Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nah, i'm just killing time doing some good sh-t because there's not enough of it, but otherwise i'm still the same mofo i ever was.


nah, i'm just killing time doing some good sh-t because there's not enough of it, but otherwise i'm still the same mofo i ever was. incidentally, one reason i "swear" and don't have much money, power, sex, etc., is that smart people can be intimidating enough. however, if you feel better than someone, then they can't really be intimidating. and, if you feel sorry for someone, you take away their power over you. it (should) work(s) for everyone.

so, i get lots of people downtown feeling better than me in enough ways to be cool while still appreciating what i do, including flyering the sh-t out of this city to protest the protest and share real info like a non-gmo shopping guide, vaccine exemptions, the fact that this "protest" is just a big staged traumatic slap to toronto's face, and more. i'm at a nice comfy equilibrium that lets me to move freely and get a millon co-signs solo on the dolo.

any-wheeze, thaar 'tiiis, everything is going reasonably well,

see, yellin' at er fence ain't ne'er gon' get nuthin' done, and ne'er has.

btw, this' latest track recorded and mixed yesterday, it was written on june 5th after i copped the "drake - thank me later" album leak, it's great, but the song speaks for itself on that and more. i can't wait to get into recording more consistently and performing, but it'll be good to get some more tittillating tribulating under my beltway before i move to allow it. it's awesome meng, i'm an eternal optimist and a believer in our abilities to help manifest it.

what the heck, there's evidence scattered oot and aboot.

and, maybe i'm fooling myself, but hey, then at least no one else is!






cool meng, sorry you're feeling under the weather, but i hope you feel better by saturday for the big football game. it'll be good to support [redacted] report, but personally i'm protesting the protest, and by extension the misguided - to the point of screwing everyone they're trying to help - protesters. i never want this nonsense to happen in this city again. i know the cops are antsy from being on the streets and seeing what's happening, including hundreds from out of town, plus "bay street" looking like a g-ddamned warzone.

i was hustled out of there today for postering quickly and informed that i now need a $35 "permit" for postering or flyering like it's "obvious" that i would, or it's a $135 fine. a new "by-law" was passed in april -- with the help of a bunch of misguided young socialist artists and activists -- that the 311 girl explained to me as ambiguous -- but basically selectively enforced whenever anybody in authority feels like it. this crap could never happen if we didn't "agree" to participate in fake fights, so i really think it needs to be exposed now.

no worries, i might be the only one among "activists" to see it this way, but for most "people" who never thought "activists" made sense, i can explain why. i postered from 5 - midnite today after the rains and got some love from the streets, people are usually just trying to see if i make any sense, and they know that indicting this insanity is far better than accepting it. as for being "polite" or "politically correct" here in "communist canada", i don't think it's polite to lie to people, so i'm just pointing out how they're less polite than i am.

to the people here and the people the g20 countries are screwing by just yelling at a fence and going home.

sorry dood, just got back all hopped-up and i'm still flying, there aren't enough hours in the day to tag this city up.

regardless, i hope people will realize that we have to find ways to get stuff done instead of just crying that we want to.