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Re: BK you have become way too disruptive


sorry man, the substance of what i say doesn't seem to matter. if you read my emails, it's not what is suggested below. the people who do know exactly what i'm saying.

nobody has to, of course, but as the skies above a city of 6 million people get filled with chemtrails on a daily basis, just know that they are about how to help stop them.

some people read my emails. some even say they're inspired to do stuff. but, when i try to propose doing stuff and it doesn't work, i realize people haven't read my emails.

anyway, it doesn't seem to matter, any excuse will do. so today, i might as well be it. i don't want to torture people by simply asking them to think or make plans anymore.

it's cool, it might not even be worthwhile. many do this to feel good about a bad situation. i want to do this to stop a bad situation from getting worse. that means planning.

however, if after asking people 100x to RSVP so we don't look like fools to new people who visit the TTS meet-up, or post the invites elsewhere, nobody wants to, my bad.

of course, many people do great work, but as long as our standard is "it's better than doing nothing!", you can see it's not based on improving, it's just based on not feeling guilty.

there are many things that we could think of doing, or copy other people doing, but if we only think of ourselves, then there is no "we" to work with, or to support, and so on.

so: my apologies to brad and chris. i do know enough stuff to help explain our problems, reactions and solutions, but if i have to apologize when i do, then i won't bother.

as for "my ego", it's not particularly well-served by failing for months at getting people to think or make plans, or try to grow or promote the group, or react to new threats.

with my skills and personality, there are a number of things i could be doing to satisfy "my ego" that don't involve getting frustrated. this is not about "my ego", just my will.

i only stay focused by ignoring my ego and focusing on what has to be done, namely helping the people who learn what's really happening find something practical to do about it.

as you said, i emailed "this" possibility a while ago. it seemed obvious. if someone keeps asking people to think and make plans and they don't want to, it will cause tensions.

so: i will leave to avoid being disruptive. i'm around for advice, but unless someone asks for it, i won't say a g-ddamned thing to TTS members. i've said a lot. perhaps it's enough.

fyi, yes, watch out for spooks who attack our beliefs. instead of always fighting, sometimes asking: "why the hell are you here?" could work better and expose who there really are.

now, unless it's focused on "doing" something, or improving, TTS may just have random "that's bad!" and "that's funny!" posts until it becomes useless. it's easier that way.

people don't have to just kill time, or make the "but what can we do?" question retardedly rhetorical year after year just because it's the thing to say. we have lots of options.

keep in mind the only reason that i did all this stuff in the first place is because i'm an optimist who likes people and who sees their potential to do great things. sh-tty.

anyway, i'm guessing this is as long as i'm "allowed" to make an email, it's even in "twitter-form" with short sentences. no worries, i'll just say goodbye and good luck and...

... have fun! :-)



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