Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here it comes... "G20 police probe reports of gunfire"


Here it comes. If we don't expose this giant slap in the face to the people and city of Toronto, then we'll be so rattled by the time it's over that we'll be glad they spent $1 billion of our tax-dollars on it. Plus, we won't ever want to talk about it again because it's depressing. Then, it will happen on a regular basis as we descend deeper into martial law.

Maybe it was just some hopped-up gangsta nuts in a sports car, maybe it was spooks messing with cops in some classic false flag f--kery, but either way, violence apparently justifies the omni-present and oppressive threat of violence that is literally thousands of extra cops on high alert for a meeting of political-puppet criminals in the Brave New World...


G20 police probe reports of gunfire

Tue Jun 22, 4:42 AM

CALGARY (CBC) - At least four shots were fired into the air early Tuesday just outside the G20 restricted traffic zone in downtown Toronto.

Police say that at about 3:30 a.m., ET more than a dozen off-duty RCMP officers witnessed the shots being fired by the occupants of a black sports car.

The car sped away from the scene, a parking lot in the King and Peter streets area. Police gave chase but lost the car somewhere in Etobicoke, in the city's west end.

They were able to get a partial licence plate number and are now looking for the vehicle.

They also found at least two shell casings near a club on Mercer Street, close to where the shots were fired.

Anti-G20 demonstrators, meanwhile, say they will be back in downtown Toronto on Tuesday trying to be heard.

Hundreds of protesters shut down traffic in parts of the city Monday, marching through the streets while officers on bicycles moved alongside, blocking side streets as they passed by.

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