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Aborting The Old Debate On Abortion

Ron Paul - Discusses The Attention The Campaign Is Getting

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Q: I like Ron Paul and everything he stands for, except his pro-life stance, so give it to me straight, don't duck the question.

Ron Paul - Discusses 2nd Amendment Rights

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSLRS3uYfuc

I feel ya man, I feel the same way and stick on the same 'ish, I've been raised pro-choice by our culture, I still am, and it always made more sense to me than screwing kids over with bad parents, or screwing kids (and others) over with pregnancy they're not prepared for.

However, I also know that it's a numbers-game, and if we're forced to think about it we all get squeamish at some point.

Whether it's the "partial-birth" or "third-trimester" or whatever, there's still a debate about when it's "moral" to end a potentially viable, happy and healthy human being's life, which is essentially how most fetuses are regarded by happy couples (and Murphy Brown'esque singles) worldwide.

If the kid pops-out and it's ugly or retarded, and she's pro-choice, can she kill it? What if she finds out a week before she pops? Two weeks? Can we just suck out it's brain? It's like anything else the media fools us about, and once we really look at it we can see why others have other opinions, sympathize with them, get along, and work together to rationally discuss solutions.

With a responsible media activism wouldn't exist, it wouldn't need to, and they'd prioritize the most pressing issues facing the most people. With ours we're stuck ignoring activists and getting their ideas filtered through a corporate spin-machine dedicated to dividing and dumbing us down, which leads to us being very confident about issues we learn only one side of.

The fake "War on Terror" is a great example of people being taught to ignore or ridicule anyone who disagrees, the fake "more lawful guns = more gun violence" is another (in Switzerland where everyone has a gun there's almost no gun violence, plus-plus), and thousands more exist. The activist vegans can describe the meat industry better than most barbecuing carnivores; and the Third World can describe the negative impact of globalization better than any financial services firm; yet for some reason the latter won't listen to the former.

There are objective truths that can make for better policy buried in the debate we're supposed to have, including more humane food-production and trade and lending policies, and in the case of abortion, an understanding that goes beyond reflexively condemning other views just because you are confident in where you stand.

I also respect the opinion of a guy who's delivered 4000 babies enough to have an extended conversation with him before I make up my mind on whether he'd at least lead well-enough on the issue to make most of us happy, and he'd encourage the conversation as opposed to wedge people out.

That's key for me, especially after King George and his "Executive Orders" and "mandate" to govern on behalf of 25% of people who are stupid or scared-shitless, if that number is even real. I think Dr. Paul would encourage discussion, put out all the facts, and respect the will of the people, and that could lead to an overall reduction in the number of abortions which I think we can all agree is a good thing.

If you factor in the eugenics programs that have warped medical thinking, with very public examples like Prozac, Vioxx and Ritallin, hidden ones like The Tuskeegee Experiments and The Atomic Soldier, and hidden in public ones like AIDS and chemotherapy among hundreds of examples, you have to ask why "abortion" is so popular even if you accept that it's a necessary evil.

George Bush Sr. was actively pro-choice in the 1970's and helped promote the elite's population-reduction and/or eugenics programs, a bad sign and good clue, before he switched to pro-life to run with Reagan in the 1980's. That doesn't prove everything, but to say it proves nothing is lazy, and it's worth putting in context.

The list of hidden facts goes on and on, and if we don't know them and won't hear them we'll be subject to related medical abuses, including costly unnecessary surgeries (like hysterectomies) the industry pushes, and even a growing number of abortions done unwittingly for population-control through normalization, pressure, financial incentives and propaganda. This is probably happening now, though I haven't looked into it much so I'm not sure.

Regardless, we can see they're trying to kill us by poisoning our air, water, food, bodies and minds, so the history of anything like this needs to be understood better and in context, which includes listening to critics like Dr. Paul who are more credible than the only media-stereotypes of "abortion clinic bombers" we see on TV.

It's no wonder we don't think any of them have a point, but in reality it's not that different from the media teaching the masses to see a half-million protesters at a G8 meeting and say: "They don't know what they're talking about" like it's the obvious conclusion.

In the final and most important analysis, Dr. Paul said it's a "state's rights" issue and not the President's or Federal Government's decision anyway, something I'm guessing he'd say more often if it wasn't such a touchy subject on the right too, tricky stuff.

However, his principles are backed-up by the Constitution - which is supposed to make Congress the most powerful body because it's the most diverse, the Supreme Court the next and the Presidency the weakest because it's too dangerous to put it in the hands of one man, even a retarded one (See: Bush, George W.), so his opinion is not going to be the "decider" anyway.

If a few states were pro-choice and a few were pro-life that wouldn't be so bad as long as no one was denied access, and as long as people respected the freedom of individuals to make the trip to ensure they aren't violating their own community's standards.

There's a time and place and plenty of green space, ain't no need to beef... :-)

Ron Paul - Discusses Vegas Odds and Youth Leading Revolution

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SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgvNxqcd11M


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