Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CROSSING THE FINISH LINE: Happier Canada Day, Re-Born on the Fourth of July, World Pizz-eace! :-)

Hey Folks,

Since it's here, I have some martial law repellent for ya, including some nifty self-help stuff that will help fix all our relationships and allow us to live in world peace... if we weren't under martial law. I know everything is fine as long as we're comfortable, but martial law has never been comfortable for anybody.

This sucks.

It's not entirely our fault, but thanks to our battered-wives syndrome relationship with the media in thinking no one could possibly treat us better, we have to accept that we might get beaten to death for not trusting friends desperately trying to rescue us.

- -


If we had 6 weeks to live and could if we stopped smoking, would we?

If our country had 6 weeks left to live and could if we stopped smoking the CIA's (other) crack, would we?

If we have 6 weeks to answer this question, will we?

- -


The internet is going down, so if you haven't yet, save and print out a copy of these emails to figure out how the hell we got here.

- -


It's hard to say what the cops, soldiers, intelligence agents, foreign troops, private contractors, government workers and others will do.


It's time to get armed, get friends and get food.

If I sound like a crazy militia member, it's because I talked to one (Ed Brown) and he's right.

Many of us settle on the media's vague notion that things like "The Patriot Act" are kind of bad, but some people actually "look" at what the government has planned for us, and they get guns. Taking community control over your sheriff's office is a really, really, really good idea. The guys in New Orleans were shooting at FEMA agents for cutting their power and phone-lines to worsen the tragedy, or the same guys that run the FEMA concentration camps, and the same guys your local cops will either join or shoot-at for messing with you.

None of these law enforcement officers are safe either, they are facing the same health risks (brainwashing, radiation, food, air, water poisoning, etc.) from their bosses' bio-genocide as the rest of us, and are being fitted with "exploding chips", or RFID chips filled with cyanide or some other poison to neutralize them if they act up. They're deployed in some private contractors, or people like Blackwater, the "20,000 strong lawless Praetorian guard of the Bush Administration" (Jeremy Scahill, "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Army"), the new breed of "mercenaries" or "killers for hire" who make up the hidden half of the fighting forces in Iraq, or 150,000 men with guns, an appetite for destruction and legal immunity.

This makes eager murderers even easier to bribe and control, what they're doing in Iraq is not very nice, and that's just practice.


Who gives them their salaries and orders?

- -


Will cops destroy the neighborhoods they live, work and play in?

Officer Jack McLamb has been working on this for 27 years, patiently waking up as many cops, soldiers and intelligence agents as possible to the global corporate-banking mafia threat facing all of us, and I'd strongly recommend you check out his work and share your information with your local officers of the law.

Treat them with respect while getting informed, and think of rap star Jay-Z's verse on "99 Problems" where he gets pulled-over and has a conversation with a cop. Understand that knowledge is power, even over the police, and if you know something he or she doesn't that could threaten their job they'll often back down a bit, and you can have a civil discussion about any problems while understanding that at this critical point in history we're all in this together.

Learn to explain what you know and find out they feel the same, sometimes with more details. Then get to suggesting the solutions people have been working on for years.. Organized groups should have no trouble getting into "Saving The World" unless they are bought and paid-for NWO snitches, so it's time to ask your community leaders to help save you or get new ones, perhaps even applying for the job yourself.

Everyone in the world should be breaking down New World Order: 101 for everyone else to reveal their methods, goals and plans, especially their local soldiers and law-enforcement.

We're all facing the same threat, it's attacking us now, and we should all fight back.

- -


We all have a God-given right to self-defense, or if you don't believe in God, just consider self-defense a great idea.

We may not be able to stop "50 Airborn Rangers" (James Bills, "Refuge of Last Resort" about New Orleans on The Alex Jones Radio Show) who show up, but we'll be able to stop the criminals and thugs increasingly created by totally careless and corrupt governments, and their random emissaries sent to mess with us.

Happy Canadian Idiots aren't safe either, and it's hard to believe a country that hates George W. Bush elected a Prime Minister ("Heil Harper!!!") who loves George W. Bush. It's also hard to believe anyone could just stare at the burning house next door and laugh at their neighbors stupidity instead of wondering when theirs will catch fire too.

Must be the strong beer.

- -


The blood-stains on Canada's flag should help disabuse any notions of moral superiority. After all, when Big Brother U.S. goes crazy and starts attacking the world, their only trusted friend in Little Brother Canada should chill them out on behalf of (almost) dead people everywhere, such as the soon-to-be nuked nation of Iran and others.

