, that's stupid. We're cool, and he laughed because it is stupid.

Time to check our heads, they're being filled with stupid nonsense to repeat that makes understanding what's happening - to say nothing of changing it - impossible. If we work on the solutions we see sold to us in the newspaper we'll waste time and energy, and that's why they're there. Check out and compare, and act like you know:

Electionopoly, High Fools Reunion


3) Guns'n'Hosers

The second half-hour is an interview with Tony Bernardo from, a really nice guy who happens to be a gun-owner and activist. He goes through the "laws" and "reality" surrounding gun-ownership as opposed to the hype, and explains why if they ever take all our guns we'll be completely screwed.

At the very least, as poverty and crime increase we'll be vulnerable to criminals, and at the very worst, it's what governments have done for thousands of years when they want to enslave their people. But who knows? Maybe this time they'll be different, after all, they treat us like little angels now.

You can hear the interview here, so let 'em know that you know something when you spittin', think Jigga's verse on "99 Problems" if you want:


Check it out, and when there are protests in T-Dot against gun-confiscation hip hop should be out in peace in full-force, or "All that loud gun-talk, it don't mean squat..." (Everlast) homie... ;-)



Ron Paul is The White Gandhi!






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We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


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to all the haters, look you babies, the media's karl rovebots brainwash us into acting petty while the crooks in charge win, and we have to focus on maximing liberty. if you make sense i'll react, if you're part of bush's $1.6 billion (more now) budget for "fake news" (google it) monkeys then stick your finger in your bum to look for "lipstick bombs", and if you're just a bushtapo dumbass then stick your finger in your bum and smell it.

to all the players, this is it, and bush openly declared martial law with presidential directive 51. we have to recognize what's bad, like torturing people for years in concentration camps despite getting no good intelligence, as proven by the wars getting worse all the time. so why do it? once people are used to running them for no reason they can stick anyone in there.

the elite get power by keeping secrets, the people get power by exposing them, let's get it... :-)


Please see the work of Alex Jones and his team at and for how to win, they've seen this stuff coming for a while.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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