Friday, September 17, 2010

Toronto: A Safe Place To Tell The Truth! :-)


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jo jimi, i'm not sure what happened to fatlip, please elaborate if you'd like, though who knows what the next 5 years will be like for everybody, though i have an idea, which is why i'm running for mayor.

y'o2k, i understand where you're coming from, but i see this "we can't do anything!" mentality as engineered and getting worse if we don't handle it soon. i have a chance to win if we want a chance to win.

after being active for years, including on these boards, and taking crap for trying to say and do the right thing, lots of people know i know what's going on by now, which means they do too, minus a few details.


y'all know i give a damn and don't give a damn at the same time, so there, it is what it is. if friends can't bring me down, then enemies can't. my insurance policy is figuring out what "we" can do, not what "i" can do.

ironically, i'm listening to "i ain't mad atcha" right now, and seeing how guys like 2Pac did it, or "playing the game" to get put on while sneaking in the truth, i dabbled in it, then thought i'd try something different.

the problem is that it's harder to even half-step the truth today and get "put on", unless you're ridiculously talented, in which case "they" will try to control or destroy you if you rebel. for examples, see youtube.


so, instead of building me up, getting taken out and ending it there, i decided to focus on what nearly everyone can do in our culture to communicate and deal with the system. if i go out, that stuff doubles in value.

today, most people don't know what the hell Bob, Pac and everyone else was talking about, or have to piece together their own personal interpretations. while nobody knows what i'm talking about, they can if they want.

here in 21st century communist canada, if we want to talk to other canadians about "serious" stuff, i know how, so you can too instead of being scared to. if we want to deal with "babylon system" or whatever, we can.


back in the day, if bob marley said "get up, stand up!", people didn't know how. today, if we use the inspiration we get from everyone we respected who said stand up for your rights, we've got the dirt on who's taking them.

one new problem is the "twitter" and "text" generation makes it tough to explain anything. in fact, we hate each other more for forcing each other to be stupid and then complaining about it. see: these message boards for proof.

regardless, we all feel threatened by global instability caused by "globalization", but most of us feel hopeless or distracted. i'm a humble tactician, so i suggest you get inspiration to deal with it from wherever and then vote for me.


after that, i'm openly inviting everyone in toronto to stay on my ass and everyone else who's elected so we can resist the influence from corporate and other lobbyists. the CP24 girl who interviewed me yesterday was impressed.

the city of toronto is also "safer" if as much "truth" as possible is out there, so after waffling for a bit, i figure i'll go for broke with all my "opinions" to help protect this city, which are more researched than most. people will know too.

so, hopefully we'll make the right choice and vote for me as the only candidate committed to handling our biggest problems before they handle us. but, either way, more of us will know what they are, so we can handle them anyway.


finally, it's hard to tell canadians the truth quickly without making their heads spin, so that's been busting my ass and i know i get complaints no matter what i do. no worries, it's gotta get done, so my latest crack for my website is below.




Vijay Sarma - 2010 Toronto Mayor Candidate

1512-C Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1T5 | 647-857-5755 |

Please share this website so everyone can see their options for this election and contact me with questions. I can take emails or calls on any subjects and meet with groups. After years of research, there's something here for everybody. I think if I help us take care of our small problems, then we can handle our big ones.

We all know of serious threats to our health, wealth and relationships. It's in the news. If these issues are tough to deal with, then tough guys shouldn't be scared to look at what millions of nerds do, and men should help protect our Toronto culture on behalf of women, children and the elderly, just like men always have.

Municipal candidates aren't controlled by political parties. We're only reponsible to voters. So, my vision for the future sees the people of Toronto spending one hour a week in touch with our elected representatives to help them resist the influence of corporate lobbyists and work on what we want. That's how we can get it.

Before giving anyone a great job paying $100,000 a year in a recession, we should tell them what we want. Will they learn and do more on behalf of people in Toronto? That's what I've been doing and will do if you vote for Vijay Sarma as your next Mayor of Toronto. And yes, I have a good chance to win if we want one too.

Toronto: A Safe Place To Tell The Truth! :-)

Warm regards,





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