Can we say: "I see dead people!"

Do we have The Sixth Sense?

Do we have the common sense?

- -


This could've been avoided if 9/11 Truth had been pushed aggressively enough to leak across the border, but now who knows what the hell will happen with martial law and the North American Union.

Still don't believe it?

Do you believe in the "EU Conspiracy Theory"?

And whether you like him or not, do you really think Lou Dobbs would get the NAU story wrong for an entire year on CNN???


I can't friggin' believe it's come to this.

How embarrassing is it that the first free people in history screwed it up for the rest of the world.

They weren't close to getting it, but as long as we had it they had hope.

- -


We can keep saying things will get back to normal with no evidence.

It's stupid.

But hey, what're you gonna do.

Gandhi was even fudging the truth with that "tyrants always fall" motivational-speaker crap, though in fairness he was speaking to an audience who agreed on the problem and were actively working on solving it, and I'd have said the same thing and will say it again now.

However, tyrants have actually ruled for hundreds of years at a time (Dynasty? Empire?) and "freedom" is only a couple of hundred years old.

If we submit to martial law and get taken to the 700 or so FEMA concentration camps the U.S. government has built and staffed as part of Rex-84 and other programs, we're not going to get it back for a long, long, long time.

Probably never.

- -


God won't save us.

He's not here.

He's extremely busy with the rest of the world thanks to our inaction.

He doesn't want you to get in touch either.

He's really, really, really pissed-off.


- -


"I used to issue leaflets asking people to enlist as recruits. One of the arguments I had used was distasteful to the Commissioner:

'Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest'.

If we want the Arms Act to be repealed, if we want to learn the use of arms, here is a golden opportunity. If the middle classes render voluntary help to Government in the hour of its trial, distrust will disappear, and the ban."

- Mahatma Gandhi, page 446, "The Story Of My Experiments With Truth"

- -


I'm already meeting people with fake enemies for fresh fears, and it's amazing how we'll skip over our existing knowledge of power to cheaply accuse the most powerless.

This includes seeing beaten and scared illegal immigrant slave-labor who could be jailed, drafted or deported - and - who are specifically subsidized into screwing up our countries - as the problem instead of just another pack of fooled.

They can't get across the border easily to get welfare, healthcare, educations, bank accounts, legal immunity and impunity and the rest on their own, and no other group has been nearly as successful in getting everything they want this fast. This is happening around the world as the corporate fascists try to destroy successful countries and start civil wars. In fact, no minority group in history has been able to get local American cops to let their people act above the law to the detriment of local American citizens, furthering the racism and conflict and divisions between the people and the police.

Illegal immigrant isn't just a label, it's an advertisement for an opportunity. When you're leaving a brutal police state supported by the Land of Opportunity (TM), you may as well go there to get yours. Sure, you have chance to be under-paid, beaten and raped corporate and private slave-labor, but if that's not working out for you, the cops have been told not to touch you anyway, so you might as well turn to crime.

Who told the cops to lay-off arresting illegal immigrants?

Who the hell would set this mess of rules up?


Whatever your answer is, make sure it leads to a solution that empowers us against the people with power who can manifest one.

Otherwise they won't.

- -


IRAN is an example of how easily we'll buy into the racism historically needed to get the troops and political will needed to kill millions of people. The smart people in the media are racist, so we're obviously smart for yelling at people we can't find on a map, to say nothing of our slave-classes, all while our slave-masters tax and drug us all to death. This repetition of stupidity is part of the garbage-in, garbage-out world we live in, and we have to stop reinforcing suicide and genocide. We think we're smart for calling Bush "dumb" instead of "evil", and when we're all slaving-away to make zippers for jeans sold thousands of miles away like the Chinese do, we'll probably ask "Who's country is this anyway?" just like they do.

IRAN is a country that's about to get nuked, and our collective karmic punishment could be martial law.

IRAN is a country with the largest jewish population of any Islamic nation, and 3 jewish legislators in government.

IRAN is a country with jews who support President Ahmedinejad's desire for the "Zionist regime" or "ideology" to be "wiped from the pages of time".

IRAN is a country that doesn't want to kill a bunch of jews at all, and certainly doesn't want to pick a fight with the biggest military in the world.

IRAN is a country that's successfully breaking away from the global banking and oil cartel, and their punishment will be our failure.

IRAN is a country.

For now.

