Monday, September 20, 2010

so, get at me if ya finna and we'll get ready for war.


Ed -- from the HipHopCanada message boards.


yo stiq-to-it-ness, your response is exactly what i'm talking about, so i appreciate the classic example of the mind control we have to beat before we can't. you used to ask questions and be supportive of this research, but by now you're probably feeling isolated by our culture like most kids, so you've moved on to rejecting your natural curiousity to fit in, but be careful, you might destroy your individuality.

plus, i always say and source lots of stuff, but for some reason you always say i didn't. this keeps happening. fortunately, everyone can see everything i write, then you writing that i wrote nothing, then see for themselves what the problem is. for some reason, you literally can't "see" anything i write, or click on any links or videos, or believe the conclusions that it leads to. that's crazy. but, hey, it's the 21st century.

speaking of that, and i hope you ansari me question: do you have any suggestions on how to fix my presentation? i get this a lot and i always like feedback. now, sometimes i think it's just a defence mechanism, like if i don't say it exactly the way people want me to, then people feel they don't have to believe it. now, there's no doubt i have to sell it better. but, there's no doubt that you have to get it anyway. regardless, get at me.

finally, thanks aykay, i am not and i don't tell the truth all the time, it's really hard in our culture, but i try, especially about the most important things that are affecting all of us since a lot of us are avoiding them. this is regardless of how cool we're all supposed to be with being dumbed-down, dehumanized, robbed and murdered. sorry, but i got used to phrasing it quickly and clearly to make sure that people know this isn't just interesting stuff.

incidentally, that's also why i've been listening to "cult assasin" off the new dj muggs vs. ill bill "kill devil hills" album on repeat for the last few hours, it's a crazy opening track off a wikkid album. i don't agree with everything bill says, and he says he doesn't agree with alex jones, but i agree with and respect enough to ride with his passion for this shiznit. i use commercial rap to fuel my own, but it's cool to hear his and vibe off it locally to re-see the hood.


"The darkness that surrounds us can't hurt us,
It's the darkness in the heart of our soul,
That turns us into murderers,
Even though we gutter,
We still gotta reach for the stars,
Peace to the Gods, now speak to the cross..."

- Ill Bill, "Cult Assassin"


no worries, i'm hoping to help keep this city on high alert for the next few months, we're in for a rough ride if we don't figure out how to stop it and get started on it. we can, that's why we're so discouraged from even thinking about it. i'm already seeing the public being set up to get us to fear rob ford and vote for george smitherman. i said it on video on saturday and it was in today's toronto star. this stuff is too damn easy once you know it. it's always the same thing.


Rob Ford in the fast lane to the mayor's office

W ith only five weeks to go until election day, Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Ford has the backing of 45.8 per cent of decided voters, while former front-runner George Smitherman has the support of 21.3 per cent. Joe Pantalone (16.8 per cent), Rocco... (The Toronto Star from The Globe & Mail, 20/Sep/10)


now, i think they're both ringers in a fake fight for our benefit, this city is too important to be left to chance. so, like skull and boners bush vs. kerry, old-ass mccain vs. young'n'hip obama and other wrestling matches, i assume this is in the bag for the veteran "pink pitbull" smitty. unless he's impossible to convince us to like, which is doubtful. now, you don't have to vote for me, but if you just accept your political leaders because you're supposed to, you aren't thinking when you're voting.

finally, i consider these questions from the hip hop electorate, albeit short ones, and i welcome more from whoever wants to ask whenever, but i figure i'll give you the answers i think you might need here anyway. like i said, i'd be happy to do a video or conference call to answer any questions from any hood. i wanna be mayor of the whole damn city, so that includes hip hop and everyone else, who i get along with so far, which comes in handy. so, get at me if ya finna and we'll get ready for war.




DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL - "Cult Assassin" Official Video




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