Saturday, September 18, 2010

i can still chill and played with a lady's beautiful white fluffy dog today


Swansea's Lord Mayor for 2007/8 Cllr Sue Waller, UK


Ed -- from the HipHopCanada message boards.


no, it wasn't a girl named melissa, but she was a nice [CP24] girl. on the rest, thanks for the compliment, i've never talked about tiny robots injected into our veins -- though i've heard of it, the other issues are very public including the "shriners parade" down university avenue with police escorts for their funny little cars throughout the city... anyway, i could go on and have.

look, unless you want to say that presidents eisenhower and kennedy, bob dylan, bob marley, chuck d, immortal technique, ill bill, jesse ventura and tons of others who are smarter than both of us and who say the same thing as me are wrong, then i'm not. at this point i don't care about the "top" anyway, or f--k rothschild, what about that child? that's why this is important.

besides, i already know i haven't been wrong for years, that's what keeps me going. i know that i almost always got in more trouble for being "right" than "wrong". it freaks people out. that's why people ask me questions to get the answers they need but are afraid i might go off. i can f--k someone up with what i say, which is really powerful, albeit a bit isolating at times.

it's cool, i can move however, i just know wha'g'wan and try to keep the skill-set of getting upset when "the man" wants to rip our balls off. it's not easy, but hip hop helps, i'm banging a new hiphopdx tupac mixtape now. we're already being sedated by fluoride in our water, it's what the commies and nazi's did to their prisoners, plus-plus. that's why i go so hard: we don't.

finally, i'm not "special" at all. i'm just one of the few people able to respond "normally" to threats and opportunities that most of us are aware of. okay, not "normally", but in "my" normal way while surviving our culture. i can still chill and played with a lady's beautiful white fluffy dog today before going back to my patio-screwface and dark thoughts. i like the highs and lows.

btw, they' tryin' to keep us from "feeling" man, ourselves or anyone else, so i wish us luck.

however, i know that i'm feelin' what ex-mayors of this city gotta say about the wannabe's.

check it out below, i just found this, like karmageddon, so i added my shiny nickel shiv.




fyi, if you want you can see the three freemason statues at the cop-shop just west of yonge and college in toronto. say what you want, but don't say i don't give you all the proof you need without expecting me to say otherwise. i was quoted in the national post back in '07 saying "we're here to free the masons" when we met some at a u of t open house. it's still true





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