- -


Catching some random bit of police state or other crap you accidentally read and learned to repeat that contradicts and beats popular opinion doesn't make you "smart", that little one-hitter bong makes you too stupid, smug and lazy to look at what it means in context. Even simpler: we get so happy with stumbling upon a credible "conspiracy theory" that we ignore looking at others, so in reality it just becomes more of a conversational trump card, a "smart for smart's sake" anecdote at a party.

To wit: instead of saying you're "too smart" to take "vaccines" that have never proven to work, ask:

"Why the hell are governments and corporations increasingly pushing for more and more vaccines?"

Your answer will inform you of what we're facing, and give you a chance to stop it.

We're being given the easy way out to hell, and we're becoming too stupid to understand the important thing isn't the individual lie you're proud you found, but truly understanding who would lie to all of us, why they'd lie to all of us, and what they're hiding.

Or not.

I mean, after all, they seem like nice folks.

- -


It's too bad we can tell when we're getting fat... but not when we're getting stupid.

It would be awesome to have a pair of genes not-fit in time to wake us up to working out our minds, but until then I'll freely admit all that work on our asses is paying off nicely, as many a music video and stroll through a big city or college reveal.

Indulging in a life-is-short kind of way is the fun we're sold, but the neat twist on it is the selfish attitude that sees us "taking" something from someone else as victory, whether it's money or sex, money for sex, or anything else. The "real" emotional content regardless of a planned future is being destroyed, and people who don't even like each other are making love to each other, leading to the destruction of trust between the sexes.

Guys are taught to get a girl, girls are taught to say no guy's good enough, guys say if I never get any respect anyway then I'm going to lie, girls say I don't care if he's lying as long as he has enough money to impress me and my friends, guys say she wants me for money and I want her for sex, girls say this could be a good time for a while and I hope it turns into something - or not. Both settle on a fragile truce with one-eye on each other and one-eye on the next host for their parasitic power-plays, and the predatory cycle continues.

The TV is full of violent men and beautiful women, and we're being turned into soldiers and whores.

- -


The pressure to lie today and become a party-robot is incredible, and while it's tempting, it's also suicide under martial law.

The last big money-grab, including thousands of credit cards, "sub-prime mortgages" (you used to need good credit and a down-payment, remember?) and massive debt is being encouraged by the "money" obsessed culture. Once the dollar collapses a bunch of ignorant people are going to flip-out over inflation and losing their houses and condo's, and they'll be so used to the idea of repaying "debt" when "interest" should be illegal that they'll accept any punishments they receive.

Check with G. Edward Griffin on that one.

Check with Jesus too.

Remember, the only people that God's Son (not Nas, the other one) beat the hell out of were the money-lenders when he thew them out of the temple, otherwise he was a well-known "turn the other cheek" kind of guy in the hood.

The truth is that the central banks print as much money as they want from nothing, and when they cycle it through the economy they use the housing market as a "cash sink" (Mike Rivero, on The Alex Jones Radio Show) to hide some of the inflation. That's why a house in 1957 cost $50,000 and the same house costs $500,000 or more in 2007, and a 10x increase in value on a 50 year-old house doesn't make any sense even factoring in normal (not "normalized") market forces.

People who bought houses were happy to see the value go up on paper (?), and were happy to borrow against their house for other purchases, further enriching the banks by adding more and more interest to their original purchase of a home.

Jesus said: "Money is the root of all evil."

I say: "Let's find the root of all money."

Yessirree Bob, I betcha find some evil thurr sirr, no dizzy-oubt.

Or perhaps a Wolfowitz in sheeple's clothing, who could kill as many people as he wanted as long as he didn't give his girlfriend a raise.


- -


The rest of the world's governments know they've been sold a bill of goods, and everyone is waiting for the U.S. dollar to collapse.

It's currently equalizing with the Canadian dollar as part of the NAU, but most Canadians just see it as "winning", like it's hockey.

I guess the point must be made: Americans aren't dumb, it's just the ones they put on TV, and the smart ones are smarter than "nice" Canadians.

Canadians have to stop assuming they are smart just because they like to watch American idiots on TV, and to start paying attention to their own problems instead of assuming the 2 companies that own their media (vs. just 5 in the U.S.) are telling them what they need to know.

Native Canadians, or the first people in Canada, make up 2% of the population and 28% of the Canadian prison-population, or a Native Canadian is 14x more likely to be in jail than on the street per capita in the country they founded. If this was any other ethnic or racial group we'd freak-out, but instead most people are just surprised to learn they aren't all dead yet, and wouldn't be surprised if they were.

