Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Vijay Sarma Speaks at the Scarborough Debates


2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Vijay Sarma Speaks at the Scarborough Debates


My name is Vijay Sarma and I'm running for Mayor of Toronto. The election is on October 25th, 2010. My number is 647-857-5755 and my email address is Please contact me to discuss anything you'd like, I'm a good peacemaker and solve lots of problems.

After looking into real issues as a journalist, artist, activist and philosopher for years, I want to do something about them. Even if I don't win, I can still get enough votes to show the "system" that we want serious threats to our health, wealth and relationships dealt with by our politicians.

We all know big corporations are poisoning us, aren't stopping, and aren't being stopped. It's in the news. Why can't the City test stuff, come up with solutions to protect us and try to stop it at the source? Why not share the best info instead of suppressing it as Big Pharma often does?

Before giving any candidate a guaranteed 4 year job paying $100,000 a year during a recession, let's see if we can get something out of it. I've been speaking with PhD's and others for years on important issues and can tell truth from lies. This will come in handy if I am Mayor of Toronto.

The best time for people to take political power back is during elections. Most people who aren't interested in politics will be open to learning more during this brief period. Please pass on the info and check the website for how you can help, we'll be a lot happier if we figure things out.

One thing that affects every aspect of our lives is "fear" engineered by our culture. (See: "Saw 3D", etc.) Curiousity beats fear, or learning more about the world to understand it. Knowledge is power, so instead of just escaping, you can feel like you belong and are in control of your life.

Finally, this is about our faith in ourselves and other people, or what I think we want to believe in. If we think we can't do or get anything, we probably won't. If we think we can, figure out how and do it, then we probably can. Our political system is in place. We can control it this election.

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Vijay Sarma - 2010 Toronto Mayor Candidate

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