Saturday, September 18, 2010

see, i know there's a lot of talent out there. i enjoy it. there's tons of smart and creative people making great stuff.




yo chill bill, get out there and criti-kill it, if you impress me more than me, which isn't hard to do, then sure, i'll vote for you. actually, the last day for nominations was september 10th. but still, you can force such a populist uprising that 6 million people in the GTA march through the streets chanting "We Want Bill 2 Bring Us Dollar Bills!" or "Make It Reign Bill(s)! MAKE IT REIGN!!!"

see, i know there's a lot of talent out there. i enjoy it. there's tons of smart and creative people making great stuff. the only problem is the bad guys are poisoning our stuff, including our attitudes about stuff, so even the stuff that we decide to make won't be as cool as it should be. they're making us think "we" demand our hip hop get dumber and dumber each year. that's a joke.

the problem with just going along to get along is... we won't. things are going to get worse a lot faster if we don't stop it. i know, i've been tracking the changes over the years. we're cool, but we might not be soon. i know there's an anti-human agenda at work. for example, there are now speed bumps in vancouver that look like children. seriously. you might not believe me, so here.


Vancouver unveils speed bumps that look like children

Yahoo News | Wed Sep 8, 2:34 PM

Brett Michael Dykes

Officials in West Vancouver, Canada apparently aren't satisfied with the driver-slowing properties of traditional speed bumps. Yesterday, the town unveiled a new way to entice motorists to ease off the gas pedal in the vicinity of the École Pauline Johnson Elementary School: A 2-D image of a child playing, creating the illusion that the approaching driver will soon blast into a child.


y'o2k, i appreciate your concerns since they seem genuine, plus your wikkid graphic, which i appreciate your permission to use. the only reason i refuse to accept the idea that you, or most other people, or most hip hop fans can't understand this stuff, is that millions of people worldwide already have. once several million people understand something, it's pretty weak to say we can't.

there's a weird relationships between "cool" and "balls" that's tough to reconcile. being cool means you're okay with stuff, but having balls means you rebel against stuff. we have to find a way to be cooler with our people and ballsier with our corporate culture. that way we'll get better stuff. artists are also being trapped. that's why has 1000 mixtapes a day for free download.

once entire cultures -- and hip hip is just one i know well -- decide to accept that there's one way of doing things, or we're trapped in dialectic fights about "real" hip hop when both the "conscious" and the "gangsta" side are controlled just like the "left" and "right" in politics, they can take the whole thing down fast. i'm not saying don't enjoy it, but can we just learn what's up too?


people, and rappers in particular, need to understand that making the same stuff as everyone else only buries you, unless you're at the top, where you're promoted to bury everyone else. rick ross, gucci mane... i even watched waka flocka say this rap thing is b.s. man and he wanted out. then he recanted a bit, but you can see many are not happy at what they're forced to do by labels.

i heard filmmaker martin scorsese agreed to make the thriller "cape fear" for the studio in exchange for the budget to make "the last temptation of christ", so artists do this. i watched a wicked youtube series on the music industry suggesting eminem made "relapse" which he now says is "trash" for the studio and "recovery" for us fans. i liked both, but recovery is better and better for us.

hip hop artists and fans should think about what appeals to "people" more than the music "industry", which actor anthony mackie calls "a very, very dark place" and far worse than hollywood. i don't care who's real as much as i care if i am, so it gives me a little protection, although my "thug" ways and potty-mouth are still a problem, especially since i like them. oh well, i hope it's cool.


Actor Anthony Mackie says Hollywood is dark, but the music business is a VERY dark place.

2.52 mins - "The film industry is a dark place, but the music industry is a very, very dark place, in every way. There are no rules. It's mano-a-mano. It's very dangerous. I don't have an appreciation for the industry. I have an appreciation for the art, but not for the industry."


when it comes to educating people, i just have to make it easier for us to talk to each other and not be afraid to, then i won't be blowing anyone's mind, though i'm actually not bad at explaining this stuff. the only thing i'm bad at is lying to you or for you, it just seems forced to me, like out of Orwell's "1984". you wouldn't believe how many people say i have to lie to run for mayor of toronto.

beyond my own faults and confusion, this concern is a big reasons for my delays, or figuring out how to talk about this to make everyone happy. if i'm too hardcore, traditional conspiracy theorists get mad, mostly because they feel jealous or guilty, but that's crazy since we both know this is a life or death situation and should support each other. if i go softcore, people will know i'm lying.

when it comes to "crazy" stuff i've said, it couldn't have been that crazy since i'm still saying it and people are still listening, especially since i'm right a lot. people have asked me to just talk about the self-help stuff, which beats most stuff out there and i could be on oprah cakin' off it. the problem is if we don't stop the people poisonin' the cake, then getting along better won't matter.


look, i'll make a deal with everybody: i'll stop talking about this if we start. i know how this game works, so i know we don't even have to talk about this stuff that much. if everyone agrees to talk about it with people where we live for one hour a week, then bug our local elected officials for one hour a week, that'll do. the rest of us can take care of the rest and keep everyone updated.

i work with other great people in this city and country on these issues, but since i'm also rollin' solo a lot, sometimes i have to do things differently. if a million people are saying it, we could sing it softly. if it's a dozen, we gotta get a little louder. if it's one, like me during the g20 craziness -- which i still haven't forgotten about -- then i have to lose it to deal with it, kind of like an artist on stage.

no worries, i mean, it can be heavy stuff even for me and i'd rather be chillin' with the bajillion beautiful girls who smile at me and charge me up like a giant battery in this city, they're a huge source of power and they drive me crazy, or the guys who respect me on the low, or old friends, or just chillin', which i do sometimes. but, i'm just doing what i can before "2012" in a year when all bets are off.


i'll tell you what, call me at 647-857-5755 and i'll answer questions from you and crew, preferably over speakerphone. if you don't mind you can record and post it on the web. i'm good at this, which may be why CP24 News hasn't put up the video from wednesday nite, i looked as good as i could too. i'm a wild-card in this game, but that makes me dangerous on behalf of my people, city and country.

we can set it up in advance, then i can answer all your questions and your follow-up questions on my answers. as i said earlier, you can ask me about anything you want, i've given advice for years and i'm trying to make sure my campaign website can help us fix most of our small problems so we stop the emotional paper-cuts draining our energy. then we can handle our big ones. if we see and read it.

meanwhile, no matter who we are, we should understand a couple of things. first, if you haven't been paying attention, you may not know when to call "go!" so we know to fight back or lose forever. i have, so i do. second, if you haven't been paying attention, you may not think we have any chance to win. i have, so i do. when we decide to look at the game we'll be able to see how to win, so i hope we do.







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