(I'm reading under the surface here, but I know how to read.)

Canada also incarcerates a higher percentage per capita of young offenders than America does, though both prison-systems are appalling nightmares that cut education and rehabilitation programs, encourage torture and corruption, and force prisoners to work for an entire day for at-best one hour's minimum wage - e.g. $5 a day - for major corporations we all patronize with our own hard-earned and increasingly weak dollars.

That's why more and bigger prisons are being builts across North America, and the TV idiots won't tell us that until we're all in them and they're laughing at us.

- -


What's likely going to happen is that countries like China who trade $800 billion a year worth of slave-goods for $800 billion pieces of paper, or promises of the same on a computer, are going to say 'no thanks, we want something else besides your crappy pieces of paper, like stuff we can use', and start trading more in euro's and other currencies based more on actual production.

"The plan was to get the debt up, ship the jobs overseas, dumb-down and then eliminate the middle-class..."

- Catherine Austin-Fitts, Fmr. Asst.-Secretary of Housing under President Bill Clinton, in the must-be film "America: Freedom to Fascism"

The dust-up with North Korea threatening South Korea was likely ordered by the U.S. government after they announced they were considering selling a significant chunk of their U.S. dollar reserves, and the next week the U.S. quietly slipped Kim Jong-Il a few billion dollars in aid. That's why the U.S. talks to North Korea - a country with nuclear weapons - and avoids talking to Iran - a country without.

Iran set up their own oil bourse that trades in euro's, when since the 1970's the world has only been allowed to buy oil in U.S. dollars (there's been cheeting too), which created the "petro-dollar cycle" as it's known and inflated and solidified the value internationally of the U.S. dollar. Russia, Venezuela and other countries soon to be demonized in the North American corporate-controlled media are all trying to break the cycle of "Money for nothing and your chicks for free" (Dire Straits) the U.S. elite and the London and Wall Street financiers have engaged in with their oil and other scams, and that's the cause of much of the global tension we see.

As the great Webster Tarpley says, and frankly if you're trying to save the world he's your best bet for how:

Once the first country starts selling their massive stockpile of U.S. dollar reserves, the dollars value will be significantly weakened, causing other countries to sell before their own stockpile is wiped out in terms of international purchasing power, and leading to a rush to the exit that will completely collapse the international value of the U.S. dollar, leaving a nation that no longer produce anything unable to buy anything.

Canada is part of this mess with the NAU, to say nothing of them being the U.S.A.'s biggest trading partner, so the snow-globe ain't automatically safe when shaken up.

- -


Frankly, I say to hell with the banks.

The BIS is biggest one in the world, or the "central bank for central banks" known as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) out of Basel, Switzerland.

The BIS just called-in it's loans to all the others, putting a squeeze on the global economy that will ripple-through just like it did in 1990, when Japan went into a recession because their banks actual dollar-reserves were too low at less than 0.5% of the money they'd loaned out. This forced them to offer interest-free loans just to keep their economy going, and without their exceptional technology they'd be toast.

This BIS move also created the most crippling debt-repayment conditions the Third World has ever seen: or the dying Africans we see on TV.

The BIS and the central banks at her teat either directly or indirectly own and control all the major institutions on the planet, or all the ones that fail year-after-year to improve the quality of life for the majority of humans on earth regardless of how much money or praise they get.

The BIS and central banks know they're running the greatest scam in history, and they know they'll be arrested if they're exposed, so they're trying to kill us.

Methodically, practically, and for-profit.

Africa is a perfect example of their global eugenics methodology, it has the coolest stuff on earth since it's where "man" or "life" first formed, and is logically where everything else formed and evolved first as the earth cooled, giving it more time to form minerals, grow rainforests, explode volcanoes, etc.


Keeping them down and unable to organize to control their wealth is of paramount importance to the banks, including starting wars, starving kids, and stupid scams that have to be exposed now to reveal the whole thing quickly to everyone.

And of course, to stop Africans from dying by doing more than buying a "red" cellphone.

Which won't.

- -


AIDS as we understand it is not what is killing Africans by the millions, nor anyone else for that matter.

AIDS as a "virus" has never been isolated, found or photographed. Tests are only done for a "weak immune system", which you can get from sun-tanning, being pregnant, being stressed, being sick, etc., and which is measured differently in different countries. Technically you can be diagnosed with "AIDS" in one country, go to another which needs a weaker immune system diagnosis to get a positive test, and be considered strong enough to get a negative one.

