Saturday, June 26, 2010

SONG: Renegade G2010


SONG: Renegade G2010


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Renegade G2010


Written on June 26th, 2010 at 1 pm EST, Toronto, Canada



Lot of crazy stuff going on in this city...

Lot of crazy stuff going on in this world...

There's always been a lot of crazy stuff going on...

But, it seems like it's getting crazier...

Oh well...

What're you gonna do?


Thumb-suckers, say that I'm foolish,
I only talk about who rules,
Do you fools? Listen to my music?
Or are you too scared to do it?

See, I was influenced,
By the hip hop you ruined,
The same dude you thought was sayin' nothin',
Now makes more sense than you do,

I do what I do, through and through,
I give you the news,
With a twist,
It's just his "save the ghetto" point of view,

The renegade, you been afraid,
I penetrate pop-culture,
To bring 'em a lot closer to the top,
Where they,

Plot to roast us, going right at ya moms,
Done a lot of boastin',
'Bout planned robberies,
Can't just bend over,


I'm not, playing,
Philospher vs. officer,
'Cause I'm awful sure,
That's how they played us all for years,

Now all of it is clear,
And all of it is here,
Don't need a sooth-seer,
To see it seared on your rear,

Been branded like cattle,
Better get ready for battle,
Bad time to get rattled,
Like, you don't know what's the matter,

Mind over it,
Mind control, get over it,
Now sober, get drunk later,
After, makin' sure (sure?) there's a later,

Sayin' "Hi Haters!",
Getting high off theatre,
Of the war on your mind,
Like we some bed-wetting masturbators,

Get bent, get chuckles,
From the vent,
And relentlessly flexing ya free muscles,

With every corpuscle in your corpse,
Resurrect your course,
Fans of sorts have become,
Stans of sorts,

Can take a stand, of course,
Like you give a damn about anything,
Saying, what you thought you wasn't supposed to say,
Like, it's on everything,

Welcome to the 21st Century,
Same spit,
Pie-hole to take it too,

Why they need?
To cruise around?
Lookin' at?
Me and you?

We need,
To tell, they' boss,
"Aye! Yo! Cut the crap dood!"


Nobody risking they' job,
In this economy to,
Play hero to nobody,
Who do nothing to,

Say I'm trapped too,
So, help me,
And of course I'll help you,
Let's see what we can do,

If this' how "World Government" do?
It's not good for me or you,
Gotta prove it every time?
Like, I thought we was cool,

See, that's the damn, truth,
So, tell the damn grown,
And, the damned youth,
Why you think I'm in the damn booth?

We in the Infowar,
Or we in for a lobotomy scar,
Cold-cocked by cold-cops,
Lockjaw from the law,

So, buy a round at the bar,
Break it down,
Like we've come far,
Like maybe it's gone too far,

To ever let it happen again,
To old men, women, and children,
It's on men to be,
Renegades in 2010...


G20 Protest Day
Behind The Green Doors
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Recording end: 4:16 PM
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