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BILL MAHER - The Bill of Rights on Healthcare

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i'm a philosopher with ideas on how to save the world, and i'm putting it out there in case anyone wants to. we're at a weird moment in history, and it's worth noting to make sure we go in the right direction instead of passively admitting we're not and dealing with unknown consequences.

like anything else, there are people who know more because they look into it more; and like anything else, they should be respected for it. a person can't just say their opinion is equivocal to that of those who've studied it a lot more on any subject, or that they're unwilling to evolve it, or that they're being smart in choosing not to listen to critics of their point of view who clearly must be crazy for even questioning their "beliefs", it's not even "knowledge" these days.

dr. henry makow told me the communists invented the term "politically correct", or what the "political party said was correct to say", so you can see where we get some of our worst ideas. he also said many suffer from a version of "stockholm syndrome," where you fall in love with your kidnapper in the hope they'll treat you better. smart dood. you can catch the interview i did here, he breaks down the brainwashing like nobody else:

Black Krishna on CKLN Radio - Feminism, NWO, Bilderberg 2007, Global Warming, Real Money, V-Tech Shootings, Ron Paul, Hip Hop, 9/11 Truth

most people's pov's are indefensible nightmares demonizing poverty and charity, and that's what allows us to accept statistics like 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day. dehumanization and indifference are engineered by those with the power to do so, and it's a mistake to accept it as making sense instead of looking for ways to stop it.

we're supposed to learn something new every day, and yet many default to "gang" mentality in dismissing anyone we think must be crazy if differing on an issue. this is regardless of the work they put into figuring it out, and bizarrely regardless of the relationship we have with them, which is destroying relationships.

we saw this in the 2004 u.s. elections, and the idea of husbands and wives refusing to talk to or listen to each because they were "red" and "blue", or friends and families that get in fights and can't talk about "politics" anymore, has since been normalized and collectively accepted. there's obviously an awakening under the surface, but just as obviously it's being kept under the surface, which negates it's empowering effect.

with governments announcing draconian measures that would've been laughed at 20 years ago, or worse versions of ones that should have been laughed at then, we can see we're being conditioned to accept them whether we want to admit it or not, and despite the ones we pick-up on or not.

everyone wants to feel "smart" for knowing stuff other people don't know, but it's pretty stupid to ignore why we're all being sold a bunch of lies while patting yourself on the back for finding one.

to wit: the ozone hole closed, and while some say they know thanks to reading a random article, they don't bother asking why the people who scared us with that crap didn't tell the rest of us, and they don't bother wondering what massive lies they're missing by not reading the right random article. (hmm... " the right random articles"? bah, needs work... ;-)

if we all can't make the connections between our lack of interest in politics and our lack of control over our future, or the giant corporate-fascist government conglomerates we see don't have our best interests at heart, then someone has to, and we all have to listen.

there are lots of people who do it well and lots of people promoting them, and the unselfish name of the game is to continue building the tent and celebrating the work of everyone holding it up. we have a chance to fight a cold war before it gets hot, or an information war before gun-confiscation, and that's what this is.

the elite get power by keeping secrets, and the people get power be exposing them. we can share and vet enough information online and trust people more than governments and corporations, and we can win. unfortunately the bad guys know this, and that's why they're speeding up.

if we're a fan of collective survival like the global warming fraud and hysteria suggest, that's good or bad depending on how we use it. fortunately we only have one possible enemy to focus on, or the only small group of people with enough power to brainwash us. that's it, and despite the distractions there's no one else worth focusing on.

once we realize we have a common enemy conspiring to create others, we can resist that, and look "up" instead of accepting the fights we're sold to have. fear and stress disappear, you don't get scared of any individual or group of people until they start acting scary, and you don't get scared or fooled by their propaganda. it works better than any self-help program in both understanding and empowerment, and the world gets easier to navigate.

you can speculate on who our enemies are, or be scared to, but we can see how they treat people, and if we're people we should be concerned, even in this part of the world. (see: new orleans. with a snorkel.) this mess can be explained on a few levels, but when even the internal logic of the stories sold on tv make no sense, you can simply start with what people already know.

torturing for years while the wars keep getting worse? then why do it? global warming solutions focused on people "sacrificing" (love it) with no mention of what governments and corporations are going to do? then why do "we" bother? only 5 companies own the media that we know lie and try to dumb us down every single day? then why do us battered wives stay faithful to our abusive husbands?

because we don't recognize the obvious, or that we need to change this before understanding reality becomes impossible, we need a few dissidents to show us. i'm one of them, and if i haven't tried to sell you anything except the truth, and for free, and if it doesn't seem like i'm motivated by the traditional trappings of money, power or sex, then it may be worth looking into.

it's like a car built for anyone to take a ride in, it works, and it's not a question of what you "believe" like the mass media teaches us to believe, it's a question of what you know through double and triple-checking. we are only afraid to be "wrong" when we don't have a bunch of stuff "right". i update and correct what i know on a daily basis, so i'm not upset when i'm wrong about something, i'm just thankful for chance to get it right.

the mass media doesn't give us enough information to "know" anything on purpose, so we default to arguing about what we "believe" while missing key facts reveal universal truths and universal solutions. (like ron paul's quaint idea of "freedom", wacky stuff. if we give his old-fashioned ideas a shot, who knows? we may all get what we want, or at least get the chance to get what we want.)

the news sources who give us enough information to "know" stuff do it by using mainstream points of view and an explanation of the lies, providing a comparison of at least "two" sources instead "one", and they're better for you than mindlessly doing headlines of pure-grade propaganda off a fractured mirror.

right now most of us just guess based on our biases, and if we don't like "black" or "arabs" or "russians" or whomever, then we'll just believe anyone who says they did something bad whether it's true or not. this is "false flag racism" as i like to call it based on michael parenti's analysis, and people make careers out of perpetuating it.

since we only get half-knowledge that reinforces stereotypes, we're easily distracted by attacking each other, or legitimizing attacks on each other as being normal in a world where people waste time not liking each other. the propaganda is repeated everywhere, the truth is buried in it's shadow, and if we find a few flashlights we'll be fine... :-)



IRAN ATTACK - Alex Jones vs. Google News!

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South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

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Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site


to all the haters, look you babies, the media's karl rovebots brainwash us into acting petty while the crooks in charge win, and we have to focus on maximing liberty. if you make sense i'll react, if you're part of bush's $1.6 billion (more now) budget for "fake news" (google it) monkeys then stick your finger in your bum to look for "lipstick bombs", and if you're just a bushtapo dumbass then stick your finger in your bum and smell it.

to all the players, this is it, and bush openly declared martial law with presidential directive 51. we have to recognize what's bad, like torturing people for years in concentration camps despite getting no good intelligence, as proven by the wars getting worse all the time. so why do it? once people are used to running them for no reason they can stick anyone in there.

the elite get power by keeping secrets, the people get power by exposing them, let's get it... :-)


Please see the work of Alex Jones and his team at and for how to win, they've seen this stuff coming for a while.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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