AIDS as a problem is a perfect fit for Africa, with weak, sick and malnourished people and medical acceptance of nearly any "weak immune system" as a reason for pronouncing a positive diagnosis. Billions of dollars are being funneled into treatment centers which enrich all those involved except the patients, who get slowly and painfully killed.

AIDS drugs like AZT which were banned in the 1960's for killing animals are now given to otherwise healthy people with weak immune systems to make them waste-away. The drugs are very expensive. That means someone is making a lot of money by selling them even though the numbers of deaths only seems to increase over time. People can get paid to do stuff that makes no sense, including killing millions, or torturing people for years despite getting no valuable intelligence, as proven by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan getting worse for years. It's all related to a global program of dehumanization, and we have to see that to see who's behind it and how it's done.

AIDS reveals the central banks who are printing tons of money from nothing are bribing massive segments of the medical establishment to go along with this and other hoaxes, including using governments to promise billions more in "research" dollars that never come close to a "cure" while their citizens applaud, and agencies like the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta, Georgia, who's director signed a memo saying AIDS was "hot stuff" in relation to the likelihood of increasing their funding.

AIDS patients who don't use the drugs somehow just like "Magic" seem perfectly fine - as many support groups who tell the truth reveal, and only when patients panic and decide to use the drugs again do they notice they're "AIDS-related symptoms", or what you get from AIDS cocktails. (Cheers!) Couples with AIDS in studies have had sex for years without it being transmitted, and it's not in blood or semen because "it" is "not" at all.

AIDS doesn't exist.

AIDS is one of the biggest marketing successes in history, and it's resulted in billions of dollars being funneled directly into drug company coffers to do nothing but corrupt the medical and research establisment, and it worked. Nearly all work is done on treating the symptoms caused by the drugs, giving them a perfect profit-cycle and perfect killing marketing machine.

AIDS is definitely killing millions of people, but the cures are the cause of the deaths.

- -


This is all real normal stuff when entering fascism, in Nazi Germany they corrupted the medical and psychiatric communities first too.

There aren't two-sides to science.

There's propaganda and the information that intelligently decodes it that we're told not to look at or we're crazy.

People who are career and award-winning professionals are suddenly labeled crazy for coming out on things like AIDS and 9/11, but they aren't.

We are crazy for not at-least listening to them, and we've been driven crazy in a Big Bank Bentley.

- -


Remember: it's not AIDS, it's BANKS that are killing billions worldwide.

We need to understand that to stop it, and to stop us from joining them as victims of hundreds of parallel scams.

The effects will see the economy of North America collapse just in time for the "announced" North American Union to "save" it, or a martial-law super-state with giant slave-labor camps that are "necessary" to produce goods for international sale using a weak currency.

Remember: the banking industry is totally full of BS, starting with the BIS, just read their silly website and pathetic documentation.

I did, and I can't believe they have the nerve to put this crap out there like it's credible.

Just because they set up a stupid puppet-show doesn't mean we can't laugh at it.

After all: we're the audience.

And: we want to keep our stuff, thank you very much.

- -


If our blocks are soon run by some Rapestapo ex-con cops specifically chosen to beat the guys and (blank) the wives in their own little fiefdoms, then it shouldn't be surprising since it happened in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, China, Latin America, Africa and other places.

It's happening to other "humans" in Feudal Mexico too: why do you think they're leaving their beautiful home and our beautiful vacation spot?

It's happening in a hundred countries right now, and since our elected officials and their puppet-masters are behind it, they know how to set it up here too.

It's happening in a different way here, almost no one denies it's happening in some way, and we can either "hope" for change or get it.

- -


I wanted to put the self-help stuff first since it was a requested suggestion, but people also want me to sell-out (e.g. TV news) to get credibility, a fool's paradox I emphatically reject since I'd immediately have to start lying. These stupid thoughts sound like bad musical notes to me, I shudder a their existence, and I want to destroy them, or perhaps put them in a bad-idea zoo for us to laugh at like we do with ancient western medical practices, and like we should do with modern ones.

- -


I'm also sick and tired of people prioritizing their selfish crap without realizing it only reinforces their selfish crap, and the whole self-help genre "Secret!" is just a temporary escape from the crumbling reality we're increasingly afraid to see. Barak "What About Iraq???" OprahBamaClinton won't save us anymore than they're saving New Orleans despite their obvious power and influence, and it's because they're liars. They'll keep talking about the "future" without doing anything "now", or they'll just treat symptoms like "autism" instead of causes like "mercury in vaccines", allowing the bio-genocide we admit is taking place with the poisoning of our air, water and food supply to continue.

