Sunday, June 27, 2010

Protest enforcement begs questions By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun

Alright, last one to give my sh-t some "mainstream" credibility. But, this ain't for me. I'm straight. This is for you so you know what's happening. I can rap about it, and did, but just in case you're not feelin' me, that's cool. Go ahead, feel yourself.




Protest enforcement begs questions By JOE WARMINGTON, Toronto Sun


FYI, this is the columnist from the Toronto Sun who interviewed me yesterday after a friend sent in pictures of me postering. While I didn't make this shorty online column, we had a great conversation and he seems like a nice guy. Plus, he wrote a great article that refers to some of what we discussed, including how we should all realize this is all a big slap in the face to the people of this city based on how we're all being treated.




BTW, there are no hard feelings during "martial law" if people want to do whatever to deal with it. I'm built for this, and it's here, so I'm good. But, I know that other guys can't just ignore this stuff, so hopefully they're realizing it too. Here's a mainstream example of how completely insane all this garbage is, so hopefully we can promote these ideas instead of just parroting the tidal-wave of faketivist and corporate fascist bullsh-t.



Protest enforcement begs questions


Last Updated: June 26, 2010 10:51pm

It ranged from looking apocalyptic to downright embarrassing.

No matter what side you are on there will have to be frank discussion about what happened in Toronto on June 26, 2010.

The objective was to stop anybody and everybody from going south to the G20 fence and get near the visiting world leaders who will leave here Sunday.

It worked.

Much of the rest of the city was, however, left on its own.

And no matter the excuse given in the aftermath of this dark and unnecessary day in Toronto’s history, they are not going to convince shop owner Zohrab Kilislian that up to 10,000 police officers suited up in riot gear could not have handled the 25 scumballs who caused all of these fires and mass destruction.

He doesn’t get to leave this mess behind.

“Where are the police?” said the shaken owner of Barclay Jewelry at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard Sts. as he cleaned the glass from his shattered from window.

They were busy but they seemed to be everywhere but there.

“There was one police officer here and he ran away,” said Kilislian.

When you saw what those bastards did to the police cruisers you could not blame him.

But Kilislian has been in business at that location for 30 years, paid his taxes and said when he needed somebody to protect his property, they were nowhere to be found. He wants to know why the people who did this were not arrested when they torched the first police cruiser at King and Bay Sts.

He feels his store didn't have to be vandalized and looted.

While there were virtually no police on Yonge, there were copious amounts in riot gear strung all along Richmond St. and up at police headquarters on College St.

“The police let this happen on purpose to justify the $1-billion expense,” said David Langille, of the social advocacy group Poor No More. “There are 19,000 cops here and they could have stopped this.”

Although this is not at all fair, why were not more of these thugs arrested? Police had the numbers, have a rented movie studio turned into a jail, have state-of-the-art sound cannon equipment and special powers to actually collar these hooligans. They also know the identity of most of them.

But it’s not completely fair to pile on the police for what transpired here. For one thing, they are the good guys and were trying their best to ensure no one was hurt. They have to follow rules while the anarchists don’t seem to honour any.

It is the violent slugs who are to blame, many of them very tough in groups but not tough enough to commit their crimes without covering their faces. They are not guided by a cause, but — as the losers in a society with endless opportunity for those who want to strive for it — just interested in creating mayhem for fun.

However, it still needs to be said the G20 conference should never have been here because all it has done is make our city look sick. The Ottawa crowd who planned this wouldn’t listen to anybody who knows the city. For example, a proper protest area should have been permitted somewhere down near the fence line which might have created a central area for legitimate protesters to congregate.

Ultimately, Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to take responsibly.

With security being such a big issue for world leaders, such an event belongs on a military base or in a zone that is secluded, easier to lock down and more difficult to access for rabble-rousers.

Other than for the hotels housing police and delegates, there is virtually no spinoff for regular Toronto businesses because other than the so-called protesters, the town is basically shut down.

First Toronto turned into something that looked like a police state, then a ghost town followed by a war zone. Some image to send out to the world. The idea of building a massive wall, and having so many police, just provoked and challenged the anti-globalization bullies even more.

And many of them are still out there. Monday, Toronto Police will be back to enforcing cellphone and seatbelt tickets. Lord knows, the parking enforcement vultures will be out in full force, too.

It sure would be nice if they could round up a majority of these anarchist goofballs first before they go back to becoming the tax collection arm for the out of control government hiding behind the big wall.

They certainly will not be able to say they don’t have enough manpower.




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