Friday, June 25, 2010

G20 Related: "I've just seen tons of "haz-mat" and "bomb disposal" trucks going by, so I assume they're going to blow something up soon."


G20 Related: "I've just seen tons of "haz-mat" and "bomb disposal" trucks going by, so I assume they're going to blow something up soon."


Hey Guys,

Pre-mini-rant important request: [redacted] took [redacted] at the [redacted] and wants to be part of the [redacted] this weekend. I told them you'd might like another still photog to go with the many videyes, so their number is [redacted]. Please let them know with a call or email, you folks can coordinate after that and best of luck in the "warzone" (that shouldn't be in quotes). It's not safe for anyone to go to the "protest" alone, both because of the cops and because of the faketivist spooks running their big "communist party" who might not like anyone pointing out how stupid their crap is and blowing their cover as new world orderlies.

All those "grants" to "grant" them permission to "protest" in specific ways have brought all of us "here".

Sorry, but I was fairly (too) polite to the CIActivists until they helped "this" happen "here" in Toronto.

Not anymore. Too many innocent bystanders now have to deal with what they helped create.

On to the mini-rant: While many people agree that the "protest" and justifying all this crap is bullsh-t and won't get anything done, many still wanna zombie-into it anyway. So, I'm rolling solo for a minute on behalf of all the people who hate all of this crap to think of how to get out of this, or how to do something better than just yelling at cops and going home. I hope you're well, I've had a crazy week as I'm sure you have. I've been bouncing off the "martial law" (that shouldn't be in quotes), figuring out what it is and how to beat it. Under these conditions, I've also just given up my ID 10x to avoid being taken off the streets and thrown in a hole.

I know we're not supposed to, but I'm afraid that sticking with that rule is just like the "don't pay taxes" idea in the U.S., or they might get you regardless of whether they should or not, so for me it's not worth the risk to resist at this point. I always try to at first, but that's their main goal to keep their job right now, so I'm just accepting it to continue staying on the streets and working on mitigating this. Best of luck to Charlie and everyone who resists, but I'm afraid if we stick with that motto, a bunch of us will end up in jail on principle and unable to accomplish stuff in practice. This might even be by-design: so we have to watch for that stuff.

Just my two-cents, shiny-nickels, Freddy Krueggerands, shillings and Scameros.

You know I hate fiat, so I bring my own funny-money. It'll be worth more than theirs later.

We should be open to questioning all ideas to see what achieves the best results when we need them.

I also just hope we can survive the next couple of days. As of this writing (9:30 pm) I've been seeing tons of "haz-mat" and "bomb disposal" trucks going by, so I assume they're going to blow something up soon to justify the $1 billion in security. If you'd like, you can pass by the Second Cup near MuchMusic to touch base, I'm going to be here until it closes around midnight. Or, if you prefer then just email me and I'll give you a call to catch up on the phone. We're all being traumatized by this PSYOP right now, so I just feel bad for everyone. But, we seem to be "cool" with it. The next step is being "cool" with a "response" to it instead.

After being ID'd like 8 times on Wednesday while postering, which went reasonably well as many cops were sympathetic and even took my flyers once they got what they wanted (ID) and calmed down. I was stopped once for a "thought crime" too, I had on headphones and a pissed-off look in the financial district and 6 cops rolled up on me, probably after a security guard called them. Fortunately, they sent a gorgeous redhead to hold her hand up to stop me, so that made it easier since I probably would've stopped for a sec anyway. Many cops kNWO what's' up and understand we don't like being inconvenienced, so that's good to share.

I talked about it on Thursdays show and then went postering again in the afternoon up Yonge Street, though I found out it's now all "private property" west to Bay, south to Adelaide and north to College, so no postering (etc.) is allowed. It's been this way for two years legally, but now they're strictly enforcing it. So, I went north of College. But, I was followed by cops, city workers and helicopters. I was even on Yonge just staring at dude once in a while. I found out why later. I saw they'd ripped them all down when I walked back. But not before a bunch of people saw them and many thanked me, so it is what it is - and - it works.

Otherwise... why would they follow me up the damn street and rip all of them down during a busy rush hour?

They get power by keeping secrets and we get power by exposing them, not chanting or ranting slogans.

More later I'm sure as this gets wilder and wilder, good luck, stay up and hollatchabuoy... :-)




P.S. Incidentally, I'm speaking with a Toronto Sun reporter on Saturday morning thanks to a friend getting them hip to my shiznit, hopefully goes through and makes it into Sunday's paper so people get another take on all this crap. I'll just answer conservatively like I did on the CBC vaccine-thingy and we'll see if they can use it.


The Shot Is The Pandemic: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC

Press For Truth | Infowars | October 8, 2009

I was recently contacted by the CBC for an interview regarding swine flu vaccines. After doing a 20 minute phone interview, I set it up for the CBC to come film our street actions with Toronto Truth Seekers. The CBC spent an hour and a half with us gathering information for their story on swine flu vaccinations. Press For Truth documented everything. (Dan Dicks)




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