I feel especially bad for the black community, they've been sold smooth-talkin' liars for years, and like most people are always looking for "hope" instead of "information" on how to solve their problems.

Information is available from the people brave enough to reveal it, and if all we do is wait for them to sell-out they'll sell us out too.

That's the magic of prayer for ya: it makes the magic of logic go away.

Of course you can do both: and you'd better.

- -


I had the pleasure of discussing recent native highway blockades with a homeless native dude and his homeless white friend recently, both of whom I knew. I told the native dude point-blank that both the public and the government have heard previous land-claim arguments before and ignored them, and that the best way to "win", or at least kick the government in the balls, is to use 9/11 Truth, or the biggest lie of all time they're using to ignore everything else and set-up martial law.

His white friend immediately got all PC pissy, and defended his friend by saying "It's not about that stuff, they want land man!"

He, or the native dude, said I was absolutely right.

- -


The solutions for racial problems that are the most funded and widely promoted are meant to create conflict with others and reinforce racist stereotypes, and frankly many like "banning the n-word" are just plain stupid, and are simply used to normalize censorship as a solution.

The only people using it are the hip hop community, who are always under attack by the Hip Hop Police (Miami Herald), and they can self-regulate.

If the community believes you have a right to use it, you'll be fine, if not you'll be outcast, and if you persist in being a bastard after no one wants to hear you, you'll be beaten, just like anywhere else.

If the wrong people use it in the right society then we'll be fine, if not we have to deal with the "right society" part or we're screwed anyway, and we can't just waste all this mindless energy chasing the stupid solutions on TV while kids are shooting, selling, starving and being drafted or incarcerated.

- -


Put it this way:

If smart leaders genuinely care about saving the world or their communities, why do they spend so much time on solutions that only demonize their weakest members?

Why go after kids, addicts, single-parents, poor people and others?

Why did Jesse Jackson cradle MLK's dead body in his arms, then smear his blood all over his shirt, then give a speech in Chicago wearing the bloody shirt, and then appear before the TV cameras wearing the shirt, all while others were still shaken-up and preparing for the funeral?

Why did Russell Simmons come back from Africa and pronounce it blood diamond free?

Why in bloody hell do we put up with this crap?

- -


This is a tragedy that would make Tupac's favorite author, William Shakespeare, bawl like a baby.

Like damn near everyone else trying to "Save The World", or at least their part of it, they never learn to understand "the system" they're always on about.

This ruse is run on us on purpose, and it's time to expose it once and for all to win.

Our twisted relationship with the media means we won't respect anyone until they've achieved a certain level of prominence, and while Chuck D from the greatest rap group of all time, Public Enemy, should be on CNN every week as a respected commentator on race and politics, he's not.

So, we'll ride with The Albino Scampire, CIAnderson Cooper (Radar Online), who's crocodile tears over the "tragedy" in New Orleans got him his "liberal" and "compassionate" stripes. The funny thing about those tears, as a Vanderbilt Vampire from the famous family, they turn into blood diamonds as soon as they hit his cheek and fall into his pocket.

It's been the same solution forever, and every single one of our favorite artists and people have alluded to it:

We have to trust people over governments and corporations or we'll lose.

And if you don't know what losing means, see: the Third World.

- -


I'm not an "activist", I'm a "crime-fighter", or like Spider-Man without the sissy-tights.

I don't want to look at millions of starving people in Africa and say: "Yeah, I think I could pay my 25-year mortgage off that, let's take the house honey."

Activists don't think in terms of "winning" even though their opponents do, and when only one side is playing to win: who do you think wins?

- -


The crackdown has started in Britain and North America, and while we may not see it like we don't see New Orleans anymore, we're definitely going to feel it. As the great Gil Scott-Heron said, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", so don't wait for orders to take to the streets.

However, I am a fan of Paris Hilton's new televised softer-look, it's a nice to see an ex-con straighten out.

- -


Now that U.S. and Canadian law-enforcement officers can cross borders with guns and make arrests in each other's countries (Unnati Gandhi, Globe & Mail) as part of the almost-complete North American Union (see the currencies equalizing?), they'll use the dirty-Yanks to grab pesky Canucks and dirty-Canucks to grab pesky Yanks, and mitigate the problem of loyalty to countrymen a bit while finished the integration and militarization of forces. (See the machine-guns the British cops carry in the streets?)

