Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rap Career For Sale.

50 Cent Speaks on Imus and Oprah @ BET

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i'm back in the booth and lovin' it, it's the best place to figure out how to tell the truth, an irritating historical dilemma. i figure i got my conspira-street-cred, and if anyone is either inspired by my work or doesn't think i make sense since i'm an "artist", they can double-check my work as a dissident or journalist to see they're wrong.

they can also see i 'eff with phd's with ease, and they can see that just like with other artists they can track back what they hear to timeless principles we're supposed to believe in anyway, and perhaps even solutions.

the market is trippy too, we're trapped in hypocrisy and i'm not buying it.

people say they hate the selfish flashiness and show-boating in basketball, and then when the spurs play the "right way" no one watches. people say they hate the bling, bitches, bragging and bullets, but when little brother sells a "conscious" album no one buys it.

so, 5 songs in i sold out, oh woe is me.

i was on my way anyway since my friends don't want me to sing or rap about what i believe (see above), they want my charming-ass to make booty-music. fortunately my old blues-buddy memphis reminded me that it's "all" booty music, and that we only get in trouble when we forget.

i think you can still say something - and that you could shake your ass to public enemy, but i also think they're not going to let anyone like them blow-up again like dead prez should.

i think we've been trained to turn-off when people get "political", or suffer from "gridlock" here in the matrix, where our mind's cashless-society control-grid mass-media fantasy-world software freezes-up when it doesn't want to compute something.

for people who don't buy it there's a chance, but for the true fascists who reject any criticism of the establishment that's not sanctioned by the establishment, they just ignore anything they don't like and move on to something else.

bah, i think these distinctions are crap anyway, and probably part of hip hop police soft-ops to divide and conquor by getting us to argue with each other. as i said in my 40 minute straight hip hop (no conspira-filler) interview with (see below), if music about a bad-sitch (e.g. hustling) can help someone else get out of a bad-sitch (e.g. hustling) then what's not conscious about that?

also, if they ban the n-word, doesn't that just attack the black rappers who are the only ones currently allowed to use it? doesn't society take care of free speech by yelling at the wrong people? isn't rap just about being honest about who you are and how you feel? don't people who've only lived one lifestyle have only one choice to be honest? isn't it just the media selecting the trends they sell, and not the rappers, so shouldn't they get blamed instead? isn't tearing it apart just demonizing groups of people within hip hop at the expense of other targets?

it went great, and that's why (with a wink at nas' new album) i gave it this title: on CKLN Radio - Shut It Down: Beef Is Dead, Hip Hop Is Alive

and if you tuned-out for all that crap, here's three tracks i popped-up on youtube to get my insta-poll, a funsicle, some cheesecake and a beef-patty. the lyrics are in the description, y'all shek'em if you feel... :-)

A Girl From MySpace

If We Can't Do It, It Can't Be Done

If U Wanna Ride




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