Of course, New Orleans proved all that house-to-house searching and gun-confiscation practice in Iraq and Afghanistan can pay off here, to say nothing of Blackwater and the private contractors and the huge percent of foreign nationals who just join the army for a job and a paycheque.

That's why it doesn't matter how many Canadian and American soldiers are killed or injured on multiple-tours, the North American Union wants people who will shoot anybody they're asked to, and that means weeding out the good soldier by killing and wounding a bunch overseas.

- -


They're finally going for it all and everyone can feel it, so that's the good news.

The bad news is we may lack the cojones of the Spanish who launched general strikes and took to the streets in 2004 after their false flag "3/11" train bombing, exposing the inside job and stopping their Prime Minister from declaring martial law and becoming a dictator. They got their troops out of Iraq too, a neat trick.

That's why we never hear about them unlike the "7/7" London Bombings - also an inside job like most other hyped "terror" events, and this is just part of the lack of inspirational stories we receive that contribute to our apathy and assumption that there are no solutions when millions of activists - or preferably "crime-fighters" like Alex Jones - are working on them.

If we stick with the pants we peed-in we'll lose, if we change them and the sources of information we trust, we'll win.

If we accept the "global warming" fraud taxes on everything smoothly being applied, we'll go broke.

I wish us the best of luck.

- -


If the Constitutions of Canada and America were taught and followed we wouldn't be in this mess, but unfortunately the fascist state-apparatus has brought us to the point where we can't even agree on the problems anymore, let alone work on solutions.

That's part of why they broke up the family and encouraged kids to go to school early, and while Canada still has a year of maternity-leave, in the U.S. it's 6 weeks or even less, leading to babies being drugged and trained to obey instead of encourage to create, and kids being drugged for speaking up instead of trained to be disciplined in their curiousity.

People want to wait for the TV to tell them what to do about this crap, and if we do we'll just accept martial law in pieces and become slaves.

We may not be able to stop it, but fortunately great leaders have emerged, including legislators like America's Ron Paul ( and Canada's Connie Fogal (, and agitators like Alex Jones (, Webster Tarpley (, Luke "Skywalker" Rudkowski ( who give us a chance, so check their websites now while we can. None of them is the Hulk or Superman, and neither am I, so their role in "Saving The World" is simply showing us how, and it's up to us to do the rest.

I had the privilege of meeting Connie at her appearance in Toronto yesterday, footage of her talk will be up at shortly, and it's inspiring stuff. She's a better role model than than Oprah, who's lucky enough to have her picture on the cover of her magazine every month, so it's up to us to get the word out.

- -


Still, a friend just told me she wants more of my self-help stuff, and since it's been rigorously tested and can shut-down all the stupid crap we repeat, I figure why not:



Give a dollar or two to the next 5 homeless people you see, look 'em in the eye, and have the meek of the earth give you a genuine thanks for ponying-up in a cheap-ass world. You'll get empathy, sympathy, superiority, charity, context, connection, family, freedom and more. It's cheaper than a movie, and an instant cure for any depression not caused by a major chemical imbalance. If you don't see the test-results with your own two bug-eyes, then put the makey-crazy pills away, and get to walking up to someone less fortunate than you are and helping them out - even if only for an instant. I'm with Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Biggie or Smalley and the rest of the Scientologists on this one - regardless of who the pills help - or - who gets better in spite of them, but I'm not so into e-testing and reading L. Ron's Rubbish to get rid of Lord Xenu's thetans, so we'll agree to disagree there.


There's only two types of power: how much power others have over you, and how much power you have over others. That's it. It's the same for individuals and institutions. We have to understand this without being hostile to the idea itself: you can't get 'empowered' if you fear 'power'. I'm happy to have power - or - to have exerted power over others, if it was positive and encouraged independence. We can all empowers ourselves and others the same way, and we should. The secrets rich and evil people keep let them fool us into giving them power, and we should stop listening to the people trying to kill us. I'm not talking about "Public Enemy #1" (Eminem) in Paris Hilton either, who the press uses like a yo-yo (we like her again) to distract and dumb us down. She's huslting her rich little butt-off instead of sitting on it by daddy's pool, I respect that though I don't endorse anything, and blame others for our obsession when her talent and personality don't justify it, or the same people teaching us to yell at her instead of them. We can cheer like monkeys and throw feces at one of our own, but just like there was no "O.J. Prize!" (Chris Rock), there's no free night in the Hilton for us either.


You are programmed to destroy me, so I love and hate you all equally. I'm sorry and you're welcome. After decades of public budget cuts in education, it's clear our leaders don't like us smart, and the crap we discuss while avoiding serious issues reflects that. I'll hit it a million ways, but I'll leave you with this: thanks to all the crap they're trained to complain about, a woman can turn her man into a liar or a pussy. I've seen it, I've been it, and it's not fun. Some "politically correct" (Russia's Communist Party invented that term) weenies might spazz-out and get offended, but the smart girls I know love it: there's nothing they hate worse than when their man is a liar or a pussy. It's not all on the females: couples have to avoid the garbage-in, garbage-out world of mass media socialization. This includes acting like the stupid fathers and bitchy mothers in every sitcom, seeing relationships as "work" when you already have a job, pushing insecure challenges, buying into the MAN: "You need a woman!" - vs. - WOMAN: "No man is good enough!" crap, or the "hit-and-run" approach to sex without even liking the person you hang out with, and so on. I won't crap on guys here just to be "equal" (okay, they're idiots too), I've done it elsewhere, and want you to "deal" with information instead of just equalize, neutralize and ignore it by presenting another problem - it's a stupid and lazy trick. Besides, I ain't crappin' on a bitch, I'm crappin' on a sitch, so bitches (male and female) get ya mind right, and stop talking crap.


Married couples who are "busy", "stressed", "tired", or who think "Children" or "Relationships are work!" when they already have a job are normalizing the language and ideas of their failure and rat-race oppression as opposed to running at their own speed - and in the direction they want. If this sounds cliche, then cut it out. Stop watching liars lie to you, and stop acting like the idiots in sitcoms, or naggy women and wimpy guys. (See above.) It's not the key to happiness that's been sold, especially to women, and frankly I wouldn't drive a car that only works 50% of the time, but whatever. If you're going to do it, make sure you don't act like "married people" do, it leads to a 50% divorce rate and a bunch of unhappy couples. The most successful marriages subvert the prescription for failure we're sold in the media (see a pattern?) who - despite their endorsement - fail miserably in giving us the advice we need to make it work. This is another example of the Hegelian dialectic at work, or the "Problem + Reaction = Solution" planned and controlled by the brainwashing army of psychologists who collect information on us (e.g. The Tavistock Institute) in the same way or better that any "marketing" is done. The media we consume ensures most marriages fail whether people get divorced or not, and Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward may work, but when all we see is Britney and Kevin "Kids?" Federline, we don't have a shot.


Take an interest in all the wonderfully random actions and sounds your babies make - or else. They're getting "talking lessons" (UK Daily Mail) in England because parents stick them in front of "Baby Einstein" DVD's (Orwellian double-speak for really retarding them) and other crap for hours, so baby goes "What's the point of going goo-goo-gaa-gaa? No one pays attention anyway, so screw it." A generation is growing up retarded by bad-parenting, a by-product of consuming bad media. Also, instead using vaccines that have never been "proven" to work (why do you think the flu-shot is "optional" for humans?) and pills when they get saucy, do at least as much research on the real evils facing your kids as you do on your next car or vacation, you owe them that much. A bad car or vacation is a little trouble, a bad kid is a whole lot more. Our corrupt fascist leadership wants more criminals to fill their corporate slave-labor prison-camps to turn us into China (who do you think fuels their economic slavery and growth?), so you're basically feeding them into it if you screw-up.


I've resisted the peer-pressure to buy a house or condo for a while, and while I never knew why, I always thought it was fishy. Now I know why. The banks who print money from nothing (see: "America: Freedom to Fascism") have basically used it to bribe the world into endorsing their insanity and a world with 3 billion who live on less than $2 a day (and not well). However, all this money made it's way into the economy, and they used the housing market as a "cash sink" (Mike Rivero, to hide some of the inflation. That's why a house that cost $50,000 in 1950 costs $500,000 now, and there's no way a 50 year-old house should be worth 10x as much. There are market factors at play, but they don't account for the inflation like the knowledge of what really happened does, and they don't explain the sudden change in the need for good credit to get a house. They're just planning on grabbing a bunch of money and then taking the property back, so be prepared to get informed and armed enough to defend it.


There's a bunch more I hope I can get out, but that'll do for now, I'm tired and you're busy.

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July, and good luck! :-)

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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